Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


He, a Goldsmith 23 years old, she, a Rothschild, 22. The absurdly cute couple have a lovely wedding, and strengthen the ties of their two noble families.

Well these are Jews (or are they? They look very mixed and not observant at all), but it's like the poster image of the society that Christian traditionalists want. By now, he's 31, she's 30, they have 3 lovely children. So no fertility problems here. But something's happened.

Look at her. What's with that outfit? And that face... I don't mean the natural decay of skin tone, it's that look in her face. And anyway what's that outfit really? Well it turns out that the Rothschild chick, not happy with enjoying her billions, is a "music producer". But hey, women also need to work, no? They have a right to use their talents for the good of society!  We won't go back to being forced to stay in the kitchen barefoot!!

Very well, but music producer is a bad job these days, because it gets you into contact with people like this:

this is exactly what you're thinking

This man, called "Jay Electronica", was a client of the Rothschild chick. Also he has being stabbing her for a year. A rich, smart, educated, early married mother of 3. The Goldsmith dude confronted her, and slapped her in the face. Ipso facto police came and arrested the guy. The growth of justice indeed.

He being a Goldsmith dude, police let him go with a caution. He is now being comforted by his friends, who say he is "furious and heartbroken". Well, your fault for being a clueless beta. Perhaps Whiskey is right after all.

Yet being a beta with money is not a bad business after all. Well yeah your wife and mother of your children goes and fucks some black rapper. But there's always a golddigging slut eager to console you, in this case the Royal Sister, Pippa Middleton. Not my cup of tea, but she seems like a good lay.

The best thing of all is one of the comments in the Daily Mail's news article, I'll paste it as it is:

It's history repeating itself. Kate's ancestor Nica Rothschild left her husband and kids after falling in love with and running off with Jazz singer Thelonious Monk in the 1950s. See the recently published book, 'The Baroness' by Hannah Rothschild. Says it all in there. - anon, UK,

3/6/2012 2:51 I saw the documentary about two or three years ago on BBC1, didn't Monk turn out to be mentally ill?. I think Kate got married far too young, she should have done all this during her twenties.

Plus ça change... Barefoot in the kitchen, I tell you.


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  • This Brave New World thing has not worked out well for ANYONE, has it? Not the WASP elites, not the bright assimilated minorities, not the middle class. I guess you could say it's worked out OK for the Jay Electronicas...for now. The way things are going, guys like him might end up nostalgic for their grass huts.

    It pisses me off to no end that we live in a culture where the most fucked up, sociopathic momentary whims of men and women are celebrated and nourished, at the expense of their souls and their children and loved ones. When you look at her face in the first picture and the second, you can see the trajectory, from a normal girl to a member of the lizard people with a dead soul.

    I'm telling you, the Orthodox Jews (and Mormons...I guess) have it right-they've formed their insular enclaves, buckled the hatches (like Noah's Ark!) and are waiting for this whole thing to play out. Unless you have an external moral compass and a body of dogma supporting it, this thing is very good at a kind of spiritual judo, using your own desires and talents and getting you to break youself in its service.

    As for the alpha/beta thing-it's horseshit. Using game to become an "alpha" (as defined by the ability to bang dozens of hot chicks) is basically like spending years of your life to become a champion Starcraft player, with the unfortunate side effect of becoming a manipulative douche. That road leads to extinction. It is very hard to go back and create a productive relationship. We were better off in a world where manliness was defined in other ways. Not that the game dudes aren't important-they have developed a serious body of useful insights into male and female psychology. But it's like Adam Smith says about the people whose sole purpose is making money-they are fools, but their foolishness is of great benefit to the rest of us.

    • Perhaps Mormons, Orthodox Jews, Opus Dei fellas have it right; but it takes a special breed of people to obey bullshit. I wish I could myself, alas, I like my pork and my drink. Often together.

      Game is evil, no question about it. Game has made it possible for many man, myself included, to understand and control their women. But of course most people use it to be promiscuous, and that's bad for everyone. As for the nomenclature, I do think there's two kinds of men, those clueless about women and those who get it. Alpha/beta is a useful framework, and its definition simple. An alpha is a man whose woman doesn't sleep with Jay Electronica.

      • I can't offer comment on Opus Dei. I don't know anything about them (or much care to.)

        As for bullshit-"if it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid." Conversely, if you primarily define yourself in terms of bacon or beer-who are you, really? Nothing personal, you understand, just a philosophic question. And for the same reason, I can't agree with that definition of an alpha-if you frame your identity in terms of the actions of another human being (who has her own prerogatives,) you really don't have your own self. Know what I mean?

        That said, of course the poor guy is a beta. It's not his fault that he gets the shaft-it's crazy to ask every dude to be an alpha. That's a society of Jay Electronicas. It's a hit on our society that a dude can't be a decent and normal guy without playing dominance games and have a normal marriage. A society of leaders with no followers is impossible, but the flip side is that the followers have to have their needs provided for too.

        I think that the real problem I have with game is that it's a surrogate for real masculinity, and causes identity erosion in the long run.

  • They are each one-quarter Jewish. Goldsmith's father, Sir James Goldsmith, was half-Jewish and half-French. His mother is Annabelle Vane-Tempest-Stewart, the sister of the current Marquess of Londonderry. Kate Rothschild's father, Amschel Rotschild, was half-Jewish and half-British/German. Her mother is a member of the Guinness Brewing family. I don't think that either one was raised Jewish. The late Sir James Goldsmith was raised Catholic like his mother, but I'm not sure if that carried over to his children.

    • Neither of them are Jewish in any meaningful sense. Their ancestors sold their inheritance for a bowl of lentil soup.

      • I think the assimilation of the Ashkenazis would have been a good thing for European Civilisation.

        I'm not jewish so that is what I care about.

      • European civilization has its own lifeblood and trajectory, as does every other. If nothing else, it is based on Christianity, which was based on the Bible, which says that those who bless the Jews will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed. If you care to notice, Europe has really taken a swan dive since its constituents embraced a Final Solution (whether via einsatzgruppen or yevsektziya.)

        As for assimilation-you might notice that the Jews who caused massive problems over the last 150 years were the ones who shared your goal of assimilation. Marx, Trotsky...they were not Talmudic scholars.)

  • Of course, Christianity is bullshit. Yes, of course, it must be. I mean it makes so much sense that it mean, look at the alternatives.

    You young atheists are great at deconstructing stuff - let's see if your beliefs pass the bullshit factor, Spandrell.

    What do you believe in. What makes up your worldview? Let me guess. Staus-seeking, distraction, hedonism, there is no God, booyah, booyah, booyah. All glorious qualities, promoted by every thinker of note since antiquity.

    Not. lol.

    You might as well be a fucking heroin-addled faggot.

    • This is really unfair, and you are distorting what I meant. Hell I am the one making fun of the status seeking distracted hedonists. Booyah.

      If you want to curse me into the embrace of the Church, you might as well send me an email. Or you could leave a real address when you comment.

  • Speaking of Sir James Goldsmith, Ben's father, he was a serious alpha with mistresses galore. Annabelle was one of those mistresses before marrying him, and apparently the only reason they married was to protect the inheritance rights of their children.

    I have to go with Spandrell on the religious life business. It's not for everyone and can cause its own special brands of misery for the unsuitable. Pork is tasty, pizzas are better with both meat and vegetables, and life without filet mignon is a tragedy.

    • Yes it's a funny thing that alpha's children tend to be of the other extreme. Uber alphas tend to marry (or impregnate) feminine women, so the kid loses the masculine edge. I guess.

  • "you frame your identity in terms of the actions of another human being (who has her own prerogatives)" That's a very simplistic way of putting it. Also the myth of the absolute self is quite tiring really. Most people don't have their own selves, they bend like candy to be accepted by others. I'm the least social guy ever, but that's the fact: human being interact with others constantly, and need others to get what they want. What most men want is sex with young women, and today that means you need a PhD in female psychology and daily manipulation. It's very tiring, but it works. A society where a man can just be a decent chap and have his wife respecting him is simply not on the cards, and my suspicion is it never really existed. The way women were controlled before was by the very real threat of physical violence, and lack of legal resort.

    There was never a society with men like the postmoderns, a society of nerdy, nice, law-abiding, soft guys with normal marriages. Those kind of guys, the few that there were in the past, got cheated on too.

    • Since my Army days, I have been a firm believer in the KISS principle ("Keep It Simple, Stupid.")

      Tiring or not, we all have a self and a soul. This is burdensome, and many actively work to discard this burden by lowering themselves to the level of animals, and feel hatred towards anyone and anything which attempts to remind them that they are something more. It is not surprising that our society is built on exploiting this tendency and getting people to break themselves in service to their own desires and weaknesses. This makes them much easier to control and to sell consumer goods to them. Being smart, by the way, is not a source of immunity against this machine-it is a source of weakness, a vulnerability. There is nothing that smart people love more than being reminded of their intellectual superiority, and it is very easy to get them to swallow all kinds of poison if you coat it with this kind of flattery.

      As for sex with young women-this is something that most men want until they have it. But I can tell you this-the last three girls I dated were sweet, intelligent, young and good looking (guys would break their necks everywhere we went, until I gave them the "hey, dude" smirk-very tiresome.) And they were deeply in love with me. Once you figure out that you can pull women of arbitrary quality at will and command their feelings, now what? Unless you are basically animalistic (hi, Jay Electronica!) you will have an empty feeling left inside. Man does not live by bread alone, nor by pussy.

      • A veteran, alpha, reactionary, religious Jew. You sure are something.

        Not finding much to disagree, I've also been there, done that. Got tired too. Quite happy at present. But why are you serial dating anyway? Doesn't Hashem command you to marry and procreate?

      • "Tiring or not, we all have a self and a soul."

        Do you have any objective proof of the existence of a soul? One doesn't have to invoke the supernatural to argue for behavior better than that of animals. The benefits of civilization should do a pretty good job of arguing for themselves, and they would, if the liberal media and PC pop culture wouldn't work so actively to drown them out and destroy them.

      • I live my own life, man-not somebody else's. And I make my own choices, as best as I can. No complaints about where it's lead me so far, and I won't complain about where it leads me in the future.

        Most Torah Jews are fairly reactionary (by definition,) and more serve than you think. And many more are alphas than you would guess from outside appearances (glasses, hats, beards, mannerisms.) Especially if we use your definition-their women are definitely not banging Jay Electronicas! The framework is a patriarchal one and supports responsible patriarchal behavior.

        I was serial dating as part of the growing process that got me where I am today from what I was born into (assimilated Soviet Jews.) The next step is, as you correctly pointed out, marriage and procreation within the larger framework of building a future (I like John Robb's Resilient Communities idea.)

  • "Their ancestors sold their inheritance for a bowl of lentil soup."

    That would be less ridiculous, B, if the Jewish religion were actually based on truth. There probably isn't a God, and even if there is, He probably doesn't closely resemble the biblical conception.

    • Do you have any proof of the existence of YOU? As far as I know, you might be Pazuzu, a Sumerian demon inhabiting a server farm in the form of ones and zeros.

      In these things, there can be no rigorous proof. I can, however, tell you that if we observe a statistically significant amount of intelligent people living in the absence of faith (measured by a price they pay for said faith, not feel-good Obama post-Christianity,) they invariably degenerate into Sex and the City hedonistic faggotry followed by extinction at best, and into mass human sacrifice at worst (we're already there in some ways.) It seems that in a self-serving (or idolatrous-Judaism says that they are the same thing) framework, the abstract "benefits of civilization" don't measure up to immediate personal desires, status-seeking, "who-whom" chimpanzee hierarchical dominance games, etc. This is the road of death.

      Alternately, I could refer you to Maimonides' Guide For The Perplexed, where he attempts to map Aristotle's proof for the existence of G-d onto a Judaic framework, but a) you're not going to read it anyway, and b) if you already know the conclusion you wish to reach, you will reach it.

  • >Janon Let's not start yet another discussion on whether God exists or not. Better people than us have done it before.


    I wish you the best and most resilient luck.

    As for assimilated Jews it's a long and complex topic. Perhaps you're right and Jews and Gentiles are better off the more distinct the better. But I do not believe we can live together in the same land.

    • Luck has nothing to do with it.

      I agree that our exile among you is not an ideal situation, and am doing my personal bit to change that. However, until that time comes for everyone, it is probably worth thinking in terms of a best possible outcome to be derived from suboptimal inputs. Given the massive potential stored in Jews and channeled into constructive or at least harmless channels by the Torah, and the destructive outcomes assimilation has so far yielded for both sides, you are probably better off wishing for a higher standard of observance than more assimilation.

      I would like to ask you to refrain from cheap shots at Ashkenazi looks, etc.-it detracts from your blog and from my enjoyment of it. Of course, this is strictly your deal-I only ask as a reader.

      • Fair enough. I don't mean to single you fellas out, as it is on average you're no uglier than pure blooded english or french. Blending generally produces more pleasant features. Just saying. Whatever.

  • OK, no debate about the existence of God. You're right that it's a fruitless topic given how many times it's been hashed out before.

    I suspect that the descendants of assimilated Jews will simply blend into the surrounding non-Jewish populace over time and cease to identify as Jewish except perhaps to recall that one of their great-grandfathers/mothers was Jewish. To B, that's probably a manifestation of "extinction," but to those of us who don't believe in the supernatural or the uniqueness of our ancestral religion, it is not.

    • Those of you who don't believe in the supernatural are headed for an actual, objective extinction due to failure to reproduce ("do you know how many iPhones and vacations I could buy for the amount of money it takes to raise a child?! Oh, look, there goes my last ovum...")

      • That's hyperbole, B. The secular fertility rate is currently below replacement, but it is not zero. It would take a while to disappear even at the current fertility rate, and fertility rates aren't set in stone. One should be cautious about making long-term demographic projections on such a basis.

      • One more thing. How are all of these people you and your kind are birthing going to support themselves in the increasingly automated and outsourced future? If you end up in Israel, it won't be able to supply welfare to the religious forever. To me, the future doesn't seem very bright for anyone with an IQ less than 140 and who lacks family wealth, height and good looks (if male) or family wealth and beauty (if female).

      • Barring force majeure, fertility rates are the result of behaviors based on beliefs (or lack thereof.) A few generations at the current rates, and those whose mental immune system is susceptible to secularism are gone. The only thing that would reverse this would be mass conversion to a truth-based religion. Otherwise, luxury goods will keep getting more and more appealing, and people with no overriding priorities will keep choosing them. Why wouldn't they?

      • I come from a system of thought where humans are considered producers of value, not consumers of calories. Therefore, more humans=better (assuming that they live and operate in a good, reality-based framework which allows them to realize their creative potential.) Obviously, quality matters, but in a reality-based framework (where fecund idiots are not subsidized at the expense of self-sterilizing intelligent drones,) that takes care of itself.

        As for the charedi welfare system in Israel-it is against Judaism (the Talmud says that it is better to flay animal skins for a living than to live on charity,) against common sense, against human dignity and on its way out. When it collapses, it will have produced many Jews (a good thing,) a large proportion of whom will be fairly intelligent. A bit of empowerment (the Fab movement is a good example of what I'm talking about,) and they will create a tsunami of value. Mark my words.

    • It doesn't exist for many, and that's my point. Once adults, most of these babies may curse their pointless, impoverished existence. Even belief in God and afterlife can't totally assuage the gnawing misery they endure on Earth. And Judaism is weak about the afterlife bit.

  • Most people, even most intelligent people, have little creative potential, B. I hope you are right about the haredim/hasidim and their future, but I have my doubts (to which I've subjected you before, I know). Job loss to automation will be an additional burden for them to overcome on the path to self-sufficiency. I suspect that ultimately their birth rates will also have to fall.

    • Not so-most people, even the unintelligent, have remarkable powers of creativity. It is only modern learned helplessness which inhibits them and makes them into sterile consumers.

      Automation is not a burden to creativity-it is a valuable synergistic toolbox. Things are possible with an Arduino, for instance, which were impossible to create without a degree in engineering 20 years ago.

      You value your life, as we all do, above all (or almost all.) Why do you think that the lives of those theoretical people will be less valuable? I grew up in grinding poverty and still am far from wealthy, but I have no complaints and am happy to be alive. As far as I can tell, this is common for all except whiny ingrates. You think that the children of the haredim will curse their existence because they can only afford an Android phone and not an iPhone, or because they can only eat chicken and not sushi-grade tuna? That's a Manichean position, and the gnostics always lose, Lebowski!

      • The Arduino is cool, I must admit.

        I'm still not sold on the creative potential of the masses, but neither of us has any basis for certainty here, so further debate is pointless. It would, however, be wise not to assume that a good outcome is assured and to take appropriate precautions..

      • The only basis for my certainty (aside from faith in G-d) is this-18th century technology and resources could not have sustained the population of the 19th century, 19th century technology and resources could not have sustained the population of 1914, 1914 technology and resources could not have sustained today's population, etc.

  • "As for assimilation-you might notice that the Jews who caused massive problems over the last 150 years were the ones who shared your goal of assimilation. Marx, Trotsky…they were not Talmudic scholars.)"

    It is calumny to reduce Jewish assimilation to Marx and Trotsky. The ranks of the assimilated Jews also include von Neumann, Einstein and Fritz Haber. Haber's nitrogen fixation process was rather instrumental in allowing the food production that sustains us. He wouldn't have accomplished that if he had remained a hasid. And the half-Jews, by definition the products of assimilation, have not done badly at all if you consider people like Heinrich Hertz, Niels Bohr and Hans Bethe. A few of us assimilated Jews aren't even leftists.

  • This will probably be the first and last time anyone has called Jay Electronica a gangsta anything. he's about as gangsta as the black dude in Revenge of the Nerds.

    • ha, beat me too it. jay electronica is to "gangsta rap" as elton john is to death metal.

  • In his defense, Jay Electronica is extremely intelligent. The gangsta rapper line may be fair -- he writes with a level of overt and aggressive bravado that would terrify the European nobility. Nonetheless, she definitely wasn't jumping ship for some hood rat on YMCMB.

    • Something's real off when we're calling a rapper "extremely intelligent". Von Neumann was extremely intelligent. This guy is just in the right side of the black Bell Curve.

      I do admit that the guy does look like a pretty pleasant and peaceful chap, compared to most blacks in his line of work. But for god's sake, 3 children.

    • Of course abandoning your family and run away with some dude is totally cool, if he's a pianist. No biggy.

      It's not about being a black rapper (although it makes the story so much funnier). It's about abandoning husband and your fucking children to chase alpha cock.

  • If I was a Rothschild or Goldsmith or Rockefeller, I'd not marry at 23.

    I'd travel the world and blow the billions on yachts, hookers, ferraris and champagne dammit!!!

    Oh, and Jay Electronica has the illuminati pyramid in the logo on his truck in the back of the pic.

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