Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


In 1927, the young Chinese Communist Party was having a meeting, and all those young Chinese Communists were doing their thing, discussing stuff using arcane Marxist jargon. Mao Zedong cut the discussion short, telling them: “People, cut the crap. We gotta focus on the military stuff. Governments are born out of the barrel of a gun.”


History proved him right, and his comrades know it. They know it so well that even after the Cultural Revolution killed and maimed most of his old comrades, his successors never disowned Mao or tarnished his legacy, the way Kruschov publicly said Stalin was an evil bastard. During the Cultural Revolution Deng was purged three times, his whole family imprisoned, sent away. His brother was forced to commit suicide. His son was thrown out of the window of his college dorm and became a paraplegic for life. Even then, after Mao was dead, Deng Xiaoping refused to criticize him. Why? "The only reason all of us are here is because Mao won the war". Damn straight.

Now of course Mao's quote isn't completely correct. He didn't grab a gun and win the war by being the best shot in the country. No, he won the war by having the best army. That means having a lot of guns, and having people willing the guns under your orders. So more precisely, power isn't born out of the barrel of a gun. Power is born out of the ability to have people with guns do what you tell them.

Let's apply this dictum to the present situation in Western countries. PEGIDA just run a series of protests against the Islamization of Europe. I've been writing about that these days. Well, what happened during those protests? A commenter was nice enough to post a link from the Daily Mail:


Plainclothes police officers wrestle a man to the ground during the PEGIDA demonstration held in Amsterdam, Holland, today



A man sticks his tongue out at the camera as he is led away from the demonstration by plainclothes police officers



Police officers in Calais, northern France, detain a man taking party in the demonstrations near the town's railway station



This guy up here is a General of the French army. Leader of men. Alpha of Alphas. Kissing the ground.

If you want to get anything done, if you want to win, you gotta read about people who have won in the past. Like Mao. You need to own the guys with the guns. The police. The army. As long as those guys are against you, as long as those guys are willing to grab an awarded General and make him kiss the ground, all you're doing is LARPing. Which has its place, of course it's important to show that people are angry, and provoking the state gives us iconic images such as poor old General Piquemal. But let's not kid ourselves. LARPing isn't going to solve anything. Leftists don't win because they are masters at protesting and PR. Leftists win because the guys with guns obey them. When General Piquemal goes to protest, he gets arrested and humiliated on national TV. When Antifas trash a whole commercial street, the police make a wall to protect them. When Blacks burnt Ferguson, the police went out to arrest the shopowners who wanted to defend themselves. When Somalis rape Swedish children, the police doesn't answer the phone.

This state of affairs is often called Anarcho-tyranny, a coining of Sam Francis. It's funny because there's no word for that in most languages. Fish don't know what is water; the Chinese don't know what anarcho-tyranny is. Anarcho-tyranny is the natural state of affairs. The word only makes sense if you assume that the state is a social contract made for the defense of the rights of the citizens. But that's a myth. A state is what comes out of the barrel of a gun. In simple evolutionary terms, the state will protect those that the state needs to protect to survive in its present form. You and I don't want the state to survive in its present form, we very much want it to change forms. Well, they won't protect you then.

You wanna get something done? You want to have influence? Then you gotta join those who get things done. Pull a Gramsci and join the police. They're going to be expanding a lot in the next decades.


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  • Note that the video is from Russia Today. Russia is currently helping nationalist and ultra-nationalists throughout Europe. The reason is of course that Tsar Putin wants to restore Russian prestige in Europe. The Cathedral can quash this if it abandons its "Abolish White People" policy. Somehow, I doubt The Cathedral will abandon its Anti-White policy, thus there will be Civil War in Europe.

  • I read that that general was former commander of the French Foreign Legion. French Foreign Legion was involved in the last serious coup attempt in 1961. The coup would have succeeded except for the fact that equivocating *liberal* generals were in charge, perhaps because the rightist generals had been purged as part of the Communist-democratic liberation of 1944-45.

  • Fascism is an explicitly pro-state ideology and does not demand changes to the state; it just demands those traitors currently in the driver seat to be given the helicopter ride. Fascism doesn't trigger the state's self preservation instinct. The reason it doesn't work in Europe at present is that it triggers the anti-Hitler immune response.

    But this is kind of irrelevant, because you can't defeat progressivism in Europe. You can defeat progressivism in America, or you can defeat America in Europe (then deal with the remnants of progressivism if any.)

    Converting to Islam will not help. If you think America will leave a white Islamic country alone, you're an optimist who was born yesterday. There's even a ready word for that, one that lingers unused - Islamofascism.

    • Huh? Europe has an anti-Hitler immune response but not an anti-fascist immune response? What does that even mean?

      Last time I checked USG was paying for the defense of Bosnia and Kosovo. But anyway, I wasn't talking about countries converting as a whole tomorrow. That doesn't even make sense. But incremental conversion of whites would mean that some proportion of the population can go on with its business, perhaps breeding a bit more, while the Cathedral is busy fighting the rebellious nationalists that remain.

      Eventually the Cathedral will stop being able to afford the empire, and voila, you have majority Muslim countries in Europe with a Muslim White elite, which can then proclaim that Allah now allows sausage, oh and those brown immigrants of yore are heretic kafihrs and we're going to kick them all out. Thanks for bringing the True Religion, you can go home now.

      • "Europe has an anti-Hitler immune response but not an anti-fascist immune response? What does that even mean?"

        Nothing. I didn't say that. I said that fascism is pro-state and does not trigger the state's instinct of crushing anti-state movements. It does trigger the anti-Hitler immune response. These two are separate. The first is universal, the second is not, and will eventually wear off.

        "Eventually the Cathedral will stop being able to afford the empire, and voila..."

        And voila, your work is done, there was no need to convert to Islam. Nobody had to convert to Islam for communism to fall. The center stopped being able to afford the empire, and everyone suddenly had adopted Western values for years already.

    • A most interesting comment. An American, I do not understand all of it, but am paying attention to learn more.

  • I think it would more helpful if we simply looked at this a different way.

    Progressives are duty bound to oppose everything right wing. Since they always win, the correct strategy is to present the right as being for all kinds of horrible things. Call it "controlled opposition." The opposition advocates the precise opposite of what it wants to accomplish. Then the left reacts against it and does the right thing.

    It might work but would destroy your pride and self-respect. You would deliberately setting yourself up to fail, giving the left an excuse to do something sane. Of course it might be too late for them to turn back in favor of the white race.

    By the way, the white race is synonymous with liberalism. By turning against it the left has possibly destroyed/alienated its own voting block long-term.

    Example of getting the left to do the right thing:

    (1) The right allies with Islam, giving the left an excuse to attack it. (2) The right supports criminalizing women who rape men, drafting women, and equal custody quotas, turning left-wing women against equality. (3) The right insists on blacks and refugees being housed in liberal neighborhoods, making liberals become racist. (4) The right creates a 15 dolor minimum wage, making millions of immigrants unemployed as they are replaced by machines, then dumps housing projects in liberal neighborhoods while creating a private, for profit, deportation industry that the left can invest in. The right ties educational funding to the fees gathered for deportation, making liberals financially profit from an industry of kicking out immigrants. The combinations of incentives makes liberals support racist policies by default.

  • >The word only makes sense if you assume that the state is a social contract made for the defense of the rights of the citizens. But that’s a myth.<<

    A myth that most people in the West still believe. But maybe people are beginning to wise up a little.... The state has to maintain some kind of basic order to maintain credibility. Not only is the Western state unable to maintain order, it actively promotes disorder. Is there anything like that in Chinese history?

    I was typical mainstream Republican until maybe six years ago. I don't discuss politics seriously face-to-face with many people, but all I know have gone way off the reservation.

  • "Armies cannot resist an idea whose time has come." --Leo Tolstoy "Armies cannot force an idea whose time has yet to come." --dc.sunsets

    At times of Narrative change, sentiment changes first. Then politics. THEN law. Sentiment Politics Law

    In that order. Given that I believe history is a river and its path ahead is all but impossible to alter, it follows that the Narrative will change (no tree grows to the sky) and the Old Narrative appears near its end because 1) its advocates have recently doubled-down on it to the point of insanity and 2) its maintenance is requiring increasingly totalitarian means.

    To me, this suggests that Sentiment is already changing. It is the role of cannon fodder to provide the entertainment (bloody bodies, broken lives) during the period after Sentiment changes and before Politics & Law change.

    Change is inevitable; it is the essence of life itself, and life is its own purpose. Go make a baby.

    • This is an extremely interesting comment. Do you publish your own blog?

  • Good piece.

    As some of us have been recommending for years, Nationalists should make outreach efforts to the police and military. Cultivate friends and allies in the security forces.

    It can be done. Some of us have found WN sympathizers among Marines at local Camp Pendleton.

      • I'm not commenting on Europe. Its situation is quite different than that of the US and I honestly don't know it well enough to avoid projecting my own biases too much.

        In the US the lower ranks are already Conservative. Most police are highly Conservative. However they obey because they are "law and order" types and frankly need a paycheck.

        More important than any infiltration or indoctrination or other BS is actually having an ideology , a specific set of achievable goals for the long and short haul. Muh Constitution or Muh Freedum is not an agenda or an ideology at all. Its not even a useful slogan.

        Why the Cathedral wins and deserves to is because they have plans and ideas and act on them. Many good plans, some really stupid ones

        The Right does not have anything and they end up like the Malhuer idiots who have apparently have got themselves surrounded by the FBI.

        Once some kind of general plan is developed, even if its only a few things everyone agrees on, you can get started . You might even be able to do it with elections or by pulling your own Cathedral style op.

        Now its not all bad people are starting to realize that there is this problem and maybe they'll do something about it. It won't be easy, the US even being formed was a fluke

        The real option , succession is a hard pill to swallow and leaves the smaller states vulnerable

        Other options, a moderate assumed to be Christian theocracy offends the Muh Freedum crowd and worse the major factions (Evangelical) regards the other major faction (LDS) as heretics .

        A right wing near dictatorship is not too popular and States rights won't work since it leaves the Cathedral intact .

        It would be damned hard to even get the "rebel alliance" down to say "Hey we are going to reform marriage back to 1.0 and focus on intact families."

        However one place to start is "deport foreigners", keep the dope out bog standard law and order dreck like Trump is peddling t won't have full support but its a workable wedge issue and a place to start

    • From what I am told the US military is highly divided, the rank and file,Whites probably others who are culturally similar enlisted mostly are conservative ranging from Radical to Cuckservative whereas the Officers are all Liberals -- its probably this way in most places

      Its probably very leverageable

      However what's going on in Europe IMO anyway is that Europeans are trying to avoid having to go to guns.

      Americans mostly have avoided this sort of thing with a few obvious exceptions simply because we used to be a large and lightly populated, many of us especially those not in the South or from that culture (or a history buff) don't understand the costs.

      Europeans have centuries of history with this sort of thing in close quarters and they all do.

      They know what will happen and its ugly, basically decades of reprisals, something akin to tribal warfare and a complete collapse of a prosperous high trust society into enclaves for decades or longer.

      During the 30 years war this kind of thing , religious warfare really ,since the Cathedral is a Protestant faith , killed as much as the Black Death did .Its nasty enough with matchlocks and pikes much less a brittle over connected modern society.

      Such a war could easily do this again or worse and while it may be a necessary price to pay no one wants to pay it. Who could blame them?

      Its not easy for ordinary decent men and women especially Right wing types who generally like order to even go to "protesting" or even getting humiliated and roughed up much less to everyone is Anders Brehvik or the Charlie Hebedo shooters or in the IRA

      The US and probably Europe to a lesser extent also has a liberty problem, virtually no one on the Right actually wants to rule . They mostly want to be left alone or to have foreigners removed and that is not an ideology. If you aren't willing and ready to do to Antifas , the Leftist media and the rest what these guys are doing to you, you've already failed.

      Rule or be Ruled

      As an aside, its telling the only US "rebel" organization that I know that actually has a "how we would rule" document that is theoretically achievable though not practically is the Northwest Front who are Neo-Nazis -- in other words Leftists.

      No one on the Right is truly ready to rule anywhere and that is a shame.

      However the festivities are just starting so who knows how this will go. As the economy implodes and the Right gets smarter and more active, things are subject to change.

        • No thanks. We really don't need another Imported Middle Eastern memeplex to provide free social capital for the Elite.

          Time to cut ties with that region

          Besides the West doesn't mind outward focused violence anyway once they get worked up to it. The issue isn't killing "foreigners" even ones living among you but killing countrymen.

      • It's simple. Get alt rightists to join the bureaucracy en masse. Begin a chain of migration/hiring and promotion to the upper levels (GS 15). Saturate the state. Then pull a "night of long knives" on the left. Turn the government into a one party state through street violence against the left. Consolidate power. Then make the positions of power inheritable titles.

      • All your comment is interesting, but I have one question. How are Neo-Nazis Leftists?

        Jonah Goldberg wrote a book which suggested that the original Nazis were Leftists, but (no offense to Goldberg, who seems a decent chap) it was kind of a silly book.

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