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We will drown and nobody shall save us


The Social Pathologist has been doing a series of great posts on the recent best seller, Mimi Alford's biography. Mimi Alford being the 19 year old girl from a good family who went to work as an intern in the White House in JFK's time. Kennedy being Kennedy, he couldn't pass up the chance of shagging a good ol' WASP virgin, which he did. Alford loved every bit of it, and kept on shagging with him even after getting engaged. She liked it so much that 50 years later she wrote this book about the thing, and she remembers every detail.

Besides the anecdotes about JFK and friends' sexual life, the book is a good window in the psychology of women. Alford writes her story very frankly, without artifice, saying plainly how she felt in every moment of her life. As a psychological drama the most interesting part of the book is when, on learning about JFK's assassination, she burst up crying, and her fiancé asks her why is she taking it so personally. Then she confesses about her affair with Kennedy. Her poor old boyfriend, who hadn't touched her by then, loses his head. He never forgave her, but kept the engagement. Their marriage was a lousy, cold and sad affair. Poor fella. Imagine if she had told him about her giving a blowjob to David Powers in front of JFK.

The Social Pathologist is amazed and appalled. Appalled at the utter lack of remorse or repentance by Alford. And amazed at how this biography by a pretty and smart woman almost completely maps with modern Game theory. It's almost as if Roissy had written the book. She openly says how when Kennedy first started undressing her (just like that), she didn't feel overpowered by him physically, but by herself internally. She couldn't resist not because Kennedy was pressuring her, but because her alpha-seeking instincts ordered her to open her legs. She couldn't oppose the gina tingles. And she kept mementos of JFK for decades, even after marrying.

Now, I am appalled too at the heartless bitch. But I am not amazed. Not slightly. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't born with a natural insight in women's mind. I used to be a dumb pedestalizing beta too. But after reading Game, after getting Roissy in my RSS feed, I learned. And I also observed around me, reassessed every single interaction of the women around me using my new found knowledge. And of course it all made sense. I ceased being surprised at chicks digging jerks, at hypergamy, at 5 minutes of alpha, at gina tingling, at shit tests, all that. I always assume that a woman who isn't leashed by a patriarchal man will be a whore. And reality never stops proving me right. Of course some women behave properly without much of a leash. But those are the exceptions.

I talked with my woman the story of JFK, Alford, and the poor fiancé. She didn't find it amusing at all. Just said in a cold tone "she's a whore, and he's stupid".  SP took exception to this, arguing that the fiancé wasn't stupid, he just was raised as a gentleman, a pedestalizing beta. He thought women were pure and angelical. He just didn't know what to do when confronted with the reality of 5 minutes of alpha. And he loved Alford, so while he was enraged at her being a whore, some part of his pedestalizing beta mind thought that either he would forget, or she would repent and become the pure and angelical thing that women are supposed to be. Of course neither happened. He miscalculated. SP feels for the guy.

When my woman said that he's stupid, she didn't mean that he ought to have known better. She wasn't being rational. She was full of contempt for the guy. Because he enabled her. Here is this whore, who goes around sucking alpha dick while engaged to a respectable man. He learns about it and yet does nothing. He gives her the big prize, marriage. You don't do that. You don't marry whores.

You see, my woman speaks as a woman who's out of the market. She's taken. And what do taken women fear most? Whores, of course. Whores being the natural state of women, they are the nemesis of taken women. Because they destabilize monogamy. Monogamy is a bad deal for men, no doubt about that. If lucky you get a young, nice woman and you enjoy her for quite some time. But then she ages miserably while you're still good, and you have zillions of genes telling you to go chase poon and spend all those billions of sperm inside your balls. Chances are if a good looking slut comes around, an otherwise exemplary husband will screw her.

That's why whores have been hated for ages. Says the Bible, Book of Sirach, chapter 26:


The fornication of a woman shall be known by the haughtiness of her eyes, and by her eyelids.


On a daughter that turneth not away herself, set a strict watch: lest finding an opportunity she abuse herself.


Take heed of the impudence of her eyes, and wonder not if she slight thee.


She will open her mouth as a thirsty traveller to the fountain, and will drink of every water near her, and will sit down by every hedge, and open her quiver against every arrow, until she fail.

Now you may say that Alford's husband isn't responsible of his wife being a whore. Well of course not. But if society is to enforce monogamy, then society has to punish whores, and the responsibility of the punishing depends on those close to the woman. An extreme version of this rule is honor killings. See how mothers kill their own daughters in India for being whores. You see the typical reaction in the West to these news is typical moral outrage. Poor daughters who were killed for falling in love.

Wait a damn second. People in Muslim communities know that they are not allowed to fuck non muslims, period. Penalty is death. They know it. Yet every once in a while you see a girl who just goes around and elopes with a Hindu or a Christian or whatever. Well I don't think they should be killed.  But the chicks have got some bloody nerve to risk death for the taste of some Hindu dick.

South Asian hotties such as this one are in short supply, so it's a pity. But that's my dick talking. The rationale for honor killings is that a whore in the family spreads the word around, and soon the whole village knows about your family who raised a whore. And people have been warned about that, at least since the Book of Sirach. If your family is dishonored, it's not just your whore daughter's problem, it's the whole family's daughters who are going to be ostracized. So killing one (they've got plenty anyway) is a reasonable measure.

Well for better or worse the Catholic Church in Europe forced western families to allow women to elope with whom they fancy (Ask hbdchick for details on the various consequences of this and other measures). So whores can go around knowing they won't be murdered.  But one thing is not to be killed, another thing is to be able to fuck a married alpha, suck his pal's dick, and still get married to an upper class kid. That's not fair. And the dude is responsible. Because he knew. Even if he didn't, a man should be able to know the moral character of his woman. OK, that's not easy. But Alford's fiancé knew, knew his girlfriend was fucking JFK. And yet he married her.

Men, don't marry whores. They won't just make you miserable. It's bad for society.


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  • "Men, don’t marry whores."

    About the only way to have any kind of marriage is to belong to a fanatical cult that is beyond the reach of do-gooding welfare-warfare states. Even then, there is always the risk that they will decide to use remote-controlled drone bomber planes to slaughter your fanatical community.

    It will be interesting to observe how the family breaks down in China, Japan, and Korea.

    • The family has long broken down in Japan. It was never very strong though, there's not the family worship one sees in China.

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