Trump and Female Journalism

I don’t care about elections. I don’t vote. It’s all a farce, and I resent the electoral theater, and how all my acquaintances get glued on to TV in order to acquire lame soundbites to use to signal over meals and coffee. It was fun when I was 17, and wanted to vote like an adult. I did, once, but soon noticed that every electoral cycle was the damn same thing all over again; nothing had changed, nobody had learned anything, and yet everybody was totally excited as if this were some critical event we must all pay attention to.

Indeed politics is not about policy. Signaling of signalings, all is signaling. But signaling isn’t pointless. It’s supremely important. More often than not people do act upon their signals over meals and coffee; and the example of high-status people, even if a farcical theater forced on us through TV, does indeed affect people’s behavior.

So while I don’t really care much about US presidential candidates, and this or that policy they claim they “believe” or will most certainly put in effect once in power; the theater qua theater is important. And one can only admire the way that Donald Trump carries himself. I don’t know much about the man, I’m not American, never been there, don’t watch American TV. I vaguely knew about the guy from reading around, knew he has a pretty daughter with a weird name, and that’s about it. Seeing his videos everywhere now, well the man looks like he’s always having the time of his life, and it shows. He has a steel-strong frame, and has just the right attitude, 35% in the line between vulgar and uptight. Which is where man want to be if they wanna look manly.

I don’t care if he’s a fraud and will sell out to Soros and the Gay lobby and names Bryan Caplan to lead the border patrol. It’s refreshing to see a high status man behave like a man these days, if only for the message it sends to the great masses of mimetic humans who automatically ape what they see on TV. Good for him.

And his manly attitude might actually turn out to be of use to him. While the NYT editorial team has written a scathing, brutal op-ed against him (blasting him for being nasty about “Americans-in-waiting”, somehow trying to mentally associate central-American immigrants with aristocratic women), NYT woman-in-chief Maureen Dowd has written 5 articles in a row (!) about The Donald without being able to make herself say anything bad about him. You can hear the hamster panting in her wheel, trying to follow orders from above, but just being overpowered by her strong and constant gina tingles interfering with her Party duty.

This is no laughing matter; female journalists are a very important part of the Cathedral. They may not be able to dominate the discourse, especially now that gays seem to be running most newspapers, but female readers do take the input from female journalists way more seriously. Signaling inputs are cognitively constrained; you only take advice from people you want to associate with, i.e. plausible friends. You may listen to the priests homily to learn what you’re supposed to pay lip service too; but real advice is asked to high status neighbors of the same sex.

So Trump’s sheer alphahood might get him a massive increase in female vote. Something that no women will ever admit to, so it never shows in opinion polls. And liberals by definition can’t process how female brains actually work, so they’ll be completely unable to come to terms with it.

And that’s the last thing I’m gonna write about American elections.

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  3. well written and insightful; if you examine the loss of alpha leadership in this empire, and its’ matriarchal suicide, in the context of the final throes of progressivism, this last stand of male virtue on display becomes more understandable in the responses from various races and genders alike. Election politics aside, the theatre attendant upon all this is fabulous.

  4. Abraham Lincoln

    I don’t even care if Trump gets elected and then proceeds to do fuck-all-nothing for the entirety of his term. It’s glorious just to see a winner, winning.

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  6. Well I’ve acquired my soundbite for when I’m asked why I’m not interested in politics: it’s just theatre, not policy.

  7. I only watched this interview, but I see too much excusing, explaining and apologizing for an alpha.

    “Butbut they attacked me first” is not alpha. Something like “I attacked them because they are the SCUM of this Earth” would be alpha. Or “They are my opponents. They are my enemies. What do you expect?” would be even more alpha. Doesn’t even matter if true or not, the sheer brazenness of such open-helmet charges is what tends to tickle.

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