Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I found an interesting tweet by a Japanese academic. Robin Hanson might enjoy it.

Let me translate: History shows that when humans moved from foraging into farming, this allowed for people who did not need to engage in hunting (bureaucrats, scholars, warriors, etc.), which vastly expanded the range of human activity.

Nowadays we force professionals to do sales, to participate in long meetings, to type their own reports and other paperwork, which is the same as forcing everybody to engage in hunting. We are going backwards.


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  • Is this true? As far as know, professionals don't type, they dictate and someone (or software) types for them. Unless there is an ideological reason, like the socialst idea that every one should do at a few weeks every year farmwork, businesses are not that economically unreasonable. A professional hour is much more expensive than a typist hour (if not, I wonder what kind of a professional he's talking about -perhaps someone with an advanced degree in gender studies or some other worthless pseudo-science).

    Long Meetings? Maybe - but depending on who participates that doesn't meet the meeting could be done more effectively by professional "meeters".

  • » professionals don’t type, they dictate and someone (or software) types for them

    who do you know under 40 who speaks faster than they type? Donald Trump even does his own tweeting because he's very image conscious and only trusts himself to get it right.

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