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I'm reading this book by a Japanese historian on how Neoconfucianism in the East unwittingly prepared the ground for the adoption in East Asia of Western progressivism as its logical conclusion. Really cool stuff. I'll have a review shortly.

But before that, let me anticipate you this kind of evolutionary argument with something more relevant to our day.

I've been writing a lot about how Islam has a big chance of taking over the West. Not because Muslims are strong or anything. They're a bunch of lazy low IQ pansies for the most part. But they have their shit together, and for various reasons they are immune (on average, of course) to adopting progressive ideology. One reason which I've written about a lot is that Muslim culture gives very high status to men. It's a patriarchy. And Muslim men very much enjoy that. So when they move to the West, where feminism gives pretty low status to men as men, well Muslim men see very clearly that assimilating to Western culture will lower their status.

And they'd very much not lower their status. So Muslim men cling steadfastly to their traditional culture, as dumb and dysfunctional as it is, with its clannishness and laziness and inshallah fucked up work ethic. None of that matters compared to the dire threat of losing status. You'll notice that the odd Muslim man which lands a high-status job, say Fareed Zakaria or Mohamed Hadid are quite happy with abandoning Islam for progressive. Feminism is pretty good for the high-status rich guy. But for your average guy, even a high middle class professional, feminism is a way worse deal than Islam. You'll note plenty of self-bombing jihadists have been doctors and engineers.

Anyway, this is one factor. The male side to the equation, which accounts for why Islam is so healthy, unlike Christianity. But there's this other side of the equation. The side which accounts for why the West is so weak. The female side. Take a look at this white lady.

This British woman, apparently some journalist or QUANGO employee or whatever, went on a cycling trip from Britain to Iran. Because she loves the Middle East or something. Now, if you know your geography you may have thought that she just cycled through Turkey and that's it. Which would be dangerous enough. It wasn't that long ago that a Japanese college student was raped and murdered in Cappadocia. But no, this chick is the real deal. Look at her route.

Screenshot 2017-04-02 19.00.54

She went all the way down to Sudan. She's the real deal. She really likes them arabs. You may have noticed that on her Twitter picture she's wearing a veil of some sort. Now why would she do that? Why would she like Middle Eastern culture so much? This clip gives you a hint. (HT Sailer's)

That's Omar Sharif. If anyone knew Arab women, it must be him. And he makes a really good point. Egypt is indeed becoming more piously Islamic than it used to be. The whole Muslim world is. This is Kabul in the 1970s.


And of course in Egypt, things like these were going on. Nobody wore the veil well into the 1980s. Then they did. What happened? As Omar Sharif puts it, back in the 1950s and forward, you had this big baby boom, and the modernization of the whole Muslim world. Egypt had this huge showbiz industry, and the showbiz industry was run on more or less Western templates. Women in short skirts and all that. Young actresses, being young women, surely liked to show off.

But then this very same actresses got older. They weren't so pretty anymore. And so they made virtue out of necessity and started to cover up those wrinkles and saggy skin and unshapely legs. But they were still in showbiz; they started the industry, they still had some authority. Given that celebrities were wearing the veil, that surely must have trickled down. Not just out of imitation, but because they had a point. All those Westernized girls were getting older. Westernization hadn't brought the world of honey and spice that they'd thought. So they went Islamic. Once you go Islamic, the signaling went out of control. Next thing you know you ought to wear a Burka and let yourself get beaten by your husband. But, by then it was too late.

Western women like our British cyclist journalist aren't immune to that temptation. Look at that woman again? WYB? I don't think so. But man was she popular out there in Turkey and Egypt. Must have felt nice. Not sure how many men she slept with. She won't say, she has a "boyfriend". But you and I know she didn't go all the way to Sudan just to see sand dunes. At any rate, during her trip she must have understood why the veil is a good idea. It hides you, but hides also everyone else. If you're not very good looking, it's a winning proposition in the zero-sum game of status competition.

Let's be honest here, Western culture is exhausting for women. For men too, of course. But sexual freedom means women have to be in their top game; and then again you can't help your genes. Sexual freedom expanded the field of conflict. And that brings a lot of losers. Feminism is if anything a compensatory symptom more than a cause. If you're gonna shit on me because I'm ugly then I'll use feminism to paint you as an evil fuck. Which is, of course, why the most prominent feminists tend to be ugly and fat.


This is Germany's population pyramid. Not a lot of young ladies. A huge bunch of older ladies. And it's not getting any better. And so the interests of the older ladies have the upper hand. If there's something older ladies don't like it's hot young ladies. Having them cover up is perhaps not such a bad idea. Probably overkill in Germany, given that the men have been completely neutralized. It would be interesting to test this theory in Italy or France, with more of a culture of adultery.

So anyway, more to worry about.



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  • I'd never noticed the age dimension before. But I have noticed the beauty dimension - lots of ugly White women becoming skittles. Came to the conclusion that the levellimg aspect of Islam (it is a Nietzschean slave morality) is appealing, esp the emphasis on bin liners, purianism, veils makes it hard for hot girls to gain status at their expense.

  • It is a plausible thesis and I could see it develop that why with the use of celebrities or other high status Brahmins starting the trend. I have a different interpretation:

  • Your argument becomes much stronger when you factor in that most of these older women have few or no children, meaning very few or no grandchildren, so there is no status to be had there and they have no reason to invest in our civilization.

    • It's quite easy to notice that, although it is -- as it shall ever be -- buried beneath layers and layers of unconsciousness, the core aim of angry feminists isn't to "go at men". It is to prevent any man-with-woman happiness. See when they yell at "the female body objectification": yes some beauty feigns outrage too, but those who are sincerely angry are all harridans, and sexual market bottom dwellers. So now, like all men who were discontent with their income and status pushed for various forms of economic marxism, all women who are discontent with their sexual market value would welcome Islam, this is what our host says I think. I wish he'd expand the topic way beyond a matter of copulating and being enraged by lines on one's forehead and cheeks though. Because the question why men would not oppose this conversion to Islam should be faced (maybe he answered when saying that sexual freedom has created many losers... implying male losers too?) This was a very Freudian, sex-centric post. As for that narcitwittercunt, she went for the route that, well, made her as "cool" as possible. That route was planned while salivating at the thought of when it'd be shared, I wouldn't read anything else in it. Social media put an imagined or real camera before everybody who craved for one. The effect is deranging on many (especially women), and more than sufficient to start any kind of signaling spyral. Long time I don't run into a concise White males are dangerous: I miss you, Twitter.

      • How about hitchhiking to Turkey in a wedding dress?

  • Could not the explanation for countries like Afghanistan and Egypt becoming more religious and conservative be that liberal minded women in these countries had no children,whilst their traditional religious contemporaries had several children,and thus the liberal "species" became extinct, or at least the religious species came to dominate. I believe this is what has happened in Israel and Turkey, which explains their move to the right politically.

  • You avoided telling us who neutralized the men in Germany. It's not a specious remark, I really wanted to know your mind on this, and if you'd say that "old women" have beaten both young women and men of all ages at once.

    • In which case we should start assessing the possibility they be witches, armed with arcane powers and unstoppable charms.

  • I wish I could find the direct quote, as it's put better. Anyway, Steve Sailer has on many occasions observed that the purpose of feminist fads like slut walks or fat acceptance is that, come the revolution, the individual women involved will be thought more attractive than they currently are.

  • Jim says women like being made to be low status. They want to compete for status but lose. There also this: If it doesn't matter what you wear, your choices don't matter, and you don't matter. In the ancient world morons, slaves, and children could say pretty much anything, because their words had no authority. In the west, female clothing has no authority. The burka says the female body is powerful and must be covered to prevent it from harming civilization, the way a fire is beautiful but must be held behind a grate. Simultaneously, it is a valuable treasure to be protected. Yeah if everyone's showing off, competition is fiercer. But also emptier. The female body becomes pulp entertainment. Disposable fluff.

  • Those photos from Afghanistan circa 1970s are very misleading. They were taken mainly on the campus of Kabul University. Kabul has never been representative of the country at large.

    • The normal trend would have been for Kabul university elite fashion to slowly trickle down, as it happens worldwide. And yet...

    • According to a Turkish friend, this thesis misses the mark, as girls in Hijab tend to be the overtly sexual ones: "HA, outrageous. I can't say I disagree with the first part, second part is just ludicruous, because he has no actual knowedge of what happened in egypt, who supported islamists and why. The radical islamization is a long winded project supported by the CIA during cold war. Those actresses getting old and covering up is esp the cherry on top. In Turkey actually, girls with hijab do more make up, are more into shopping, have tight clothes and get their hair done etc. They have boyfriends, they are in constant flirtation mode."

  • "Let’s be honest here, Western culture is exhausting for women." My wife had a few unprompted thoughts on this recently, and used the same word - exhausting - when talking about her adult life before having our first child. These weren't related to appearance and sexual competition, though. For one thing, the feminine nurturing instinct is real, and if you let it be channeled where mass social media inertia leads, it results in all kinds of quixotic concerns. It starts from teen girls pleading with all their upvotes for someone to do something to all the unaccompanied minors drowning, the rainforests burning, the ozones melting, the hate-speeches lurking. But now, as she puts it, a famine in some sub-Saharan shithole no longer moves her now that she has children of her own to take care of. Also, unlike men who seem to have a more instrumental view on the striver mentality (work, work, work, get money, improve social only has purpose if you've got a family to feed or at least are preparing to do that), women seem to be more prone to accept the intrinsic value of striving as it is portrayed in modern ethos. This adds another weight on her shoulders because the average woman does not handle work pressures and related interpersonal conflicts well. One Foseti quote from way back had stayed in my mind: "My wife is still angry that no one, throughout her education and career, ever told her that she might – just might – really like having and taking care of children.", so I asked my wife if anyone had ever told here she'd find fulfillment and contentment in family life. She said no.

    • I've seen plenty of the opposite story to curb my reactionary enthusiasm on the nurturing instincts of women. The thing with being exhausting is that there's something very powerful pulling people into that exhausting vortex, powerful enough to justify the effort. St least at first.

      • "I’ve seen plenty of the opposite story to curb my reactionary enthusiasm on the nurturing instincts of women. The thing with being exhausting is that there’s something very powerful pulling people into that exhausting vortex, powerful enough to justify the effort. St least at first." Well, maybe. It might be that the nurturing/nesting instinct only kicks in during late pregnancy, and is directed only towards the newborn offspring. It might be that females can't into territory, and if still unmarried & childless & fertile, only follow their genetic interests in instigating as many competing bands of brutes as possible to take up residence in close proximity to sort out who's worthy of fathering their children. It's not implausible, but I wouldn't go that far. That photo of Aylan Kurdi after he failed his swimming course was directed at women and men who listen to women. That's what my wife was getting at: there are Dunbar * Dunbar amount of people being bombarded to your attention every day, and it is really exhausting to be caring towards all of them. Having a child has focused her caregiving to more tangible and manageable ends, not towards getting agitated over each drowning kid 5000km away. Maybe that's at the core of this thing. Our archaic firmware just can't keep up in this evolutionarily novel socially networked environment. Of course, if you talk to most 25 year old university girls, they'll proudly proclaim never wanting to have children, probably because they aspire to meet the high-status mores of their pathological milieu, so there's that. And plenty of housewifes are still managing to get agitated by asylee sob stories. I dunno.

  • Also, one underdiscussed thing about these inverted 1st-world population pyramids is that continuously shrinking birthrates add more friction to the pair-bonding phase because: 1) the proportion of 20-30 something year old women keeps going down 2) those are the women that every man is going for as long as there's blood in his veins 3) there are more 40 year old men on the market due to divorce or lifestyle choices (no homo) 4) one apex alpha can monopolize more than one woman If a divorced 45 year old guy has his shit still together, he's back on the market prowling for those same early 30s women that commonly pair up with middle-of-the-road betas their own age. On the flip side, that leads to a huge reserve of depressed and repressed 'surplus' middle age women, who will try to throw their weight around politically, as you pointed out. Hell, maybe they're already started. Demonizing the male gaze and opening the floodgates for Gambians to pour in while vicariously living their wish fulfillment through Emanuel Macron's trophy MILF is a pretty good opening gambit. Related: an old Peter Frost post & discussion on sex rations in different pair bonding age cohorts

  • "I’m reading this book by a Japanese historian on how Neoconfucianism in the East unwittingly prepared the ground for the adoption in East Asia of Western progressivism as its logical conclusion." Wait, let me guess: Masao Maruyama, Studies in the Intellectual History of Tokugawa Japan?

  • Women are exhausted from being free. They yearn for a world where the burden of running their own lives is shouldered by a worthy man. Islam's lure is that it allows her to submit, something anthama to the modern West. If the men of the West can't control their women, their women will find someone who will.

  • I use to have the same view, but the more I research HBD data, the more doubt's I have of that claim. It is certainly true that women are instinctively attracted to male dominance and charisma, but this doesn't explain why feminism is so popular and successful to begin with. After all, we know that worldviews and political attitudes are heritable. If women on the whole truly desire to be complete under submission, why aren't we seeing a mass movement towards far-right ideologies from women? Conversion to Islam tends to be dis-proportionally male and the Alt-right on the whole is almost entirely male. Also, why aren't the most passive and submissive women (East Asian) pining for dominate alpha males? They are know to settle for and prefer passive beta providers (especially if they're white). Just me thoughts.

    • You'd be surprised what Asian women do when undeterred. But low T does help settle. I would say most conversions to Islam are of women through marriage, but I haven't seen figures.

  • Western feminism is destroying the West yet, western men never learn. They still attack those who fight the influence of feminism.

  • Actually, women today in Islamic countries are better educated than ever, bear fewer children than ever, live longer than ever , participate in politics more than ever, ..... (Yes, they do wear hijab more than ever. Why? Because hijab is not oppression.) " It’s a patriarchy. And Muslim men very much enjoy that" No, they don't. That's why in Muslim countries men live 4-5 years shorter than women, and commit suicide 3 times as often as women do, ... "So Muslim men cling steadfastly to their traditional culture, as dumb and dysfunctional as it is, with its clannishness and laziness and inshallah fucked up work ethic." It's actually men who rebel more against traditional Islam, just as men rebel more against everything. You know, honestly, you should really stop this white-knighting for Muslim women. It's not "red-pill" or "edgy" at all. Accusing your enemies of misogyny is the oldest trick in the book. It's very quaint, very "blue pill" and very feminist. After all, you explained yourself in this very post that it was the women in Islam who drove the social change, didn't you? So, can you take one more logical step forward, you being such brave free "red-pilled" thinker ?

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