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We will drown and nobody shall save us


Take a look at this:

Israel calls on world nations to regulate social media anti-Semitism

The Foreign Ministry on Monday called on governments around the world to regulate social media in order to combat anti-Semitism and violent incitement, reiterating the government’s support last year for Internet censorship during an anti-racism conference. (...)

“What is YouTube? What is Facebook? What is Twitter? And what is Google?” he asked. “Are they a free speech corner like [London’s] Hyde Park or are they more similar to a radio station in the public domain?” Referring to cartoons of Palestinians killing Jews and other such material circulating online, Tor asked why platforms such as Google search, You- Tube, Facebook and Twitter are “tolerating” violent incitement and “saying they are protected in a holy way by free speech.”

“How is it possible that the government of France and the European Union all feel that incitement in Arabic on social media in Europe calling for physical attacks on Jews is permitted and that there is no requirement from industry to do something about it,” he continued, adding that Israel is working with European partners to push the technology sector to adopt a definition of anti-Semitism so its constituent companies can “take responsibility for what they host.”

I got mildly triggered. Man, these Jews. It seems like they're doing it on purpose to piss people off. Then I noticed the ad on the page:

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.57.57

Maybe they are doing it on purpose. To get clicks. An article a while ago put it well, that modern media are "rage profiteers". Maybe Jewish agitation is just a business to get ad clicks. Jews have been at the forefront of the media industry since 18th century newspapers and they pretty much created the modern ad industry.

Europeans discovered continents and conquered most of the world as an afterthought of their quest for cinnamon to put in their mothers' cakes. Britain unleashed the Opium War which resulted in the collapse of the Chinese Empire because they had no other way of buying tea. Ah, the free market.


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  • What really triggers me is that people will somehow treat this as an outrage and unprecedent abuse on civil liberties, at the same time they ignore how "anti-racist" legislation in Europe has been used to jail people for years.

  • The Jews are in an odd position. If all anti-semitism disappeared, they would disappear, too. Most Jewish men with social ability and the slightest bit of aloofness (that I've met, anyhow) try as hard as they can to not have to marry a Jewess. Then, when things go sour, they grudgingly accept their fate -- but even that number is starting to go down pretty significantly, as more of them are finding themselves able to get along with non-Jews. The Catholics and the Jews seem to have forged some sort of intermarriage alliance in the past several decades, at least over here, in America. So pro-Jewish leaders, whose whole job is to sustain Judaism as an abstract entity, must scramble all over themselves to keep a healthy level of anti-semitism live and well.

    So if the ADL, or the state of Israel, or whoever, is stupidly trying to combat anti-semitism in a counter-intuitive and illogical way, they're probably adjusting for an overabundance of indifference to the Jews, not anti-semitism or even philo-semitism. The whole Jewish racket is not about making the world more accepting and positive about the Jews, but rather to make them look absolutely special and unique, even when it arouses anger and hostility. That way, the Jews will be more inclined to see themselves as outsiders and remain an ingroup.

    I suspect that the European laws against questioning the holocaust carry this purpose, at least partially. The bizarre philo-semitism from the Evangelicals also probably help with this, and it's also probably why the Jews are themselves so hostile to those same phil-semitic Evangelicals. After all, who likes the man who reminds him that he's abnormal?

    • Yes, there's some degree of evaporative cooling. I think it was Rodney Stark who noted that the vast majority of Jews converted to Christianity in the early days before Constantine; it's not that Gentiles converted but Jews didn't; it's that most Jews converted, so only the most stubborn remained.

      Intermarriage is going to change the tribe a lot, though. The hassidic kids don't look very bright; and almost all the elite Jews are intermarrying. I guess there's always Israelis to replenish. Maybe that's the plan; Israel is tiny, but very fertile. It can resupply the world Jewry for all eternity, while the diaspora kids take care to send money and guns to the homeland.

      • I don't know. According to Wikipedia, only 28 percent of the world's Ashkenazi Jews live in Israel. The rest live abroad, and it is those Jews who are really the brains of the operation. As well, it is they who are assimilating and disappearing the most rapidly. Intermarriage will make the secular Ashkenazi disappear, and soon the only Ashkenazi left will be the Orthodox, who as you right say "don't look very bright". On top of all of this, the Ashkenazi in Israel are intermarrying with the Arab Jews, so they too are on their way out. The Jews cannot exist without the Ashkenazi, so it seems as if their future isn't looking too good.

        • Plenty of Jews are raising their mixed kids as Jewish too. And "flight from white" will make them continue the line. Being minority has huge benefits, so I don't see them going anywhere as a group, even as their gene line dilutes.

      • >Maybe that’s the plan; Israel is tiny, but very fertile. It can resupply the world Jewry for all eternity, while the diaspora kids take care to send money and guns to the homeland.

        From wikipedia: "The majority of Israeli Jews are Mizrahi.[58] The exact proportion of Mizrahi and Sephardic Jewish populations in Israel is unknown (since it is not included in the census); some estimates place Jews of Mizrahi origin at up to 61% of the Israeli Jewish population,[59] with hundreds of thousands more having mixed Ashkenazi heritage due to cross-cultural intermarriage."

        Add to this the Arabs, the Blacks, the Eurasian Jews whose IQ is by far lower than the average IQ of Ashkenazim, and the "not bright" religious Jews, plus the intermarriage between the various groups, not to mention the serious brain drain (worse than all Western countries), and also the negative correlation between IQ and reproduction within groups, and see if the theoretical strategy you propose makes sense. (it doesn't)

  • Thanks for screwing me over, man! I spent the entire weekend reading your blog. Now I'm quasi-depressed. It would be nice if you were a raving lunatic. Instead you are quite sensible and logical. I can't disagree with most of your conclusions. You seriously fucked with my life, Bro!

        • There is nothing I wish more right now than that the whole lot of you are crazy. But you aren't. And I can't make myself believe that you are crazy. The evidence is too great in your favor. And that is exactly why I'm fucked! Damn it! Y'all should either have told me all these things early in life or forever held your peace. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

      • Why, oh Why did I come across your blog? And having come across it, why oh why did I have to start reading it? And having started, why oh why did I have to read the whole damned thing? Why oh why do my observations in the real world fit your theories? Oh! Why oh why did I swallow the Red Pill?

        • Now that you've taken the Crimson Pill, you must help out in creating the New Religion. Send an email and I'll fix you with our workgroup.

          It'll get worse, btw. Got some cool drafts coming in.

          • How do I send you an email? You already have mine as I need to give you that to comment. Crimson pill. Is that what it's called. With the red pill there was still such a thing as virtue and God and an afterlife, a law of Karma and all that. With the Crimson pill, there is nothing. Nothing! Nothing to fall back on. No basis to anything. With the red pill, one would believe that a firm anchoring to reality was good. The firmer, the better. And that kinda relaxed me. I could ground myself in reality and keep progressing as a person and on to perfection and what have you.

            With the Crimson pill, I now see too much grounding in reality can actually hurt your fitness. And if I go back and think about my experiences and those of my friends, this makes perfect sense and is backed up by events. Now I am totally unhinged. I don't know what to hold on to! Every electrical circuit needs a ground. Every system of ethics needs a golden rule. But what is a basis of the Dark Enlightenment? It seems like a Godamn Dungeon from which there is no escape. A black Hole where hope goes to disappear. Are we actually the denizens of hell?

            And how the hell are you sitting there so calmly saying it will get worse! Does this ever get any better?

            • The Dark Enlightenment isn't a system of ethics. It isn't a plan. It's merely accurate, cold analysis of how humans actually behave. And they sure as hell don't obey a golden rule.

              In a sense, seeking a "grounding', a golden moral rule which one has to just obediently follow to achieve happiness in life; that's just being lazy. Life is a struggle, and in order to win you need to do a lot more than just follow a rule. And when the struggle gets worse, as it surely is right now, you need to lie, cheat and scam, not only your enemies, but your friends too in order to organize them better and save them. It's very hard, but it's never meant to be easy.

              There is some benefit to having a better understanding of reality. For one you can avoid this bitch's fate But if accuracy were the key to life success, humans wouldn't have been coming up with elaborate bullshit for 10 thousand years. Things exist for a reason, i.e. they have managed to reproduce, and bullshit sure is abundant. So we better come up with a new blue pill. Maybe make it purple this time.

              • I feel a bit better after two nights of sleep. What bothers me the most about the Dark Enlightenment is the hypothesis that a certain amount of bullshit is evolutionarily/biologically mandated. It is this that I am having the hardest time accepting. And it is this that is causing the greatest crisis in my psyche. If we do not have reality, what do we have? How is it that reality bullshit is superior to pure reality when it comes to survival and fitness? I can accept that reality approximation is superior to pure reality from a fitness standpoint simply because approximations take less time to compute than high accuracy. So one can reasonably argue that the time-cost Vs benefit analysis favors the approximation. But Bullshit reality > pure reality is something my mind is unable to accept or handle. This is about as close as one can come in believing that the Universe has an intent and that intent is part malevolent. And that is depressing.

              • It's not just your thoughts, it's your perceptions.


                You're not a truth machine, you're a survival and reproduction machine. The second time you see the clip the trick doesn't work because you know about it.

              • It's a coordination problem. Social life isn't easy. Plenty of animal are solitary. In game theoretical terms, most equilibria lead to defection as the best strategy. Enforcing bullshit is the only way to get a group of defecting primates to stick to one other and work for the common good.

  • Primate behavior has been studied for a while. Desmond Morris wrote a book called 'the naked ape". He was dissed and mocked by the credentialist community of anthropologists; I have yet to read any better outline of genetically based similarity behaviors which we share with our cousins the baboons. Tribal in groups require "rules" to gain access to food and shelter, maintain dominance of alphas for protection against raiding parties, increase reproduction of the fittest, etc. these "rules" created our civilizations; most participants are too busy foraging to mind the shadow play on the walls used by the shaman class to maintain their dominance. When the tribe starts noticing less food, access to shelter, giving fertile females to out-groups, "red-pilling" begins and the alphas will be overthrown. Interestingly, a group of tribal baboons is known as a "congress".

  • Oh, the Alt-Right will win, because the Alt-Right is more aligned with reality than almost all the competition, and reality always prevails in the end. But it won't be fast, and it won't be pretty, and the current BS will probably be replaced by some other, slightly less crazy but still messed up BS, which will then proceed to degenerate in the usual manner. Repeat...

    "Love not the World, or the things that are in the World" is pretty good advice, if properly understood.

  • The assertion that Bullshit is necessary is a very intriguing concept. Now, In an earlier post you mentioned that the one of the maxims someone in the dark enlightenment is to understand is that most people are dumb. Dumb people cannot understand subtle arguments regarding why something must or must not be done. And reality is, if anything, subtle. So reality is outside the scope of most people. Then it follows that the only way to keep a social system functioning is by means of bullshit which is easy to grasp down to the lowest denominator. This should get some sort of co-operation and keep the whole thing cohesive. Have I understood this maxim and it's implications properly?

    • It's not about making it easy to understand so that stupid people are able to grasp it. Dumb people will follow the winning team, even if they have no clue why is winning.

      The thing is, "what must be done" is not quite clear. Even smart people don't agree. In the end, everybody wants to win, so there is conflict, and a good understanding of reality only leads to stronger conflict. Bullshit fools people, even smart people, into assuming there's some option where everybody can win, so we should stop fighting each other.

      Nationalism is obvious bullshit. Nations don't really exist. Peasants speak dialects that don't match political borders. Genes match even less. There's nothing essential to a given French that makes him different from an Italian, besides paying taxes to the French state. But all the crap about eternal nations fighting for their common destiny got a lot of good collective action going, building industry, infrastructure, and stopping internal conflict (while driving competition towards other nations). Life was better under nationalism than it was when feudal lords owned peasants according to some other bullshit (loyalty bonds to the king going back to the 10th century).

      • Clearly, mastering this area of thought is going to take me time. I better give myself time to marinate in this. I'm forwarding your blog to all people I know will be receptive to this message. To all people who will be provoked into thought, reflection and contemplation by the things you are trying to say. We'll call you Morpheus. Why do you call yourself Spandrell anyway? Is it because you believe calling yourself Morpheus would sound too pretentious? Or is it that you feel an affinity for Maurice Spandrell of Counter Point? Or something else?

        • Point Counter Point was my favorite novel in my teenage years. Fortunately I grew up and managed to avoid Spandrell's fate, but I used to find him a fascinating character.

  • "...Britain unleashed the Opium War which resulted in the collapse of the Chinese Empire because..."

    Unfortunately the Jews were responsible for that too. They ran the opium market.

    • I know Sasson (who was a Jew) was involved in the Opium bit. But the way you people seem to think is that, "Even if there is only one Jew in a group of Bad Guys, it suddenly becomes a Jewish conspiracy. What sort of sloppy thinking is this?

      Perhaps the Jews are to blame for all the Colonial Famines in British India and Ireland as well? How about Black Slavery? Jews again. Collapse of the Roman Empire? Jews, I bet. The Islamic genocide of Pagan Hindus? Jews, I'm sure! Perhaps it is the Jews that created the East India company, the East Africa company, hmm? Perhaps it was the Jews who egged on Genghis Khan to destroy the caliphate. Perhaps Angela Merkel is a Jewess? Take a break, mate! The Jews may be intelligent but they are not Superhuman. Seriously!

      • Agreed. The fact is the Brits wanted tea, and had no silver to pay for it, so they needed something else. Perhaps it took a Jew to come up with the chutzpah to use opium in exchange, but there was no shortage of Brits involved in the process.

      • You forgot the explosion on Apollo 13.

        Anyways it's as usual more than one.

        "...Elias David Sassoon and Silas Aaron Hardoon, partners in E.D. Sassoon & Co, as already mentioned above, in addition to Edward Ezra, Morris Cohen—described by the South African Sunday Express in 1945 as “the guiding genius behind the War Lords of China”—Jacob Borodin (aka Grusenberg),Trebitsch Lincoln (British MP), BK Galen (aka Chesin), Skidelski, Gekker, Koslowsky, Snamensky, MD Lashewitz, WN Levitscher, A Joffe, R. Haas, JB Rajchman, Ben Kizer..."

        Here's a nice picture of their warehouses.

        The problem being wherever corruption resides the Jews are usually inventing it or right in the thick of it.

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