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Its not often that you see news that both make you laugh out loud, and make you think about deep cultural anthropology issues. This is one of them: Saudi Arabian court dictates that police may force a women to hide her eyes if they are deemed to be too sexy. (H/T Bivouac-Id). Well the news is quite absurd, they already wear the burka down there, if they have to hide their eyes, how can they even walk down the street? There's the option of staying in the kitchen, if you ask me. Anyway, rather than doing the all too usual thing of deploring Arab barbarism, I will cut them some slack, and try to analyze how that shit gets to happen at all.

Let me put on front that the Middle East is not my area of expertise, I have had business relations with arabs and they are the most despicable of peoples. Still I think cultures should be understood in their own terms if we want to understand them though. Whatever I say below is in no means an attempt to justify their behaviour, and I'm the first advocate for Nuking Mecca.

To the point, my understanding of the Sexy eyes-gate is: there's a huge population of sex-starved betas in Saudi Arabia. Low class arabs are also likely to have a degree of black admixture, with the impulsiveness, low IQ and high horniness that implies. As most women just wear a black burka where you can't see a thing, internet porn is blocked, there's really little to take the ball-pressure away. So if you happen to see a women's eyes through the little burka window, and she happens to have big, black, luscious eyes; well, that may well suffice to get you horny. So most likely some horny dude just groped a sexy-eyed broad on the street.

The thing went on trial, where the defendant explained : "My honor, I couldn't help myself, you should have seen her eyes! So tempting my honor. Drove me crazy. She's a tempting whore she is". Islam also has this amusing habit of blaming rape on the girl, filthy whore who provokes pious muslims into thrusting their penises into their vaginas by force. So this Saudi committee naturally concluded that if the broad has sexy eyes, its her fault she got groped, and sexy-eyed women should cover their eyes. Don't they cover the rest of their body to avoid provoking man? Well why are eyes different? Arabs may be a lot of things, but they are not incoherent.

caption="ugly as fuck under it"

All this begs the question, THE question probably, of why in hell are guys so horny that they can attack a girl only seeing her eyes? How fucked up is that? Well in my view its only a problem of access. Saudis prole males are a distinctly unfortunate group of men. Saudis will only give the hand of a daughter to a male who is richer than the original family. Women being hypergamous and all that (this is causing the Arab birth rate to plummet, subhan'Allah). And if you don't get married, there's no local sluts to pick up, no bars, no alcohol, no porn... nothing! This causes two things: huge homosexual rates (see Afghanistan's boy harems), and burka clading of women.

It seems unintuitive that women wear burkas to hide from horny males. We tend to think that Islam is a horrid patriarchy that forces women to hide themselves, oppresses them for the benefit of the men. But as any western man would tell you, there's no benefit on hiding women like that. Even if you're not intending on picking up girls, burkas are hideous things. We would all prefer women to show their hair and some of their bodies. Most girls aren't that attractive anyway, and normal men with a sex life don't get worked up by just seeing a hot woman. But here lies the key, in that most Arabs don't have a sex life. The Arab Spring riots were caused in great part because ordinary Arabs can't afford to marry. And in the muslim world, if you don't marry, you don't get sex. And if you don't get any poon, even the sight of some sexy eyes can get you horny.

I remember watching this TV show, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation, which has Mr Bourdain going around the world basically to try the local food, making some commentary on local customs while he's at it. I remember watching by chance his chapter on Saudi Arabia, where he had a local woman as his guide. The local woman, married, upper class lady, showed him around. Of course the English dude asks her:

aren't you ladies oppressed in this country?

And she says:

oh no, on the contrary, we feel protected here. From what? From the eyes of single men. Once we are married, we owe ourselves to our husband, and having the horny eyes of single men over you is like torture. The burka saves us from all those lowly men looking at us. Western women go all semi-naked on the street, having all those men oggling at you. We Arab women can't fathom that.

What she means is that the burka saves her from the eyes of BETAS. She married an alpha (or else she wouldn't have married), and she doesn't want all those betas on the street looking at her golden pussy. The West is a cursed society because it forces women to undress to compete with alpha cads who won't marry them, exposing themselves to unworthy betas looking at them. Ask any women why they get angry when a guy stares at their boobs. They don't get angry at the staring, they get angry that a beta thinks himself worthy of looking at them. She doesn't dress like a slut for you beta, she is waiting for an alpha to notice.

Once you understand that Islam is a bad deal for men, and conversely, catnip for chics, you will understand 1. support for multiculti among women, 2. women converts to Islam, 3. lack of women apostates in muslim countries.

I used to think Islam was the solution to feminism, as their women are pretty quiet compared to our obnoxious white women. Alas, not so: Islam polygamy is what women really crave. And men are forced to support them if rich, complete celibacy if poor. No wonder them poor Arabs end up on our shores paying big bucks to fuck white whores.


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  • "In examining feminist myths about Afghanistan I am not defending theTaliban gender apartheid system. In fact in many ways feminists and Taliban agree that men and women should be separated out, and to a large degree they agree on why -- the supposed depravity of men. "

  • Feminists agree that men and women should be separated? Aren't they for integration in schools and workplaces? If feminists are arguing for the end of co-ed schools, count me in. It does nothing but promote masturbation over study.

  • yeah, not sure what his context is. Maybe the standard narrative of women as victims and the government programs and departments that go with it, and desegregation where it allows them to control boys and brainwash them, and use men for employment. And then there is stuff like this:

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