Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I always heard about those Muslim suicide bombers, and the boring MSM outrage about those "poor" and "desperate" souls who kill themselves for the cause. How can that happen? The act of killing oneself is thought to be so alien, so extreme, so utterly incomprehensible that the common causes the western commentariat comes up with are evil white colonialism or its modern descendant, evil Zionism. The assumption is that something as unfathomably bad as suicide bombing can only be caused by the supreme evil, the trascendental victimiser: white people. What else can it be?

Letting aside the fact that suicide bombers end up killing and victimising way more people besides themselves, in the end Liberalism is the cult of autonomy, and suicide just doesn't make sense. It's arguably a worse evil to forsake one's autonomy and kill oneself, than just kill random people. Killing others is a choice, an act of the will, so it's not that bad in the end. It's just "tragic". Killing one's own will though, that is sheer madness. That's beyond evil. It's sacrilege.

For others like me whose brains aren't tainted by liberal memetic retardation, suicide bombing makes a lot of sense. This people get to go to heaven! And they get 72 virgins all for them!! And they die by explosion, in the act, with little pain involved. If you believe in the stuff, it's a hell of a deal. So I'm not surprised at all by suicide jihadis. I'm surprised there's not more of them. Then again people are people and not everyone really believes in the stuff, so apparently there's always some degree of coercion involved. Still, once you've been forced to put on the bomb belt under threat of killing your momma, you grab a Koran, start reading it, and in a matter of minutes necessity turns into virtue, and you're soon glad to go meet your houris.

So when you think about it suicide bombing is really quite rational. Which on the other hand, also means that shahids are really pussies. They aren't brave nor admirable. They're just doing it for what's in it for them. They are being somewhat forced into it, as part of a war operation, according to plan, and it gives real world results. And it's not even painful. The whole noble martyr thing is shit. These guys are amateurs, I tell you. Greg Cochran is right that Middle Easterners are just not cut out for fighting. They are born, bred, evolved pussies. You know who is the real deal?

Tibetans. Those guys are hardcore. Tibetans kill themselves not by easy instantaneous explosives. Oh no. They put themselves on fire, which is extremely painful, takes minutes to kill you. Take a good look at it:

fuck yeah

There are more pictures and a couple of videos here at Huffington Post. The best thing is not the horrible death this guy forced unto himself. The best thing is the whole situation. This guy didn't kill anyone, wasn't part of any militia, probably didn't even receive any orders from above. This guy killed himself during a demonstration in New Delhi. Tibetan exiles left Tibet after China cracked down on a rebellion in 1959, and have been living off CIA largesse across the Indian border, where they are more or less confined. As China won't let them back in, and they have nowhere else to go, their political action is done in India. But of course India's government has absolutely nothing to do with the Tibetans plight. This guy killing himself in the Indian capital is going to do nothing to further their cause. Absolutely nothing. This guy didn't kill himself to achieve a military objective. Not even a political objective. This guy is so badass, he put himself on fire for nothing. He killed himself for the sake of it. This guy is hardcore. Mohamed Atta is just a pussy compared to him.

The demonstration happened because China's president, Hu Jintao is visiting India, and they wanted to embarrass him. Yeah, Chinese oppressor, you will have to carry this on your conscience!

"This is what China faces unless they give freedom to Tibet," said Tenzin Dorjee, a young onlooker.

But the guy isn't even there yet. And even if he were, he wouldn't give a shit. Hu Jintao is the president of China precisely because he used to be the governor of Tibet, where he masterfully cracked down a series of Tibetan riots that happened during his tenure. He killed so many Tibetans that the Chinese Politburo gave him the presidency. He has been carrying over his conscience thousands upon thousands of self-burned and not-so-self burned Tibetans. Another dozen won't make any difference.

But why are Tibetans so badass?, you might think. The Tibetan movement is popular worldwide, mainly by the leftist student, hippie, Quango, Occupy Wall Street crowd. Which of course share with the Dalai Lama their being funded by USG money. I won't bore you with the history of what really happened in Tibet before and after the Chinese occupation, but anyone with half a brain should know that the Dalai Lama is a fraud and the Tibetans are the nuttiest people on earth. See how the self-burners justify their actions:

"Our culture our language is all being taken away from us, if we don't fight back all that will be left of Tibet will be some monks. The Chinese government gives us economic development, but that's not enough. The most important thing for tibetans is our spiritual life"

I'll translate that for you. China has been investing huge amounts of money in Tibet, building infrastructure and developing the economy there. That has two objectives: one is the obvious motive of making money out of the land you have; the other is to get the Tibetans to enjoy a modern life and forget their medieval religion, hence their identity. If Tibetans stop believing that being slaves of Dalai Lama is the way to heaven, they might assimilate to mainstream Chinese culture, as most of the 55 ethnic minorities in China have done.The Dalai Lama crowd understands that if Tibetans become wealthier, they will cease being Tibetans. And their ethnocentrism is so strong that they will gladly burn themselves to death to increase by 0.00001% the chances of the tribe's survival.

In other words, Tibetans are like Haredis, without the brains. I have been around and I have met Tibetans in China, and the strategy is more or less working. Tibetans today are pretty much your run-of-the-mill secular hedonists, if quite trashy. Tibetans are pretty low IQ, high T for Chinese standards, they're rough, violent, good with girls, and have a characteristic gipsy-ish feeling about them. You wouldn't want them as your neighbours.

But China is hell bent to destroy their identity. Whatever their exiled elites do and say, China's Foreign Ministry is sooo used to this shit, that they have actually come up with witty and smart rebunks to the Tibetan's demands:

"As is well known, except for a few extremist groups in the world, all religious groups respect life and oppose violence. Not condemning self-immolation, but playing it up and inciting others to follow the example is challenging the common conscience and moral bottom line of humanity."

Which is to say: this guys are nuts. They are. And we pay them with Western money, in the small Cold War we are fighting against China. That's what the USG does, enabling Jihad and Medieval Lamaism in the world. Who's the traditionalist here?


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  • Belief in "grave torture", or punishment of the dead before final judgment, is common in Islam. Martyrs avoid this and go directly to heaven, so if you are a seriously religious Moslem and believe in grave torture suicide bombing is the way to go.

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