Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Say Trump wins. Trump may very well end up winning next week.

So say he wins. He'll then be at the top of the Federal Government. A lair of snakes if there ever was one. Every single agency of government, and every single unofficial agency of government (Academia, the Press, all those QUANGOs, basically every organization which belongs to the Cathedral but is not technically part of USG) is against him; against him to the point of willing his assassination.

This is going to be tough. Trump needs friends. Lots of friends. He needs to purge the whole establishment and put people he can trust on their place.

But who can he trust? Who are his friends? It's not that he has no friends. He has plenty of supporters and sympathizers. Even inside USG. But how can he find them? Of course he could ask them to stand up; but plenty of evil entryists would stand up too and try to destroy his projects from within.

So Trump has a big problem here. He needs to find loyal people and he needs a good way to identify them. How can he do that?

If you've been reading this blog for some time, you may have some hint at the answer. But let me do some historical analogy. Of China, of course. It's not a very good one; but it's what I'm reading right now so I might as well write about it anyway.

The Mongols conquered China in two stages; In 1234 they destroyed the Jurchen-ruled Jin dynasty, which controlled North China, and in 1279 they conquered the Southern Song dynasty, which ruled the South. It didn't take a long for Mongol rule to break down. China is a huge country; it took a lot of very fine administrative finesse to keep the whole thing controlled under a single government. And the Mongols weren't very good at administrative finesse. Once the Mongol armies stopped being awesome the whole thing unraveled pretty fast. By 1330 the whole thing was disintegrating fast. By 1350 the Mongol court barely controlled the capital area.

While public order disintegrated, dozens of warlords arose, each controlling some part of the country. Some were Mongol generals themselves. Some were organized crime, mostly smugglers, who had money and armed people at their disposal. Some were just local rich guys who were good at raising an army. And others were wacko millenarian cults who preached the coming of some new awesome godly world were food and babes fell from the sky, dressed up in a mix of Buddhist and Manichean jargon.

These warlords then of course started fighting each other, in a huge and devastating civil war that lasted until 1368. The Mongol generals first had the upper hand; they had seasoned troops and the old administrative apparatus on their hand. The smugglers were also pretty strong; they had long experience at running armed operations, and they had money to burn.

But you know who won in the end? The Ming Dynasty. And do you know what 明 Ming means? Brightness. Ming was the name of the Bright Cult, Manicheanism. Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was a beggar monk who the joined one of the myriad cultist armies around the country. He is the biggest rags to riches story in human history. He was literally begging for food 10 years before he was the absolute ruler of the largest country on earth. And how did he do that? By joining a cult. Obviously the wacko cultist thing had some sort of advantage that made them win against unsurmountable odds, beating the best armed organizations in China.

How did they do it? By being better friends. The Mongol generals got backstabbed by their own imperial court; which they had ties to. Jealous eunuchs and princesses and rival ministers conspired to unseat those big Mongol generals who had too much power. The smugglers also fell to a similar fate; you've all seen the Sopranos. Organized crime is a dangerous world. Smugglers aren't the most reliable people. But the wacky Manicheans, with their absurd tales of the coming of Maitreya or whoever, and those weird rituals and songs and dances; those guys won the game.

Just saying. Those kek guys might be onto something.



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      • There have been plenty of religious revivals without complete breakdown. There's some solid memetics in the West, they just need to be pruned back.

        • The religious revivals you're talking about in the West have all involved trading off immediate utility for long term degeneration.

          The thing about transgression is the energy released by breaking down existing bonds is really invigorating (that small portion of it you manage to capture.) On the other hand, those bonds were there for a reason.

          Yarvin quoted this passage by Carlyle. It is quite fitting today in light of recent revelations:

          All the Millenniums I ever heard of heretofore were to be preceded by a “chaining of the Devil for a thousand years,” — laying him up, tied neck and heels, and put beyond stirring, as the preliminary. You too have been taking preliminary steps, with more and more ardour, for a thirty years back; but they seem to be all in the opposite direction: a cutting asunder of straps and ties, wherever you might find them; pretty indiscriminate of choice in the matter: a general repeal of old regulations, fetters, and restrictions (restrictions on the Devil originally, I believe, for most part, but now fallen slack and ineffectual), which had become unpleasant to many of you, — with loud shouting from the multitude, as strap after strap was cut, “Glory, glory, another strap is gone!”— this, I think, has mainly been the sublime legislative industry of Parliament since it became “Reform Parliament;” victoriously successful, and thought sublime and beneficent by some. So that now hardly any limb of the Devil has a thrum, or tatter of rope or leather left upon it: — there needs almost superhuman heroism in you to “whip” a Garotter; no Fenian taken with the reddest hand is to be meddled with, under penalties; hardly a murderer, never so detestable and hideous, but you find him “insane,” and board him at the public expense, a very peculiar British Prytaneum of these days! And in fact, THE DEVIL (he, verily, if you will consider the sense of words) is likewise become an Emancipated Gentleman; lithe of limb as in Adam and Eve’s time, and scarcely a toe or finger of him tied any more. And you, my astonishing friends, you are certainly getting into a millennium, such as never was before, — hardly even in the dreams of Bedlam.

  • The problem here is not just that we need a new religion. It's that the progs have a new religion. They can identify each other just fine. "They all have the same ant smell".

  • Trouble is that Kek worship is low cost. It is just a secret shitlord shibboleth. If Trump starts hiring Kek worshipers, everyone will worship Kek, including those that identify him with Satan and worship him with maximum possible degeneracy as Hillary's circle did.

    Worshipers of Moloch issued the high cost signal of burning their first born alive.

    Worshipers of progressivism sacrifice their children in ways less dramatic, but nonetheless substantial.

    The old gods walk again in Mexico, and their worshipers issue the high cost signal of sacrificing their enemies to the Old Gods, which is considerably less degenerate than what progressives do.

    • High cost is identifying as a white nationalist. XXXXX-phobic, whatever. so signaling must have some high cost, eh? if Trump is elected, then what is the cost for an actual WN movement? will a Trump supreme court allow free association and self-defense in marches? Making it illegal to get people fired for their political views? many questions to answer as we move into our glorious kekked future.

    • Kek worship is making mocking memes about degenerates, skypes and googles.

      I don't think you can fake Kek worship and still be a progressive. They hit on the formula for preventing entryism - mocking the taboos of the entryist group.

  • "But the wacky Manicheans, with their absurd tales of the coming of Maitreya or whoever, and those weird rituals and songs and dances; those guys won the game.

    Just saying. Those kek guys might be onto something."

    Now that's an intriguing double meaning.

    The kek guys are onto something with the kek worship or are they onto something when they read the Podesta emails as containing coded references to a child rape ring? That's a high cost signal to be sure.

    • This is the closest to a look behind the curtain at the satanic practices of our talmudic masters in more than a century. OTO was highly regarded among the victorian aristocracy; Mr. Crowley attended many a midnight masque. Kubrik's "eyes wide shut" resulted in his "unfortunate demise" less than five days after the release of the movie. These monsters of depravity are those who deign themselves our "elite." Pitchforks and lamp posts should be coming, but zombie progtards will never believe that there is such a thing as evil, else they recognize that they- are evil.

      • Crowley was interested in Lurianic Kabbala, not Talmud. Talmud is boring -- intricate legal discussions, mainly involving attempts to reconcile an expert's reasoning on one case with his reasoning on another case. As for the practical side of Lurianic Kabbala -- it has two aspects: (1) nerds rolling in the snow and fasting and that sort of thing; (2) nerds psyching themselves up to have sex with their own wives on Friday nights.

  • As Charles the first said: No Bishop, no King.

    Meaning if no Bishop, then no King.

    A new state religion needs an archbishop.

  • Everyone who shitlord signaled before Trump rose to power has emitted a high cost signal that he is likely to be loyal to Trump. There are a lot of very powerful people who emitted shitlord signals under deep cover pseudonyms.

    These people, Trump can trust.

  • Everyone voiced an opinion in this election. Trump can just limit his hiring to people who supported him before he won. It might be more of a problem for his successor, but not now. The Internet conveniently stores anything anyone wrote anywhere, so it should be easy checking applicants.

  • It was a mistake for established powers to reveal themselves as much as they have and commit all their forces. Now Trump would have a mandate, and perfect excuse to clear many of them out and replace them with his people. It would ironically be much harder for Trump if established institutions had kept their cool and not instigated a months-long shitstorm. High cost and sunken costs make for good loyalty tests. Progressive holiness signalling is easy enough and reversible enough that can't quite pull it off. Thus the rise of truly extreme "ritual scarification" behaviors like adopting children from Africa to seal the pact of allegiance.

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