Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Its a wonder that some people still say with a straight face that America is not an empire. Or that the Democrats are pacifist.

Well breaking news: America is setting a garrison in Darwin, Australia. Of course China is mightly pissed.

Well I have a question. Australia's economy is booming, the country has a relatively young population and no demographic problems.

Can't Australia defend itself? Why is Australia leasing their own land to the US? The official line is that is so the US can police SEA shipping lines. Well I don't think Australia ships their stuff through the Malacca strait, and anyway shouldn't Australia strive to develop their own army to, you know, defend itself? Is Australia a sovereign country? Or a US/joo conspiracy/globalist outpost. Figure out the answer by yourselves. I know mine.

You know something is seriously fucked up when a guy who received a goddamn Nobel Peace Prize goes abroad to set a garrison in a foreign land 10k miles from home, totally unprovoked. How is this different from Crassus building an army in Syria to prepare to attack the Parthians? How leftists deal with the cognitive dissonance is beyond me.  Of course even conservatives agree with this. Support the troops! right?

Well if anyone honestly thinks China is more of a threat to us than the US is, please grab a gun and shoot yourself. Last time I checked China wasn't lobbying France to promote Muslim culture, bombing Lybia or, in probably the most evil genocidal bullying ever known to man, bring Pakistanis and blacks into Serbia.

The US led leftist hegemony is openly waging race war against Europeans all around the world. And we fear China? Please.


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  • If they could spare half of the energy that put on messing with other people on their own domestic issues, e.g. illegal immigration, they'd probably be a way better position than it is today

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