Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Nobody is going to like her.  The Right is starting to hate her as a traitor. And the left will never accept her. Wrong pedigree. Becoming a jewess isn't quite enough.

Politics is about choosing sides. Telling apart friend and enemy. Ivanka, you're doing it wrong. Very very wrong.

Hell I can't stand John Oliver but I found this hilarious.


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  • Great videos. I gave Trump the benefit of doubt on the Syrian bombing. Maybe there was some misdirection scheme going on but his appointments keep getting worse and worse. Even Bush Sr. was better. He's flat out betrayed us. Bush at least had the Congress to blame on tax increases. Trump is looking like a huge disaster. More Jew run government. I liked your old motto better. I think it was,"We are drowning and no one will save us", something like that. I think in the present circumstances it's much more appropriate.

      • It's not about J's, they are just generally good at generally ending up high in any setting, but there's nothing more than that to them. If you are able to take a peek at the inner workings, behind-the-scenes behavior and power dynamics of any large organization, say, any very large Internet portal/site, you'll see the real face of human society. After that, it'll take moral courage and fortitude to accept that the why human society's real face is like that it is because the real face of humans is like that. Why would the mad power-maximizers always rise high, were they not the most esteemed, and liked? They are. Take any site with 100.000 visitors a day or more, and find a way to gather information on "staff", "admins" and the whole behind-the-scenes. Enjoy the sight. Or, if you want it pictured by somebody who writes adequately better than I, read Venkatesh Rao's series on The Gervais Principle.

        • Just look at how bans and other decisions are handled and administered. Unconsciously (never stain the image of the self! Does it need be said?), they pursue the exercise of arbitrariness like the Holy Graal of pleasures. They find no satisfaction in just enforcing explicit, uniform rules. The pleasure they find is in enforcing rules arbitrarily, because each injustice committed is a luxuriously red cherry to pick and enjoy to them. You see these beings... living to the only purpose of being above the rules, and also to play "ruler and mice" (applying unfairly fair rules), while always rationalizing every act (they are narcissists, without fault, so they need this). All people who control what gets published in every influential cyber-venue are like them (when not also their "friends"), so you have no way to let the injustice be known. But even if you did, everybody would frown upon you and your complaints. After all, they aren't the ones being hypocri-bullied in that minute and hour, why shouldn't they make light of your problems? And so it perpetuates, without a change...

        • I was just imagining an old imperfectly-English-speaking Chinese woman in Brooklyn recommending, as a solution to whatever set of administrative problems, that there be more Jews in government -- she might say it in just this way. (But your comments are interesting; thanks.)

  • If it gets out of hand, "Jarvanka" could end up being Trump's Rasputin. A court favorite promoted far beyond the bounds of propriety hated by both allies and enemies, commoners and nobility alike. Can't ever please everyone but pissing off everybody is how you fail at politics. After months of Oliver's unfunny sanctimonious blather during the election, was surprised at how funny the video was. Trump may be having the same problem here as his daughter. Surely he must understand that softening his stance won't win the approval of the people that were still screaming about "normalizing Hitler" less than a month ago.

  • These are truly witty, you could do some big bucks if you were tech-comm enough--much better than some China history. And you're not exactly the over-serious type, what with wanting more and more status points. I'm sure the Greenspans would publish you...I mean, I don't get it, the 'Jim's Blog' even understands about the human-sized doors at Trump Tower and the importance of whether the red ties get a full Windsor...He's upset, but is the only one of you that can see what Trump has done. You could do a fantastic series on Ivanka and, mainly, she knows that she's in the 'cooties' part of the family, with Melania and Barron actually the only aristocrats. This is TRUMP CULTURE now, we have a new LIVING THEATER, and all sorts of Sophocles and Euripides possibilities are there--such shit as Bette Midler doing fag-hag opening of new production of 'Hello Dolly' for old queens doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Melania probably doesn't do anything but her duties, because she knows Ivanka would like to poison her. We know that Trump is attracted to Ivanka, and so she might just turn into that 'piece of ass' for her own father as he said it on Howard Stern. Melania would probably just be relieved. Then somebody could outdo Martha Graham in some ballet, so friggin' GREEK. All you NRx people whining like leftist feminists. Nothing is totally disastrous after the 2 bombings, which were really hot. Yet it's in your blogs that the life-giving Trump Culture is on display, even while whining. At one point, some of Nick Land's threads were so giddy that the fancy-pants Icelandic, who's changed the whole blog because knows everything (of all kinds!) but acts gay about it...actually said "I wonder what Land eats". I thought I would die, it was straight out of Photoplay or Ladies' Home Journal. By now, even the Moldbug threads are entertaining, and you expatriates think the USG was supposed to entertain you. You're gonna have to WORK, you parasites. Wagner is hilarious too ("Land fucked Moldbug?"), and Nick's BLM tweets are too, but some of the ones in the last few days sound more like the good straightforward Nazis with the filligreed philosophy mastery got caught at a David Geffen party in the Pines, Fire Island, loosening their girdles (exclude SVErshov, he's the smartest of all.) Act like Trump was supposed to entertain you and get all 'alt-right' since you didn't get to see Hillary do 'Collapse President' (and she was going to, you're just ungrateful because you don't live here.) At least the VXXC2014 cares about America. You know, you expatriates are no better than Henry James, just couldn't man up and make it in the big city of America and stand up for your own people. That horrible Brett Stevens Dracula is probably just jealous that Bret Stephens managed to move from Wall Street Journal to New York Times, and he still hasn't gotten to meet Anders Brevik. You're talking about Trump even worse than the msm. At least the 'Jim's Blog' knows Trump is bringing about great artistic renewal, although you're right about Ivanka and her mane of wrongful hair, all she really accomplished was to make Kellyanne Conway look really bad (probably from drinking, I'm sure Melania never speaks to her.) So ordinary to punish the president, every single one of them always gets a bad review, but I thought it was just the commies. Anyway, they've got new leftists at Nick's place, including one who lives near me and is a loathsome vegetarian, won't go to restos.

    • Very funny - well done. You should do Youtube-monologues like this; I can almost visualize you gesturing and tossing your head as I read.

    • The steady decline of Xeno's comment section reflects the decline in compelling content. When did transhumanism mean a steady stream of political garbage? Exit, if there ever was one, certainly is no longer found on those pages. The Icelandic, as you call him, uses the site as a personal blog and nothings done about it. The garbage and clutter is terribly disappointing for what was once a truly intriguing and somewhat enigmatic site.

  • Trump voters didn't vote for Ivanka and Jared Kutcher, and how they have so much influence is a sort of betrayal against voters. It's like dude, where's my president. They are just so vapid and superficial they embody everything wrong with politics and humanity, yet reactionaries should not be surprised, because to quote H. L. Mencken, 'voters deserve what they get, and get it hard'

  • See this link for a timeline into Trump's slide into globalism and a refutation of the campaign promises that got him elected:

  • O/T can someone please explain the extreme east / Le Pen Vs west / Macron division in France election?

  • Politics is about life, or life is about politics, or both. It's about choosing sides, but, more important, about knowing which is the right side to choose. And for sure it is never sincerity, truth, actual equity. If Ivanka, her father, her husband, are were they are, it means they have been really good choice-makers. I, a little whit less. Last time I told the truth to somebody, and it was an harmless little thing not regarding them (or their ego) in any way, they saw to it that I would have problems, and I had, and it will have long-term consequences. Doing what they did, what nearly surely went on their mind was along the lines of "I am fixing a little piece of this world, wow, I am a cool one". Of her drive and desire to cause their neighbour trouble, the most earnest woman surely has no cognition. They always pave their drives with good intentions. My mistake? Putting myself above a cardinal tenet: never say truth. I assessed the specific thing, judged it would not bring problems to anybody, and said it. Never. Say. Truth.

  • Ivanka's mother is pretty clearly Jewish (Ivana Zelnickova) so why did she need to convert? Maybe to maintain the idea that the other Trump children are Gentiles.

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