Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Does anyone remember the Amina McMaster hoax? Where a white-bread dude made a blog pretending to be a Lesbian (and hot) Syrian girl oppressed by the Assad regime.

Well the dude got famous because there's a huge market for western style weirdos in Arab countries. The problem is its real had to find any. It really looks that muslims really are as boring and barbarous as they seem.

The big problem in Mr MacMaster's hoax was the he made his character into a lesbian. And lesbianism is a big no-no in most countries. Of course he needed to make it a lesbian in order to flirt with other women, but still. Its overdoing it.

Well look no further! We have a new one.

Aliaa Elmahdy. Here's her Twitter. Here's her Facebook. Here's her blog.

And here's her pussy. NSFW of course. Still please take a look.

Her twitter claims she is a "Secular Liberal Feminist Vegetarian Individualist Egyptian". Through Facebook we know she is a 20 year old student at the American University of Cairo. Her facebook's picture are public (!) and she has like a ton of profile pics. Typical narcissist young chick.

So this is time its real! We got a western style debauched hot arab. Giving us the pleasure of her naked nubile body. Let's hope that softcore porn breaks up muslim societies, and young muslim man discover that whacking off daily to fresh porn is more satisfactory than jihad. We can call it the Beta Revolution.

Of course she might just be Coptic. In which case the Copts will be massacred to the last man. Well let's see what happens.


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