Fleeing forward

Well after years of blog reading I think the time has come for me to start a blog. I have been growing up, physically and intellectually (thanks to all those at my blogroll, and many more), and I have reached the state where I believe I may have some original thinking to contribute.

I am a young white male who has never been in America, yet has been raised on American tech, and educated on American blogs. Somewhat in the tradition of Tocqueville it is my impression that America is home to the worst of mankind, and yet also of the best of it.

The funny thing is America is the center of world Liberalism (i.e. evil), yet all alternative thinking also happens only in America. Europe is too hung up with its own dead tradition, so all the rightist thinking that happens there is merely a vague hope for returning to 1913. So I will try also to write about European issues form a modern, American reactionary point of view. Let’s call this scientific-reaction, as opposed to the prevailing utopian-reaction of those Christian nostalgic thinkers.

I am also fairly knowledgeable in East Asian societies, which gives me a, in my opinion, pretty good detachment over Western issues. Let me say on front that I don’t give a damn about individual western nations, and I believe that the insistence on maintaining the present status-quo is counterproductive to the continuity of Western Civilization as a whole.

So consider me a cosmopolitan reactionary. A tad heretical perhaps.  This blog will be about my thinking about random issues that may cross my mind, with the general purpose on thinking how we, the West, and the civilized world in general, will get out of this mess.

  1. I have never heard a perspective quite like yours. Very interesting! look forward to reading more from you.

    By the way, at the European-racialist discussion forum ‘Skadi’, a common topic of discussion is the merit of ‘petty nationalities’. The original founders of the site — back more than ten years ago now — including the mysterious Njoerd Erikkson — were quite lofty in their thinking, and leaned heavily towards your view. They coined, or at least popularized, the term “Meta-Ethnicity”. The idea was that nationalities are ephemeral (was there a ‘Netherlands/Holland’ in 200 BC?); whereas Meta-Ethnicity, by merit of its elasticity of definition, has definite continuity going back milennia.] All users at Skadi required to declare their Meta-Ethnic loyalties, but no other information is required.

  2. Hey, thanks for the compliments, I’ve been reading your blog for some time too.

    I didn’t know of the Skadi blog, but again I’m not really what you would call a racialist. My white consciousness comes from living in Asia, where all white expats are routinely considered ‘white’. And living among other races also makes you aware of the genetic differences in behaviour. But race politics in Europe always end up with Nordics dissing southern Europeans, so there’s little to do there.

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