Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


You wake up every morning, and all you see is chaos and decay. Leftism is rampant. The Third World invasion proceeds one mug at a time, sexual deviants poison the culture, crazy ideologues indoctrinate the children, evil bureaucrats destroy the economy. It's getting worse every day.

But you don't fear. Why? Because liberals aren't having children! Conservatives outbreed them. Pious, religious, salt of the earth people are having babies in resilient rural communities, unlike those urban hedonist pricks. The future is of those who show up for it. Our time will come!

I've heard this argument almost a thousand times. I guess there's something to it. But not much.

People should really read more history. Think of society in historical terms. History is about why we are here, what happened that made us like we are. Well what about liberals. Where do they come from? If conservatives  are going to inherit the earth because they have more babies than liberals, it follows that conservatives come from conservatives, and liberals come from liberals. But 1000 years ago there were no liberals. And as you can't create something out of nothing, it follows that liberals don't come from liberals.

No, dear. Liberals don't come from liberals' babies. They come from yours.

See this committed White Nationalist mother, with her two beautiful blonde twins. Keeping the bloodline alive. Fighting dysgenics and race replacement. Not only biologically but also fighting for the race. The mother put the then 11 year old kids in a neonazi band, where they sung for the Aryan race. They had these cute things to say:

Adolf Hitler was a great man who was only trying to preserve his own race in his own country,' Lamb said at the time.

The young teen Lynx added: 'Lots of things were exaggerated about the Second World War. We don't believe that 6million Jews were executed. I mean, there were not even that many Jews alive then.

'We know there were concentration camps but they had swimming pools and tennis courts - that's not how you would treat people if you were getting ready to kill them.'

In 2005, they donated money to victims of Hurricane Katrina but insisted it go to whites only.

Why would anyone ask about the Holocaust to 12 year old girls beats me, but hey, her mother had them well educated. Alas, you can be possessed by Hitler's spirit itself, but the Left will still be stronger then you. Hell, they actually killed the guy 67 years ago. That should tell you something.

Girls grow up, and do what girls do. In 2012 that means...


Long story short, the girls grew up, went to high school, got sick, didn't like the pain, the doctor thought it swell to give the girls some pot to feel better. Of course the girls grew to like very much their weed, and it has made them feel so much better than they were ever were in the first place.

'We just want to come from a place of love and light,' Lamb said, adding, 'I think we’re meant to do something more - we’re healers. We just want to exert the most love and positivity we can.'

Love and light! Poor mother. She spent every day during 15 years to teach their children to love their race, their heritage, their Führer. She socialised them in the nazi cult so they would inherit her values. Then some liberal doctor comes over, gives them drugs, and instantaneously the girls are all about "love and light". Wanna bet about how long it takes for them to get a fancy black boyfriend?

So rightists are going to inherit the earth with the bellies of their women? Keep them coming, the Left says. Do have more kids. We'll take them away from you.




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  • There's no escaping american leftist culture. The only way to immune to it is to segregate yourself off from it. Any contact is results in values failure. At least it will until it triggers a new dark age.

  • She failed because she's a fucking idiot.

    What she should have done:

    1. Be/become Christian 2. Get married 3. Move as far as fuck away from cities 4. Homeschool


    • You're a bigger idiot than she is. Modern Christians follow left-wing, egalitarian leadership dedicated to population replacement of whites. Many are war-loving Christian Zionists to boot.

      That said, the Amish and Hasidic Jews seem to be doing pretty well.

      • What about 1 and 3. (and 4.):

        "Lamb and Lynx said enrolling in public school and moving to northwest Montana has helped them become more open-minded."

          • There is a show called Amish Out of Order or something like that. All about Amish that leave the community. It seems like they mostly become redneck trash and drink all the time.

      • Dr Doom's liberal big brother, right? that these girls are adults, they can live life to its' fullest and give "heady" meaning to all around them! Be Well, John Spartan! Close eyes and jump...............

  • The mother was just being silly. "Things learned on the mother's knee" keep good when the culture is reasonably homogenous, whether majority or segregated by inside and outside pressure (e.g. Jews). Imagine the peer pressure on these girls in a public school full of normal, majority-faith children. They might as well have been three-eyed Martians.

    However, all is not lost. After all, where do neo-reactionaries come from? Do we emerge whole from Zeus' head? No, all of us are converts from progressivism. Keep them coming, I say.

    • Sorry, just fetched your comment from the spam filter.

      I was never a progressive, if anything a convert from libertarianism. It's my impression that most of us come from there. Real progressives seldom leave the faith. Why would they? They're winning.

  • Raising kids to be Nazi Bubblegum Pop Musicians (those gals were Prusssian Blue BTW, a truly awful band, sorry April ) and the family stuff the endured in any type of political climate is bound to have an effect.

    Still Wikipedia notes they are still somewhat Holocaust skeptics, thats not a belief I share but it suggests to me that they are still pretty Conservative and racial inside , just not publically

    The samethings basically happens with Evangelical kids too. They leave the church but remain pretty devout in less agro ways

    The weird thing here is though the rebellion is a sort of Conservatism, especially for girls. The dominent meme is Liberal right now and as such following it is actually Conservative in the majoritarian, hive mind way. The Gaedes are pretty radical old line White Nationalists and while its core is Conservtive in many respects its a kind of rebel movement. Jumping back the dominant meme with little risk is inherently a Conservative act!

    The problem is what we reactionaires do is necessary but unatural to us. We rebel against a system so far we go back to old Conservative traditions. This causes discord.

    To my mind politics is to a great degree genetically determined, probably by the structure of the amygdala and most babies born now are natural Conservatives.

    However I suspect so long as we (The Right) do our job and we allow the natural course of things to happen (the Leftist edifice to weaken ) and build real families and instutions that feel and act Conservative, getting back our lost will not be difficult.

    We are already having an effect and we haven't really started.

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