Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


WSJ protests that China bans egg-freezing for single women.

Note the big frontal picture of the beautiful but barren Xu Jinglei. While she wasted her fertile years into fornicating her way into the top of Chinese showbusiness, apparently he got 9 eggs frozen in the US, for... you know, for when Mr. Right appeared. Well she's 41 now.

Under Chinese law she could only have 1 child anyway. Which she could have dumped on her parents like everybody else does in China. But no, she was... busy. With her... career. Of course.

Well the Communist rulers of China have enough sense to discourage this sort of harmful feminism. Egg freezing is only available for cases of womb disease. You are not to play with your reproductive system. If you must, if you insist in being irresponsible and rubbing your irresponsiblity on everybody else, well, go to the US. And get reported on US newspapers, they trade on everything bad. Sure, you'll have your pretty face on the front page. But you will still be a barren, leftover woman.


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    • Artificial reproduction is available for married couples.

      Just not for single women; who are only delaying the day of reckoning while hoping for the ultimate alpha; which of course never appears.

      • Their problem is too many kids, the West's problem is not enough kids especially not of intelligent people. If I have to choose between intelligent people not reproducing at all, or doing it such feminist ways, the second still seems better for outcomes like demographics and average IQ, although obviously there is a certain appeal in having a small number, perhaps less intelligent kids, but from more conservative parents too.

  • I've always hated Communism as the most destructive type of Leftism, but recently, I've had to change my mind on that. Western-style feminism - SJW leftism is at least as crazy as Marxism-Leninism, except during little episodes like the Great Leap Forward and the Pol Pot madness, and if SJW's have killed fewer people, well, they've had little opportunity so far. It's a sad day when the Commies are the voice of reason and conservatism, but that's where we're at right now. Personally, I'd far rather be ruled by Brezhnev or Deng that Ta-Nehisi Coates or Zoe Quinn...

    • if SJW’s have killed fewer people, well, they’ve had little opportunity so far

      They kill by suppressing successful social customs. The host gets weak and succumbs.

      • They also kill through proxies.

        Each homicide in cities since 1950 counts against their ledger.

        Not to be pro-life but they kill a touch more directly through abortion too. This isn't because progressives make abortion legal (which is the pro-life position - legal abortion is state sanctioned murder) but because they combine legal abortion with the cultural influence that our host discusses in the post so women will kill their own children to keep the party going hoping for a super alpha to come along some day. It's horrific in what it does to people.

  • From the WSJ article:

    some companies including Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. are covering the cost of egg freezing for their female employees.

    So, progressive companies pay for birth control for young women; then pay for fertility regimes for old(er) women. I imagine future generations will hold this up as a supreme example of the pathos of our age.

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