Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Liberals dominate the West, and Japan sort of, but they are small minorities in all other countries. And that's harsh. Because being a liberal in any country, you see how cool the West is, with human rights and fancy cars and women in mini skirts, yet your own country sucks. But what can you do? Well let's look case by case.

Case 1

Egyptian liberal A: Damn, this country sucks.

Egyptian liberal B: It's all that damn Mubarak prick, we should kill him.

Egyptian liberal A: Yeah, but how?

Egyptian liberal B: Let's go out on the streets and ask for democracy. People dig that.

3 months later: Mubarak is dying inside a cage, the Salafists own Parliament.

Case 2:

Libyan tribesman A: Man, that damn Gaddafi is bringing chinks and niggers to work in here while we got no jobs.

Libyan tribesman B: Yeah we should just put a knife in his ass and beat him to death.

Libyan tribesman A: Wait, I have an idea.

Libyan tribesman B: What?

Libyan tribesman A: Let's go out on the streets and ask for democracy.

Libyan tribesman B: WTF is that?

Libyan tribesman A: I don't know. I think it's a secret code to make NATO give you bombs and money. I got a cousin in Egypt and he tell's me it works.

Libyan tribesman B: Ok let's do it.

6 months later, Gaddafi got a knife in his ass and died.

Case 3

Moscow hipster A: Damn, it's cold.

Moscos hipster B: Yeah I know. It's Moscow.

Moscow hipster A: Damn. Life sucks anyway. It's all Putin's fault. That corrupt sob.

Moscow hipster B: Yeah well. Btw did you hear? My cousin Sonya just got fucked by some swarthy dude, he was called Roosh I think.

Moscow hipster A: I can't take it any longer. We should go out on the streets and ask for democracy.

Moscow hipster B: But we have elections here.

Moscow hipster A: You believe that? It's a sham. Come on, everybody knows that with free and fair elections, Obama would win the presidency and Moscow would stop being cold.

Moscow hipster B: Well ok, let's go out on the streets and ask for democracy.

3 months later...

caption="I won, suckers"

Let me be clear and say that I consider Russia to be a corrupt hellhole. Putin is exporting whores and scientists while his kleptocratic patronage machine sucks up whatever resources the country still has. Russia is suffering both brain drain and dysgenics. And that's bad, especially when you have lots of Muslims inside and outside your borders, ready to take over in due time. For details on how fucked up Russia is, read this.

Still you have to admit the brilliance of Vladimir Surkov. Because Russia sucks in any parameter you look at. But it is a democracy. A full fledged democracy. Yeah well you don't have foreign press agencies and QUANGOs operating freely. But people vote. All evidence points to the fact that this last elections were free and fair. Putin didn't need to cheat. He just needed to control the propaganda, and push hard. Most of Russia outside Moscow being a quasi-rural land of poorly educated vodka addicts, it really doesn't take much to convince them to vote for you. Just get some hotties on TV.

So now you have all the Western media grinding their teeth, wanting to hate Russia. But they can't. It is a democracy. And in today's West, the only thing you can use to attack your enemies is their lack of democracy. Democracy is not only the supreme good, it's the only good. So if you make Democracy, and you do it right, you needn't fear for the integrity if your regime. Nobody can attack you.  Business connoisseurs say that corruption is just a transaction cost; you add it to your project costs and that's it. Well, for a political machine, Democracy is just a transaction cost. You spend a little money in TV ads and speeches and whatnot, and you got yourself a shield against Cathedral meddling.

It's about time that the West, particularly the EU, which is doing great progress in effectively dismantling democracy in Europe, to change its discourse. Democracy isn't important. Thanks to Russia we may get to a point in which Democracy loses its power to influence foreign countries, and once that happens, Democracy will lose its importance in the home turf too.  Let's drop the issue altogether.


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  • You are overly optimistic about the emphasis of "democracy" from the liberals.

    As far as they are concerned, Russia will always be the foe and Putin the evil dictator. Forget about the annoying hipsters, the spoiled middle class in bit cities as Putin put it himself, the real voices are beyond those liberal-dominated NGOs, USG, and international organizations. Democracy as the holy grail could always be up for different interpretations by the same followers, depending on the applicants they are using upon.

    You don't have universal suffrage? Okay, you are barbarians waiting to be crusaded by the freedom fighters! Your election is rigged? Okay, it's a fraud. you are doomed and true democracy shall prevail upon your dead body! Your election is not rigged? Okay, you have an unfair media coverage and unfair large amount of resources! IT's STILL not fair!! This is probably the most ridiculous denounce I ever read. They probably aren't prepared to put this type of defense in such position. After all, Media coverage and resources are what western democratic election is about, to get the popularity contest running.

    They will never shut up, for in their eyes it's never good enough. The reason is simple, Russia goes on its own move, not some puppet crack shits like in those sad former Eastern block states. Anyway, democracy wouldn't lose its importance from the eyes of liberals, for it's never the way they recognized, as the old tradition among the whites: Hey let's fuck the pagans and infidels who don't believe in Jesus and the Bible! Hey let's fuck those who said god is just the god, not the father of god, nor the son of the god! Hey let's fuck those who are against the reformation and still attend the Sunday Mass! Hey let's dig the coffins and fuck the corpses of those who were spreading the Sunday Mass 100 years ago!

    (edited by request)

  • I would say that when it comes to foreign policy, "democracy" means "run by liberals", and whether there are elections or not doesn't matter too much. Iran had elections a year or two ago, and there was lots of question about whether they were fair or not, meaning they were somewhere near fair, but I think the TV audiences would have just about forgotten that by now, and the subject's not likely to come up again in the media.

    It's not elections that prevent Putin getting a stick shoved up his arse, it's something that Iran doesn't have yet, but Ahmedinejad would rather like Iran to have... who'd like to guess?

    • Well most of the world is not ruled by liberals, yet they aren't criticized much. Thailand anyone? Vietnam? Bulgaria? Myanmar isn't pushing for gay marriage, yet they are the everybody's favourite kid this year.

      As long as investment opportunities are open to Soros and his crew, nobody will care about human rights or any liberal crap. Those are just the excuses to put pressure when the money isn't flowing.

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