Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Is fags. That's whats important.

Just yesterday 3 different news caught my eye.

One is Google Zeitgeist, some trend analysis project that Google has, surely for Brin and Page to laugh at how stupid the goyim masses are.

Well they made this 'year on review' video, which you can see at Youtube here. The video is pretty well done, if too self-promoting (nobody is going to use Google +, stop trying). But watch at the last clip of all, of some American dude (I don't know the source clip, I guess he's a soldier or something) confessing to his father that he enjoys being fucked in the ass, and asking if he will still love him. The father of course, doesn't care what his son introduces into his rectum, and nobly obliges 'I still love you son'. This triangle relationship between a father, his son, and his son's rectum is deemed to be one of the big stories of 2011.

Well during 2011 there was this nuclear reactor in Japan which exploded, sending hundreds of tons of radioactive material onto the land. Well the reactor is still broken, and the radioactive gases are already contaminating the food supply, food which is concealed and sent into public schools for little kids to eat. But that is of no importance. What is really important is that this poor American soldier happens to enjoy shoving dicks into his rectum, so as to stimulate the pleasure sensors in his prostate gland. And that his father still loves him in spite of it. Now THAT's important. The Zeitgeist indeed.

Two, via Ed West, probably the journalist with more balls in Europe. He tells how the Conservative government has introduced a new law, which determines that the killing of a transgender, those coherent homosexuals, will be punished with a minimum of 30 years in jail, doubling the minimum sentence for normal murder. The Ministry of Justice says that 'hate crimes are abhorrent'. Well surely murder is abhorrent itself. And while England is rapidly collapsing into Anarcho-islamo-tyranny, well the 'Conservative' Government considers that what is most important is not the defense of public safety, but punishing those who hate homosexuals.

Of coure its wrong to qualify the current British government as 'conservative'. Surely the Conservative party won the elections, but they don't run the government. It runs itself, as Foseti can tell you. It all makes much more sense if you take the parties out of the equation.

And three, Christopher Hitchens died. The left blogosphere is pumping a dozen articles each day to mourn him. Funny when you think he was a Bush loving Iraq-war apologist. Makes more sense when you see that he was raised a Trotskyist, in Oxford. That Moldbug assertion that leftism is a social club, not an ideology, rings truer every day.

British love

From the Daily Mail we learn of the other things Hitchens used to do at Oxford. That is Sodomizing future Tory ministers. Please read the whole thing, its a fascinating article on high-class English mores. Its really mind boggling. It also links nicely with news number 2 I wrote about above. We can safely guess that Hitchens probably screwed William Hague or any other fag that works in the Conservative party. Conservative my ass. Oh wait.

This reminds me of a post this past week at Auster's, about the English disease. Anyone who's read some Oscar Wilde knows about English fags back in the 19th century. It certainly isn't my area of expertise, but there's widespread scholarly recognition that the modern figure of the 'gay', meant as men who make of their liking dicks an identity itself, was born in London sometime around the mid 18th century. I wonder when did it become part of the leftist bible though. Old,  jew inspired communism was sexually quite wholesome. Yet in today's America most fag activists are jewish homos and lesbians. Maybe the Anglo embrace of Jews ushered this new leftism, which combines Jewish Communism with English Buggering. So you get modern leftism. Jews get world domination, but English fuck their asses. Hah.

PS: turns out that the whole sodomy thing wasn't as widespread as it is today, and old time fags used to do intercrural sex. So my descriptions may not be 100% accurate. Still my point stands.


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