Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I wonder what Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) are going to say when 100 million Christian Nigerians come to Europe saying that they need refuge from the evil Boko Haram Muslims from the North.

The Nigerians probably go to Church more than we do.




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  • Ethno-nationalism rooted in religion, spirituality, or abstract notions is dysgenic more often than not. It is blood that matters, fundamentally.

    • "It is blood that matters" meaning what exactly? We all bleed, throughout the kingdoms of life, I hope that's what you mean. If you are appealing to the pure-retarded theory that genetics are somehow of any interest other than statistical without looking at behavior, well there's not much hope for you is there.

  • Some of them, one suspects, will offer the niggers their homes and wives.

  • This is actually a very good point. Opposition to "Islamization" is really just a convenient cover for ethnic Europeans to hid behind. We'll know things are getting serious when Europeans (and white Americans) come out to defend their territory on purely racial grounds.

  • It's not just Blacks who are incompatible, Semites don't fit either. Some alt-righters look at Syrians of Christian or Alawite persuasion and proclaim that "these are White people". Steve Sailer for instance bemoans the Arab "flight from White", as if that's a bad thing. But consider the profound mental differences, for example the concept of "honor". The Semitic perception of honor is radically different than yours; "honor culture" as practiced by Semites is not at all what it sounds like to gullible folks around here. For Whites, honesty is essentially honorable, and dishonesty essentially isn't. If you tell a lie, you're not an honorable character, and whether or not you are believed is irrelevant. Semites in contrast applaud and cheer good liars, those who lie and get away with it. They don't perceive dishonesty as a negative trait whatsoever. They only renounce lying if it's done unprofessionally, if even that. So much for "honor culture". So Whites and Semites perceive honor in opposing ways. Therefore Syrians don't belong in Western civilization, even if some of them look like White people. There is also something to be said of Jews here, but I'll leave it to you to figure it out, it's really not a difficult task.

    • You are neurotic, sexually perverted, and Jew obsessed. All of these are Jewish traits, so I have a hunch you don't exactly "belong in the West" yourself.

  • As a Christian, my first response would be that, if 100 million Nigerian Christians can't defend themselves, something is seriously wrong. As Edward Abby proposed on our southern border, give each male refugee an assault rifle and 200 rounds of ammo, turn them around, and send them back. They'll know what to do...

    As Robert Zmirik stated, as Christians, we are required to seek the spiritual salvation of all people, and to save the lives of those in imminent, immediate danger. We are not required to do anything and everything that might be advantageous to anyone who, for what ever reason, has less money than we do.

  • We talk pseudonymously on the Internet, while PEGIDA stand in the streets in full view, so they are obviously more constrained in their expression than we are.

    • I know, I perfectly understand how they frame their protests in "No to importing Rape Culture". But they're going to have to come up with something eventually. Nigeria will not have 500 million people, and those will go somewhere.

      • Well, Morkyz, pretty much everyone in Christiandom thought this way, until about fifty years ago. There were plenty of European missionaries going to Africa 100-200 years ago, but no support for bringing people from Africa to Europe, Christian or not. The bizzare idea that a Christian has to support mass immigration of others to his homeland is very recent, and no part of true, historical Christianity. If Christianity is an open-borders religion, it's really funny that nobody noticed this until 1965 or so...

        • The original pagans in Prussia and the Baltic states would like to have a word with you. Hell, even the Byzantines during the Frankokratia have a doubt.

        • As Moldbug pointed out, it eventually leads to the realization that one must repatriate London to the Welsh.

          Or rather, most of Europe to the Neanderthals. Who don't exist anymore.

    • What's the point in being christian if one can't use it as an excuse to migrate to the Christian West. Might as well go back to traditional African religion, then

  • Not sure what you mean, Silenus. The Byzantines fought like crazy against the Latins, they didn't just let them swan in like they owned the place. Yes, Christians have occupied the countries of others, that doesn't necessarily mean that it was right, or condoned by Christianity. My point was that Christianity does not command open borders as a moral imperative, as I'm sure you would agree. The morality of various Christian vs. Christian wars, and Christian vs. Pagan conflicts, are certainly interesting, but really beside the point in this context. For what it's worth, Christianity has always recognized the right of self-defense to a people, even pagans. Fr. Vitoria, in his writings on the morality of war against Indians in the New World, even denied that a Christian people had the right to conquer and occupy a pagan people, just because they were pagan.

    So, if you know any Prussian pagans who would like a word, tell them that I am at their disposal...

    • War is unpleasant and people tend not to like it, lol. Christians used to be against bringing hostile peoples into their homes, but was that because "God created each people with their own home, and wants them to stay there" or because they just didn't want to be overrun or whatever? That quote seems to imply that Christianity mandates pan-nationalism, which seems ridiculous.

      • Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. - Exodus 22:21

        This does not dictate policy, of course, (just ask Israel) but it shows that the sentiment is not entirely lacking in Scripture.

        • so when you immigrate, don't rape too much? and make sure to treat immigrants well?

          • I think we can all agree that not raping too much is a cornerstone to any civilized society.

  • I doubt 100 million people will apply as refugees. That said if such a thing becomes a big enough problem, European food supplies and systems are brittle and very few people farm.

      • Pegida is secular as is most of Europe. The only people outside of a few established faiths pushing a religion are the Cathedral pushing their mutant Christian strain, Islamist types obviously and the Dark Enlightenment.

        Average people , nationalists and ultras may individually be religious but don't need it for solidarity, social capital or to do their job.

  • Maybe if you don't want them to come over here, you should send enough support to them over there, so they can defeat the caliphate or establish Biafra or whatever.

  • Sounds like they've got a no-nonsense head honcho back at home: "Nigerians' reputation for crime has made them unwelcome in Britain, says country's president"

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