Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


This pic has been doing the rounds in the Chinese Internet. It's a parking sign in a mosque in Gansu province, Western China. There's a lot of muslims there, about a million, 3% or so of the province population. There used to be quite a lot more, until they rebelled in the 1860s. Then Zuo Zongtang and his army came and massacred every muslim he could find.


Those days are long gone, though, and muslims are quite assertive in China today. Back to the sign. It's just a run-of-the-mill sign, telling people who go to park inside the mosque what they have to do. Drive slowly, follow directions from the staff, pay the ticket, watch your valuables, you know. Now take a look at rule 3. in the second section. It says:


"All cars who are carrying flammable, explosive or toxic products, especially all cars which are carrying women, cannot drive into the mosque. Else they will face the consequences."

Doesn't say which consequences. But it can't be very good. I kinda like the "especially". Like bombs and poison is bad, man. But be especially careful about bringing women! That's even worse! That's just trolling. And successfully, now the sign is all over the Chinese internet. And the Chinese are pretty feminist. Women there almost universally work, nag and are often pretty annoying in general. Nothing like the modern West, of course, not even close. But stuff like this really gets them angry.

But still, muslims are quite assertive in modern China. As often, the bulk of political signaling is done in universities, this bizarre contraption where young people in the pinnacle of their narcissism and status-seeking instincts are put in a closed area for 4 long years doing nothing at all but listening to senseless bullshit. And men and women put together! Well, what many Chinese college students do is go on online forums to bitch about muslims. Those bitches with the hijab claiming discrimination. Those fuckers who get private halal canteens. Who always walk in packs and hit on our women; while if we hit on their women we get beaten up and nobody cares. I hear it's getting worse. For how long, I wonder.


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  • " universities, this bizarre contraption where young people in the pinnacle of their narcissism and status-seeking instincts are put in a closed area for 4 long years doing nothing at all but listening to senseless bullshit." Lovely succinct description of college in the U.S.

  • Genes are the basis of everything human. It's not like Chinese women are "feminist", you can't back that statement and at the same time maintain their society is still traditionalist. And they don't have the idea of total equality on their mind at all. They just stick with the tradition, a tradition that, owing to males being less masculine and females being more masculine, assigns males and females less diverse roles than other peoples' traditions do. Women in the West are beginning to be more annoying because, due to social transformations (part planned from the above, part spontaneous I'd say), whereas men have become less masculine they have become more masculine. I have experience of dating with women of the Mongolid race [no slut-term, just scientifically accurate one]: a fair amount of them just have a lot of testosterone aggression and drive for command over their man, hidden in their apparently very feminine bodies. Longest time I can stand them, or more accurately they can stand that they aren't allowed to impose their will and whims on me, a few minutes. On the other hand, it takes little to notice they are more wise and more prone to reason than your average Caucasian woman. THIS difference in mental traits may have led to them playing a more substantial role in the family and society which may have led to their high T and high psychological aggression and drive for dominance. Just speculating, this is always a chicken-or-egg problem, how in the world can we know what happened first and what happened later. So, no: they aren't "feminist" at all. They are traditionalist, but their tradition puts them ABOUT on par with their men (still, how females are in the Party?... and yet you will never hear a complaint about this, or anything like this... as long as Western NGOs "exporting democracy" and Western MSM aren't allowed to do their job in China, that is!). Universities are a great place, where the bulk of learning for the bulk of people should have to occur. That they have/have been degraded is another matter. You didn't say "universities now", you said generically. As if universities of any time and place were not needed or not useful. Read some memories of Harold Bloom, or Bernard Lewis, about when they went to university. The fact that people like you need not to be taught college-level (and beyond) material to master it doesn't allow you to judge the institution of university the way you did.

    • Genes are the basis for all human behavior, which is why the characteristics of Asian women are genetic, but those of White women are the result of societal programming. Got it. Also, you have a long history of being dominated by Asian women.

  • Did you say, "drive into the mosque"? To me, that sounds a bit like "bake into the river" or "know into the ground." It parses grammatically but seems to make little sense. Is a mosque a kind of thing into which one drives? Am confused.

  • "I hear it’s getting worse. For how long, I wonder." When the last Moslem gasps for his final breath.

  • Incidentally, Zuo Zongtang is the General Tso of General Tso's Chicken, which is a famous dish in American Chinese restaurants:'s_chicken

  • History always repeats itself, at least in China. You forgot to mention why Zuo went almost annihilating Hui Muslims in northwestern China. Those Muslims grow nasty and start to show off their greedy teeth by ravaging Chinese around, then it reached a tipping point where Beijing thought it was time to do something about it. Three four hundred years ago they were in exact situation where Zhu Chongba forced them to adopt Chinese names and assimilate. I certainly don't see why Beijing won't act diligently this time. Look at Xinjiang, it is just a matter of how soon it'd happen. Very soon if you ask me.

      • That piece was completely rubbish. Hui problem wasn't new and much easier to solve. Hui are under close watch already, unlike Uighurs. Way before Ming was conceived, records of how Chinese rebel peasants lynched and annihilated whole Muslim communities in Canton and Quanzhou kept repeating in those the Tang-Song era chronicles. And of course I forgot to mention to complete obliteration of Hui Muslim in Yunnan... That was a dramatic and kickass move. Of course you gotta wait for the Muslims to get frisky and start chopping some poor infidels around.

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