Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


The Growth of Justice: Cheap Chalupa's boys link to a "study" which spells out the creeds first article of faith:

in 1960, 94 percent of doctors were white men, as were 96 percent of lawyers and 86 percent of managers. By 2008, these numbers had fallen to 63, 61, and 57 percent, respectively. Given that innate talent for these professions is unlikely to differ between men and women or between blacks and whites, the allocation of talent in 1960 suggests that a substantial pool of innately talented black men, black women, and white women were not pursuing their comparative advantage

Enough said.

Agnostic has been doing some good posts on Jewish religiosity

So once more, the usual factors that explain religiosity are not the only reason why Jews are less religious than Christians. There is some set of genetic and cultural factors unique to them that split them off in the graphs above and that indeed place them closer to people who identify as having "no religion."

As I mentioned in the earlier post, those are primarily the genetic adaptation to the white-collar managerial ecological niche, and the cultural tradition of legalistic bickering. The first leads them to not concern themselves with god -- they figured out the right interest rate to charge because they've got big brains. And that goy hick who was trying to get away with sending less money to the tax farmers, well they ran circles around him because they're so clever. As we saw during the mid-century, managerialismand godlessness tend to go together.

Brazil's economic growth tanks. You don't say.

Robin Hanson has been doing some posts on long term thinking. "Far mode" that he calls it. Basically pointing out that we don't really know anything about the long term. Well yeah but we gotta do someting, right? Short termism is boring.  Long-term planning is fun, that's why people do it even without any certainty.

Blacks are warming up to the idea of fag marriage. Simon Grey points out how blacks will obey the Cathedral, as the pets they are. Of course they will.

Medvedev vows to defend Syria with nukes.

Speaking of which, Assange keeps using Putin money to hang out with lame muslims.


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      • Yes. From what I can see, you're caught in Christianity's gravity, inexorably being drawn closer.

        Pascal promised all (honest) truth-seekers would eventually become Christians, and I see that happening with you. Which is good.

  • I don't have much a beef with Islam, radical or not, but its kind of depressing how Muslims get a more receptive audience in the west than reactionaries.

  • One of the reasons Jews are irreligious is the reaction that some of us have to traditional Judaism itself. It's insanely restrictive to the point of being codified OCD, and it's all based on a foundation of untruth -- existence of God and the rabbinical interpretation of God's will as expressed in the Talmud and all subsequent rabbinical literature. There is no evidence to support either, but there is evidence to support evolution, the Documentary Hypothesis and many other "heresies" forbidden by the Orthodox rabbinate.

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