Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


The leftist singularity has arrived. Maybe not the political singularity, the bloodbath that Jim predicts for when leftists lose any status-whoring objects to compete around. But the sociological singularity has just arrived.

See Steve Sailer's insane find of Microaggressions. Power, privilege and daily life. Whatever people say, social science has advanced a lot in the last decades. And leftist indoctrination has also proceed apace. What you get from that are a generation of very sophisticated leftists. They were taught inequality is bad, and should be protested. Well now they have developed a very fine sense for inequality, and they can find it in every small detail of their life. Oh yeah. Power and privilege pervades the world. It's not about social justice anymore. Any single deviation from inequality at any dimension, on any scale, is to be detected and analyzed.

But how can you live like that? Your focus is 24/7 on how to detect the smallest slight against your equality of status. Which also means that you have to be totally self-conscious, all of the time. Say, this one:

“You can do [x]. It’s not that hard.”

I have an invisible physical disability. I hear this from teachers, friends, and parents when I try to tell them about my ability level

Well if it's fucking invisible how is anyone supposed to know? Oh, but that level of thinking would require empathy. And you can't have that if you're constantly searching for power imbalances. Singularity-level leftism means you don't have mental resources available for that. Analyzing your and everyone's status, and how every social interaction assumes some status or another. That must be really tiring.

Can it get worse than that? I don't think so. This is the endpoint. This people will grow, and once a critical mass of un-empathic status leveler drones is achieved, society will collapse for lack of cooperation. Or they'll die off of depression from not having their albino-transexual-deaf-mulatto uniqueness recognized. It's the end.


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  • We should really make Yudkowsky aware of this particular brand of paperclip maximization. We are in for horrible, HarrisonBergeron-esque stuff if an AGI will be programmed to achieve leftist goals.

  • People slight each other to negotiate status all the time. It's as common as any form of status signaling -- such as subtle bragging, which is of course difficult to minimize. If there's anything older than the hills, it's what you're diagnosing as new under the sun.

  • I don't know-the current complex of leftist thought is very useful as a tool for intragroup selection (for the most unquestioning followers and cynical unprincipled leaders) and for intraspecies competition (keeps out the ones with the bad ant smell, no matter how clever.) They are pretty safe from change from within and can keep playing this game indefinitely until the collapse from reproductive failure or the diminishing rate of returns on eating the seed corn. And microaggressions is no worse than the mainstream of 70's-90's feminist "thought."

  • You know, this kind of emotional fragility and petty irritability is some of the symptoms of terminal soy poisoning. Of course, vegetarianism is the pure essence of leftism applied to food, so no surprise there.

      • Can't speak for Ancor but this may be (partially) a metonymy for general estrogenism or hyperestrogenism or hyper femme ness. 'Testosterone poisoning' is a common joke/trope in English.

        Not that bioestrogenics and xenoestrogenics are not a literal issue/question though. I have no literacy in the issue, I jes' LIFT HEAVY --> EAT 3,194 kcal --> LIFT HEAVIER --> EAT 3,221 kcal --> (etc). If you do this with robust bar speed on the contractile movement (we'll assume you use no gay machines), the effects on baseline androgens are sustainable and very ample (at least in males).

        I like edamame, but I wouldn't make it a staple without adequate inquiry. Taking ~one meal of it per two weeks as I do, I can scarcely imagine it mattering.

        • Well Japanese geezers eat tons of edamame and they're as manly as it gets. I swear they don't complain about microagressions. In fact most of them are macroagressing assholes.

          • I guess partly because old people are 'top of the heap' all across E-Asia . . . I'm told.

      • Personally, I formed my ideas about Western soy consumption through hilariously ranty and anecdotal [i]The Meat Fix[/i].

        The gist is that fermented soy (tofu) and green soy beans (edamame) are quite different from soy protein extracted using potent neurotoxins in an industrial chemical process. The latter is, of course, enthusiastically consumed in ridiculous quantities (soy baby formula?) by the environmentalist/animal rights leftosphere.

  • My interpretation is different. My interpretation is that the Reformation and the Enlightenment are finally over. We are entering a period much like the Middle Ages where the Left today plays the role that the Catholic Church played then. If you contradict the Left, you are a heretic. There is no more room for individual interpretation as allowed for by the Reformation, or an unbiased search for truth as allowed for by the Enlightenment. Those things are over. All that is left is to study and refine Leftist doctrine.

  • I had an operation at the hospital today. No anesthetic-- I have to check my "not allergic to painkillers" privilege.

    But on a more serious note. Stop acting like "leftism" is more powerful than it is-- if what you say is true, there would be no Republicans in the house or senate. Rather, the elites have found something very effective at distracting activists. Che will be so busy writing angry letters to the mall for not carrying paraplegic underwear, he'll be too preoccupied to hang any bankers.

    • That's an interesting way of seeing it.

      I don't consider the Republicans to be enemies of leftism in any meaningful way though.

  • if what you say is true, there would be no Republicans in the house or senate.

    There are no republicans in the house or senate, in the sense that no republican proposes a return to the policies of 2006

  • It should be pretty obvious that Republicans are worse than useless. They worship the MLK god and have surrendered on immigration, AA and feminism. They enthusiastically support the pointless wars that Dems pretend not to support. All they really stand for is low taxes for the rich and an Israel First foreign policy. .

  • Raise your hands if, upon reading this stuff, you really have to stifle the impulse to shout, "F*sking ridiculous pussies! Humorless, Infantile, victim-envious, emotional weaklings! Grow the f*sk up!"

    PC as hair-trigger rat traps, perpetually begging to find offense. Like new "civil rights" community organizer lawyers desperate to find even the most tenuous basis for a case.

    What happens when you can "cry wolf" endlessly and no one stops believing you? Even though everyone knows that the wolves are extinct! Ah, but do now we all bear the human stain of lupine contamination? Especially the paler ones? The sins of the fathers ... "Obliterate The Hate!" "Eradicate those who Intolerate!"

    And the night does not end.

    • Imagine a catholic official in charge of stomping paganism in 7th century Greece. Last Pagans died 200 years ago, but of course your office wasn't abolished, in fact the budget and personnel only kept growing. They probably came up with some microheresies to stomp and keep busy, and to blame their colleagues with when competing for promotions.

      The resulting bureaucratic collapse weakens the state. Then the pagan Slaves invade from the north... more work for the agency! Hey, I think I just figured out why the Church lasted so long.

      Damn I need a drink.

      • First of all, "Microheresies". Genius! What a term. And maybe the EEOC, $PLC, and various other departments and NGO's are "in charge" of obliterating the hate, but mostly it's now individuals motivated by their own brainwashed convictions.

        We have a trinity of theo-psychological phenomena analogies.

        1. Stigmata. 2. Wolf-crying (see above). 3. Invented Microheresy Witch Hunts / Trials. And of course, since witches don't actually exist, you have to pretend they do, and find your fall guy Scapegoats.

        You don't even have to venture away from the Judeo-Christian tradition for these examples. No need to bring up African albino-slaughter or anything else. Scary stuff.

  • I cannot help but wonder how many of those posts are not snarky attempts to scam the system, just to make them look uber lame... I myself left a "report" about someone saying, "I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition" and how that made me feel because, after all, I am half-spanish. Don't know if it'll get published but it is not nearly as absurd as some of the published ones. Hey, this could be a great game for reactionaries everywhere. I'm sure there's better snarks than me! At the very least we could push on the boundaries of approved victim groups until it becomes so big that EVERYONE, IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER is a victim. Now THAT'S inclusivity!

  • I especially like the girls (usually girls) who happily throw thei parents and grandparents under the bus for the offense of merely looking out for the aggrieved's own good/sane interests. Grandma was such a c*nt to think I should be some sort of conventional woman that guys will like, and not be free to be the me... that I invented. Damn her to hell. <applause >

  • Well if it’s fucking invisible how is anyone supposed to know? Oh, but that level of thinking would require empathy.

    That's actually an excellent analysis that I haven't considered before: the idea that the progressive's hunt for inequality essentially stops him from being able to see things through someone else's eyes, which is, ironically, one of the theoretical pillars behind the hunt for inequality.

  • Modern leftism is mirrored Nazism with white people as the target but it can't yet come out openly and say that. As SWPLs try to wriggle out of being in the target group they need to invent victimologies that includes them in the not-white group. Similarly as white people conform to pressure and change their behavior e.g. not using certain words, then their attackers have to constantly invent new ways to be offended either themselves or on other people's behalf.

    It's a logical consequence of a genocidal ethnic hatred which is culturally dominant but not yet physically dominant.

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