Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


It seems the US is immersed in yet another witch hunt against a heretic troublemaker who dares contradict the foundational dogma of the Cathedral. I'm more surprised by the balls of the man who made a dissertation on Mexican IQ on freaking Harvard, than in the totally predictable crackdown when his views came out in the news. Of all the stupid, irrational, me-too denunciations that have denounced Richwine all around the media, the one that caught my eye the most was the one from Will Wilkinson in the Economist. I thought of making a thorough fisk of the piece, but it's all over the place already, and I doubt I could say anything that anyone doesn't know.

I'll try to be original and talk of something else. While the US was busy depriving Jason Richwine of his livelihood, something much bigger was going on in Japan. A which hunt of larger scale, and larger consequences that what any naive researcher might do in Cathedral HQ. Right now Japan is in one of the most important times in their history. Anyone who reads the news might have noticed that Japan is all over the news, with its new central bank governor, massive currency printing, Abenomics as Keynesianism done right and all that. It seems to be working (for what they wanted it to work for), but Abenomics is not what Abe is about at all. Abe is for redefining Japan's constitution and its international standing. Japan has for 68 years been a defeated nation, remade into the main American satellite in East Asia. Japan has done good under American suzerainty, but the status quo is not sustainable any longer. Japan is losing population, Korea is every day more hostile, the US is more dysfunctional every day, and China has become very, very big. At this rate, China's growth will make Japan irrelevant, and the US will abandon its satellite to make good with the new regional boss.

Korean woman circa 1905

Now before you go and browse the heavily edited Wikipedia article, I'll summarize the issue very simply. Basically since the old days, the Japanese Army, wherever it was stationed, home or abroad, organized brothels so that the soldiers could bust a nut regularly, for army morale and all that. South Korea argues that the women in the brothels were kidnapped by the Japanese army and forced into having sex with the soldiers, and they argue that most of the women were Korean. So Japan is guilty of slavery, and of women! It doesn't get any more evil than that. Maybe if they were black.

Japan's right wing argument is basically that all that is bullshit. The Japanese Army had better things to do than to go out of their way to kidnap local girls. Japan, at least since the Edo times, has had a famously active prostitution industry, and what the Japanese Army did was to go to the red-light district closest to base and reach an agreement with the local pimps to get some prostitutes to visit the soldiers. And that's all they did. During the war, they did that wherever their army was stationed. And in case there weren't enough hookers around, they shipped them from home. "Home", back then, meant Japan and Korea, so hookers were also procured from Korean towns. Nobody went around hunting local Korean girls because 1st. the Army has better things to do, 2. Korea wasn't enemy territory, but part of the nation. All the army did was outsource hooker provision from local pimps. If they went around kidnapping or fooling local girls, that's nobody's business.

You may choose which side you want to believe, the evidence of course is sketchy. I know what sounds more plausible though. Clean, good vs evil stories tend to be false, especially when one side has all the incentives to lie. Yet, the narrative of the evil Nazi allies enslaving the daughters of the poor has strike a nerve in the Cathedral's consciousness. That and all those Samsung profits that are being conveniently funnelled into American politician's pockets. The New York state senate just passed a resolution supporting the plight of the (mostly dead) Korean comfort women. The NY state senate?

Obviously Japan's politicians are very worried about this trend. It's not good when the New York Times doesn't stop writing about sex-slaves this and sex-slaves that, pushing you to apologize to a neighbor who is hell-bent in destroying your native industries and who you suspect is selling out to the Chinese. Japan had a honey moon 10 years ago when Korean food and Korean soap-operas became popular (with official support, of course), unleashing the so-called Korean Wave with captivated so many undersexed housewives. But enough is enough, and Korea's leftist agitation must not go unanswered. So thought Hashimoto Tooru, a young lawyer and TV commentator who cashed in his TV fame, and became the most momentous politician in recent history when he captured Osaka in 2008. For last year's elections he founded the Japan Restoration Party, and went into national politics.

In a country dominated by political dynasties which often have their roots in the pre-war aristocracy, Hashimoto has a very interesting history. He kinda sounds like the perfect poster child for liberalism, one of the exceptions that leftists like to use to deny HBD. Hashimoto's father was a Yakuza goon of Burakumin ancestry. His father killed himself when he was a child,  so his mother raised him and his sister. Eventually the kid went to college, and then passed the national bar exam to become a lawyer. Becoming a lawyer in Japan is like getting the Nobel Prize. It ain't easy. Which means that the very few lawyers that work in the country have a very nice income guaranteed for life. Hashimoto has used that money to father 7 children.

Well, back to the point, contrary to what his upbringing would make you think, Hashimoto is not a leftist hustler, but has become a renown figure of the right. His Japanese Restoration Party mirrors the Meiji Restoration, where Japan pushed the colonial powers back and became an awesome international empire in its own right. Hashimoto owns his political fame to trademark showbiz style. He speaks his mind, fights the journalists when they disagree with him, and has a popular Twitter feed where he makes his opinions open to all. That is very uncommon in Japan, where you're suppose to talk Victorian, be nice and polite, and then do whatever  you do. Hashimoto, being an outsider, tried to be cool. With dire consequences.

Now that the elections loom close, and Abe seems posed to win big, people have started talking on the new Constitution. Hashimoto, as a supporter of changing Article 9, and establishing a proper national army, has been talking on Twitter of his positions on why Japan has a legitimate case to reestablish a military. That legitimacy depends also greatly in defusing the comfort women issue. That's what he said. It's really something:

-As a result of losing the war, Japan has to accept that what it did is considered aggression. That's what it means to lose a war. That's not an issue with China and Korea, it's an issue with all the victors of the war. If you deny that Japan was an aggressor, you have to start a world war again and win it. That's ridiculous.

-As a defeated nation, Japan must accept to be deemed the aggressor. Of those who deny that Japan was an aggressor, there are many who value Bushido. Well, a defeat is a defeat. You have to accept it graciously. And it's also a fact that we caused great suffering and damage on our neighbouring countries. We have to reflect, and apologize.

- As part of that, Japan can't just say, it's been 70 years since our defeat, now we're even. The appraisal of the victims and third parties is important. The solution must come from Japan's behavior and time.

- Having this big principle in mind, still there are important misunderstandings that are causing Japan to be unduly insulted, and we must respond to them. And we also have to have a proper understanding of the historical conditions of the time. That is not to rationalize our conduct, but to avoid undue insults.

- The fact that through aggression and colonial rule, we caused great damage and suffering to our neighbouring countries, as a defeated nation, we must accept, reflect and apologize. However, the fact is the powers of that time all had colonial possessions. And on the comfort women system, the fact is all the militaries around the world had systems to cope with the sexual urges of their soldiers.

- Obviously, the fact that it was OK back then, doesn't mean it should be applied today. However, we should understand properly the conditions of the time. Not to rationalize our conduct, but to avoid undue insults.

- The fact that humans, and especially men, need a way to cope with their sexual urges is an undeniable fact. In modern society this is mainly done through marriage, or through relationships, but in other historical periods, there were other ways. It is a fact that in countries other than Japan, the unmet sexual urges of soldiers were met through a system of comfort women.

- The criticism that the world is making about Japan's comfort women system, is because it  is presumed that Japan, as a matter of national policy, went around kidnapping women with violence and extortion and forcing them into being comfort women. I am not a historian, so I do not know all the specific facts, but on a 2007 Diet resolution, it was established that there is no evidence behind that allegation.

- Of course if evidence were to come out we should apologize, but as of now, the government official position is that there is no such evidence. Some days ago, a resolution was made about some new evidence that might come up soon. That's why people go on saying that there were forceful kidnappings, and related organizations should go on collecting evidence.

- There was an incident about Japanese soldiers in Indonesia forcing Dutch women into prostitution. That is obviously unacceptable. This incident in particular went on a war crimes trial and death sentences were pronounced. If you asked me today whether comfort women were good or bad, well of course I don't think they were a good thing, but if you look at all other countries in the world, it's a fact that they all had ways of coping with sexual urges of their soldiers.

- There are many ways of coping. You can use the local brothels, you can set have the military administer the brothels like Japan did. When the US military invaded Japan, the Japanese government set up the Recreational and Amusement Association (RAA). I am sorry for those who became comfort women against their will. Administrators might have lied to women when hiring them.

- That's part of the tragedy of war and that's why we shouldn't go to war. Just because reparations have been legally addressed between Korea and Japan, it's not becoming of a politician to shut up old comfort women with legalese. Even if the legal problems have been addressed, there are other ways of speaking and dealing with people.

- But it is also an undeniable fact that there is no evidence to say that Japan, as a matter of national policy, went around kidnapping Korean women and forcing them into prostitution. If the world is misunderstanding the issue, Japan must speak out to avoid being unduly insulted. I mean, bringing the US into the picture isn't fair. USA has always denounced prostitution, even today.

- But it's still a fact that in the surroundings of US military bases, the sex industry flourishes. When the US invasion army arrived, Japan set up the RAA. But McArthur's GHQ banned it. Nonetheless, private prostitution flourished. Even if you officially ban it, the fact is the soldier's sexual urges don't go away. You need to think of ways of coping with that.

- When I recommended the commanding officer at Futenma base to use the local sex industry, I didn't mean for him to do anything illegal. According to Asahi Shinbun, the US military spokesman said "We wouldn't do anything illegal, Hashimoto is ridiculous". What I told him was to use the legal sex industry. To stop being a phony.

[Prostitution is illegal in Japan since McArthur, but officially only penetration is illegal, and there are tons of different venues where you can get every tiny different sexual service you can think of. That's why there's a sex industry, but not prostitution. Legally, of course. ]

- The US military forbids its personnel to use even the legal sex industry. Even if you ban them from suing it, their sexual urges don't just go away. If US soldiers use the local sex industry, not necessarily it would solve the sex crimes they commit in Okinawa. We haven't proved any causation. But please just stop with the Victorian facade.

- Thing is instead of dealing seriously with human's sexual urges, they just close their eyes. Even in developed countries, it happens that women do that kind of work against their will. We must fight that. But in Japan, people are free to chose their profession, so why do you deny the sex industry?

- As I see it, to denounce the legal sex industry in Japan, is discrimination against the women who chose to work there. There is no problem whatsoever in US military personnel making use of the japanese sex industry.


Translation is mine.

You can imagine Hashimoto being very careful with every word he wrote, thinking he is just right, reasonable and logical. He even allows himself to criticize old politicians treatment of Korean comfort women, telling them to be nicer in how they speak. He basically said two things: The comfort women were not slaves, and the US is full of shit. Both of which are pure and pristine truth. So what kind of reaction did he get to that?

Japanese mayor sparks outrage with sex-slave remarks

Sex-slaves! But he just made the point that they weren't slaves? Who cares, go get him!! Burn him at the stake! Every little Cathedral-ish minion in Japan, every lesbian, every feminist, every mangina, every Korean, every Chinese, every religious figure has trashed him. "Why don't you tell your daughters to be hookers!" The poor man went on trying to justify his points in Twitter for 3 long days. Heroic, really. I'd translate more but it just gets repetitive. But today, lastly, he gave up. Abe told him to shut up, and he was even forced to cancel a planned trip to Washington, where he surely would have met with high ranking officials and be treated as what he was always thought to be: future prime minister.

Now, even his own minions, delegates at the Osaka city council, have told him to shut up. Sic transit gloria mundi. All for telling the US Marines to stop raping local teenagers and bang some hookers when they get horny, like everyone else. But you can't talk sense with the Cathedral. The Cathedral *is* being phony. The Cathedral mandates that it's better to rape a 12 year old now and then, than to allow soldiers to use prostitutes. The Cathedral mandates that you can trash an entire country, if someone puts forward a compelling narrative about victimized women, and pays politicians to promote it. The Cathedral isn't being phony. The Cathedral *is* phonyness. What is the Cathedral if not the hypocrisy processing parts of the brain running amok? What is the Cathedral if the purposeful denial of reality in order to feign holiness? Hashimoto told a Cathedral officer to "stop being phony". I'm sure it didn't compute.


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  • Sad to hear of this. I hope at least a few ten-millions will listen to his reasonable speech and think for themselves.

    • You might as well hope that a few ten millions will listen to his reasonable speech and attain immortality. Immortality may be possible, but asking average people to think for themselves is too much. Why do you think we even have a religion? Exactly!

  • So what is Japan to do? Well first it needs to jumpstart the economy. Done. Then it needs to stop being yet another USG satellite. Which means it needs to become a real nation.
    Well and good, but how does TPP figure into this? I believe Abe's pushing it pretty hard, and entering it has lots of potential consequences besides flooding the Japanese market with cheap foreign rice. One is permitting foreign companies to sue the Japanese government for discriminatory practices (like having public works tender documentation in Japanese, that's very discriminatory). Another is opening up the insurance and health markets for foreign companies. I should think a real nation wouldn't tolerate such impositions, or even consider negotiating about them.

    • That's the big question. If Japan goes into the TPP is only to make good with USG. To what extent Abe is sincere about that, I don't know. If he wanted USG support so badly he wouldn't go around saying that the Imperial Army was cool.

      I'd actually like some competition to the 医師会, but anyway. We'll see later this year.

      • (Wordpress seems to like eating my comments for some reason — reproducing the gist) Maybe Abe is using the nationalistic stuff to round up support for changes to the constitutional amendment process. The most damaging parts of TPP will probably require amendments.

        By the way have you heard anything new about updating the 1896 Civil Code?

        • I wouldn't think so, Abe has long been a hard line rightist. A sell-out of that cynicism would be quite unprecedented in modern history.

          No idea on the Civil Code. What's the point of changing it exactly? Married women keeping their surnames?

          • Well, I'm cynical enough to think of it. Let's hope you're right. By the way, I rather like the moniker "Cynical Enlightenment".

            That was one point, or permitting the use of maiden name as professional alias. I remember vaguely that there was also something about making children responsible for upkeep of their parents, and some other stuff, but I read Japanese too slowly to research teh Japanese internets comfortably.

            • A quick google search bring up something about giving inheritance rights to extramarital children. Uh-oh. Not that they usually have anything to inherit.

  • The 5yr bonds are having some turbulence?

    But I think I read that the central bank buys 70% of them anyway? Man, it's beyond my understanding. Apparently Roubini thinks Kyle Bass is wrong, thinks that they at least have some chance of averting a debt crisis.

  • > The NY state senate?

    The NY state legislature has been very openly corrupt since forever. I don't think they do anything gratis:

    ...For fourteen years Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno very publically funneled millions of dollars into his district to build train stations, minor league baseball stadiums and parks that were all named after him. Bruno and his Democratic counterpart in the legislature, Speaker Sheldon Silver, could personally decide what legislation made it to the floor for a vote and punish legislators for speaking out. A budget process defined by backroom negotiations with the governor and the two majority leaders resulted in the popular phrase “three men in a room.”

  • Being an ethnic Chinese, I think Hashimoto's position is reasonable. However, I doubt Abenomics would work for the long haul. There are two problems with the Japanese economy.

    1. Demographic implosion. This problem is not going to be solved any time soon. 2. Japanese industries no longer as competitive as they were back in the eighties. Entire electronic industry has gone down the toilet and the Koreans have come out on top. Even in cars, where they are still the best companies for the mass auto, the Koreans are starting to chip away at that edge with respectable cars for a good price.Unless they come up with something that people want to buy, no amount of monetary easing will fix their woes.

    Another problem they have, they are still, in many sense, a vassal state for the U.S. For example, this whole thing with the Island dispute, Hillary Clinton carried out the U.S. pivot to Asia (read pivot to China) thing, soon, we have a Japanese Mayor talking about buying the Islands which started this whole dispute. Now you can say that this was a Rogue element from the right doing this, I don't think these actions are done without coordination between the U.S. and Japan at the highest level. The result is no skin off the nose for the U.S., but major and permanent economic damage to Japan.

    The revival of Japan will be crushed between the rivalry between China and the U.S. for control of Asia.

    As to China being ugly, I think every ascendant power behaves this way. A late rising Germany fighting with other European power for colonies, Soviet Union with Eastern Europe, U.S. with the Monroe Doctrine. The British creating countries against the interest of local populations for the sake of the empire. The charms only come after one gains control of the power.

    • Don't worry about them. They'll manage. South Korea's and Taiwan's fertility is even lower. And the people poorer. Worry about them.

      Ascendant powers are all scary to their neighbours, but neither Britain nor Germany were 10x bigger than their neighbors. China is just too big.

    • I love it when he says "as a defeated nation". I.e. if we had won we wouldn't have to deal with this crap, but we lost, so we are the bad guys.

      • Yeah, that's a phenomenal viewpoint, I guess you could call it a backhanded concession. I find that sort of.. umm.. realpolitikal honesty very refreshing and appealing.

        Unfortunately, the public discourse has been reduced to a network of snitches sniffing around for heresy like 5-year olds running around shouting "Mommy, Mommy! Tooru said a Bad Word" with a mischievous smile on their faces. Tooru surely is in trouble now!

        I believe very few journalists actually are such shrinking violets that they're personally shocked or offended by lines such as this. They are just hyper-aware of What You Can Say and what you can't. That's their Job.

        That sort of mentality isn't too difficult to comprehend, actually. I'm a freelancer with a rotating customer base. When I get a new gig, I flip into a 100% company man right off the bat. If someone wants to pay me to write their Sustainability & Climate Change statements, then that's exactly what I'll do, with all the gloss and carefully placed word choices that put the data in the best possible light. I can imagine a journalist behaving in a similar manner unless he's consciously opposed to the zeitgeist.

        • Sustainability & Climate Change statements, then that’s exactly what I’ll do, with all the gloss and carefully placed word choices that put the data in the best possible light.

          What's with neoreaction and Cathedral insiders? Foseti you et al. should get together and have a repentance ritual once a year.

          • Ehh, I worded that badly. In those cases, I do work for the Big Bad Companies who need to keep the environmental racket at bay one quarter year at a time. I have enough fuck you money to avoid gigs that I'm actively disgusted with, but the ones that make me just feel silly about the triviality of it all are ok. I guess you could call this sort of cottage industry that forms around public PR a form of welfare. The Cathedral declares Unsustainability to be Bad, so companies need to hire us hacks to write their annual reports in ways that emphasize their Sustainability. It's enough to make one conflicted at times, I'll give you that.

            As for Cathedral insiders, come on now, man. I think a lot of us here and elsewhere are practically SWPL's with a twist.

            • Just pulling your leg, I know what you mean.

              I wish we could leave a secret code on our work though. Something that only dissenters would understand and use it to undermine the Matrix.

    • Honesty scares the Cathedral the way sunlight spooks vampires, and for much the same reason.

  • I am married to a Japanese woman, and based in part on my experience, I find Hashimoto to be dishonest. My wife never admits when she is wrong and is great at constructing a narrative that includes zero culpability on her part, and it drives me insane. If she would give a little we could have something to work with. I am often eager to reconcile with my wife after fights but it is damn hard when she is unwilling to concede a single thing.

    I am 100% sure that Japan kidnapped comfort women from across Asia. Why? Hashimoto basically concedes that they did that to Dutch women in the East Indies. The very idea that Dutch women would have willingly been prostitutes for Imperial Japan is beyond absurd.

    But if they were so bold as to sexually enslave Dutch girls and women, then to enslave poor Korean or Chinese girls would have been no thing at all. This should be obvious to reactionary realists. Japanese denials are like someone who was busted with crack insisting that he never tried pot.

    Comically, the Japanese American community is in a campaign to call these women prostitutes.

    Just because the Japanese can hold their heads high and have good self regard doesn't make them right. The Japanese are among the most intensely pro-ethnic people in the world and they will root for team Japan automatically regardless of actual facts. In this case, the facts are very distant from their unified position, but comically they march onward.

    Japan is the one that drew out the resolution from the NY state senate by their nuttiness. This shouldn't be that hard. They could just talk about the fog of war, how there were unfortunate actions and great suffering on both sides (hint, hint). But instead they have to be both stubborn and wrong.

    In the modern pro-victim world, WWII should be a huge asset to Japan. They are the only country ever to have been nuked. Twice. Awful, terrible. Oh the humanity. But they must insist on shooting themselves in the foot over and over again.

    • "My wife never admits when she is wrong and is great at constructing a narrative that includes zero culpability on her part, and it drives me insane"

      That sounds more "female" than "Japanese" to me...Of course NAWALT!

    • Read roissy, learn proper safety then squat heavy and deadlift heavier. Wife wants you to act robust and able to promote the family interest, and also, especially as an NEAzean, make bank -- not win arguments, which are wholly epiphenomenal. Are you really so innocent of scientific knowledge?

      > The very idea that Dutch women would have willingly been prostitutes for Imperial Japan is beyond absurd

      Absurd? Europe was full of prostitutes. I'm a White nationalist and I don't mind telling you White pops were pretty lousy with syphilis etc in 1850-1940 -- seen the numbers. I have basically no doubt the picture was much better in Japan, that's the way it is. If I were a desperado Euro chick I would quite conceivably take Japan in preference to Europe. On the one hand they would probably be racist jerks vis-a-vis me to some extent ; on the other hand, syphilis.

      > In the modern pro-victim world, WWII should be a huge asset to Japan.

      Why have or support this moribund, anti-life ethos of infinite whining in the first place? Japs hurled themself on Asia so they wouldn't wind up in a compromised position like they are now. Just like every organism that loves life. Shit they did such as over the top human experimentation was fucking disgusting and unnecessary, but too bad, it's over. Let's not do it again. But let's not not do it again at the price of nurturing a world-cultural disease state.

      • >> The very idea that Dutch women would have willingly been prostitutes for Imperial Japan is beyond absurd

        > Absurd? Europe was full of prostitutes.

        Yes but wouldn't Dutch women in the Dutch colonies have been mostly upper middle class?

    • 1. Sorry but I won't feel sorry for you having married a bitch. It's your bad judgement and lack of ability to dominate her. Honestly I've been with lots of Japanese women and never had that problem. 2. The point is here isn't that some Korean women were enslaved, the point is who did the enslaving. And the likelihood is in Korean pimps and Korean fathers selling their own daughters. There's evidence of that happening during the Korean war, with no Japanese around. That some women were kidnapped doesn't mean that the whole system was based on that. 3. Japanese are very tribal and capable of lying. But Koreans are *the* most intensely tribal people on earth. If you think your wife is annoying get a Korean mistress.

      • Korean fathers selling their own daughters
        In all fairness, this was pretty widespread in pre-Meiji Japan too (don't know about later). Yoshiwara and other pleasure quarters were full of such, and also girls who went in hock semi-voluntarily to get their families out of debts, furnishing plots for many Kabuki plays.

        • Post Meiji there were the 唐行きさん, sold to brothels across SEA. You can pretty much imagine that the army had little trouble in procuring women.

      • I doubt you've really been with any woman in a serious way, as in, long enough to settle down and form a family, you genetic dead-end. Being in Asia and having girls show interest because they wonder what a white boy is like does not constitute game. Yes, asian girls are curious and you happen to be available. But it's not about you.

        • You have no fucking idea of what kind of relationships I've had so shut up. I'm not bragging about game, I just happen to be able to speak with the locals in their language and make myself understood. If your wife is a bitch deal with it as we all do.

    • Rape, forced prostitution, savagery, pillaging, etc. This is all part of war. It is what it is, an ugly hell on earth with only the victors and survivors left to tell the tale.

      Your wife sounds like a typical Japanese lady. The Western dweebs don't know that their fantasy of 'Madame Butterfly' doesn't exist! LOL!

  • It's so much worse than that. I don't even know where to begin. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is exposed to the inner insanity of USG.

    So I guess I should start with the motivation. For some reason, probably because the most influential ones got old, the feminist zetigeist experienced one of its geomagnetic reversals on the whole prostitution thing. You can lump in porn and stripping too. The activity went from being promoted as "liberating" and "empowering" to being seen as "demeaning" and "exploitative". Like ... overnight. It probably was inevitable. The feminists couldn't sustain the "Sex isn't evil, it's just meaningless fun, liberating and empowering for a woman, especially if she is able to capitalize on it, let's not judge anybody!" frame. At some point, probably when they were getting to close to the dark knowledge, they couldn't resist re-sentimentalizing and romanticizing it.

    See, the left is bipolar about things that, in other countries, are merely ordinary or minor transgressions. Either they've got to overthrow the old moral order and call pretend the old sins are not awesome! or they've got to exaggerate its sinfulness. It's a multiple equilibrium with the whole middle ground being unstable.

    To borrow from Kling, the language the left speaks is on the "oppressor-oppressed" axis which means they always want to frame everything as being a contest between good and evil. No one is more good than a victim, and no one is more evil than a heterosexual man.

    Also, prostitution was a crime where, mostly, it was the prostitutes getting hassled or arrested by the police. Occasionally a John or a Pimp would get the treatment too, but not nearly as often.

    And then somebody had a strike of genius - why not blame it all on the Johns and Pimps and completely exonerate the women as agency-free victims, who, of course, we would never prosecute, because, after all, they were forcibly fed drugs until addicted and otherwise "coerced" into it, poor meth whores dears. Not only that, we could call ordinary prostitution, "Human Trafficking" and compare it to the slave trade. Because, you know, if some remote country, one time in a thousand, it's a bunch of virgin 12-year-olds stolen from their villages and chained to the floor and beaten nightly. Or Albanians kidnapping your daughter like in "Taken". Or something. Yes, it's all one thing really, this, "Human Trafficking."

    And we will not just agree to only prosecute the Johns and Pimps, and not just give them the reasonable fines as in days of old, but we will now charge them with the equivalent of "Conspiracy to Slavery!" and throw them in the clink for years and years.

    It's been a few years since they've been pushing this, and it's just gotten more and more entrenched. I hear the newspeak dictionary 2014 version won't even contain the words "prostitution", "solicitation", "hooker", "whore", etc. It's already been wiped out of all USG training and new law enforcement material. It's all slavery now. Yes, really.

    • I was chatting with theslittyeye some days ago, and we were discussing whether it would be more productive to tell the Marines to go whoring, or if it would be better for central command to just issue weekly supplies of TENGA for every soldier. What do you think?

      • This assumes there's actually a problem. There's really not. People can't think straight about awful but non-representative, low probability events and it's just too easy to get them to think in us-vs-them mode. Those evil raping Americans! Every group of people has its rare dirtbags. The military doesn't cover for these people - it wants them dead - it would be fine trying, sentencing, and executing capital punishment in a week if Congress let them (which they haven't since WWII). Media amplification blows it all out of proportion if its in their interest. Which it totally is - there's been an organized Cathedral campaign using sex-incidents against the military for years (long story).

        Most of the "rapes" you hear about aren't rapes, but, naturally, no one is allowed to tell the truth about this. Actually, speaking of newspeak, we aren't even allowed to call them the complainant, accuser, or prosecutrix anymore. For a while, you had to put the cart before the horse and call them "victim" (so much for presumption of innocence). Now, I sh*t you not, we have to call them "survivors". They get their own public lawyers now - which is foreign to the entire history of law. You may vomit at will.

        What are often reported as "rapes" or "sexual assaults" (in college too) are two drunk, horny teenagers who can't remember what happened in the morning and have to explain their behavior to husband / boyfriend / parents / friends / supervisors / coworkers and overcome guilt / shame / embarrassment for outrageously slutty behavior. The ego-preservation mechanism plus the social pressure generates a get-out-of-jail-free card that they self-brainwash into genuine belief in the matter of a few minutes - filling in the gaps in memory and generating fabrications in the most favorable light. Half the time - it comes back to haunt them - because the made-up details are later contradicted by other, later-discovered testimony or evidence. If you show them a video demonstrating the very opposite of what they claimed occurred - they are sincerely baffled, "But, but ... that's not what I remember! cry cry cry ..." They are telling the absolute truth - they don't remember it the way it actually happened. On the stand, they are completely convincing witnesses. It's chilling to watch. My theory is cults or totalitarian mind-control or reeducation takes advantage of this built-in mechanism. Just once in my life I'd like to hear a psychologist expert witness get up on the stand and say "You can't believe anything these whores survivors say - when the incentive to lie goes above a certain threshold, the brain will actually start to believe its own bullsh*t. It's Self-Stockholm Syndrome. The whole legal notion favoring live testimony crashes against this ugly rock of reality in these cases."

        You think Richwine had it rough? Wait until someone publishes that in a Harvard Dissertation. Of course, it's 100% true.

        • Not talking about American feminism, I know all that. Who doesn't?

          I'm talking about Marines getting horny in Okinawa and doing crazy shit. Yeah it doesn't happen too often but it gets the local pissed. Weekly deliveries of Tenga might help.

          • It's the same when there's an incident with an Okinawan girl. They're just much less likely to complain - they just want it all to go away. When they do complain, it's the same. They are more likely to do some completely crazy nonsense like threaten suicide or actually do some kind of self-harm while pretending that they were trying to commit suicide. It's weird.

            Young American single men are always horny and they want to go out, get drunk, and get laid with a real female. Nothing's going to change or substitute for that - not even free Tenga rations. Tenga's what you use, to your shame, if you weren't successful in your drunken efforts to get laid tonight, and you can't get a whore.

            Either the military continues with it's puritanical hard-line approach (most likely), or it compromises along the line that is most likely to accomplish harm reduction. I agree with Hasimoto entirely - by far the most enlightened way to go about this is to look the other way while your grunts patronize the local brothels - especially if they're clean, legal, regularly-inspected by a trustworthy regime with decent bureaucrats, non-coercive, and disease-and-drug free.

            And also not run by Chinese Intelligence who is recording their antics, analyzing the PKI on their ID cards, and trying to blackmail your dudes for classified information and access to base. Completely hypothetical problem in Oki of course. I don't know why I even just invented it - my imagination just runs away with me sometimes I guess.

            Now, it's true what you said about Japanese lawyers - the old ones are all geniuses, 140 IQs for sure. Judges are unreal - just a different species. I don't know if a Japanese judge and a dull Aborigine could even procreate fertile offspring -it'd be like a mule or a liger. (By the way, to theonomists who make 'natural law' arguments about 'violations of nature' - ask them about mules. Horses and Donkeys don't even have the same number of chromosomes, but we've been forcing them to make mules for us for thousands of years. Cool? Natural?)

            Anyway, the new ones not quite as super-human, but still really, really impressive. And humble! You always have to ask when they passed their bars. Before ... um ... 2005 I think, the passage rate was ridiculous, like two percent. Think about it, the top two percent of people who were already law students. Japanese law students! These days it's more like a quarter of them, but still, pretty damn smart.

            On the other hand, Japanese geniuses are like our super-geniuses, kind of aspie. Many of them are therefore socially awkward - if it wasn't for the Japanese straight-jacket exoskeleton of well-defined social interaction routines, they'd have a hard time making it. That's probably why certain cultures have such strict patterns of etiquette and protocol. Most of them have very little ability to successfully interact in the socially loose way with a Westerner - with all our hidden conversational land-mines to which few people truly understand the secret maps - even an attorney in the same field - as a result.

            And even the more suave and sophisticated among them, even the ones who've been educated in the west, still don't really get how to avoid getting in trouble with Western media, or how to really speak Cathedralese. Like the classic shibboleth, it's a hard to pass Turing test of cultural insider status.

  • I remember when Michael Crichton's Rising Sun came out, people accused him of racism for pointing out that the Japanese are nationalist.

    The American Left only allows non-whites to be criticized via proper channels and for Cathedral-approved reasons. If it doesn't advance the Who-Whom Narrative, criticism of non-whites cannot be tolerated.

    • Does any victorious army have any trouble getting willing women? The Nazis certainly didn't...

      • Plus you don't need that many women under these circumstances. Say each man in a battalion of 700 gets one go a fortnight and a woman takes 10 a day that's only 5 women per battalion.

  • Very interesting article. It obviously makes perfect sense for the Japanese to re-arm or at least get rid of all the potential obstacles to re-arming in advance as there's no doubt USG will either sell them out when it comes to the crunch *or* offer a trade that's worse i.e. complete surrender tot he Cathedral. It's interesting to see those obstacles and potential ways round them laid out.

    . "There are many ways of coping. You can use the local brothels, you can set have the military administer the brothels like Japan did."

    IIRC the French Army always used to organise it officially as well. Not the Brits obv. Maybe Mr Hashimoto should set a researcher to look into that as France was on the winning side and potentially the Japanese may have taken over a pre-existing French system in Vietnam

  • Regarding the class of the Dutch colonials in Asia, I have no idea.

    > Japanese are very tribal and capable of lying. But Koreans are *the* most intensely tribal people on earth.

    DPRK supports your point, but SK is so damn pwned it makes me cry. Have to wonder if the widespread Christianity there is a factor.

  • Personally, I can't say as I blame the Japanese for getting sick of the pariah treatment. Certainly, the Imperial Japanese Army behaved barbarically in WWII, but come on; the Chinese Communists killed five times as many Chinese as the IJA did, the Red Army raped an murdered its way to Berlin in a display of sickening ferocity, Indonesia was a bloody Hell-hole for most of the 1960's and 1970's, and the British and Americans, while better behaved than most, were not exactly choir boys, yet none of these governments are beyond the pale internationally. WWII was seventy years ago, time to let up…

    • Rape, forced prostitution, pillaging, torture, etc. This is all part of war. Every side is guilty of it, and every army has participated in it. Only the victors and survivors are left to tell what really happened, and they seldom agree... The tribe will make Japan pay for WWII as long as they are able, just as they've done in Germany. It's all about money and control. Justice has no part in it.

  • I understand the point is to try to make the situation in East Asia more accessible to the right wing blogosphere, but it's not really analogous to the situation in the US and the West. The standard leftist establishment narrative just doesn't apply to nor really concerns itself with East Asia. Imperial Japan is not Nazi Germany. In fact, if anything, to the extent that the leftist establishment narrative concerns itself with East Asia at all, it's that Japan is sort of the "victim" as a non-white nation that was atom-bombed by a white nation, the US, which had "racist" views and motivations and was the "oppressor". There are books written in this vein and this is the kind of view that is promoted in college courses.

    Since the standard leftist narrative doesn't really apply to Japan and East Asia, more mundane, practical considerations of interests drive US and Western attitudes toward Japan and East Asia.

    The US globalist establishment wants Japan to have a stronger and more independent military:

    The goal of the US globalist establishment is not to prevent a stronger and more independent Japan at all costs. The goal of the US establishment is to prevent a state or a coalition of states from achieving regional hegemony and removing the US from the western Pacific. At this point this means countering China. The standard leftist moral narrative is irrelevant here.

    Within East Asia, Chinese and Korean anti-Japanese attitudes and grievances regarding WWII are driven by standard, normal nationalism, not the leftist establishment narrative of the US-West.

    • Within East Asia, Chinese and Korean anti-Japanese attitudes and grievances regarding WWII are driven by standard, normal nationalism, not the leftist establishment narrative of the US-West.

      I understand this, what I'm saying is that they are trying to promote their own view in the West by mapping it to leftist memes.

      I have no idea of how the history of WW2 is taught in American universities, and if Japan is painted as a victim to American imperialism I guess that's a good thing for Abe and his crowd. What I'm not so sure is that USG is cool with Japan having an independent military. I have read that China would be glad to have Japan go nuclear, as that would erase the rationale for having US troops in Okinawa which is what China is really concerned about.

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