Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I want to build a virtual altar to worship these two figures:

[gallery ids="wp-content/uploads/2016/11/screen-shot-2016-05-26-at-1-21-42-pm-2.png|,wp-content/uploads/2016/11/screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-12-54-38-2.png|" type="rectangular"]


Kinda like a Chinese temple worshipping Guan Yu and stuff like that.


Those with mad Photoshop skillz who pull it off will be highly rewarded. Praise Kek.


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  • "Praise Kek"? Really? From insight about the state of the world, to taking "meme magic" seriously?

  • I was thinking exactly the same thing... Plenty of weird things in those Chinese temples, neither a frog nor Trump wouldn't look out o f place:

  • Praise Kek indeed.

  • Kek needs to takeover an existing religion, like trump with the republican party, Mahomet with christianity, etc.

    • As long as it isn't (a) "Jews First!" [Romans 1:16] cult, (b) requires begging for "crumbs that fall" from their Jewish "Master's" table [Matthew 15:27], and (c) considers a foreign capital as "Holy" land [Rev. 21:2], it suits me.

      If KEK = GNON, he's built right into America's founding document. The Laws of Nature and Nature's God. Deus, sive Natura. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  • If this is to be done, it should be done right. That means we need to evaluate the memetics that are most successful and incorporate them in a useful way.

    • The Declaration of Independence is the word's most successful meme.

      Sometimes it is misunderstood and maligned by the alt-right over its use of equality, as if that means racial equality. Nothing could be further from the truth. The author wrote this the following, the first part which is cherry-picked and carved into stone on the MLK monument. But read the rest:

      "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [blacks] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." --Thomas Jefferson (Autobiography, 1821)

      I'm happy for people of color to be free -- in their own nation, on their own soil. And that is premise upon which the DoI was written.

      Hail, Heil, Health to GNON.

      • No. Monotheism is the world's most successful meme. Its abandonment ultimately came after its mimetic support structure was thoroughly eroded by the likes of the founding fathers in their quest to implement a new status structure that rewarded them above their competitors.

        • Jefferson, a Deist himself, defined Deism thusly:

          "...Deism; that is, the belief in one only God." (letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, April 21, 1803)

          Of what "abandonment" do you refer?

    • Yes, the Clinton demon worship should def be included, for it powers Kek and His followers with green rage and righteous fury.

  • In the social cosmology, the Clinton's were high Gods of the pantheon representing the entire gestalt installed by the 60s cultural revolution. There was a war in heaven and they lost it. Trump and his family will be the new top deities in the social heaven as the Olympians conquered and cast down the Titans. I don't really know for sure, but my intuition with these colorful Asian idols is people don't literally believe that there's this big fanged green man somewhere, but he's a representation of an aspect of their lives and the emotions they associate with it. This mindset is more representative of where religion is going to go. Symbols that help people understand their place in the universe. The Middle Eastern mindset of absolute literal faith in an abstract autocrat of all has lost its hold in a world where too many people have too much access to information.

    • Regardless of whether big green men exist or not, Spandrell has a point: the J-man just isn't doing it for the people anymore. No 靈 in other words.

  • Some better pics of the dancing frogs:

  • Kek is the laughter of Gnon. Lesser avatars of Gnon might laugh with men, but Gnon laughs at those who, in their vanity, conceive themselves wiser than Gnon. North Europeans used to serve Gnon but came to think too much of themselves. They were visited with three great calamities but did not heed, and now Kek is visited upon them.

    • Here in NRx we appreciate Wiener on a much deeper level than you.

      Hmm, something about that seems off...

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