Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


The Economist just opened a new exclusive section for  China, taking China out of their Asian. So China is the new focus country of The Economist, besides the US. Here they explain why the interest: they will use the section to argue for political reform.

Read the whole thing, it's the most disingenuous piece of journalism ever. I'll take some representative quotes:

 But our interest in China lies also in its politics: it is governed by a system that is out of step with global norms.

So dissidents such as Yu Jie, who alleges he was tortured by security agents and has just left China for America, are harassed. Yet that reflex will make the party’s job harder. It needs instead to master the art of letting go.

for China’s rise to continue, the model cannot remain the same. That’s because China, and the world, are changing.

Freeing up the financial system would give consumers more spending power and improve the allocation of capital.

freedom to organise can help, not hinder, the country’s economic rise. Labour unions help industrial peace by discouraging wildcat strikes. Pressure groups can keep a check on corruption. Temples, monasteries, churches and mosques can give prosperous Chinese a motive to help provide welfare. Religious and cultural organisations can offer people meaning to life beyond the insatiable hunger for rapid economic growth.

Now what a huge bunch of non-sequiturs. Some points are reasonable, most of them are not. What reading between the lines gets you is the real wish of all The Economist bankstas: the need for a Parliament. Oh, Parliament, the whorehouse, the house of bribes. They just need an elected Parliament so they can go funnel their bank money into the MP's accounts. So they get influence and inside information to find good investments to put their money in.

Yet if the Jewish bankstas actually succeed (and they very likely will) in opening China, they will find themselves competing with the most money-driven people on earth. Last week was New Years in China. Here we used to go to Mass and pray for health and forgiveness. What do Chinese do? Go seek the God of Money. Even in Taiwan, who are wealthier and supposedly more sophisticated: They have never enough. Let's see The Economist's patrons deal with these guys. It's gonna get interesting.



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