Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I'll be travelling in Japan during this month. Japan that marvellous country without low IQ slaves migrants doing work that the natives won't do.

I'll be quite busy these days, but I'll comment about some funny news I just saw.

Japan has a huge debt problem, bigger than Greece in a sense. And the country is aging rapidly, leftist politics are rising, which means welfare spending is going up. So they are running out of money fast. The first instinct of the government has been to raise the consumption tax, which is currently 5%, to 10%. They've been trying to raise it for years, and they just agreed to do so in 2012.

Well, breaking news, the tax will be raised to all but pensioners, single mothers and welfare recipients. Japanese netizens, the only sane people left, of course have cried for the public execution of the government officials responsible. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

Basically it means that the few young working males will have to pay for old geezers, trash women, assorted lazy dudes and the connected minorities (basically Koreans and feudal lower castes who are on welfare by default).

To all those who argue if leftism is a Puritan offshoot, or a Jew conspiracy... well Japan has none of both. I'm starting to think that leftism is just an epiphenomenon of democratic politics. Demotism is a good name for it.

Still we are all screwed. Japan is dying too, just wait for the government to agree for a plan to introduce southern migrants to prop up the pension system.

We need a war. And then a new religion.


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  • No new religion needed in USA. Evangelical colonels establish evangelical Christianity after coup; the teaching of unChristian doctrines such as post-Galilean cosmology that tend to promote the well-being of an evangelical Christian USA will be tolerated, as will activities associated with such doctrines, such as scientific research; the teaching of unChristian doctrines such as Islam that tend to diminish the well-being of an evangelical Christian USA will be banned, as will activities associated with such doctrines.

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