Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


One of the saddest facts of today's world is that, besides having a massive third world invasion swamping western countries, even without that, the dumb are outbreeding the smart. The birthrate has collapsed in all social classes, but education being the mark of the higher class, women there tend to pospone having children until... until its too late in many cases. 43% according to this study. For the reasons why please go to any random anti-femi blog and you'll have thousands of heartfelt stories about catwomen and their circumstances.

Its a very sad fact, but history shows that its a constant when any society becomes more prosperous than it should. See how Romans bred themselves out the gene pool by the early Empire.

But wait, it gets worse. Its a constant in the whole biological world. Wait for it: Scientists in Switzerland breed fluit flies for intelligence, succeed in creating smart flies. End result: the dumb flies outbreed them! Here's a link to the study. And here's a summary via Falkenblog.

They made bananas taste bitter, which fruit flies don't like. They then gave the flies little markers, so the 'smart' ones would avoid the bitter bananas based on this learned signal, the dumb ones would not. After only 20 generations they generated 'smart' and 'dumb' fruit flies who could learn at different success rates. Then, they mixed them together and saw what happened: Idiocracy, the dumb flies out-reproduced the smart ones! Her take-away was intelligence is costly, and everything has trade-offs.

So intelligence is only advantageous in a European Middle Age-like society of cold winters, irregular crops, fierce political competition and convolute theology.  Which is to say, the only way for intelligence to evolve is if we engineer society specifically to require smart people to function, else Mother Nature will make us dumb as fast as it can.


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  • I think that's the most obvious solution. I think the historical H-G society with small-group dynamics, complex social rules, and fluid legal codes bred the dumb out pretty fast as well.

  • The medieval rule of not allowing your daughter to marry unless the man she was to marry owned a house was a pretty damn effective way of only picking winning/smart men when it came to reproduction.

  • We have such a society in America and western Europe, if we just take away all of the welfare state support for dumb people. Lots would starve to death.

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