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An interesting experiment is going on.

Via Vox

Paganism has been included in an official school religious education syllabus for the first time. Cornwall Council has told its schools that pagan beliefs, which include witchcraft, druidism and the worship of ancient gods such as Thor, should be taught alongside Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Paganism is cool. I confess I have lots of fun reading about Norse mythology, the lost Slavic pantheon, or some strange Uralic tribes who still keep their ancient faith. The actual documentaries done about their religious practices are in reality quite lame though. Just a bunch of peasants putting on some wooden idols in the forest and cooking a horrid looking stew. But I wouldn't want these people Christianized.

Well it seems that some Cornish officials are set on reviving paganism in their land. I understand their motives, but I'm afraid that Brits don't know what they're doing. Playing with religion must sound fun for atheists, but there's a ton of reasons not to do it. Especially when you have millions of foreigners in your country who take their religion very seriously.

From Ed West:

Islam has made London a more conservative place than it was 50 years ago

He goes on to say how British institutions are introducing alcohol free areas, cutting down in feminism, fag liberation and other cherished British values. I used to hate it when Pat Buchanan defended Muslims as allies because they are social conservatives. Well I don't want them anywhere close. But I'm not sure that making London a more conservative place is a bad thing.

The last time an eclectic society with loose morals had a sizable group of socially conservative sectarians on its midst... well we all know that story.

If any European nation is to fall to Islam, as the doomsayers repeat, have no doubt that Britain will be first. The French like wine and sex too much to succumb to Arab stoicism. But Arab homoerotic customs are something the Brits can easily adapt to.


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  • Paleo-paganism, such as the worship of the British Donar and Wotan, would be one thing. Neo-paganism, such as Gerald Gardner's Wicca, would be a very different thing.

    The world is weird enough to need a new religion. Wicca isn't weird any more. Brits could start worshiping Rudyard Kipling. The primary form of worship would be public recitation of his poems.

    Me that 'ave been what I've been - Me that 'ave gone where I've gone - Me that 'ave seen what I've seen - 'Ow can I ever take on With awful old England again...

  • If you have any criticisms of this norse documentary, I'd like to hear them.

    Want a weird new religion? Well, measuring 'weird' by 'socially weird,' try worshipping reality directly. As a bonus, it includes any actually existing gods as a proper susbset.

  • Well if reality as you define it includes Thor, it also includes Voodoo spirits, or the giant penis they worship in Bhutan. I ain't worshipping that.

    • Sounds like excuses to me. Also like trying to not believe in things that in fact exist. I also want to emphasize that reality includes whatever you believe about Thor, not necessarily Thor himself. Moreover you don't need any reason to not worship reality. You can just not do it. There's no reason you should or shouldn't and therefore no need to justify the decision.

  • I think I'm not getting your definition of reality. It's supposed to be independent of what I belief. I am also not the worshipping type, rest assured.

    • What you believe is independent of what I believe about what you believe. Therefore, relative to me, your beliefs are part of objective reality. Replace 'you' with plural, all possible values of 'you,' and you get beliefs about Thor etc. By symmetry, what I believe is quite possibly part of objective reality as well.

  • > try worshipping reality directly

    I kind of do that. Maybe Heraclitus was somewhat close to that (use Charles Kahn's English and commentary, it's one of the best books you can read whether or not you are interested in 'cosmotheism'). The Greeks as a whole, to a lesser extent, were like that inasmuch as they subjected every one of the gods to Moira, fate/necessity...

    • Sorry, seems your comment got stuck in the spam filter.

      The problem with pantheism is that it tends to glorify everything as being good, which is obviously a non optimal viewpoint. Some things suck and we should fix them. Else we would still be in some Ethiopian cave.

      • One of the features of reality is that humans think certain things suck. Ergo, pantheism ignores part of reality.

        What does such a thought imply? Well, it depends. But ignoring reality will always bite you in the ass. (Eventually, in cases of insulation.)

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