Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


A modest proposal. Don't take it too seriously.

Western elites are hell-bent in allowing unrestricted immigration into Europe and America. Even if they're all ISIS operatives. Muslims are not deemed to be a threat to the progressive establishment the same way that white-nationalism is, and they're mostly right about that.

Given present demographic trends, at this rate large swathes of the West will be Muslim in 20 years time; and again the progressive establishment will do nothing about that; because doing something about that would strengthen the hand of white-nationalists, and that directly threatens the power of the progressive establishment. So odds are for a Brazil - Mexico style situation, where a white-ish progressive elite rules over a mixed demographic of various shades of brown. Living standards plummet on average, but the elites still do great, and a white middle class which keeps the lights on still manages to make a tolerable living. But note that progressivism is still the state religion, and that means a large proportion of white people will still buy the whole package, i.e. hedonism, low fertility, feminism, the whole thing. That means dysgenic fertility goes on forever; the end of that road is South Africa.

The only way out is for whites to stop being progressive. And that means whites to stop being white. This means whites must stop being distinctly white, i.e. they must join non-whites at something so that the state can't just point at some group (besides progressivism), find it's white, and crack down on it because non-progressive whites are traitors and thus evil. The easy way out, as Houellebecq recently found out, is for whites to convert to Islam.

You don't have to be good Muslims. Just tolerably good ones. Islam sucks in many ways, but on the whole it's preferable to progressivism. Muslims get married and can control their wives. Muslims breed, and the influence of polygamy is way overhyped. Polygamy just formalizes what happens everywhere; some married men get poon on the side. Big deal. I'd rather they take a second wife than bang someone else's. Still very few do so. Being a second wife is way less glamorous than being a sexy mistress who has some hope of getting the first wife dumped and replace her. Being a second wife is a sign of poverty and shame. Chinese literature is full of women lamenting having to become second wives because their parents couldn't afford to sustain them.

Any obviously white group is going to be targeted by progressivism as being the obvious threat that it is. And, like it or not, the progressive state has the capability of crushing any attempt at subversion, and is going to have it for the foreseeable future. The only way to avoid detection is to join a non-white group, a group that the progressive state just can't attack. Islam is much less vulnerable to progressive attack. There's a reason it's been around for so long. While it sucks to join a group formed by smelly Arabs and inbred South Asians, eventually the cream rises to the top. And Islam needn't suck as badly as it does. Wahabbism is a modern fad. Muslims historically also used to drink and be merry. Once whites get some weight in Islam, naturally it'd evolve into White Islam. And the examples we have of White Islam in the Balkans are a joke. Who the hell is going to bother learning Arabic? Oh yeah praise Allah. Friday's off. Big deal. At least we could cover up our women and tell them to stop being such sluts.

A characteristic of Islam is that it requires of the faithful to take power once it has the numbers to achieve it. A 50% Muslim country, let alone an 80% one, wouldn't remain progressive for long. Eventually the Muslims will take over. The question is who is going to be part of that. You could remain defiant, and become a jizya-paying white minority, to be squeezed and bullied forever. Or you can convert early and join the fun before the Arabs get too uppity. Ever seen the pictures of the Ottoman sultans? They're whiter than me. Ever seen the Istanbul elite? They're whiter than you.

So think about it. I'd certainly do so if I were 18.


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  • Come on, White people can do better than that. It would make as much sense to convert your whole family to Judaism and move to Israel as converting to Islam. If you're really concerned about the Islamic invasion you can always go to a Slavic country and practice your Christianity or atheism there. Better than converting to a foreign faith.

    • Jewish dietary laws are even more retarded than Islam's. You don't get to control your women, and you have to move to Israel, which is starting to suck so much there's Israeli immigrants all over the world. Islam in place is a better deal.

      Let's see how long Slavic countries manage to hold up.

      • Bad counter argument! Every Islamic country sucks right now. And every country that gets taken over is going to be horrible. Definitely worse than Israel is right now.

        • You are comparing Muslim Europe to a fantasy where White nationalism overthrows progressivism. A more realistic comparison is Muslim Europe, i.e. something like Bosnia or Turkey, vs. a mixture of Brazil, Morocco and South Africa. I'll take Turkey any day.

          • Even Morocco isn't that bad, I've seen more than a few native young girls in tight jeans in Casablanca. I estimate the split between hijab/non-hijab wearing girls to be 60-40 in favor of hijabs in the big cities, and there are no burqas/niqabs in sight except for foreign tourists from the Persian Gulf area. Which is a lot better than some suburbs of London or Paris.

            As for human development, they do have some nice brand new trams in Casablanca and Rabat, nice trains, nice motorways. Also, every Carrefour supermarket (you can find these practically everywhere) has a booze store of its own, not in the main hall but in a more discrete, separate area so as not to "offend".

      • As Jim noted, Islam tends to turn its practitioners brown over time. At least Christianity allows you to object to the Arab occupation of Europe on ethnic grounds; what excuse would a "White Muslim" country have to exclude Muhammad's cousins from immigrating into it? The Caliphate is multi-racial and dysgenic. Israel is a multi-racial dysgenic disaster as well, so the Slavic option makes the most sense.

        • But it doesn't. The Christian churches all over the West are welcoming brown and black people, not all of them Muslims. Christianity as practiced today is universalist just as Islam is.

          Arabs have black admixture because of screwing African slaves, not because of Islam. Portugal had the same problem. A White Muslim country has the same excuses a White Christian country has; but being Muslim allows you to be more brutal about it. Syrians go to Europe because Arab countries don't want them and feel no problem justifying their refusal.

          • But Islam is unique in that it was the first to systematically use slaves militarily to spread itself. Read Pipes's review of (the late) Patricia Crone's work:


            Basically, the fuel for expansion of both Christianity and Islam has been their adoption by slaves, albeit the dynamics were different.

            Brownization then has occurred and is occurring in both. Also, plenty of elite Muslims are copying Western ways, which is reflected in size of their families. I have seen statistics regarding that.

            Think a bit more carefully before switching to Islam as a panacea to low-TFR issue, albeit it is an interesting idea.

            Btw, I think your knowledge of China is deep, and I got to learn some details about the Ming to Manchu transition I didn't know.

            Sorry for my mistake about your knowledge, made on Jim's blog.

            • Thanks. It's usually safe to assume that nobody on the internet know what they're talking about, but I happen to know my Chinese history. To read on the Qing conquest you can't go wrong with Wakeman's book, it's great, if quite long and dense.

              I made a post about Muslim fertility, and it has decreased a lot, but it's still above fertility in most countries, and not dropping anymore. So at any rate they have the advantage. Also check this

              • Thanks for the book recommendation. I added it to my long list of books to read. (I'm already reading 3 semi-concurrently)

                Regarding Muslim TFR, no doubt it's higher than their host societies'. However, the TFR of urban, educated Muslim folks, especially, in their native lands is below replacement. Which kind of goes back to where B is pointing out: you can officially convert to Islam, but your procreation patterns will still mostly persist if you don't genuinely believe. Hence, I don't deem it a good exit strategy. It's along the Russian saying: "Best medicine for healing dandruff is guillotine."

                If you are a smart guy, you ought to discover God in a new, deep, rationalistic way. Heck, we both know it's not easy, but it must be done.

                I think Schopenhauer's/Nietzsche's Will is a pretty good approximation from where one can start.

                I don't see it hard to rationalize God, actually. We further have Godel (incompleteness theorems), Parfit (Selector, Personal identity illusion, mere addition "paradox" (not a patadox!)), M. Nowak (evolution of cooperation), quantum physics (which I actually took in my senior year), and dynamic systems (with emergence of brand new laws/rules/SOPsfrom very complex interaction of more basic ones).

                What I, personally, struggle with is internalizing a "personal God." This is something that is being used by many religions. But to me, a naturally lazy, secular person raised in pro-selfish fashion, it is hard to pray if I don't see that my prayers are answerable, that I really am "special." Hence, I probably need to focus on the social aspect of prayer. Maybe that's where "personal God" really comes from: your community. The other motivation is very simple: fear, fear of ultimate loneliness in life and deathbed and unknown future, where people who were my neighbors yesterday (I live in America) turn on each other and me, in an angry, inverse-Walmart-smile fashion, ushering in a Hobbesian.

                I guess there is still a lot of life in that old "God-fearing" term.

                This is just my own take, and I provide it as example.

      • Israel has a TFR over 3 even among Jews which is quite good and I'm pretty sure it doesn't suck that much. Jews just spread out to avoid all the enemies they've made over the centuries killing them all at one time.,

        Secular Jews are at replacement also pretty good. In the US non Orthodox Jews are much bred with Whites though. Here they've lost some identity. Probably natural in the worlds only other philosemitic nation.

        Also the West doesn't have to give in to despair or take the easy way out.We can what we do best and shape the world the way we like it. Yes its mostly internecine and its probably bloody but so? That's our whole history.

        What happened is that the peasant mentality has taken over, people want good rulers rather than to rule. The US is worst of all, our revolutionaries are Libertarian and terrified of actually ruling . Its the stupidest philosophy ever. The only group that actually has a useful philosophy in the Northwest Front . They have a solid useful idea of governance that if applied at they had the force to keep it could make a workable state

        I don't want to live there since National Socialism Lite isn't my bag but its not stupid on its face. They don't however have the power to get what they want because well, Neo Nazis enough said.

        If you are going to revolt its so you can impose the system you and yours want over an area of land and for you and yours to be in charge. If you can do it with elections, great. If not?

        In any case it won't be comfortable but I suspect in the long run we'll find it more comfortable than become Muslims or "The Happening"

  • It's a much better option than most western whites will admit. Becoming a Muslim requires repeating the shahada in front of a practicing Muslim, and that's about it. Living in NYC for 25 years, I've gotten to know Muslims from many different countries. Muslims from the Balkans are largely secularized and barely practice the faith, if at all. Converting to Islam does not mean learning to speak Arabic and disappearing into the masses of Arabs and Pakistanis. There are many millions of blond haired, blue eyed Muslims in the Balkans, Caucasus and Anatolia. If anything, large scale conversion would allow western whites to maintain ethnic cohesion in a way that Christianity no longer affords. The points you make are valid and worth consideration. It's not nearly as painful or constricting as most westerners imagine, and progressives will not, cannot attack it successfully.

  • I rebut on two points.

    First, while it's true that currently progs see Muslims as clients -- no threat to their power; indeed enhancing it -- that's because (a) Muslims are a minority, (b) low-functioning, and (c) Muslims are not white. If whites converted in sufficient mass to Islam, Muslims ceased being dependent, and/or Islam become popular enough to form its own parties not controlled by progs, I'd not expect tolerance to continue. Then you'd get the same treatment as progs currently dish out to polygamist Mormons, which is to say, you'd be treated as even worse dogcrap than most whites.

    Second, even granting the premise that progs would just let Islam take power from them, the problem is democracy. Islam as a majority in democracy has the same incentives to evolve and progress as Christianity did. You might buy a couple generations of relative sanity, but then the insanity would return. Meanwhile, the Muslims dynamite all our cultural heritage.

    • They can treat old Mormons like crap because there's a few dozen of them. I'd like to see the progressive state deal with 70% Muslims.

      And where do you get the idea that Europe would remain democratic after a Muslim takeover? The laws come from Allah, you see, not from the people.

      David Friedman has written about Islamic law, and the traditional Muslim resistance to state power is actually fairly appealing to libertarian sensibilities in some ways.

      • My statement about unreformed Mormons is just to give an idea of how progs would feel about Muslims who were enemies and not clients. Obviously, it's much easier to repress a tiny minority than a majority.

        Regarding democracy the question is what's more important in determining politics, race or religion? I hold that it's race. White people do democracy. So democracy would remain, unless they opened the borders so wide that white people were a small minority.

        Islam may be better than Christianity at resisting state power. I have no opinion. However, I don't think either is anywhere near strong enough to actually stop progress. Indeed I don't think either was that strong even before television. Now? Ha. As such, progress will progress until progressives progress us right back where we are.

      • They can treat old Mormons like crap because there’s a few dozen of them. I’d like to see the progressive state deal with 70% Muslims.
        You're skipping over a crucial step: getting to that 70% without the state noticing all those shiny new White Muslims. Unless the progressive elites convert too, there is bound to be a point when the former will be perceived as enough of a threat to warrant drastic action while still not strong enough to resist it. Opposition to Islam as a religion is on a back burner for the moment, sustained by the likes of Dawkins and Dennett, but those guys pull quite a lot of weight and I daresay could be moved to the fore in short order. It may be a nice thought experiment, but I'm just not seeing a mass conversion on a short enough time scale. The coordination problem is too big, and there are too many committed socialists, see all those CDU/SPD voters in Germany and Socialist voters in France, to say nothing about Die Linke, Melenchon and all that crap, to go over the percolation threshold. If conversion is slow, the state is bound to take notice and switch over to race-based profiling as in America. If going to convert, might as well convert to New Religion(tm) straight off.

        • All good points. But New Religion(tm) would be an obvious target more so than White Islam. The trick is to be quietist about it. And obviously the time frame isn't right. Short term nothing is gonna happen. Medium term, the progressive state is going to devolve into South American levels of incompetence, so you could do something there.

          Unless Turkey invades as in the comments to my last post.

          • So it would if it would look like a religion. Recall that basically religion by now means superstition and antiquated rituals. E.g. 'The Fourth Religion' R7 mentions below doesn't look like that at all. By the way, if he's right (and I did dip into PZ's comment section) the idea about organizing the religion around interstellar colonization starts sounding not that far-fetched.

          • ETA: of course passivism is a must (as far as compatible with self-preservation, which is very far). I agree with the rest of your comments except that Turkey invading sounds rather improbable to me. NATO member invading other NATO members? I don't imagine Turkey wants a war with Russia, Russia would love chewing off old Armenian lands in East Turkey for its client Armenia and of course there's still the Constantinople thing.

            • A Turkish invasion implies the total collapse of USG's power projection capability. 30 years off at the least. Interstellar colonization was my original plan for the New Religion; but I got convinced that it's not really feasible, and I'd rather we didn't waste more resources for impossible aims.

              • I see. The point about Russia still stands, though. As for interstellar colonization, I think it's quite feasible technically and unless conceived of as mass colonization wouldn't consume all that much resources compared to, say, worldwide switch to electric vehicles or renewable electricity.

  • The Constantine option. I've actually thought about shitlords adopting Islam as a new ethnoreligion and way to royally mindfuck the left. I still think it has promise. I can't tell if you're just being tongue-in-cheek, though.

  • With all due respect, Spandrell, (and I mean that - you have a lot of good insights) this just seems like an elaborately disguised way to surrender, and I don't believe that the Progressive establishment isn't as powerful as you think. But even if it is, I couldn't do it. I was born a man of the West, a white, and a Christian, and I'll die as one. And, after all, all men must die. Personally, I think that I'll live to see those causes victorious, but if not, at least we'll go down honorably.

    • It's not even elaborate. It's naked capitulation.

      You're (I guess) already old, you have a family, you've done your thing. But put yourself in the skin of a 18 year old kid, or an unemployed working class single man in his 20s or 30s.

      Thought experiment: got a gun on your head, you can either surrender to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, or to Ta-Nehisi Coates and Caitlyn Jenner. What do you do?

      • You're right, I'm certainly not 18 or anything like it. I like to think that I am still doing "my thing", but your point is well taken.

        As for who I would surrender to, that's a difficult question, since in political beliefs, I am probably closer to Al-Baghdadi, but who is a man who has a reputation for burning his prisoners to death. Whereas with Coates and Jenner, I would probably only be bored to death with talk of microagressions and gender fluidity...

        In answer to your suggestion, I honestly don't know. IMHO, we should all be working to avoid such a horrific choice, and I believe that pondering surrender makes it more likely that this choice will have to be made.

        Of course, this choice is made more difficult for me by the fact that I actually believe that my religion is true, and the gateway to salvation. Others may find the choice easier...

        • Well, that's an important factor. But Coates and Jenner would probably get you burnt and your children sodomized if they could. You never know how bad things are going to get with progressivism down the line. Many perished in the Siberian gulags who never saw it coming.

          See my new post for an example of a tough choice.

  • Spandrell said, "Muslims historically also used to drink and be merry."

    Well, that answers my main objection to Islam...

    I see four religions dominating the human species in the Twenty-First Century.

    1. Progressivism: •It will dominate but will start to decline because of the other three religions. 2. Islam: •Parts of Europe and North America become Islamic. I can see Spandrell's scenario of whites converting to Islam... and then proceeding to behead the Progressives. An ironic end for Progressivism in those places. 3. Christianity: •Remains strong in the Third World. But in the Western World, the places where it remains strong or regains its power, Christianity will have a distinctively Eastern flavor... Or should I say Slavic... •American Evangelical Christianity is so cucked that Progressivism is practically wearing its skin. 4. Now onto the Fourth Religion: •Spandrell said, "And, like it or not, the progressive state has the capability of crushing any attempt at subversion, and is going to have it for the foreseeable future." I disagree, this leads me to the Fourth Major Religion of the Twenty-First Century... And it's already deeply subverting Progressivism. •Check this out: •Here is Progressive Reverend PZMyers preaching a sermon against Prophet Elon Musk. FreeThoughtBlogs strictly controls the comment sections. Every single commentator is a hardcore SJW. And yet, many of these SJW commentators are excoriating Reverend PZ Myers, not Prophet Elon Musk! •PZ Myers is just a village priest for The Cathedral. Elon Musk is freaking Davos Man! •Progressives are really vulnerable to this new religion because black transsexual midgets in wheelchairs just aren't as inspiring as Big Fucking Rocket is. And besides, the SJWs can't call themselves Neo-Puritans or The Church of Social Justice-ology, the white masses will fall asleep. Gotta stay with Progressivism. And to the masses, Progress is Big Fucking Rocket.

    • More Rev. PZ Myers vs Prophet Elin Musk:

    • The first three have a rock-paper-scissors relationship:

      Christianity defeats Islam by producing smarter offspring. Though Islam keeps its females pumping out babies from puberty to menopause, those kids receive so little parental investment that they aren’t good for much besides raping and pillaging soft targets.

      Progressivism defeats Christianity because it’s a heresy of Christianity, a cluster of memes selected for their ability to undermine and destroy Christian faith from within.

      Islam defeats Progressivism by beheading its men and raping its women. Progressive mind tricks don’t work on Muslims.

      If white men convert to Islam en masse, behead the Progressive mandarins, take control of white women, and start fathering lots of white babies, but otherwise don't take Islam very seriously, that solves the problem for now. I fear, however, that our great-grandchildren might not get the joke, and become jihadi suicide bombers.

      Democracy is an entirely Progressive idea (ever heard of Christians adoring "Christ the Democratically Elected President"?) so good riddance to it. Why should people who own nothing, produce nothing, and pay no taxes have any say over government policy?

      • dave1941 said, "Democracy is an entirely Progressive idea (ever heard of Christians adoring “Christ the Democratically Elected President”?) so good riddance to it. Why should people who own nothing, produce nothing, and pay no taxes have any say over government policy?"

        Those Howard Stern videos show how stupid the average voter is when you have a system that allows every talking oxygen breather to vote.

        As for the Fourth Religion... it doesn't even have a name yet. To get a gist of what the Fourth Religion is, watching Interstellar is a good start.

        • I suppose you could call it "frontierism". A religion of intelligent, hardy pioneers exiting their sclerotic, idiocratic welfare-state societies and founding free nations on the open frontier. Pretty much what America was before its frontier filled up and mass immigration of Catholics put Roosevelt in the White House.

          Nothing prevents the same happening to Mars eventually, but moving there buys time for Musk's descendants to invent interstellar spaceships before all their capital is taxed away to feed the starving masses.

  • you've got to be more real. they don't target whites because they're white. they target whites because of success. muslims kill each other all the time, and they'll kill white muslims just as readily as otherwise.

    the best strategy is to get cozy with the chinese and ask them for backdoor help, or to establish a white nationalist government in exile somewhere within the confines of china, building up capital, support, etc.

    • Lol. Get cozy with the Chinese. Right. I got a little surprise to you. The Chinese aren't very fond of whitey since the Opium War.

      • they're looking for world stage legitimacy to contest the cultural legacy of democracy. hosting a government in exile could give them leverage over the west to capitalize in a time of crisis.

        one issue in particular stands out: the nuclear stockpiles sitting in the US, britain, and france. the same stockpiles which are already controlled by a monkey in a suit in the U.S. and will soon be controlled by muslims in europe. In terms of strategic priorities this has to be near the top of the list for chinese leadership.

        american leadership, unable to build even websites, will not be trusted with nuclear armaments on a world stage. china may be able to fool america's own stupid voters into disarming themselves. a government in exile would act as a tool to coerce them into misstepping, or outright capitulation on key issues.

        • China is going to be the new home of Christianism along with all what I would agree to call "civilization" and "culture".

          it is going to be the chief hope against globalist totalitarianism — that is as foolish and destructive as all totalitarianisms —, and the place where people who can think with their own head happening to be born in the West will dream of emigrating into.

          They also have another quality that Western whites lost, a quality they share with the Russian: they don't like to obey to supremacist internationalist circles drunk with power. Even more important perhaps: they would not let a supremacist minority install within their country and take all the levers of power. They still have the healthy tendency to stand upright, instead of bowing.

          At the same time, they aren't supremacists either, which is a great thing as well because it means that, no matter how much power they come to hold, it likely won't derange their psyche: a lucky thing that is not always the case.

      • Do Slavs count as white people in that reckoning?

        During the Kosovo War, a T.A. from China was remarkably open with a faculty member having a Serbian last name, volunteering that the US bombing of the Chinese embassy was to send China a lesson not to mess with America's interest in Taiwan. Interesting point of view, and interesting that anyone from China would be emboldened to share that perspective during a very jingoistic Serb-hating time in America. Interesting that a student from China could distinguish a Serbian from a Croatian last name, at a time when Croatian-Americans were stoking the anti-Serb flames as part of the Croatian nationalist struggle.

        OK, according to some accounts, the Sino-Soviet split once deepened to the point where the Soviets were going to wage atomic war on China until Nixon threatened US atomic retaliation to get them to back down.

        But the split between Soviet Russia and Red China, it is said, was over the Russian suppression of the Prague Spring. Apparently the Chinese took the Russian tanks in Central Europe as a lesson that Russia would brook no deviation from Russian Socialism, whether of the Czech-Slovak kind or Chairman Mao's brand, and they took this as an insult to national honor.

        I don't think it is only being brothers in Socialism, there is a regional and perhaps even a racial affinity. There are Slavic people, who along with some Hungarians, have an East Asian cast. Spandrell, am I wrong that the Slavic countries and China get along OK?

        • To the extent that it's expedient because there's a common enemy. Don't see any affinity. And China on principle isn't into long term alliances. They won't make you a favor if you don't offer a good deal.

          • I see. The point about Russia still stands, though. As for interstellar colonization, I think it's quite feasible technically and unless conceived of as mass colonization wouldn't consume all that much resources compared to, say, worldwide switch to electric vehicles or renewable electricity.

  • This plan reminds me of the following exchange on Vox Day's blog:

    - A little patience and precision are all that is required to dismantle any leftist argument. - Patience and precision are not my forte. How about we just shoot the bastards?

  • Pretty flawless argument. Catholicism or any christianity wont work as the entire liberal structure is built on its destruction. If catholics asserted themselves, they get prison. It is all parasitic on the catholic base. It is basically protestantism pushed to logical terminus. That such an obvious gambit sounds (and is ) reasonanble speaks to the unspeakable stupidity of liberalism and liberals. Its a mob.

  • Islam is not your enemy. Progressivism is your enemy. The Balkans remain white after 500 years of Islam. 70 year of progressivism and many white countries are firmly in the course of race replacement.

    Breivik is pretty dumb but he got that right.

  • "Given present demographic trends, at this rate large swathes of the West will be Muslim in 20 years time"

    That's a common line of thinking. Not going to dismiss it with a citation needed gag. But how true is this claim? This is a completely debatable point, and it's the linchpin of the entire Eurarabia argument.

    Consider a few decades ago women were educated in Afghanistan, Iraq, many of the places that are *currently* gripped by fundamentalist and jihadist groups. Doesn't that signify that trends change? Who's to say that the Muslim immigrants in Europe will gravitate towards power-taking and devotion? That their kids won't turn out as fat and apathetic and decadent as any other second generation immigrants?

    • There is a video making the rounds on the AltRight recently showing a German woman interviewing 3rd generation Turkish teenagers in Germany. The Turkish kids openly revile German people and proudly proclaim they have no German friends and would be much happier if Germans simply disappeared. Of course, if a group of German teens said the same thing they would be brought up on charges of incitement, but the reality is that many 2nd and 3rd generation muslims in Europe despise Europeans and aren't afraid of acting on that revulsion.

      • What's the background of the Turkish kids. Are they middle class? Poor? What kind of neighborhoods are they in? What kind of schools do they attend? Are they truly representative of average Turkish immigrant kids?

  • Fuck Islam. Stand up and fight. Fight dirty, if you need to. Go to Europe and gain street-fighting and combat experience.

  • Add a kicker to Muslim conversion. Declare yourself to be a "pre-conversion bull dyke lesbian transsexual."

    Think about it.

    As a "pre-conversion bull dyke lesbian transsexual" you can dress like a guy. You can act like a guy. You can chase women like a guy. You can swear like a guy, wear boxers like a guy and p!ss standing up like a guy. Nothing changes, and all you have to do is declare that "deep down inside I am a woman".

    You go from being a stale, pale white male (0) to being a Muslim ( 1), female ( 1), lesbian ( 1), bull dyke ( 0.5), transsexual ( 1). That is 4.5 diversity points!

    Hell, if any of your ancestors ever settled in New Spain (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas) you can even claim to be Hispanic ( 1) for a total of 5.5 diversity points.

    What employer wouldn't LOVE to get 5.5 diversity points for one employee?

    Even better, now that Bruce Jenner has kept his junk and STILL maintains he is a transsexual, you may be able to drop the "pre-conversion" stuff and never have to have surgery.

    Heck, go full hog and call yourself an "ANTI-conversion" transsexual. Why should society force you to get chopped to "prove" you are a woman, anyway? That's sexist oppression!

  • High-fertility White people with funny beliefs and pretty-functional family systems? Mormons.

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