Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Tayllerand allegedly said that people in the post French Revolution age couldn't even fathom how nice life was for an aristocrat in the Ancienne Regime.

If only because of the leisure. If only I had the leisure of an old French noblemen I would have fixed every problem in the world by now.

But I don't, and have been crazy busy this last week or so. Thanks for all those who still found time to visit. I'll try to resume my old blogging pace in the next days.

On the meantime for those haunted by the crazy shit that's happening over at Cathedral HQ, just read this discussion started by Jim Kalb.

I want Mr. Kalb and Moldbug in a showdown without time limit. I'll start the donations campaign if necessary.


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  • Moldbug KO'd in the first. Retires to live in seclusion to ponder the mysteries of God.

    Has moldbug ever responded to this?:

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