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We will drown and nobody shall save us


In my last post I talked about how lame porn is creeping everywhere in China. The point being about why has this happened in China, where an ostensibly authoritarian and social conservatism regimes rules the country. Porn in China is more pervasive and quite more lame than even in Japan, which has a huge porn industry.

This post took a lot of time to write, as I struggled to narrow down the focus. Of course the causes of the collapse of traditional morals in China are many. Economic collapse, communism, foreign influence, lack of religion, capitalism, corruption, feminism, you name it. But to make it simple I'll write about the most inmediate cause. And I think its about class struggle, Roissy style.

Of course Chinese entertainment is tacky and raunchy, with naked babes and celebrity gossip all over the place. The biggest show in Chinese TV is 非诚勿扰, (literally don't disturb if not sincere), where hot chicks line up in hope to grabbing a rich guy to date, marry, and parasite forever.


Trashy happen all over the world, but what is understood as the entertainment of the lower classes in the West, is literally everywhere in China. Which, using basic logic, just means the chinese lower classes are all over the place.

The mystery of the conversion of the Chinese Communist Party to capitalism is actually no mystery at all. They just adopted Crony Capitalism, American banksta style, but made sure the money is made inside the party structure. Which has caused a very high Gini coefficient, lots of new rich peasants showing off their Ferraris and yachts, and a huge underclass who is underemployed, bored, and what is worse: outpriced off the dating market.

China is a poor country, labor conditions suck, yet people are used to Hollywood movies where they are showed what a normal, decent middle class life should look like. So its not surprise that women just steadfastly refuse to marry a normal guy. In China women demand that you have a house and a car of your property. Which prices out 90% of the men. The fortunate rich dudes have massive leverage to get hot chicks by the dozen. Chinese ousted railway minister famously kept 18 mistresses, all with their own apartments and cars. Believe when I say that a great majority of Chinese rich men are polygamous.  Even if China has a skewed gender ratio because of selective abortion of females, polygamy is back in force. I'd say that in contrast, the American 99% have little to complain of.

So what do all those leftover, poor, beta guys out there? Watch porn of course. What else is there?


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  • Do you suppose this is eugenic and to be emulated? My experience with Asians tells me they are willing to spend decades mastering one thing to perfection making whites seem like messy, ;lazy Blacks by comparison, but are shit at thinking for themselves, have 0 natural curiosity, and mindlessly follow whoever is certified as a mystical master by other mystical masters that live in a hut on the misty mountainside. Euros just care what works.

    • I'd say female education has produced pretty much the same dysgenic dynamic in China as everywhere else, although perhaps somewhat more mildly. But they have people to burn.

      As for creativity, they know their incentives. There's plenty of cool and free thinking people, at least at a young age. They just realize very soon that it doesn't pay.

      • To test that, we have some millions of them transplanted to Western countries where they have far more space and less competition than back at home. They win cello, piano, chess, and science fair competitions through obsessive drills but don't come up with new ideas. By all rights, the Chinese should've had the world colonized by the 1300s instead of barely kicking out a small band of horse archers under the Hongwu emperor. To a westerner nothing is more bewildering than the scuttling of Zhung He's treasure fleets or the Tokugawas' prohibition against firearms and international trade that was actually successfully enforced, or the Koreans for all their native intelligence and competence choosing to live in utter shite until some westerners bailed out the south.

  • I guess...why have Asians so tremendously underperformed despite having superior average intelligence, obsessive work ethic, better discipline, better teamwork, overwhelming numbers. An alien from another planet would wonder why they haven't ran things for a couple millennia already or wiped out other races altogether as early humans wiped out other hominids.

    • Oh come on. The West was plenty shitty for a long time. Eastern Europe was and is poorer than Asia. Asian's in the US still have Asian parents who enforce conformity. And theres the low T.

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