Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


There's a good proof of HBD here in Business Insider.

As I said earlier, BI is mostly crap, but they know their audience. Do you imagine the WSJ making an article on the Rothschilds? They're not supposed to exist, you know. They're a myth, a conspiracy theory, like Jewish influence in the USA.

Well they're very real, and doing very well. Privilege! You may say. Well sure. But come on, privilege doesn't make you a good violinist. Or it doesn't assure that your wineries or horse collections don't lose money. They are doing well because they are well bred. Well Nat doesn't look very bright, but maybe that's just me.

caption="Regression to the mean. In looks."

I always thought that the so called 'Regression to the mean' was just the result of rich and successful people marrying beautiful women, who aren't maybe that bright. So the offspring of a smart-but-horny father and a hot-but-dull mother is a regressed to the mean child. It seems that the Rothschilds have been choosing their mates well though. So their offspring don't show much regression. As I said elites tend to attract good genes, which makes them stable. When they don't, they decay.

But Jews, or at least elite Jews, care very much about how they mix their genes with. See Amy Chua's husband, it's a pity they didn't have boys.

Do they teach HBD in the Talmud or something? In centuries time they will talk about the Era of Jewish Dominance, and they will attribute it to their ancient understanding of eugenics. They let their left half of the Bell Curve marry off and assimilate, while the elite kept attracting other ethnies' elites and raising the children as Jewish. She couldn't complain about their dominance. We should do what they do.


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  • The Rothschilds have nothing to do with the Talmud, being assimilated. I'm not sure how many of them are halakhically Jewish (matrilineal descent,) but judging from what I see and read in the article, at this rate in a century or two any remaining ones will all be gentiles. The ones around today can best be thought of as Progressivist conversos. Actual Observant Jews tend to be quite far to the right.

    Of course, that raises the question of whether any will remain. If you compare the amount of Rothschilds around 200 years ago and today, you can plainly see the dysgenic effect of wealth and Progressivist ideology.

    Chua's kids are also not Jewish, and would have to convert. Which I doubt they would-turn in a life of being in the American elite for covering their hair, raising children and being subservient to a man? Unlikely.

  • The Jewish State says the following: "The law since 1970 applies to those born Jews (having a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother), those with Jewish ancestry (having a Jewish father or grandfather) and converts to Judaism (Orthodox, Reform, or Conservative denominations—not secular—though Reform and Conservative conversions must take place outside the state, similar to civil marriages)."

  • Who cares about their quirky laws. A Jew is a person who self-identifies as Jewish and gangs together other fellow self-identified Jews for their mutual benefit (and screwing others). I wouldn't be surprised if the Chua kids years later suddenly discover their Jewish ancestry and how much meaning it gives their lives.

    • Not so-if other Jews don't accept your Jewishness, it's like a superpower you can't use. Also, there's a buy-in. Having most aspects of your life governed by a body of costly, complex and highly non-intuitive laws is the only way of establishing bona fides. Think the Chua kids are going to pay that cost for some intangible benefits?

      So, it's not "who cares about their quirky laws"-those quirky laws define Jews. As the saying goes, "over the millenia, the Jews have not kept Shabbat-Shabbat has kept the Jews." You'll notice that the Jewish people is constantly bottlenecking based on assimilation and failure to observe halakha. Those who've joined Western elites are inexorably drawn away from observing the Law, which is quite predictable. Big chunks of Torah consist of warnings against worshiping other deities, with the stated consequence of disappearing off the face of the land. Academic prestige and social acceptance by a national or transnational Gentile elite is just that sort of deity, as is Mammon.

      Now, if you pardon me, I have to go back to our subterranean Jew-lair. The World Domination Powerpoint Brief is just about to start up again. These things are such a bore, but you know how it is-if you don't show your face, you fall out of the loop, and next thing you know, nobody even consults with you before launching on the weekly mission to wipe European culture and genes off the face of the Earth.

      • So they've sent you to spy on me huh. I should have expected it.

        Is your opinion mainstream though? You sound rather strict.

      • It's pretty mainstream Orthodox Judaism, which used to be just Judaism until Reform decided they wanted to be Protestants and broke away 150 years ago (and Conservative Judaism tried to triangulate shortly thereafter.) The two latter groups have such high intermarriage and assimilation rates based on kids turning away from the values they see their parents paying hollow lip service to that I'd be surprised to see them make it another century in any numbers.

        What's strict? No tickee, no washee. No costly and visible buy-in, no group cohesion. Just how the world works.

        And what do you mean, they SENT me to spy on YOU? Son, I BEEN had trolling this here reactionary blogosphere.

      • Oh ok, I've heard that said from Orthodox types. Don't get to meet many in real life. Jewish reactionary. Funny thing.

        So you think the present jewish banksta elite is not going to last much longer? Or they are still enough of your type to keep on lording over us? Gotta plan my kids' marriage strategy, you know.

      • I think they are a red herring. Just like at its core, Soviet Communism was not Jewish though there were a lot of Jews involved, neither is Western Progressivism Jewish. Brookings, Ford, Carnegie, Roosevelt, Rockefeller...these are not Jewish names.

        As for the other part of your question, I don't think the current order will last long, for the same reason that Communism didn't. It is based on lies and has been rotting for quite some time; its core is gray and necrotic.

        Your kids will, of course, marry whom they will marry. If you want to ensure they marry Jewish, well, we take converts, but as I said, there's a steep price to pay in learning, having your life governed by counterintuitive laws going back to something some guys had an argument about 1800 years ago, etc. Also, they cut off your weiner.

  • Gotta give some credits to the Jews. As long as they don't kill the host, I am fine with their chutzpah.

    Chua's daughters look not bad. But Speak Chinese, raised as Jewish is a bad combination.

      • I don't think they'd pick it up in the first place. I don't even think Chua speaks Mandarin at all. Being Chinese is also all about self-identity and cultural affiliation in my view, you know.

      • She said herself that she speaks a decent Min-nan, and very bad accented but nonetheless conversational Mandarin. The girls will learn, I'm sure the Tiger Mother is forcing them to study hard. But Mandarin skills degrade quickly without practice.

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