Student tracking done right

Says here that as today only 30% of Portuguese have graduated high school. (H/T Chalupas central)

That surely means that…

Portuguese universities are awesome! Everybody’s smart there. Or at least they used to be, as this fella commenting at Chalupas points out:

15-64, the rate is 35% (up from ~20% 10 years ago). For the >65 cohorts, rates are 7%.

So yeah plenty of dumb kids are getting overeducated lately, but it still seems better than the average in other countries. I get quite a lot of traffic from Portugal, and not much from other southern European countries. Which of course proves my point. Obrigado a todos.

By the way I have been quoting Cheap Chalupas’ blog quite recently lately, all while showering him with hate and curses. Just want to make clear that for all his faults I do think that Tyler Cowen is a good blogger. He (and his friends) should just be paid as such.

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