Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Japan's newspapers are full of crime reports. You could take that as meaning that Japan has a high crime rate. But of course it's the opposite: Japan has so few crimes that the ones that do happen are so notorious they get into national newspapers. Crimes are rare enough that people don't get bored reading about them.

Of course some of the crimes that happen in Japan are so notorious they would be news anywhere in the world. See this recent news where a 23 year old mother of 2 left her children 50 days locked at their room, unattended. Eventually she came back home, and saw the children, ages 3 and 1, dead. She then left the house without telling anyone, as she had a date. She had sex the same night.

Awful story. The media is awash of stories about how the kids slowly starved to death while shouting their lungs out for their mom. The neighbours did report the shouting, but were ignored. Of course the real interesting parts are in the mother's background. Her age says a lot: 23 years old and already mother of two? Here's her picture.

Well, she's reasonably hot. I would have made her 2 babies myself, if I didn't know better. Which the father of the kids of course didn't. Father... that reminds me of something. Where's the father of the children? Of course he wasn't there. Shimomura Sanae (the woman) had married in 2006 a then college student, in what seems was a shotgun wedding. In Japan, still today, out of wedlock births are unheard of. Doesn't matter how trashy the couple is (and this case is classic prole), when she gets pregnant, they will get married. The father stuck with his woman and kids for 3 years, and was doing an ok living for all of them. But then she cheated on him with some old school friend. The dude filed for divorce and fled. He now owns an Audi and reportedly is married again.

Well little Sanae found herself with 2 kids and little money. She moved to a big city, Nagoya,  and started working at what they call in Japan a Cabaret Club (kyabakura) which is a place where men go to drink and nice women chat you up. It's awfully expensive and you can't take the chicks home, or even touch them. Still it's widely popular, and it's the default workplace for single prole girls. Still it seems that chatting wasn't her strong suit, and she moved to a bigger city, Osaka, and started working in a brothel. The pics above are from the brothel's website. By the way prostitution is illegal in Japan.

This was in January 2010. Working at a brothel is not very nice, and who could she blame? Well her kids. She started telling her workmates that if her kids weren't there she would have it so much easier. By June 2010, her kids were dead.

My first reaction,  wasn't pity or grief for the poor children who suffered such a horrible death. I know, I'm a heartless man. My first reaction was recalling this article on how female monkeys spontaneously abort their own children when a new male comes up. The new male will kill other males' children anyway so females get the message and kill them themselves. I just thought how natural it is that human proles behave like monkeys. Satoshi Kanazawa would be amused.

Genetic determinism is unpopular with the public, and my reaction wasn't shared by anyone. Still the defence attorneys did insinuate that genetic determinism had something to do with the whole thing. They argued that her childhood determined her psychological outlook. And her family background is almost a monument for genetic determinism.

One could argue that the whole tragedy started when Shimomura cheated on his husband, who found her with another guy in their bed. Well, Shimomura's father is a fairly well known Rugby coach, several times champion of the national Rugby league. He was a busy man, training his boys, and one day he found his first wife, Shimomura's mother, with another guy in the marital bed.  He divorced, the kids went with her mother, who often didn't come back home, and left the kids alone with a dog, whose feces littered the whole home. The father eventually took the children back.

The trial has been going on for some weeks, and yesterday came the sentence: 30 years. I find it full of wisdom. Japan has the death penalty, but it's seldom used in women. And Shimomura was just a dumb prole who hardly seemed responsible for her actions. But whatever it takes she must be prevented from breeding again. Locking her up until she's 54 is pure eugenic wisdom.


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  • Genetic determinism, applied to humans, isn't popular because it's false. You may think you've reached another level of consciousness here, but you're just being retarded.

      • I'm going to have to withdraw my combative stance. I've already been told that I need to tone down

        All I wanted to say is that I think that genetic determinism is an extremely shallow way to look at the world. Reducing humans to a mere whirring of electrons doesn't actually relate to reality. There is more going on then that.

        I do enjoy your blog, btw.

  • Theoretically, I should support shotgun marriages, but clearly they fail in the modern world. Shotgun marriages worked in a rural society where everybody knew everybody and there were few chances to move to another town.

    When you can get divorced and move to a big city to start over, shotgun marriage just reinforces delinquency.

    • Well, they do work ok in most cases. See how she couldn't really start over. The only life available for such women is prostitution, and that never ends well.

      Nevertheless I'm all for free abortion for the proles. And free sterilisation on request.

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