Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Donald Trump has swept the American political establishment by promising to kick out 10 million immigrants and forbidding Muslims from entering the US. The refugee crisis in Europe has turned awry so fast and so dramatically (assaulting young women in New Years has to be the worst PR ever in leftist history), that nativists all over the West are ecstatic and full of energy. The time has come, it almost appears. Everybody is running to Twitter and making small scale demonstrations all over the West, to take advantage of the momentum.

Some of this outburst of energy has reach this blog. Now I've been critical of white nationalism for quite some time. I just don't see it working out, and I have good reasons for it. I know my history, I know what nationalism is, how it was born, how it died, and what would it take to bring it back to life. And I just don't see it working out. Some people accuse me of being a bourgeois snob looking down at working class whites. Others have called me a rootless cosmopolitan who just doesn't have skin in the game.

Well, guilty as charged. But that's putting the cart before the horses. I took my skin out of the game because I didn't see how we're going to win this game. So I bailed. It happened that I had a good way out. And yes, I think working class whites are retarded. But I think that of high class whites too. I'm not into sports, which makes it hard to build rapport with working class people. But I'm not into charity, or homos, or any other bourgeois signaling crap either, so I find it even harder to build rapport with most upper-middle class people. I don't get along with anyone; it's nothing personal. That's why I have a fucking blog.

All that said, it's not that I don't understand white nationalism, or that I don't think it's a good idea. Stuff like this does get me excited:


It probably shouldn't though. In the remote case that the nativist opposition won, then a nativist signaling spiral would get started in order to get to the top of the new power vacuum, and I'd probably be branded an evil rootless cosmopolitan, a rice-niger fifth columnist, a bourgeois dilettante who has belittled our glorious religion and racial theories. I've little to gain short term by a victory of nativism, and lots to lose.

But I can't help rooting for a group of white thugs attacking a bunch of smelly dumb Muslims. Those guys look like me. And decades after victory, perhaps after I'm dead, when the nativist signaling spiral settles down, Europe would be free of barbarians insulting our men and assaulting our women. Imagine that.

In all honestly, I don't see it happening. But I wish them the best of luck. Don't listen to me fellas. Keep on fighting.


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  • There are different levels, different phases. Testosterone is needed. Vision is needed. Intelligence is needed.

    Bon dimanche!


    NB: Second video @ 02:06. Culture above race.

    • Asians hate Muslims more than we do. They have all to lose if white Europe dies. And who are they're gonna sell their stuff?

  • Welp, it's nice to see at least some of the young folks in France have some balls left (the gen identitaire video a couple of years back, too.)

    Some of the Euro right have been coming to our settlements for tips for a while.

    But they have a big problem, which is that ideologically they are at a dead end.

    "We don't want to be conquered and go extinct " is a negative platform, not a positive one. And worse than that, it is an untrue one, in that most Brits and French and Germans DO visibly want to be conquered and go extinct.

    A nation which is confident in itself can organize pogroms. Also, a government which assures the worst parts of a nation that they can loot and murder with no consequence can organize pogroms. But the Euro right has neither of these, and even if it did, pogroms would not solve its problems.

    What is needed is a positive vision. The guys in the videos have those wooden crosses and Madonna idols. There are two problems. First, that those crosses and idols represent a lie. Second, and worse, that the marchers themselves do not believe that lie. Steven King had a novel called Salem's Lot where the alcoholic priest attempts to ward off the head vampire with a cross, and the vampire points out that the priest does not believe in what the cross represents, snaps it like a twig and drinks the priest's blood. The Euros are at least 250 years past the point where they can make themselves believe in Christianity. Three in one, the wafer, all that stuff is impossible to take literally, and taken figuratively it ends up being what we see today, "Jesus would have embraced the rapefugees." Once you've unbelieved, it's impossible to believe.

    If you ask me, their only way forward is to believe in G-d, the source of all things, who is beyond all description, without partners, idols, divisions, etc. And the practical side of that belief is the Noahide Laws.

    Once you have that, everything falls into place. You have a way to unite and kick out the Muslims. You have a reason to make babies. You have a reason to live, beyond just not wanting to die.

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    • Well I've been saying that for a while, haven't I?

      Problem is this God of yours without partners or idols is pretty much what the Muslims believe in. Not a very good post to rally around to beat those guys.

      If the God of Christianity is tarnished, the God of Jews and Muslims is even more tarnished. We need something New. But on the whole it's hard to get anything going when much of the real motivation is to be left alone to enjoy beer, sunday soccer and dumb sluts on Friday night.

      • >Problem is this God of yours without partners or idols is pretty much what the Muslims believe in.

        Big difference.

        The Muslims believe in a software update which overrides everything we believe in (while actually being a sort of retarded knockoff). And they believe in conquering the world with it.

        Our set of rules for non-Jews gives them a lot more freedom than Islam. It also has the advantage of not having the effect of turning adherents into Ishmaelites, wild ass people who murder, rape, destroy etc. without the ability to stop themselves.

        "Something New" is the whole point of Positivism/Progressiveness. And how has that worked out?

        • Progressivism is about not needing anything, just believe in humanity or something. It's the negation of having something about ourselves which we are to obey or else bad things happen.

          Muslims seem to be orderly enough when there's no infidels around. Of course having infidels around to rob and rape is more fun. But a real world umma would be quite boring. Fortunately there's always heretics to have fun with. Are Sunnis allowed to enslave Shia? Never got that clear.

          • >Progressivism is about not needing anything, just believe in humanity or something.

            The whole point of Progressivism is that Progress (i.e., new stuff) is good.

            >Muslims seem to be orderly enough when there’s no infidels around.

            No, not really. Taharrush gamea is something that was perfected in Egypt. They are monkeys (except for in places like Bosnia.)

            >Are Sunnis allowed to enslave Shia?

            Yes, to Sunnis, Shi'a are not really Muslim at all, and so have a status like idolaters (political exigencies aside.) So, fair game.

            Jews and Christians are, according to Islam, supposed to be safe from rape, robbery, murder and abuse as long as they pay the tax. But the reality is that this is only the case most of the time on the larger scale, and on the smaller scale, you have things like "your daughter ran away with me and converted to Islam. My friends are witnesses. Obviously, having converted, she can't deconvert-it would bring the death penalty."

  • Between a leninist doom spiral and a hitlerist doom spiral, I'll take my chances with Hitler. Then again, I had a half-German great-grandmother.

  • "I’m not into sports, which makes it hard to build rapport with working class people. But I’m not into charity, or homos, or any other bourgeois signaling crap either, so I find it even harder to build rapport with most upper-middle class people. I don’t get along with anyone; it’s nothing personal. That’s why I have a fucking blog."

    You complete me.

    • Old men yelling at the mayor. They blew off some steam.

      Did the cops have to cut the mayor down from a lamppost? No.

      They're not angry.

      • Civil war is a big deal and any sane person would rather avoid it. Its only when things get crazy will people get crazy enough to do the unthinkable.

        Also re: Christianity or Noahide or whatever,just no. Its not only unnecessary but toxic in that it ties European people to Middle Eastern specifically Jewish ideals, These are foreign to the nature of Europeans and get us involved in far away places when we don't need to be.

        I suppose the kind of mutant Medieval strain of Christendom could be pushed but it is so corrupt that it started to die with Luther. I suspect Its quite dead and it does not need to come back . No more free social capital for you.

        As to motivation, I hate these foreign bastards is sufficient motivation for most of humanity. They aren't my people will do just fine as well.

        This will probably means smaller European states but so be it, most countries are too large anyway.

        Also for those who worry about the numbers, also not that important. The real war will be about making sure the food supply is cut off. All the bad guys are urban , most on the dole. shut that off, make sure no one feels safe hiring them and they'll self depot. If they don't make sure they get no food or water. Its not nice but siege tactics work

        Longer term, the only thing that Europeans might need from Christianity is a natal impulse, Much of Europe is grossly over crowded (Living space was a problem in Germany 80 years ago) and the US even if we went some fullbore WN is not a colonial option. They are going have to work something out. But in fairness I'm no one to talk since I don't have kids either.

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