Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


It's not there's a lack of fucked up news in our civilised countries, but its always fun to take a look at what our brothers at the left half of the global Bell Curve are doing.

- It certainly seems that our good pal Bashar Al Assad is winning the civil war in Syria. The never ending uprisings by the Syrian rebels, helped by the PR assistance of the whole Western media (this includes Al Jazeera), were supposed to topple the regime. Yet Assad stands, playing whack-a-Sunni, and winning! So the agitators are getting a bit desperate. There must be something else they can do. They need some new allies perhaps. And they found the perfect weapon: they leaked emails saying that Assad is cheating on his wife. I don't know if their aim is to harness the power of western housewives. Or make the Allawites desert their leader. I just think they'll be relieved he's not into dudes. His taste could be better, though.

caption="I'm a girl. Srsly"

- 4 whales get stranded in a Chinese beach. Relevant authorities start the process of removing them into the sea. Not so fast. On the night of the 17th, someone cut the meat off the 4 huge whales. Faster than Japanese whale ships.


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