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We will drown and nobody shall save us


One of the best rightist blogs around there is Lawrence Auster's View from the Right. Auster himself while having occasionally very brilliant insights, is no scholar, but the sheer force of his personality, or his chutzpah if I may put it that way, attract all kind of brilliant people. Today an outstanding post there, where a commenter of his says:

Politics is the religion of leftists. Since there is no divine agency in the world it’s all up to man, omnipotent man, who controls the destiny of all worldly affairs in his hands through the science of political activism. So they obsess endlessly over politics, political theory, and political strategy, investing all their passion and hope in political argument, action, and intrigue. For only politics can bring about their perfect world where all problems are solved, all conflict resolved, and politics the pivot around which the world revolves. So every problem in the world, reduced to politics, is of deep concern. Not a sparrow falls to the ground but politics could have prevented it. If a tree falls in the forest it makes a political statement. Every man, woman, and child on earth must concern himself with politics. All art, science, medicine, education, leisure—they all must be about politics. The personal is the political. Embroidery and millinery are political. Look up at the sky at night and what do you see?—politics. To the leftist this way of seeing things seems normal. To the non-leftist it’s obviously distorted, unbalanced, and unhealthy. Not to mention unrealistic. But such is man, in his folly and sin. And that is the reason, or part of the reason, why the traditionalist places little faith in man and man’s politics.

Very well put. That's why we need a new religion. Not a revival of the old one, mind you. Christian egalitarianism makes people all equal, which means that if someone is good, or someone is sacred, as there's always someone, then by force ALL people are good, and ALL people are sacred. Which ultimately ends up meaning humans are all sacred, inviolable beings, so we are forced with a weird kind of human DNA worship. Somalis are dying from hunger!! We must save them. So we do. 10 years later, the population has doubled, they starve again. We must save them! Why? They are human beings too! They deserve to live! We are all equal after all. And so we're stuck with breeding ever bigger amounts of Africans as our international sport.

Of course the converse stands too, and if some people are bad, they ALL people must be bad. Well some protestant sects were all about humans being damned wretched creatures who could only be saved by some random grace from God. A very weird way of seeing life, methinks. It of course can't sustain itself for long, people tend to think of themselves as inherently good. So we got liberalism.

We need some kind of Mormonism without christian references, where people are stupid, God is in charge, yet we can get closer to God if we behave and practice eugenics. First goal must be colonization of space, which after an indeterminate amount of time, will result in us meeting Him. Fill with the narrative/theological details you want.


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  • The European New Right raised the same point, but their answer is a revival of the older religion. I'm not sure which flavor of neopaganism they prefer, though; I haven't managed to get my hands on De Benoist's book on the subject yet.

  • That betrays a lack of imagination. If European history tells something is that Whites really dig theology. We need a solid one, not just some cool myths. Any culture has to appeal to its elites first, the masses second.

    And isn't De Benoist anti-racist or something? I don't think he's serious. Dominique Venner now, him I can respect.

    • I think De Benoist's paganism has quite a bit in common with the less literal strains of Christianity in that regard.

      As for anti-racism, I have no idea; he's written some things about that (they're somewhere in, but at least in translation, what I've tried to get through is tedious enough to be practically unreadable. All I've managed to get out of them is that he has a nonstandard definition of racism, but what exactly it is I can't say.

      • The thing is, France is a very unlikely nation to begin with, and its very hard to argue for traditionalism there. The French nation was a top-down project only really enforced in the late 19th century, it has been full of migrants for ages, religion supressed for centuries. Its really a bad example for nationalism. England, ok. But France? Must be hard for a French to argue for white nationalism. Very hard. Marseille was Italian before it was Arab.

  • "We need some kind of Mormonism without christian references, where people are stupid, God is in charge, yet we can get closer to God if we behave and practice eugenics. First goal must be colonization of space, which after an indeterminate amount of time, will result in us meeting Him. Fill with the narrative/theological details you want."

    I like where you are going with this. What about some sort of plot similar to the film "Prometheus"? The beliefs would be: 1. The exceptional evolution of homo sapiens probably had some help from ancient astronaut aliens (who themselves may or may not necessarily be bipedal humanoids) who tinkered with our DNA to enhance our social and linguistic capacities. 2. These aliens are constantly monitoring us, occasionally abducting us to sample our DNA evolution, and might come around to regretting their decision to create humanity if we don't pull our act together. We need to be able to demonstrate as much intelligence and excellence as a species as we can, lest they decide to try to wipe us out and start over from scratch with a new intelligent creation, à la the film "Prometheus." So we need eugenics and continual demonstration of an orderly civilization. Eventually, we want to colonize space because the aliens have homewords in our dimension on other planets in the galaxy. 3. By the way, these aliens also have advanced simulation software that does the following: A. It observes every human all the time through extra-dimensional portals that we can't normally see. B. It constructs its own digital simulation of every human based on their behaviors throughout their life. C. It activates this digital simulation in an extra-dimensional space whenever certain worthy humans biologically die. (The aliens like to have the company of their best creations). From this extra-dimensional space, your consciousness will resume via this digital simulation and be able to observe the lower dimensions in which Earth resides for as long as the alien technology can power this simulation in the extra dimension, which we can surmise is practically forever.

    Now, how to bootstrap something like this....

    One idea would be to get a sizable group together (the bigger the better), have them scan a part of space where no professional space-watchers are looking at that moment, and have their amateur radio telescopes "receive" a binary transmission that, when deciphered, explains all of the above in some sort of flowing, memorable English verse—with an explanation included in the message about how the aliens understand English and translated their message into our language for the ease of our understanding.

    I mean, sure, there would be skeptics. But it sounds plausible enough—certainly more plausible than the Mormon founding myth (where it was one guy who found a bunch of tablets that suddenly disappeared later).

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