Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I have my reserves towards the, let's call it Moldbug theory of Jewish leftism, which argues that Jews aren't a causative agent of leftism, but that during Emancipation the Jews contracted the virus of Progressivism, and being highly talented, they caused the virus to mutate and grow further into the catastrophic malady that it became.

I really have my reserves. In the end it's all about assigning blame, and when you think about it carefully, the whole idea is quite misguided. Assigning blame for particular memes is hard enough when talking about individuals; when talking about groups, the very concept of agency becomes quite fuzzy. So trying to come up with a comprehensive theory on blame or the origins of anything is quite probably the wrong way of looking at it.

Nonetheless it is always interesting to look at particular examples, particular people and particular ideas. Notwithstanding my reserves towards clearing the Jews of all blame about leftism, I have found a quite persuasive data point towards them being victims of infection by the progressive virus.

This is from a recent BBC documentary series on the Jews, led by Simon Schama. Simon Schama himself is quite a good example of Jews being victims of English ideology, but just watch the video.

Lol. The shtetto and the ghetto. That's just humiliating. If you let that happen at your place of worship, you're not dominating the world. Just saying.


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  • ED: ..and then Dr. Vornoff falls in the pit, and his own octopus attacks and eats him! The End.

    Seriously though, nice find. The interviewer really makes the video; he takes it all so seriously.

  • Based on Poland and Germany it appears that removing your Jewish population greatly reduces destructive corruption. The elites can never bring themselves to fuck regular people quite as thoroughly as they can when they use Jews as the middle men for the fucking. For that reason alone I'd prefer them out of the my nation.

  • I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    Anyway, related - read the whole sub-thread. Bottom Line: 'So a one standard deviation difference in mean implies a minority of 2% is 13 times overrepresented (so, 26% of the total) of the top 0.1%, one out of a thousand elite.'

  • In Simon Schama's history of the Jews did Jews ever do anything wrong?


    Even once.

    No, of course not.

    Just for starters the reality is Jews dominated the slave trade around the Red, Black, Caspian and Mediterranean seas and the Atlantic Ocean for 3000 years.

    Of the thirteen men in charge of the Soviet concentration camps in which tens of millions of European Christians were imprisoned and millions killed which *led* to the rise of Fascist parties in Europe twelve were Jews and the thirteenth was married to a Jew.

    The source of eternal Jewish malice is not in the DNA but in the lies they tell to themselves about their history. Their persecution myth is what creates their group cohesion but is also what drives them to attempt the stealth genocide of every people foolish enough to allow them refuge.

      • It worked as the least-worst diaspora option with non-assimilation outweighing the ups and downs but I don't think it does long-term. In a more and more connected world a people travelling from tallest poppy to tallest poppy and knocking them down from the inside will eventually knock things down below the point where they can't be built up again.

  • I think the important thing that's missing in debates of Jews and progressivism is "/pol/'s law".

    -> Almost every time we see someone describe themself as a White race traitor, they're Jewish. <-

    I think the reason is, if Jews are convinced that Whites are evil, they mentally retreat to their Jewish identity, and can feel comfortable in saying that Whites should be wiped out.

    That's why progressivism became so caustically anti-White when the Jews moved in, where before it was about saving White souls by removing their privilege.

  • I do think there is a thing about the Jewish religion. Jewish people are innately and intensively religious. You have to be to keep up with the minutae of Mosaic and Jewish law through the centuries.

    But in the 20th Century, (perhaps due to the Holocaust) most Jews lost their religion. Being a religious people most turned to secular religion, i.e. leftism of various stripes.

    The left practices politics much more intensively than the right because for leftists, politics is substitute religion. Rightists tend to have actual religion and concern themselves with their own actual lives, rather than the arena that is politics. There are plenty of Jews on the right. They are the Orthodox and they mind their own business and raise their own large families and don't meddle in the affairs of others.

    • But in the 20th Century, (perhaps due to the Holocaust)
      I don't think you have been paying attention. Secularization started centuries ago with the Enlightenment, Emancipation and Reformed Judaism. Have you ever read a history book?

      • "Have you ever read a history book?"

        Easy there, tiger. If you think the Holocaust is unrelated to Jewish unbelief you must not know very many older Jews. It is from these older Jewish people in my life that I first understood that they are atheist/unreligious because of the Holocaust. Because they told me. That's just the end of the theological discussion for them.

        The 'God is Dead' theme is huge after the Holocaust in Judaism.

        “Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed....Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust." ― Elie Wiesel, Night

        Behind me, I heard the same man asking: "For God's sake, where is God?" And from within me, I heard a voice answer: "Where He is? This is where--hanging here from this gallows..." - Elie Wiesel, Night

        • Of course I don't deny the Holocaust must have been a shock for many, but Bolsheviks were manning the socialist movements all over the world decades before the Holocaust. You made it look like Jews all around were pious merchants minding their own business, only to became raging leftists because Hitler killed their cousins.

  • lol @ dat Shtetl feel

    I have a hard time seeing why the Jewish people are such a contested topic in these circles. They're a middleman minority, an internally coherent high-IQ subpopulation that thrives in certain environments. Not great at maintaining a nation of their own, but very capable of finding niches within other organized societies, their culture reflecting this history of a millennium of diaspora. Whether the relationship is considered symbiotic or parasitic (or whether some segments of the host nation benefit of the arrangement while others do not) is where the tensions come from.

    If you subscribe to the ethno-nationalist premise, having an inwards focused subgroup within your ingroup is a drain and a potential disaster waiting to happen. With clearly dysfunctional diaspora cultures (Gypsies) this is immediately obvious. With otherwise talented ones (Jews), the pluses and minuses become more a matter of preference. It's not about THE JOOS dominating the world, instead it's whether their divided loyalties and their slightly exaggerated nepotism are worth the service they might bring in economy or science? If you reject the ethno-nationalist (or even the traditionalist) premise, you'll probably see less downsides to this. Hell, maybe you can go colonize cyberspace together.

    I believe that Jews' diaspora culture in itself has selected for certain psychological traits over the centuries. Most significantly an identity formed in opposition to the majority. You see this in their over-representation in progressive movements where they a) identify with the outsider/alienated/nonconformist view, and b) are actually rhetorically capable of working towards making the outsider view more acceptable. It's not a conscious conspiracy, just something that you'd expect a population in such a situation to organically behave like as an adaptation. It's futile to blame them for behaving in their advantage. It's the host culture's task to resist such subversion.

    The dynamic is also somewhat similar to what a weaker participant in a transaction might try to improve their hand: appeal to 'social justice' or 'fairness'. Your kid will try this in a few years.

    One particular curiosity that I perceive in Jewish people is that for some reason or other, their intersexual differences seem more muted than in other populations. To put it harshly, their women are domineering neurotic hags and the men are wordy neurotic wimps, both seemingly more tilted towards the high end of autism spectrum than white Euros. I think this in particular has resulted in the Jewish overrepresentation in the wackier gender theorizing contingent. The masculine women promote nth wave feminism to be accepted as men and the feminine men write Curb Your Enthusiasm sketches where the blathering faggot never gets his teeth kicked in.

    I'm by no means saying that Jews are the single causative agent in the current downfall of the Western civilization but they do have their own distinct role in it all. The significance and origins can be argued.

    • It's stuff like this what get people riled up

      The nationalist paradigm has a strong hold in the minds of many, even though it's nonsensical. Nations (to the extent that they even exist) aren't coherent agents with a will of their own. If they were of course Jews wouldn't have the power they have.

      • I am from Israel, that woman seems clinically insane to me and most of us in no shape of form support the "multiculturalism in europe". If anything, the discourse in Israel usually complains about the multiculturalism, since it makes the euro politicians pander to the muslim voters by condemning Israel.

        • Well obviously the interests of settled Israelis who have a country to care about, and those of diaspora Jews are quite different. Something tells me the diaspora kids have the upper hand though.

          • Group hypocrisy seems to be the trait that's been selected for. By that I don't mean merely behaving contrary to your beliefs but rather preaching to non-kin groups contrary to the behavior of your kin group. This means your kin-group's preachers-to-others may behave quite selflessly and non-hypocritically. The key is their ability to spread biologically toxic memes to non-kin groups to which the kin group is relatively immune.

  • Jews function exactly the same way other middlemen minorities function: As a tool to harm, exploit, and control the masses for the elites until such time that the elites can toss them to the people for their crimes. The only unique thing about the Jews is how white they look(Mormons fit this category too).

    Middleman minorities are parasites. They create decant elites by separating the elites from the people and sap the ability of a group to function in a unified way through their hatred of their hosts. They push people's towards the values of greed and envy and away from honor and duty.

    The jews are not to blame for the left, but adding jews or any other middleman minority into a leftist movement makes the damage that much greater. It's like pouring gas onto a slow burning fire.

  • Leftism is older than its Calvinist variant. (Leftist) Jews existed before emancipation. Assigning blame only matters in looking for a cure, so even if leftism's roots are in Rabbinical Judaism, its important to realize that (even if that is the case) *we are all Jews now*. Now leftism's essential roots are not entirely a product of Rabbinical Judaism, but historical bullshit annoys me to no end. There seems to be this idea that Jews had no influence over Europe before emancipation. Jews mattered in Europe *a lot*, even before emancipation.

    • I do know of their economic influence in the Middle Ages, but can't say I know much about leftist rabbis back then, even less of gentiles listening to them. Any links on that?

      • Directly on point:

        Google some old books for the word "Marrano" to see the dominance of Spain by the Sephardim and the Marrano influence on the Dutch revolt, Calvinism. Or look into the study of Talmud and Kaballa among Renaissance neo-Platonists/Humanists. These guys all thought the Rabbis were the coolest cats around. The Re-founding father of Neo-Platonism seems to be this chap:

        This is from the father of modern Jewish historiography, Henreich Graetz."Heinrich Graetz"&hl=en&sa=X&ei=00GKUurtHMPlsATbl4DwBg&ved=0CC4Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

        Or just look at Spinoza. Heck, there is even a possibility that modern Freemasonry is of Portuguese Jewish origin. mett att ye house of mordecai campanall&hl=en&sa=X&ei=z0OKUovZLKuxsATNn4GYBA&ved=0CDgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=We mett att ye house of mordecai campanall&f=false

        Basically Jewish increases during the commercial revolution and never really looks back.

            • This is very interesting as well. Renaissance humanists began incorporating Rabbinical exegesis of the old Testament (particularly the Book of Daniel) into the actual text of biblical translations. The Book of Daniel's prophecy of an earthly Kingdom after the fall of Rome are a running theme in European revolutions going back to Munster at least and are in complete opposition to traditional Catholic interpretation.

     elizabethan england&hl=en&sa=X&ei=KGqLUrf_IdTPsASH5oGwAg&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

    • "so even if leftism’s roots are in Rabbinical Judaism, its important to realize that (even if that is the case) *we are all Jews now*."

      That's just silly.

      Jews dominated the mercantile niche in Moorish Spain - including the slave trade of both of Europeans and Africans - Leftist?

      After the Reconquista they were gradually squeezed out of Spain by the Inquisition. Some went to Portugal and began the Atlantic slave trade on the Portuguese islands along the West Coast of Africa - Leftist?

      Some went to Britain and Holland *because both were fighting Spain* for their own reasons and were therefore safe and a) brought the Atlantic slave trade into British and Dutch colonies and b) added their weight to the fight against Spain in their own interests as they didn't want the Inquisition coming to Britain or Holland - Leftist?


      If you actually read it Rabbinical Judaism is all about eating crops from fields you don't sow and drinking water from wells you don't dig - it's all there in Deuteronomy plain as day. Now *actual* Leftism as it is practiced may be identical to that but the egalitarian ideology of Leftism is the exact opposite.

      Jews *did* add to the egalitarian ideology that developed naturally in northern europe at the time and spun it in ways that suited their agenda - which is not remotely Leftist or egalitarian in any way - but that agenda revolves entirely around whatever is the best available current strategy to dominate the mercantile niche. At certain times that might mean adding their weight to egalitarian forces, at other times the monarchical and everythign in between.

      • First of all, there was an "if" in there. The sentence you quote makes sense.

        Secondly, we are all Jews in the sense that we are all now the enemies of Western (Catholic Christian, ancien regime) civilization.

        • First of all, there was an "if" in there. The sentence you quote makes sense.

          Secondly, we are all Jews in the sense that we are all now the enemies of Western (Catholic Christian, ancien regime) civilization.

          Third, slave trading can certainly be considered leftist. Treating people as atomized cogs to be uprooted and plugged into some great monolithic rational order (the market) without respect for race, nationality, culture but only for the principle of buying cheap and selling dear. Think about the difference between the 19th century right-wing slave owner, who integrated the slave as a kind of member of his family and community to whom he had a moral responsibility and the slave trader.

          • Not giving a shit about people other than your own tribe isn't leftist. It's not like the Radhanites were selling slavic peasants in order to further world socialism. They didn't sell fellow Jews, did they?

            • No, but the justification that became fact was not giving a shit about any tribe including your own.

              • "No, but the justification that became fact was not giving a shit about any tribe including your own."

                But Schama's history shows the opposite. If we were all Jews like you say we'd all be writing histories where *our* tribe did nothing wrong and every *other* tribe did bad to us.

                (Which is normal human behavior btw. It is Northern Europeans who became the exception to this general rule.)

              • As urban civilization started in the middle-east, the mercant banker ecological niche started there too so it was always likely one of he eastern med. mercantile populations would come to dominate that niche in Europe: Armenians, Greeks, Syrians, Lebanese (Phoenicians), Egyptians, Jews and possibly Persians.

                I think the broad sweep of wider Mediterranean history is greatly illuminated when you include this underlying conflict over who gets to dominate the mercantile niche. As empires, tribes and nations fight over whatever the mercantile factions pick the side that will favor them and add their weight to that side.

                It could make quite an interesting strategy game where you could pick a standard territorial faction e.g. Rome, Greece, Parthia etc or a non-territorial faction e.g. Armenian merchants, Greek merchants etc where the territorial factions operate in the standard way while the non-territorial factions make money according to how many regions they dominate the mercantile niche in and use that money to bribe the territorial factions into actions advantageous to that particular mercantile faction e.g. the Greek Merchant faction dominates the Venetian trade center? then bribe the HRE faction to invade and turf them out.

              • The English and later the Puritans in America started calling themselves the new Israel and viewed history from the pov of their tribe. Today historians view history from the pov of their tribe, they just don't define it genetically. Obviously, "us" is the abolitiionists, civil rights movement, the Reformation, the British Navy, Jewish Ellis Island immigrants; "them" is the Confederacy, the segregationists, and the Inquisition, the Spanish Armada, know-nothings. If you read carefully you will realize that "us" is not the actual slave or sharecropper, but only those Negros in service of the tribe, such as WEB DuBois or Fred Douglas.

              • Crusader Kings 2 has elements of this. In the vanilla game as you play as a member of a royal family in the middle ages and with DLCs you can play as a family in a merchant republic or as a muslim/jew/pagan.

  • Why are "middlemen minorities" parasites? Middlemen move things from where they are less valuable to where they are more valuable; they serve a valid economic purpose. Middlemen do make a profit, but so what? And Jews also made major contributions to science -- physics, chemistry life sciences. We'd be poorer and stupider without Jews.

    But they do tend to build these intellectual constructs and adhere to them like glue, and some of those -- like leftism, Boasian anthropology, the Frankfurt School -- are pretty destructive. So you take the bad with the good. But there is a fair amount of good.

    • Well why do you think middlemen niches tend to go to foreign ethnicities? Their very foreignness gives them an edge over the majority, who doesn't have the cohesion of a small tight-knit group without a polity of their own. Why should merchants be a more cohesive group than any other profession? Why didn't the Jews take up shoe-making or romance singing?

      Middlemen minorities have a very big incentive in undermining the power of the majority so they can go on monopolizing their economic niches.

      Jewish scientists were a fine lot in the 19th and 20th centuries, but I don't think the slaves traded by the Radhanites or the European peasants taxed by Jewish tax farmers would have been poorer or stupider without Jews.

      Similarly you can't blame the Byzantines for hating the Venetians for monopolizing their trading. Nobody likes their tribe being poorer than the others, even less to have the rich tribe get rich in their neighborhood.

    • The basis for Europe and the modern world's wealth is the Industrial Revolution which occurred in England. The Industrial Revolution was initiated by England's large, independent middle class/yeomen population. Incidentally, Jews were expelled from England in the 12th century. It's not clear that this large, independent middle class would have existed in England had the Jews not been expelled. The Jews may have monopolized trade and the native English may have been relegated to a more serf-like, subsistence farmer type role on large, centralized estates, without independent property and capital.This was the case in places like Poland, where the native Poles were serfs and trade niches were monopolized by Jews.

    • "Why are “middlemen minorities” parasites? Middlemen move things from where they are less valuable to where they are more valuable; they serve a valid economic purpose."

      They're not necessarily. The point in question was why a mercantile faction would side with pro-traditionalist forces in one time and place and anti-traditionalist forces in another time and place. The simple answer being they side with whichever faction best serves their mercantile interests at the time. For example Jews weren't anti-Byzantine and pro-Turk because of "leftism" but because the Byzantines shut Jews out of the mercantile niche.


      Why might a mercantile minority have a parasitical effect over time?

      If you have a majority population A and a minority population B and you assume

      1) the minority population has greater group cohesion because of subconscious threat (and possibly also a deliberately induced cultural paranoia)

      2) the flow of money over the ethnic boundary is proportional to group cohesion i.e. money that flows into the more cohesive group is more likely to stay within the more cohesive group and not flow out again

      then over time wealth will tend to accumulate within the more cohesive group.

      The result of this and whether it was net good or bad would vary depending on what they did with it.

      For example in a context where there was a very small money supply and it accumulated within a cohesive group that liked to hoard it for security then you could get an economic stagnation that could last for centuries.

      On the other hand in a situation where the people who originally had all the money spent it all on castles while the mercantile group spent it on watermills then that differential flow of money effect might have an economically benign effect.

      So it depends imo.


      Lastly there is a possible connection with usury. Especially in the past a mercantile minority tended to be bankers also as it was a necessary part of trade - which is fine so far - but if they also get involved in money-lending for its own sake then i think that has a separate malign dynamic of its own.

      This makes me wonder about the history of the Chinese mercantile minority in SE Asia and its connection (or otherwise) with usury?

      • The Chinese minorities in SEA started arriving relatively late, and only in big numbers after European colonizations. The natives were illiterate semi savages up to... well they sorta still are. The productivity of the Chinese is so superior there's no contest really.

      • Many of the Chinese in SE Asia went there to set up agricultural plantations and as coolies to work the plantations, rather than as merchants or middlemen to deal with the native agricultural base of the economy. The native rulers in SE Asia invited the Chinese to establish the agricultural sectors of their economies: The trading and merchant activity was built on this agricultural base.

  • The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a liberal, a (neo)conservative, a capitalist, a communist, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out. ... Opposing the Jews is a matter of personal hygiene.

    Let's not waste too much theorizing on the heebs.

  • Keep in mind, that trade-route bottlenecks are the natural habitat of Jews -- and that these centroids of control allow them enormous leverage in all aspects of civilization. If trade-route bottlenecks don't exist, Jews, like beavers, will figure out a way to dam up the natural flows to create their habitat.

    Unfortunately for the rest of the human ecology, Jewish co-evolution with surrounding peoples is in such a primitive state that their "beaver lakes" tend to become highly toxic very rapidly. Evolutionarily, they actually rely on expulsions to preserve environments so they can recolonize them later once they have destroyed their current environments. The advent of industrial civilization plopped so much raw power in their laps that they were no longer able to rely on natural checks on their behavior to preserve their habitats -- and they are destroying them all at once. That is why the most cognizant Jews, the ones in Israel (rendered cognizant by having to try and live as though non parasites), are busily cutting deals with people outside the West like India, China -- in hopes that they will be admitted once Western civilization lies in ruins as a result of "The Gift of the Jews".

  • Once vectorism starts there is a vicious cycle, just as there is with pathogens:

    Expulsion, contamination, incubation, pathology, expulsion,....

    The problem is how did it originate?

    It may have started during the formation of the first "world-wide" empire -- the Persian empire, probably under Darius -- where Jews were provided a multinational niche among the 111 way stations of the empire's "Royal Road" trade routes. This may be the origin of their vectorism because it made them identify with the trade route over the nations within which they were stationed.

    Once this happened, the rest was inevitable: Mobility and multi-nationality provided escape routes for any Jews who abused their positions of trust and authority and created enormous evolutionary pressure on them to break down barriers between nations -- both to increase demand for their trade route bottlenecks and to provide them with easy avenues of escape from the consequences of their vectorism. This is known to pathologists as "horizontal transmission".

  • But in the 20th Century, (perhaps due to the Holocaust) most Jews lost their religion. Being a religious people most turned to secular religion, i.e. leftism of various stripes.

    What do Holocaustianity (Jews are the innnocent victims of the world who only mean to bring light to the world as chosen by God), Christianity (a Jew is the innocent victim of the world who only meant to bring light to the world sent by God his father) and Hollywood have in common other than the fact that Jew are central to them?

    They are all mythic infrastructures dominant over indigenous identities and mythologies.

    It is the special “Gift of the Jews” to “capture the culture” of others, although sometimes, as with Christianity, it does backfire somewhat the way cowpox can backfire against smallpox.

    At present a multicultural/multiracial supremacy reigns over nearly the entire world displacing traditional identities with corporate symbols and money. The primary tool of this supremacist regime is the worship of Hitler as an evil god and the Holocaust as the new crucifixion of the innocent lamb of G-d. It's just a nastier form of Judeo-Christianity which had its own mandate to spread to all corners of the earth (both Jews and Christians had that supremacist mandate from their respective dieties -- the "father" and the "son" respectively).

    We are essentially living under a theocracy. This theocracy of Holocaustianity is also called political correctness. It’s essentially a canon of morals that have taken over Christianity, and the primary sins of this religion involve ‘racism’ which is an undefined word, and anti-Semitism (sexism is certainly down their list; it is like a venial sin, not a mortal sin). People have been indoctrinated in this by the media and the academia. The government has passed legislation about these morals to make them violation of law. People in the 21st century are essentially in a medieval mindset, living in a theocracy. It’s just that it's not operating under that name. Right now people are essentially in a State where there cannot be a Protestant Reformation. You can’t have other religions than this State religion of Holocaustianity/political correctness

  • Some interesting parallels between the old religion of Christianity and the new religion of Holocaustianity:

    Is it just me or does the story of the Holocaust exhibit a grotesque mimicry of Christianity?

    1) Christianity centers on the crucifixion of God's only begotten son whereas the Holocaust centers on the annihilation of six million of God's chosen children.

    2) For both Christianity and the Holocaust the victim is entirely blameless.

    3) For Christians, Jesus is the light of the world. Jews are the self-described ''light of nations''.

    4) Both victims experience resurrection; Jesus rises on the third day and Israel rises, Phoenix-like out of the ashes of the Holocaust.

    5) Christianity has its spotless virgin; the Holocaust has Anne Frank.

    6) On the way to Calvary Jesus is helped by Simon the Cyrene; the Holocaust has it's ''righteous gentiles''.

    7) For Christians, Jesus' death makes salvation possible; the Holocaust forever discredits racist nationalism thereby insuring the triumph liberal democracy with its commitment to multiculturalism and diversity.

    8) For both events the historical evidence is relatively thin, and both rely almost entirely on eyewitness testimony.

    9) The Church regards deniers as heretics, tools of Satan and will not debate them; Jews regard Revisionists as deniers with a satanic political agenda i.e. anti-Semitism and the resurrection of the radical right.

    10) Pilate is the consummate bureaucrat, a mere cog in the machinery of imperial Rome: he does his job efficiently and without passion. His Holocaust counterpart is Eichmann who was described by Hannah Arendt as exhibiting the ''banality of evil''

    11) Both Christianity and the Holocaust have their official houses of worship, churches for Christianity, museums and memorials for the Holocaust. In each case the larger ones contain actual relics.

    12) Both have their official chroniclers; Christianity has the Gospels and the Holocaust has the accounts of Hillburg, Daswidowitz, Levin.

    13) Christianity had Paul, ''Preacher to the Gentiles''. Elie Wiesel performs that same roll for the Holocaust.

    14) Both tales underwent extensive in-house revision. Just as some of the earlier accounts of Jesus, many of them actually quite popular were eventually jettisoned by the early Church Fathers in favor of a more streamlined version, so were many wartime claims about how the Jews were slaughtered, expunged from their official story.

    15) For both Christianity and the Holocaust the actual instruments of death, the cross and the gas chambers have become part of the official iconography

    16) Jesus was killed alongside two others but only his death is regarded as having cosmic importance, similarly the Jewish deaths among the 40-60 million who perished in World War ll.

    17) The spiritual elite of Christianity, the clergy claims legitimacy through apostolic succession which spiritually connects them to the Twelve Apostles. Judaism has its elite, ''Holocaust Survivors', ''Children of Holocaust survivors'', ''Children of the Children of holocaust survivors'' which is a kind of ''Holocaustic succession''

    18) Christianity blamed the Jews for the crucifixion; Jews blame Christianity for the Holocaust!

    19) Christians sometimes speak of a ''Second Coming'', the Jews never stop warning of a second Holocaust

  • Love me some Moldbug, he's a super genius, but he's also blowing squid ink for the reactionary set on the question of his people. At least in the twentieth century on, Jews have been the leaders and creators of the left, not followers or servants:

    * Radical/lefty American Politicians - Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Obama's handlers Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, Edward Koch, Al Franken, Robert Reich, Russ Feingold, socialist Bernie Sanders, Paul Wellstone, Henry Waxman, John Kerry (partial), Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Chuck Schumer

    * Radical/lefty American Jurists - Abe Fortas, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elena Kagen, Felix Frankfurter (played key role in Brown v. Board of Education)

    * Post-Sixties radical/lefty American Politics - George Soros, Medea Benjamin, Rachel Corrie, Judi Bari, Michael Lerner, Winona LaDuke, Nadine Strossen, Ben Cohen (founder of TrueMajority), Jeff Cohen (founder of FAIR) Leonard Zeskind, Abe Foxman, Wade Rathke (Tides Foundation/ACORN/SEIU), Drummond Pike (Tides Foundation), Andy Stern (SEIU)

    * Anti-White/Anti-Civilization/Anti-Sanity Radical Professors - Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Stanley Fish, Richard Falk, Jeffrey Sachs (bestselling-author racial-socialist "economist"), David Graeber (anarchist professor)

    * Lefty News Media - The Sulzbergers, A. M. Rosenthal, Jill Abramson (NYT Exec Editor), Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Garrison Keillor, Katrina vanden Heuvel (editor part-owner and publisher of The Nation), Michael Albert (co-founder of Z Magazine), Daniel Schorr, Tamar Jacoby (open borders advocate), Dana Goldstein (American Prospect Writer), Naomi Klein (The Nation anti-globalization writer), Barry Deutsch (aka "Ampersand"), Jonathan Alter, Jacob Weisberg (editor of Slate), Paul Krugman, Peter Schrag, Marty Perez, Jonathan Chait, Stephen Kinzer, Rachel Maddow (partial), Thomas Friedman, David Brooks, Frank Rich, Barbara Walters, Seymour Hersh, Andrea Mitchell, Mathew Yglesias, Hendrik Hertzberg, Mark Halperin, Amy Goodman, Harold Meyerson, Ron Rosenbaum, Eric Alterman, Michael Tomasky, Sidney Harman (bought bankrupt Newsweek for $1 to turn it into far left magazine), Matthew Yglesias, Tina Brown (partial), Jonathan Alter, Ron Rosenbaum, Jonathan Chait, Glenn Greenwald, David Sirota, James Rubin, David Weigel, Allison Benedikt

    * Sixties American radical revolutionaries - Abbie Hoffman, Saul Alinsky, Jerry Rubin, William Kunstler, five of the “Chicago Seven”, many of the leders of the SDS Weathermen etc, Jack Ruby, Irving Howe

    * Creation of the sixties welfare state: Wilbur Cohen, Frances Fox Piven

    * Radical South American revolutionaries - Salvador Allende, Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider (East German, fought with Che Gevara), Lori Berenson (tried to help Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement take Peruvian congressmen hostage)

    * Culturally subversive/destructive musicians - Bob Dylan, Country Joe ("... and the Fish"), Ani DiFranco, Lenny Bruce, Amy Winehouse, Malcomb McClaren (Sex Pistols impressionario), Merrill Beth Nisker (Peaches), Mick Jones (of The Clash), Lou Reed, Alan Vega (of Suicide), Mickey Avalon, Brad Wilk (RATM drummer), Adam Levine, Perry Ferrell

    * Culturally subversive/destructive moviemakers - Todd Solondz ("Happiness" and "Life During Wartime"), Eli Roth ("Hostel" movies), Gary Ross ("Pleasantville"), Gillo Pontecorvo ("Battle of Algiers"), Oliver Stone, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tom Stoppard, Hollywood executives who bring us an unending stream of race propaganda like "Amistad", "The Blind Side", "Save The Last Dance", "Roots", "Glory Road", "Book of Eli", "Precious", "The Color Purple", "Notorious", "Hustle And Flow", "Red Tails", "The Butler", and who make sure criminals in movies are usually white

    * Entertainers with vocal liberal/radical political opinions - Barbara Striesand, Russell Brand, Joan Rivers, Sandra Bernhard, Jack Black, Leonard Bernstein, Ed Asner, Sarah Silverman

    * Video game industry - Ken Levine (made extremely anti-White Bioshock series)

    * Gangsta rap businessmen - Rick Ruben, Jerry Heller (Ruthless Records), David Kenner (Death Row Records), Jimmy Iovine (Interscope records), Michael Koch (E1 Records/In The Paint Records), Bryan Turner (Priority Record), Lyor Cohen (Rush Productions), Al Teller (MCA Records), Steve Ralbovsky (CBS Records), Bill Adler (publicist), Joe Weinberger (tax attorney), Steve Rifkind (Loud Records)

    * Pre-Sixties American Radicalism - I. F. Stone, Emma Goldman, Alexander Berkman (Anarchist assassin), Samuel Gompers

    * The Russian Revolution - Leon Trotsky, Vladamier Lenin's mother's father, Felix Dzerzhinsky (founded Cheka, first Soviet secret police), Yakov Yurovsky (lead team that executed the Romanovs), Ilya Ehrenburg, Grigory Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev, Lev Kopelev (writer who urged lack of pity on starving "counter-revolutionary" Ukranians), Genrikh Yagoda (founder and commander of NKVD, implemented collectivization), Lazar Kaganovich, Leonid Reichman (NKVD’s chief interrogator) , a disproportionate number of the Bolshevik revolutionaries and early NKVD leaders (38.5 percent of those in most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses in 1934), Lazar Kaganovitch (lead the Holodomor, demolished Church of the Redeemer, wanted to destroy St. Basil’s cathedral) and most of his key Holodomor underlings

    * Leaders of the violent 1918-19 Communist/Spartacist uprising in Germany that attempted to overthrow the Kaiser and paralyze the German war effort - Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Kurt Eisner, Philipp Scheidemann, Friedrich Ebert, Leo Jogiches, Clara Zetkin, and most of the rest

    * Other European Communists and Socialists - Karl Marx, Jacques Derrida, all the original members of The Institute for Social Research/The Frankfurt School (Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm, Carl Grunberg, Max Horkheimer), Claude Levi-Strauss, Eric Hobsbawm, Harold Laski, Markus Wolf (head of East German intelligence service), Bela Kun and almost all the rest of the founders of the Soviet Republic in Hungary in 1919, the leaders of the 1968 student revolt nationwide strikes and other unrest in France (Alain Geismar, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Alain Krivine, Marc Kravetz, etc), Margaret Hodge (British politician), disproportionate number of participants in the socialist uprisings of 1848

    * Feminism - Betty Friedan, Susan Sontag, Gloria Steinem, Naomi Wolf, Eve Ensler, Andrea Dworkin, Susan Faludi, Susan Brownmiller, Adrianne Rich, Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein, Shulamith Firestone, Carol Gilligan, Judith Butler, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Hugo Schwyzer, Bella Abzug, Alice B. Toklas, Robin Morgan, Bettina Aptheker, Blu Greenberg, Heather Booth, Phyllis Chesler, Judy Chicago, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Nancy Miriam Hawley, Alix Kates Shulman, Gisele Halimi, Elisabeth Badinter, Simone Veil, Bonnie Sherr Klein, Michele Landsberg, Wendy Doniger

    * American “Anti-Racism” - all the original board of directors of the NAACP except one, Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, Stanley Levison, Stanley Levinson (Communist MLK speech writer), Morris Dees Richard Cohen Joseph Levin and the rest of the very well compensated founders/officers of the SPLC, Joel & Arthur Spingarn (early NAACP leaders), Kivie Kaplan (head of NAACP), Edward Zwick (directs pro-black movies like "Blood Diamond" and "Glory"), Paul Kivel, Immanuel Wallerstein and Paul A. Baran (created idea that Marxism means tropican people overwhelming Europeans), Charles H. Rivkin (US Ambassador trying to african/islamic-ize France) * Traitors - Adam Yahiye Gadahn, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, Daniel Ellsberg, George Koval (Manhattan Project Soviet spy), most of the rest of those caught and convicted of Communist espionage and treason in the United States/Canada

    * White South African "Anti-Apartheid" Activists - Johnny Clegg, Ronnie Kasrils, Arthur Chaskalson, Arthur Goldreich, Baron Joffe, Benjamin Pogrund, Bram Fischer, Denis Goldberg, Harold Hanson, Harold Rubin, Harry Schwarz, Helen Suzman, Joe Slovo, Joel Joffe, Lionel Bernstein, Louis Isaac Rabinowitz, Nadine Gordimer, Richard Goldstone, Ruth First, Shawn Slovo, most other communist “white allies” of the ANC during and after apartheid

    * "Anti-Racist" Egalitarian (Psuedo-)Scientists - Franz Boas, Steven Jay Gould, Jared Diamond, Ashley Montagu, Leon Kamin, Richard Lewontin, Steven Rose, Anne Fausto-Sterling

    * Radical Activist Gay Rights - Tony Kushner, Harvey Fierstein, Larry Kramer, Harvey Milk, Arnie Kantrowitz, Mark Leno, Alan Klein (co-founder of ACT UP Queer Nation GLAAD and, Arnie Kantrowitz (co-founder GLAAD), Jonathan D. Katz (founded and chairs Harvey Milk Institute, co-founder of Queer Nation), Moisés Kaufman (wrote "The Laramie Project"), Israel Fishman (founder of the Gay Liberation Caucus), Joel Simkhai (founder of Grindr), hip-hop artist "socalled"

    * Anti-Civilization Environmentalists - Teddy Goldsmith

    * Athieism - Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens

    * Pornography - Steven Hirsch (founder Vivid Entertainment - top movie maker), Peter Asher (president of Vivid Entertainment), Adam Glasser ("Seymore Butts"), Stephen Cohen (, Jonathan Silverstein (president of Cybererotica), Ron Levi (Chairman of Cybererotica), Al Goldstein (Screw magazine), Reuben Sturman (ran majority of porn publishing and bookstores in 70s), Norman Chanes and Martino and David Chew (High Society magazine), Paul Fishbein (industry spokesman), Steve Orenstein, Gloria Leonard (invented pay phone sex) , Ron "Jeremy" Hyatt, a disproportionate number of American porn stars (many female, even more male), most of the erotica book dealers between 1890 and 1940, Dov Charney (American Apparel semi-porn ads), Noel Biderman (founder of

  • I've always found the alt-right / reactionary's fixation on Jews scheming an overkill. I'm not knowledgeable on western history, but here's my impression:

    Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity. Never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by simple profit maneuver.

    Jews are above all, good merchants. What do merchants do? To sell stuffs for profit ("profit" in a general sense). Leftism / holier-than-thou are good sell. Love for all, no conflict, everyone is good and equal, everything is gonna be fine; what's not to like? Unless, of course, you see through the falsehood of the advertisement. But most don't, it sells, thus good business.

    Jews dominate the frontier of leftism because they are such good merchants that they seize opportunities early and make the cream of the industry. But I don't see Jews as fundamentally different that caused or conspired on leftism. Leftism would still propagate without Jews as it became a lucrative business niche with the advancement of human civilization, but Jews are the most successful in this business. Conversely, attacking or removing Jews won't solve the problem if the society remains highly susceptible to leftism. The only way to build some immunity is suffer the disease.

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