Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I've been writing for so time now the idea that bad things happen not necessarily because bad people are out there conspiring to do them, but because humans are, well, just a species of highly social monkeys, cooperation is difficult, large scale societies are weird, and sometimes bad things happen even when nobody really wants it that way.

In 1966 probably nobody wanted to end up worshiping mangoes as Mao's holy fruit. And Mao himself didn't want that to happen. But it did, because of bad incentives feeding into human's SP cognitive process. And there are plenty of examples of the same thing happening all over our thousands of years of history. This includes of course the collapse of Western Civilization occurring just as I write this.

But you know the saying. The fact that you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not really out there to get you. Take a look at this:


Insane, right? Apparently Merkel has not had enough with the Afghan teenagers ravaging the German countryside. A million Muslims is not enough, she wants more. And she wants to not just open the doors; she wants to go out there to tell them to come! To Africa! To be fair the word "propaganda" means just advertising, it's not necessarily associated with Goebbels alone in German, but still. Look at the faces of her audience. They're not happy. They're not buying this stuff at all.

But then again look at her face. At her voice. At her body language. Does she look like a woman who is convinced she is right, and has an important message to tell? Does she look like Hillary Clinton in a debate? Hell no. She sounds scared to me. Really positively terrified. She doesn't look to be enjoying this at all. In fact she seems to have been fed some lines, and just repeating them from memory. That stuff about "90 types of jobs with shortages". Somebody sold her that and she's has to sell it even though she doesn't really buy it herself. That's what her tone of voice tells me.

An SP interpretation of the Refugee Crisis tends to be that, you know, Merkel is a braindead progressive and she wants to do the progressive thing. Certainly not lose to those perfid Swedes! She'll bring all the Muslims and go to the history books as the glorious woman who brought multiculturalism to Germany. But that doesn't fit with her biography at all. A recent biopic on her who did the rounds this year explicitly shows her as a machiavelian politician who has absolutely no principles whatsoever; and relies on her laser-sharp instinct to tell what is popular to go ahead and win elections. And indeed she seems very good at that. Hell, she's been president for 10 years, and nobody really likes her that much.

So her latest enthusiasm for bringing Muslims to Germany can't possibly be a matter of principle. She has none. Then why is she doing this? Why is she destroying her country? Look at the video again.

Now there's two possible explanations to her uneasy demeanor. Maybe somebody told her that this refugee thing is going to cost her the presidency, that she's gonna get demoted from the presidency, publicly disowned by her party, fired and banished to solitary retirement, where her barrenness will torment her as not even her husband bothers visiting. However she has no escape now, she must double down whatever the costs, as she has committed herself to the open borders policy, and any backtrack would be just as disastrous anyway. If she were to admit her error, some Bavarian who was critic of her from the start would come out as the winner, and become the obvious replacement for this old GDR cat woman who almost destroyed the nation because of some stupid error of judgment. Merkel is now between a rock and a hard place, and she can't find the way of getting out of this, leading to her complete lack of confidence in the video.

Or maybe it's not her who is putting her in this dilemma. Maybe it is something else who is forcing her into it. Someone she can't overpower. Maybe there is a conspiracy of bad people who are behind the bad things that affect us all.

Steve Sailer has a subtly concealed them at his blog, and if I'm reading between the lines correctly, I think he means to say that, you know, maybe there is a conspiracy out there. You never know, right? Look at Turkey, it's a mess and nobody really knows what's going on and who is pulling the strings or how he got there. Why should it be any simpler over here?

Of course a conspiracy doesn't really imply that there are cartoon-like evil men who do evil things just for the fun of it. Powerful people also form groups, they come up with stupid ideas to signal loyalty, they make new ideas to try to fight for status, and all that stuff produces the same social dynamics where everybody is unhappy even though nobody really wants to. The difference is that in smaller groups, the influence of individual personality is somewhat greater. An important manifestation of this principle is Jim's Law of Committees: when decision is taken collectively, the evil and insane always win, because they never compromise, and the good and sane people have been brought up to compromise, which they do. So in this sort of dynamic, if there's some evil, insane and stubborn old fuck who is convinced that making the all whites are potential Nazis or Gaia-killers or whatever, he might get the idea across and it can snowball on forever.

And even if he's not around anymore, remember that all human groups organize around stupid, no, preposterous ideas as the optimal way to create cohesion and assess loyalty. And once the idea is out there in explicit or implicit form, and everybody has committed itself to it in order to signal their loyalty and get access, well the racket can snowball and go on forever.

And most people don't even need to know. Imagine this old evil insane man made his master plan in the 1940s. He didn't say it openly, he just said that diversity is strength, multiculturalism is good, and the economy needs new blood to do the jobs that the lazy natives won't do. He used his evil and insane stubborness to get the idea across, and eventually is stuck. Everybody accepted the plan and went on to implement it. Two generations later, the new ruling class might still be going on with the idea without really knowing why. They just know they've committed themselves publicly to it, and thus it must be done, or else. And they will conspire to get it done and whatever the cost, or else their own place in the conspiracy is in danger, as is the place of any defector in any human group.

Who is doing this to you, Merkel? The American State Department? The German corporate mafia? The EU? Or just your pitiful little pride? Whichever it is, you're still dead. Everybody hates  you and they will hate you whatever you do right now. However if you backtrack now you will get your name into history as doing the right thing.

I envy the Indians. They could curse her saying she'd be reincarnated into a filthy dog eating shit in a dump. But no, all Christian can say is she'll go to hell. But that's where all her friends are anyway.


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  • Hilarious. I see why I'd never been able to focus on her except when the events are so big you can't miss the battle-axe. Already has dishwater-coloured-dress aura.

    'Does she look like Hillary Clinton in a debate? Hell no.'

    Yeah, that's right, when she's wonky she's impressive even if you finished with her and she still looks grubby and thunder-thighs. She did full hour on Charlie Rose Tuesday, and you could watch it as background, he has to 'fight her', but seems to like her. She's got brains, does know stuff, and even the shrillness has been turned down, so if she and Trump go at each other, it will be the first entertaining Prez race in decades, though no point voting. They've both got your 'cult of personality' writ small--he's sort of 'straight lamé-fag' running against her Meryl Streep lesbian bullshit.

  • "when decision is taken collectively, the evil and insane always sin, because they never compromise,"

    The evil always sin. That is what makes them evil.

    But in collectivist democracies, the evil also win.

  • I agree. Merkel does not look like she is believing her arguments. But that does not mean that she does not believe in the results of her policy and desires them. So I still think she's evil.

  • I think i saw a comment elsewhere by you lamenting reader participation. Id like to say its not you your writings good youre on to something stay the course. That said I have found your emphasis on HBD signalling etc traits a bit constricted.I completely agree they account for a lot maybe most of what we might call the jane merlot liberal ethic. But Its never remotely satisfied me as an explanation for the elites that actually call the shots, and I dont mean marxist professors they can be handled if say youre managing a hundred billion for Harvard.The Davos etc crowd like them or not these are smart people and they have the research capabilities of every organization from the NSA/CIA to Harvard to The Rand Corp and NASA. They KNOW what they are peddling is BS they know the reality of HBD, They know they are basically erasing western civilization and if not genociding its people at least forever destroying their hegemony. Its really hard to imagine a scenario they imagine where they {mostly white] would be allowed to rule post tipping point. And yet they persist full steam ahead. A lot of them as you point out about merkel amoral and ambitious think clintons, others no doubt have secrets as most people do and certainly the NSA know everything now so... - I too have noted Sailors hints at conspiracy and was a bit shocked at first, after all we are raised to think they are not possible in out open society, that the govt always bungles and leaks its black ops eventually, that only paranoid angry white guys and really stupid minorities believe in such things. Since most popular theories involved both high finance capitalists and socialist authotitarianists i could never see how it made sense. And yet what the smartest guys in the room are clearly doing makes no sense, i can beleive a bunch of sissified whites post BLM on face book are acting on HBD social instincts, I cant believe the actual elites are maybe some of them are just rich fools and maverick independents but the core of them cant be ignorant of whats so plainly obvious. Now it needn't be an Illuminati conspiracy, it could be a MM open conspiracy. take immigration probably the most lethal weapon, one that made me no longer even care about socialism is comparison. Its plainly clear on at least one level its cheap labor and guaranteed votes, its also maybe more importantly changing the independent character of the western world its demoralizing, it lowers the percentage of angry armed white guys, its necessitates the adoption of all sorts of anti western individualist memes like an armed citizenry, free speech, property rights, etc but it also requires a ratcheting down of of culture and sense of ethnic national even racial identity, One of the most stark examples is since my childhood in the sixties to now the replacement of the phrase "its a free country" which was heard on a daily basis in the US i havnt heard in at least a decade now. Equality i hear several times a day. It could be the marxists actually understood the collapse of the soviets and conversion of the sino, and instead made a devils bargain with a certain type of "capitalist". Their can be secret conspiracies inside open conspiracies. certainly the average leftist thinks he is simply being a SJW on the side of the angels, she doesnt understand her mexican immigrants usefulness to the democratic party and goldman sachs, she thinks a right wing nut theory. but democratic operatives and zuckerberg clearly understand their a mutual benefit, they both understand the republicans are useful idiots and the danger of conservatives is not their "pro free markets" but their pro free men. The average leftist doesnt get the natural tension between equality and freedom, hell the average libertarian doesnt even get that. But you can bet your ass the architects of Affordable housing, and multiculturalism get it. So maybe theres another level up or two or three that get other things like once the western world is 20% white how it will be managed.

  • Merkel looks like the grandchild of Palpatine and Voldemort.

    What do you know? Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.

  • Conspiracy or prospiracy? Both.

    Bad things are happening to Western civilization because bad people are making people like Merkel do bad things. E1 is real.

    These bad people have power in the first place due to bad dynamics that nobody really controls. Mainly the various facets of human stupidity. The fact a smarter person can almost always hoodwink a stupider one. The more power-mad will sacrifice more readily than the more virtuous, and thus win. The bad people's grip on power is more or less on autopilot at this point.

    So, example. Someone had to come up with and design Prussian school. Someone else had to decide to import it. Humanity would have profited greatly by strangling these people in the crib. Except...there's hardly ever a shortage of bad people. And these people had the power to design/import Prussian school for a reason. They had power because bad people getting into power is a stable dynamic, whereas good people getting power is unstable.

    Moldbug saw Michael Mann answered to someone too. So where does E1 hang out? Mainly, not in the media. If you can get a picture of their face, they're typically not E1. Soros might be E1, depends on how people found out about him. While he himself shows up, 95% of what he's doing doesn't show up. If he's not E1 he's an E1's gopher. E1 hangs out in Foggy Bottom, in the back rooms of Harvard, at least until recently in the London School of Economics which controls the London banks, and a few other such places.

  • Germany has been quite open about the fact that if they don't import an extremely silly number of immigrants, their economy is going to crash because their fertility is so low. I think what you see with Merkel is threefold: (1) she's aware of all the problems that immigration brings with it, and is currently actively involved in covering up all the ugly consequences of the mass influx of refugees, but feels she has no choice; (2) she's German and is worried people will find out about the rape, violent crime, terrorist plots, etc, and support the Far Right and is worried about the rise of the Far Right generally and how that makes Germany look in the ever watchful eyes of the USG; and (2) she's a woman and a feminist and therefore has some awareness that if immigration doesn't work, people might start asking questions like, "Why aren't German women having babies?"

    So there is a conspiracy - every European country is busy covering up the extent of the problems immigration has caused - and there's also personal investment, particularly among female politicians, because they know they're the reason there's a fertility crisis in the first place and the party will be over as soon as someone figures this out. We also know European countries can't go against the USG or UN. There's surely pressure there. Although it's hardly a conspiracy, since the UN openly does stuff like send Sweden reports saying they need more coverage of their involvement in slavery in their school curriculum because they're still too racist.

  • At the end of World War II, a group of left-wing, progressive intellectuals supported by some figures in the U.S. government such as Henry Morgenthau were very open about the need to completely destroy Germany. They created organizations like the "Society for the Prevention of World War III" for that surpose. Taking a look at it's members, it's clear that they were what Moldbug would later call the Cathedral. For example, that was one of it's members, according to Wikipedia:

    "Walter Johnson (June 27, 1915 – June 14, 1985) was a noted historian of the United States and a political scientist, who believed that given political developments in post-Second World War America, there should be no strict separation between academics and politics. He was a political progressive who believed his generation had a special responsibility to democracy."

    "There should be no strict separation between academics and politics". Now that was sincere.

    There was also Earnest Hooton, who apparently wasn't a part of that society, but had similar ideas.

    "During World War II, Hooton proposed to eradicate the German people by infiltrating them slowly with masses of non-European male immigrants, thereby breed "war strains" out of them."

    This people didn't get what they want during the 1940s. They were politically defeated by elements in the U.S. military who favoured a strong Germany to act as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. But now, 60 years later, is there anyone out there who can oppose them? They did want to destroy Germany in the 1940s, the same social group that now holds more power than ever, and there is no politically influental military figure to stop them.

    When a social group, such as left-wing intellectuals, tell them that they are going to do something such as "destroy Germany through mass immigration" and that same thing starts happening by the time this social group has reached the pinnacle of it's power, after the reelection of Barack Obama, is it really a conspiracy theory to say that they are acting according to their plans? They were open about it, none of this stuff is confidential.

  • Let's face, these events are a seamless dovetail with the goals outlined in U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Thoughts, anybody?

  • I've been trying to wrap my brain around who benefits from these suicidal policies. Is it truly some kind of misguided pride? Is it the "Muslim Retirement Plan"? (You know: the now laughable idea that these millions of imported Muslims are somehow going to prop up the massive European welfare states.) Do international bankers somehow profit from this? What powerful people/groups benefit from this state of affairs, and how?

    • Think of it this way: You can't benefit from a policy. A policy is not something material that exists, it's a name we put to a process of political decision-making.

      What you can is benefit from the consequences of a policy, or you can benefit from proposing a policy, or supporting a policy. I'm not sure anybody benefits from the ultimate consequences of mass immigration. But obviously there are tons of people who benefit short-term from proposing or supporting mass immigration. Just try to not support it! You're obviously better off by doing what everybody else does, even if nobody is sure why they do.

  • You can look very uncomfortable and robotic saying something you truly believe in if you know it is going to be unpopular and make you hated. Her disgust at the German flagseen here: is a genuine reaction talking about immigration is something she dose not want to do because she knows it will make her hated. She wants to destroy germany and all of Europe she knows a lot of people are not going to like that.

  • It's the various guises of the Kalergi Plan. But admitting its reality is too "low class" for "NRx". It can't possibly be those who shall not be named, after all, rednecks believe that.

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