Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Back when Pope John Paul II died, I let myself be bothered by all the media coverage. I heard that the new pope, Joseph Ratzinger, was known as a conservative figure, and went on to read one of his books, written before getting the big job. I don't remember the exact quote, but he said in some place that the modern liberal assault on Christianity will continue, and the Church will continue losing numbers. But a small core of believers will remain, and after liberalism collapses, he foresees that small core of hardcore Christians to rise again and rebuild the world.

Of course he doesn't say that now that he is pope. But I thought his thinking interesting. If you think about it carefully, it's not only Church attendance what has decline in the last century. Public morals have collapsed, and taste in art has also declined precipitously. Does the Church really want to be relevant in a world in which people don't have manners and artists build ugly stuff?

Few churches have been built in the last century, but see the few that have been done.

Basilica of our lady of Guadalupe, Mexico.


Metropolitan Cathedral of Liverpool

Church of the Holy Trinity in Fatima


Hideous stuff. That's what modernity does to you. I hope that St Peter sends those responsible to burn in Hell for all eternity.

Mr Ratzinger must know that the Church is better off with its elegant decay. Modernity is toxic.


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  • Here's the Old Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro, which looks like a church.

    And here's the New Cathedral, which looks like a nuclear power plant cooling tower, or maybe an Aztec pyramid for ripping sacrifical victims' hearts out:

    • Thanks Mr Sailer. An honor to have you here. You were the first blog I followed, years ago. Brazil must envy Mexico, who has a sorta plausible national mythology based on Aztec and Maya greatness. Brazil has... the Pirahã.

      I tried Googling for more examples of modern ugly churches, but didn't find anything comprehensive. I should get some time and set up a Wikipedia page myself on Ugly Churches, complete with details on the architect and bishop responsible. Could be useful when the next Counter Reformation gets going.

  • >implying that finite error justifies infinite punishment

    Forever in the moral/intellectual ghetto, fairly well alongside your targets. Stay classy, Christians. Stay classy.

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