Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


There are those who say that Game only works with a certain type of women or that it's an artifact of the present age. Which of course is bullshit. Game is nothing else than the reverse engineering of female hypergamy. And female hypergamy is eternal and universal. It's a necessary feature of the female condition. It's as female as boobs. More common than boobs probably.

All those MRA blogs that have sprung lately, and many conservative writers deplore how unbalanced the mating market is today, with so many men and women giving up completely. Or the hysterical ravings about the gender ratios in China or India. The assumption seems to be that all men should have one women to marry forever. Every single one of them. But did that ever happen? Even in the grotesquely glorified 1950s. I mean is that even possible? Players, homos, spinsters, sluts, all those are a fact of life. They have always been around.

Didn't Madame Bovary chase bad boys? Didn't Anna Karenina dump his huband (and child!) for a gina tingle? Japanese courtiers wrote extensively about alphas swooping noble girls in the 11th century. Ovid knew how to take a housewife to bed as well as Roissy. People may still be evolving but female hypergamy certainly hasn't changed much.

Now of course women don't always react to the same male characteristics. Hypergamy's target is a relative one: it means getting the best man, which can mean different things in different places. Roosh recently discovered that poor Ukrainians won't easily open their legs to the first witty and hairy guy that comes along. Also there's this widely held myth that Oriental women are immune to game, that they just want a loyal and serious husband to make money with.

Well I have some experience with that, and heh, not even close. But don't take my word for it. See what cute Chinese women do today. See how they run away with long haired musicians the day before their wedding. And see how in the comments, men curse her yet women defend her. That's the way it is. Of course it's far from being common (societal pressure and basic impulse control are big factors too), but it happens too.

That's what a tingle looks like

Roissy always points out, to everyone's chagrin, that it's the hottest and youngest of women that fall easier to narcissistic assholes. And that's because they have options. They can get away with it. They are in their peak, and what they choose, what their instincts tell them, what their bodies demand, is for them to fuck the useless alpha son of a bitch. And screw the consequences.

That's female hypergamy for you. If game is the reverse engineering of hypergamy for the purposes of sex, patriarchy is the institutional framework designed to control and suppress it. That's why it's a feature of all civilisations. And it better come back soon.


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  • Hypergamy is natural and important to the evolution of the species. Perversions of it have always had a shelf life. Civilization itself may just be one giant perversion of the natural human condition.

  • I have to somewhat disagree. Hypergamy is eternal and universal, but game as reverse engineering and tickling it is not. Hypergamy works on the individual woman's value system, how she defines a high status man. This can come from all places, upbringing, culture, girlfriends. Women are usually impressionable by external value systems. Sometimes, for extrovert women, it is just about what girlfriends value. Sometimes, for more introverted ones, it is basically what dad used to be good at.

    Imagine this woman I know. She grew up in a poor and not very intellectual rural family. Books, good books meant the escape, the intro into a world smarter, deeper, better. As a result, things like a literary education and ability are the things she respects more. In her own hierarchy, writers are the alphas. She would never cheat with a buff PUA, but a total gamma looking writer who actually has famous books published, that might tempt her. She is the type who MELTS if a man talks in long, complicated, multisyllable, latinish educated words. She emits super strong "this smart one is my hero" signals.

    She is of course an exception. This is a very uncommon kind of hypergamy setup. But my point is precisely that different value scales exist for hypergamy.

    Game is more like just the reverse engineering of the most common forms of modern hypergamy, largely the "bar slut" type.

    • "In her own hierarchy, writers are the alphas."

      This assertion takes for true 2 untruths, or so it seems to me:

      1) That a mind is a unitary entity. You can in fact have one or more conscious, and besides those at least one and possibly more unconscious, hierarchies in that female's mind.

      2) Let's say one of the conscious hierarchies has word-jugglers, or real serious writers atop it. She meets a few. Some are "beta"-behaving, others are "alpha"-behaving ("alpha" and "beta" meaning what they mean conventionally in Game terminology): don't you think she'll have a marked preferences for the alpha-like ones? (Who will be better at banter, and psychologically making her feel overpowered, to say two things of many.)

      So the blog post's point holds: game and hypergamy are universal, in that they rank as jungian universal archetypes. We are talking of the deep recesses of the deep brain / unconscious here. Life circumstances as those in your description may fall upon the lower strata of the mind, so to speak, not erase them; deactivate them... to a degree, and insofar a powerful enough stimulus is absent.

      Add to this that the more evolutionarily modern mental structures such as actually (as opposed to: illusorily) self-aware Egos (a mental structures that overwatches the rest of the mind) are in practice exclusive to the (most developed among) male minds. (Females are clustered in the central third of the Bell Curve for any trait whatsoever.) So they have less "freedom" to diverge from evolution-imprinted behavioral routines, much less freedom than the more conscious, and divergent, males may exhibit. Less abstraction, less idealism, much shorter "identity time span" (the span over which the mind is in a substantially similar state, thus an "identity" is carried over time and is something more than an illusion).

      sorry for my English and cluttered expression

  • Game doesn't work only on women. The deception (aided with self-deception) thingy is universal, and the crowd-crowd leader rapport, like the trendy brand-brand followers, every one of these relations works like Game and is a male-female relation.

    I come from a site, a "community-based" site where I beheld the same screenplay unfold for the 1000000th time.

    You make a comment. The comment has content that wounds the hyper-sensitive, arch-inflated ego of a power-intoxicated, testosterone-brimming female (or a male of very feminine type), the cockwoman starts an argument making untrue claims to prove you are wrong and she's right, and, when after a little she has lost the argument (being moderately ridiculed in the process) she'll strive to have your replied deleted (which will READILY HAPPEN, sure enough! They're always on excellent terms with the "people that matter", in every place: they need this to do their bullying while being safe from any riposte)

    She'll get them deleted, because she HAPPENS to be close to the site management. Moreover, she is "loved by the community" (she HAPPENS to be so, lol), so other commenters will be saying she is right, and you are wrong (without saying why or giving any reason.. as it must be).

    So? Ain't that game? Sociopaths know what mask to wear to get what they need like addicts, that is power in the hen-house where they are. Very rarely, and only on the occasion their arch-swollen ego has been punctured they'll show half of their real face. But the normies, who have been seeing the mask since ever, won't notice.

    The sum is: who deceives them best is gonna reap their trust affection and admiration. The slimier climb the higher.

    And ofc, who deceives them best is gonna be the most power-mad, narcissistic no-limits-ego, deceptomachines, they're single-purpose machines after all, working all their life to that single aim.

    And they're gonna be right, every time. And you're gonna be wrong, every time.

    Note: that's never gonna be you right-wing types. You don't have the right wiring for the job. And with the unprecedented influence and reach of media "education", thinking any problem will be solved with "guns" or street fights is, well, a nostalgic dream (for those who still make it).

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