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So the year is near its end. It’s been an eventful year. A good year, perhaps. A year of hope. Trump won. The UK voted to leave the European Union and the government is willing to enforce that. Millions of hostile Muslims are roaming Northern Europe, stealing and raping at will. Fortunately I’m not in Germany. But I might come back to Europe during next year. Asia haters can rejoice. I’ll have some skin in the game shortly.

2016 hasn’t been the most prolific year for this blog, nor the most insightful, but my readership has exploded. What had a slowly rising readership from 2013 to 2015 more than doubled in 2016. And I’ve been getting a lot of praise around. So thank you everyone. Or I guess I should thank Donald Trump. 2016 for has been the year of the alt-right, and I’m glad of having been part of it, if only marginally. But I like marginal. I like being in the right edge of the Bell Curve of nuanced thought and careful look at the facts.

Incidentally my most popular posts for this year have been the following:

-The conflict within Asian Americans between allying with Whites for Trump or doubling down on anti-white leftism.

Nationalism (i.e. the alt-right core) is back because post-nationalism, i.e. global liberalism is a bad deal for men. Nationalism is tribalism, a war ethos, and men can find status there. There is no status for men in managerial globalism.

And of course my series elaborating on Houellebecq’s Submission. Europe might turn Islamic, and that may not be a bad thing, considering feminism and present demographic trends. There is a reason that second-generation Muslims in Europe are more devout than their immigrant parents; and that’s a reaction to feminism. Which is also what drives many terrorist attacks. At any rate, we need a new religion, and Islam is already here and pretty healthy, so odds are they might win out. You don’t like it, I don’t like it, but neither did Romans liked that weird cult from Judaea, and yet they ended up embracing Christianity and exterminating Pagan culture in a few decades.

I didn’t make many friends by saying this, and unlike Houellebecq I didn’t make any money either. But it needed to be said. Now that I might be back in Europe I’m likely to stop saying it as I confront the reality of having dumb Muslims around, so my disgust prevents me from entertaining historical abstractions. But the trends are there for everyone to see.

What did make me friends were my posts on Chinese history. Here’s a post on why Tibet belongs to China. The Great Ming Emperor on why women shouldn’t leave the home. An anecdote on how the golden age of Chinese philosophy was in part pretty much a holiness signaling by Confucius and his pals. The great story of how the Ming dynasty fell and the Manchus took over with the enthusiastic help of Chinese generals. And of course my series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)on the Northern Song Dynasty, and the story of how it spectacularly fell to the Jurchens who took the entire imperial family 2,000 miles to the north, and put all the imperial princesses in a smelly wooden brothel, where they also made to wash their smelly leather clothes.

People asked me if I could write a book, and I considered it for a while; but I just didn’t find the time this year. I apologize for that. But I did prepare for a while, and jointly with some friends we have a project ongoing to start a new site to write Chinese history in a more dedicated way. Heaven willing that might get started early next year. Please stay tuned. And if somebody wants to help out, either with writing or website design skills, by all means send me an email.

Not that this blog is going anywhere. But the theme of this blog has never been history, as much as I like to illustrate my points by coming up with stories from the old days. The theme of this blog is the analysis of human politics, especially the most bizarre parts of it, such as religion, ideology, self-destructive leftist politics, democracies where people happily go to vote to parties who cheat on them every 4 years, and that kind of stuff. I could never understand any of it; until last year when I finally had my epiphany, thanks to Scott Atran and the basket of mangoes that Pakistan sent to Mao Zedong. Now I understand what leftists are all about. They’re about screwing the social order so that they can come up higher up after the revolution. And they don’t care about facts because nobody cares about facts. Certainly not as much as their personal status.

That said, I haven’t run out of things to say. There’s still a lot to explain. Trump won! And he did so in a democratic election. The foundational theory of neoreaction, Moldbug’s argument that leftism was unhinged because the Cathedral rules the world and democracy makes it worse can’t quite account for what we are seeing. We have a pretty decent theory of leftist victories, but we don’t have one of leftist defeats. Next year we should have time to discuss that. I also hope to refine my methodology by introducing some very needed Chinese philosophy of language over here. People throw words around like it’s nobody’s business. Well this blog is about calling a spade a bloody shovel. Language is a very technical skill; but it’s not about quantity. Trump is pretty inarticulate, but look at him. So expect more linguistics (traditional, not the modern academic trash) for next year.

And of course the other main theme of this blog was that We Need a New Religion. I’ve been fleshing out the reason for why we need one, and what kind of religion we should get. This was an approximation, expect more of this to come.

Happy New Year.

Gnon Theology

I propose a short ritual for when reactionaries meet each other. You go to a church, or some nice old building. Emphasis on old, more than nice. You get there, and the master says the following string, which the apprentice is to repeat.

There is no God but Gnon. Kek is his avatar. And Jordan Peterson is a pretty good prophet. Read more »

Jordan Peterson on Truth

So I wrote this whole last post; and soon later I found that Jordan Peterson was saying pretty much the exact same thing but in more accessible language. So if you didn’t quite get my last post, you can listen to him say it. Read more »

Self-Deceptive Status Filters

People call me cynical because I say ideology is crap. It’s just stuff people say to look good to their peers. Signaling, that is. And I support this claim by pointing out that people just don’t know shit. David Hume proved that. We don’t even “know” the laws of nature with any certainty. Yes, we’re used to some things happening after certain things. There’s chains of events that strongly hint at causality. But you can never know for sure. Read more »


I made the point in the last post that having smart people on top as a principle doesn’t necessarily help things because they might very well be evil. Here Jordan Peterson makes the same point in a more forceful way.

If you can, take a look at the whole thing. I think it’s not hyperbole that this is the best interview ever. This guy is good. I think he’s got a new religion in his head and he did it all by himself. What a man.

If any of you are reading this: Please, somebody set up a chat between Moldbug and Peterson. It would be epic.

Epistocracy and Moral Intellectualism

Ever since it became obvious that Trump had a chance of winning, the junior minions of the Cathedral, those mediocre status-seekers waiting for breaks on the status hierarchy so they could scavenge some point for themselves, started to come up with some long-winded arguments against democracy. Which was a lot of fun to watch.

Less fun to watch was the particular argument that they came up with. We need “epistocracy”. The rule of those who know. That’s mean to exclude those Trump voters. Those are ignorant. Shouldn’t vote. Only those who know, those who are not ignorant, should vote. Hence epistocracy.

This is a fairly old idea, obviously, and it reflects a very old and basic misunderstanding that the Western philosophical tradition has about knowledge. We tend to think that knowing more stuff makes you a good person. Socrates used to say that evil people were just ignorant of the good. If we only could teach them, have them understand, they will quickly and resolutely change their evil ways.

But that’s bogus. Knowing a lot doesn’t mean shit. If you can even measure that properly. The question is what you do with your knowledge. Of course ceteris paribus it’s better to know stuff than to be ignorant. But we’re talking politics here. The wise guy isn’t necessarily the good one. Evil is not about ignorance, evil is about evil. Lack of empathy, selfishness, impulse control, whatever. Evil is a personality trait, most likely inborn or socialized in early infancy, and very hard to change. Only changeable through constant social pressure to make sure the guy can’t do evil even if he wants to.

The same goes for meritocracy. Yeah, we have the smartest guys on top. We have exams to guy to elite universities, to get to high places in the civil service and the top companies. So what? Are smart guys better people? Look at Wall Street. Look at China. They invented meritocracy. I’ve written about some examples of the top mandarins at the Imperial court. Were they good people? Surely some were. But many others weren’t. And an evil smart guy is a formidable man. Look at the crap Google or Starbucks is capable of coming up to justify anti-white discrimination or tranny rights. Smart guys all of them.

Which is precisely the problem. Dumb people have weaker imaginations. They only have cognitive capacity to see the real world around them and barely deal with it. Smart guys can signal their social desirability by coming up with long and convoluted chains of utter and complete madness, and still survive, leading normal lives. You don’t necessarily want those guys playing politics.

The real issue in running an organization isn’t smarts, or knowledge. It’s competence, loyalty, and commitment. Skin in the game. All those journalists have neither competence, nor loyalty, nor commitment. Their skin is in another game, the con-game they’ve been running since they invented the newspaper and started agitating against the traditional order in old Europe. No, we don’t need epistocracy. We need the rule of the good, the competent, the loyal.




No enemies to the…

So this:


Read more »


So there’s a stampede of people trying to disavow and disassociate from the alt-right because Richard Spencer has gone full-Nazi. The speech is out there. It’s pretty lame. Not a fan myself. But hey, works for him. I’m sure he’s having the time of his life. Getting laid like a champ, if he’s into ladies. I’m happy he’s having fun, instead of blue-haired fat Hillary supporters having fun.

Jim has done an eloquent argument for having no enemies to the right. I have little to add to it. What I will do is talk what I know about, language. See, the alt-right isn’t a thing. “Alt-right” is a word. A word with no clear owners, no set definition. I actually recall it starting with Spencer himself; then it got a big bigger, then Hillary made it famous in her speech, with even Bannon putting it to good use. I myself too jumped into the bandwagon, if only to make a linguistic point.

But the thing with words is that you don’t get to control what their usage. People are getting out because they’re afraid that “alt-right” will be used as a buzzword for Sieg-Heil-ing Nazis, and they don’t want to be associated with that. That’s a reasonable point. Leftists in the USA call themselves “liberal”, because the word “socialist” became associated with bad things. That never happened in Europe where there are proud Socialist Parties in almost every country. Perception matters, language usage is mostly a function of habit, if the mainstream press succeeds in associating the word “alt-right” with Spencer’s LARPers through sheer repetition, the thing will stick.

So people may need a new name. But don’t forget that you won’t get to control the new name. Neoreaction was a cool name until Eternal September happened and it soon enough became associated with depressed medicated millennial monarchists. Nick Land has had more success using his fame and charisma to basically own the “NRx” brand. He gets to define it; good for him. Ownership is good. There’s a reason why intellectual trends always happened on a personal master-apprentice basis. The extreme left is always splintering into different parties, all named by some variant of Revolutionary Trotskist Democratic Action Communism or whatever.

We all need a name. “Alt-right” was a good name, and it was useful as a marker for the non-cucked right during this election. But of course a name without an owner is always going to cause the same problem: somebody stupid and vain is going to use it to do something that you’d rather they didn’t do. There’s millions of people in this earth; you just can’t stop this. Somebody will do something stupid sooner or later.

You have two options: you can not care; ignore the criticisms of your enemy, be overtly accepting of everybody to your right. Or if you do care; then you need to get a new name and own it. You need authority; a school, a school master, and a chain of command so that you can ensure that nobody does anything stupid.

And by the way some people are saying that Nazis aren’t “to our right”. But of course there are. You see, humans are pretty smart. There’s hidden wisdom in the categorization of “extreme left” and “extreme right”. Sure, the actual policy proposals of communists and Nazis (national socialists!) are fairly similar. But that’s not the point. Politics isn’t about policy. If you’ve learned anything in this blog is that people’s overt statements are just signaling positions in a personal game of status struggle.

What “extreme” means is willing to use extreme means to gain status. The extreme left is  batshit communist, feminist lesbians who argue for the extermination of men, people who are willing to use violence to get on top. The extreme right is batshit Nazi, people claiming the white race is genetically superior to all, that white men are all by birth natural conquerors and crusaders, willing to argue for the extermination of other races, people who are willing to use violence to get on top.

Character is inborn; your politics are just an avatar of that. Some people want status very very badly. Some don’t care that much. Your politics generally is a function of that and your particular identity, which drives to the camp which you find more likely to bring you status. As of me; I wouldn’t mind that Richard Spencer and his folk gained some status; I sure prefer it to blue haired lesbians and black gay men gaining status. So I won’t have enemies to my right. Just don’t ask me if I agree on what they say. I don’t think the question even makes sense.

By the way, you can find me on Gab:

Keep up the pressure

Twitter these days is a joy to see. Liberals crying and moaning. And our people gloating and keeping up the pressure. Never let down people. In a war initiative is everything. Never give the enemy any breathing time. Break their morale.

Some examples. Read more »

It’s Happening


The thing with Divine Revelation is that it is hard to notice. But sensitive people of all stripes can and do notice what is going on. Those with heartened hearts do not see what is happening even if its in front of their noses. But those who understand the ways of the Gods can sense it even thousands of miles away.

The Minister of the Interior (!) of Israel had this to say about the American election. (H/T Vladimir)

Shas chairman and Interior Minister Arye Deri said Thursday that Donald Trump’s election could herald the coming of the Messiah due to the blow he expects the next president will strike against the “non-Orthodox Jewish hold on the US government.”

“There is no doubt that one can give thanks to God that all those who have damned the [Jewish] covenant and would wipe out Judaism, thinking they could take control over the Land of Israel here and lead reforms in order to cause destruction received their blow,” Deri said during an address to the local religious council of Ashdod.

“Their influence and the great threat they posed to us because they held [control over] the US government… They understand that this power has disappeared and we can continue, God willing, to strengthen traditional religion and Judaism, transmitted down to us from generation to generation.”

Trump’s election, he added, presages the coming of the Messianic Age.

“If such a miracle can happen, we have already reached the days of the Messiah. Therefore, we are really in the era of the birth pangs of the Messiah when everything has been flipped to the good of the Jewish people.”

Now of course, when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail. To an Orthodox Jew, every hint of Divine Intervention looks like the coming of the Messiah. Different religions saw the Flood or the birth of Jesus in different ways; it’s natural that each have their own interpretation. But only one is True. And of course, we all know that what happened on Tuesday was not the Jewish Messiah. It was the prophecy of Kek.


And the works of Kek were done through the phallic avatar we call Anthony Weiner. Who incidentally is Jewish, so perhaps Mr. Deri has a point. But anyway.


These are minor details. I’m happy for Israel’s Minister. Let us all rejoice. Praise Kek.