Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us



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  • Trying not to get too excited, but didn't Moldbug suggest that the easiest (but least likely) way to dismantle the Cathedral was democratically?


  • That first picture is appropriate. About a year ago I decided that Trump is basically Gatsby, a man with the wealth to hob nob with the upper classes, but not actually upper class in the important ways. Difference being that Gatsby desperately wanted to be accepted as one of them, put on a show to hide his outsider status, while Trump couldn't care less what they think of him. Really I get the impression that Trump loathes all those motherfuckers, has nothing but contempt for them. Which is nice because they deserve it.

    Anyway, cheers. Whatever this is in the end, it is good now.

    • Gatsby was seriously "beta" over his Daisy fixation. I don't think that his desperation was to be "accepted by one of them" as desperation to be accepted by just one of them -- Daisy. When Daisy appeared to reciprocate his interest over her loveless and abusive marriage to Tom, Gatsby stopped with the status-signaling banquets.

      Mr. Trump seems to me like the kind of guy who if he were snubbed in a romantic pursuit, he would tug on his dinner jacket sleeves in the James Bond style, run his fingers to straighten out that hair of his, and tell himself, "Hey, there are a lot more women from where she came from."

      Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, Gatsby's obsession may be regarded as more honorable by some women than the real Trump's "many other fish in the sea" attitude that I took as the take-home message and what many regard as the most offensive part from the Access Hollywood tape. Your mileage may vary.

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