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So the Chinese government just had a huge party in Beijing, attended by 100 or so heads of government, where they announced the launching of the One Belt One Road initiative. They even had cute videos in English like this.

But still, nobody has any idea what this is all about. And the reason is that Chinese public PR is utterly retarded. It just doesn't work. China's government has absolutely no way of reaching the hearts and minds of white people.

Part of it is racial hostility. Yellow men just aren't cool. I hate saying this, I've lived half my life among them, and personally I like them very much. But I gotta say the truth. They just aren't cool. Not even physically. They're not small, the average Chinese is probably taller than the average Italian by now. But they're skinny and awkward and just not very alpha. You just can't fight average T levels. There's plenty of cool guys in the right edge of the distribution, but alas. China will never be cool. Not even Japan is cool. Look at Cool Japan and other government initiatives. Only Anime and other stuff geared to 13 year olds is cool, because the Japanese never grow out of that age, as McArthur famously said. And the Koreans are basically prostituting their teenage girls all across the world for cheap (Korean dramas and K-pop shows are sold really cheap to get access) just in order to spite Japan getting more Western attention.

So now that I've established my impartiality by shitting on all of East Asia at the same time: what is the One Belt One Road thing? Well I don't really know; but what I know is why it sounds so weird. You see, Chinese has this thing where ideally any word or language unit must be 4 syllables long, in order to sounds good and be memorable. As it happens Chinese characters are all 1 syllable long, so it's also 4 characters, 4 words. It just has to. It just sounds good. It fits. It has been like that for 3,000 years. Even Confucius spoke in 4-word units. Mandarin today is about 30% 4-word idioms, some classical idioms going back thousands of years, some neologisms made by ad agencies, some political slogans made by the Communist Party Propaganda Department. That's how Chinese works. And it's beautiful once you get used to it.

So One Belt One Road is exactly 一带一路 yidai yilu, 4 words. Other famous slogans would be Mao Zedong's 造反有理 zaofan youli, "rebellion is justified", Deng Xiaoping's 改革开放 gaige kaifang "reform and opening", or Jiang Zemin's 三个代表 sange daibiao "the three represents", which incidentally means the Communist party represents the peasants, the workers and the capitalists whether they like it or not.

So anyway, everything has to fit in 4 words, so 一带一路 it was. They couldn't just say "Land and Sea overseas infrastructure investment plan". That would be more than 4 words. So you get this weird "belt" and "road" thing, where the belt stands for land route and road stands for sea route, for the only reason that it sounds right. Apparently the Koran doesn't make any sense at all when read in translation but the Arabic just sounds so incredibly good, with rhyming and stuff that it became incredibly popular. Although it really doesn't make any sense at all. Well, welcome to humanity.

So anyway, a friend of mine just told me he'd been to a conference on One Belt One Road and that it was the most boring official speech he'd ever listen in his damn life, and that's saying something in China. Another friend though just sent me this chain-mail sort of stuff which kinda cheers on the whole thing. I assume it was made by the government, but I'll translate it here so you can also have the Chinese side. Or better put, what China's government says internally. Because remember, 90% of what the mainstream western press says is also, exactly, government made propaganda, we just don't call it that.

A lot of people can't quite get what One Belt One Road means. In fact it's quite easy if you make a simple metaphor: say infrastructure to a country is like a person who goes buy a house. For the vast majority of people, they do need a house, but they don't have the money on hand. Well, China here is like a developer, a construction company and a bank all put together. China has money it doesn't know what to do with, it has empty houses, and the construction companies have no orders either. So we have both demand and supply sides here with nothing to do. What can we do?

Easy, we make a mortgage. China lends money to all these countries, and then these countries use this very money to ask Chinese companies to build them infrastructure, paying back the money to China in installments in the next decades.

By doing this China can use it's foreign currency reserves in a smart way. We can avoid  buying US treasury bonds like we're stupid; those give almost no yield. By lending out the money for interest, the yield is much higher. With this plan China can also put to use its industrial overcapacity, we get orders which reactivate our manufacturing base. And all these countries which would use China's money and rely on China to build infrastructure; their economies will grow eventually, they'll use money to pay us back, and they will also buy Chinese products.

So everybody wins, that's what One Belt One Road is all about. [This sentences rhymes in the original]

Also through this infrastructure we can achieve two roads to Europe, one by land and one by sea. If there is any war with the US, the US won't be able to encircle us. At the same time this would accelerate the speed of transport from China to Europe, lowering transport costs and increasing China's competitiveness.

All these countries would use Chinese products as the standard of their infrastructure. This means that in the future they would need to use Chinese products to service the infrastructure. This would exclude other countries' products, giving our manufacturers an advantage when competing with foreign manufacturers.

Of course inside all this there will be some loans which go bad. It's like a bank, there's always someone who can't pay back their mortgage or their car loan. But banks don't care about that, why? Because they make enough profit to compensate for it. And with China's One Belt One Road, China would profit twice. One through the interest on the given loans, way higher than the yield of US debt. And then again when these countries buy Chinese products, giving money to Chinese private businesses. In business terms this is a very lucrative process, if we can manage well the level of bad debt, we are sure to make a net profit.

Also if China gets to develop these countries' infrastructure, naturally these countries will become more friendly towards China. All these countries will be our friends. And as everybody knows, it is always good to have many friends. This applies to people and to states.

During this process, you may notice that China outright gives aid to some countries, without expecting payback. Some people don't understand this, how can we give stuff away for free? It's very easy. When you get some business from someone, you gotta give them some advantage. When shopping in a store, many shops give regular discounts, they'd give you coupons if you buy a lot, or even free products. Countries do the same. You're making money out of someone, if you don't give them something in exchange, well the business won't go anywhere. All these aid packages are in fact discount coupons of a sort. Because besides us there's also Japan or Germany giving loans, helping others build infrastructure. We have competition.

This kind of plan was in fact invented by the Americans. When the US wanted to open up foreign markets, they didn't do like other countries and use military force to conquer colonies and their markets. What the US did was use what they called "open-door policy", they used loans, the Marshall plan, etc. They gave loans to other countries, and these countries then used the money to buy American products. By doing so the US occupied these countries' markets without shedding blood, which helped America become wealthy, and the US dollar become the world's reserve currency. Thus the US became the world's factory and ultimately the boss of the world. China is actually learning from America's path to greatness, growing through peace, and not force.

So, you see, One Belt One Road is a very farseeing policy, it is precisely the path for China's rising. If you have any friends who still don't get it, send this piece their way. Let everyone get it. The Great Renewal of the Chinese Nation is just around the corner!

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  • Their candid and down-to-earth defense of foreign aid spending is a lot more convincing than the feelings-based style popular in the West.

    • Or in other words: please, let's keep erring on the same side we have been erring, just with more conviction.

      Concrete fact-bound thinking.

      That's what'll conquer the world for us... Hasn't it already in the last century?

      How do they say... you don't want to change a winning team. Nor a winning strategy.

    • The West and the East simply address different audiences. Western politicians do care about the feels only because their voters have no other problems to solve but refugees, dindus and women's rights. The Chinese still remember the humiliation their nation went through in the XX century and want to be respected and feared by the rest of the world. Apparently, neither respect nor awe comes from feels.

  • Road, train-lines and and pipelines can all be bombed or sabotaged. Where could that be done from? Afghanistan...

    One issue is what goods and services will travel along these roads? What if America were to hit China on the trade imbalance (which is should) and build up its industries again? Then, America could ramp up the pressure on China in all the usual ways....

    But still, my sense is that China is going to do very, very well.

  • Before I learned Chinese, I always thought many of the Chinese idioms/Confucian sayings sounded retarded, and I didn't really get what the big deal was about Confucius, Zhuge Liang, various poets etc.. After learning the language, I realized how wise, profound, and beautiful a lot of these sayings are in the original tongue.

  • I'm damn cool :P So now, having defended myself, I thought the explanation to be pretty sensible and logical. Its very practical, without any ideology beyond "build infrastructure, make money."

  • I periodically get massages from a burly, ex-military Taiwanese masseur. The massive strength in his hands occupies my mind with the fact that he could kill me with his bare hands in a couple of seconds without breaking a sweat, so that it's never occurred to me how cool he might or might not ever seem.

  • And the reason is that Chinese public PR is utterly retarded. It just doesn’t work. China’s government has absolutely no way of reaching the hearts and minds of white people.

    One thing is to be concrete thinkers, good at handling objects (and even handling immaterial objects as material ones), one to be imagination-rich verbalists who juggle ego-pandering symbols, read personality types as if they were transparent, and throw in any direction the proper symbols and ideas (those that the egos of the spectators need, without knowing of their need, goes without saying).

    We, the Alt-Right, will call these people narcissists (because, u knw, they r narcissistz in a way so different than our own that we can even see narcissismz, in them), ramblers ("Moldbug, you ramble!" is the most used translation of "Moldbug, I feel a little jealousy for you, and, by the way, it's not like I can follow your intuitive creative speech all the time: couldn't you say it in a little more narrow-minded way?...), and defective personalities self-appointed fixers (Aristotle questioned whether the egg or hen had been born first. Maybe the right question would have been whether psychological projection or man was born first).

    So we'll keep being on the fringe, our ranks immaculately verbalist-free and ego-panderers-free, as well as victory-free.

  • Sounds fo fucking powerful I just wanted to become a Chinese and see the Great Renewal, lol.

  • It's a great plan. If you build it they will come. All you have to do is just believe and it will happen. Why do they need all those gaijin round eyes involved anyway? China pulled itself up by its own bootstraps without help from anyone.

  • What would the cool version be? "My belt and road is so oh oh oh / Much more than either or or or o-bor"

  • What are the reasons behind low T in Japan? Behavior of Japanese 13 year old boys is surprisingly natural. It doesn't look like they have low T. Thus low T has other reasons beside genetics.

    And what about Japanese girls? I'm confused by them. Their fat distribution is masculine. And they tend to be more dedicated and hard working (i.e. have stronger masculine traits) than Europeans. Yet their behavior in general is more feminine. How do they achieve this?

    • Low T is genetic, no question about it. About Japanese male's pussified behavior; well being 15 hours a day under the authority of a female teacher will do that to you.

      I wouldn't say Asian women have masculine fat distribution. They just have narrower hips. They still get more fat in their legs than their belly; unless they are conditioned to drink beer, which tends to happen in Japan.

      Dedication and hard work are not masculine traits. Not by a mile. Asians are grinds in general. And women are more tolerant of boredom. Women are better students all across the world today.

      • What about diet full of soy products?

        Here is a more important question. Are Japanese, in comparison with Europeans, tend to be less curious and original? trust "authority" (e.g. textbooks) more? don't strive as much to think for oneself? What about Chinese? They seem to be somewhere between us and Japanese.

        If so, why? What if high trust society is incompatible with the above traits? European culture has been full of lies for many generations now. And there is a chance that those who couldn't tell the truth from lies were less successful in producing offspring. Does leftism in a woman lead to having less kids? Do young men who trust lies get into meaningless student debt? Are they bluepilled, and thus produce disgust in women? It seems that our poisonous culture selects for our cherished and beloved traits.

  • Korean pop culture is primarily consumed by women, especially outside Korea, and it's the male celebrities who are most popular, which kind of undermines your point.

    • I think that's true in Asia, but I think outside of Asia the appeal is mainly the young female celebrities.

      • I don't think so. The most popular English language sites that discuss kpop and kdramas is almost 99% females drooling over korean actors.

  • Remember the Secretary of State when she went all offended-Western-feminist on some hapless man in Nigeria who asked her what President Clinton thought of China's increasing presence in West Africa.

    What was lost in this man confusing the then President Obama with the prior President Clinton and then the Secretary of State going of the deep end on the belief that she was being asked her husband's opinion on international relations that was her current portfolio, what was lost is the subject of this thread. China wants to colonize Africa.

    Be afraid . . . be very afraid.

  • "...what is the One Belt One Road thing? Well I don’t really know..."

    I think it's possible they may also be thinking about "Great Island Theory".

    This is why the British always ganged up anyone trying to control Europe.

  • Interesting how they are NOT worried about what everybody else is, namely that the West killing its manufacturing capacity and being reliant on Chinese products will kill our economic growth. I like many other people think our current growth is a speculative bubble, because only real products matter and all the service economy based growth is just bullshit. And yet China believes Europe can grow with some infrastructure investment, despite importing everything from China. How? They are supposed to have more common sense. The service economy is like I rub your back and you pay me €50 and then your rub my back and I pay you €50 and the GDP just got €100 better and we have well rubbed backs. But it does not actually generate the kind of exports that are in the long run needed to pay from imports. We cannot pay for imports from exchange rates propped by bubbles. In the long run we need to export as much value as we import. And just what? Currently Germany exports the kind of machines China uses to make stuff with but that will not last forever. And those exports cannot go to the countries that have the same problem.

    Ultimately, we can only pay these things if China begins to import something. If they start importing a lot of stuff from India, then Europe exports cars to India, then yes we can pay for their products and investment. But otherwise not, otherwise it is just a bubble, perhaps a multinational bubble, perhaps we export to the US but if they don't export to China or some other country that can export to China it will not work.

    Why don't they see this?

    • China's current account surplus is 1.8% of GDP. It ain't THAT big. And it's shrinking.

      Not much of the investment is going into Europe, but to the extent that it is, what they want is you to buy their spare parts forever, so the guy in the state owned spare parts factory gets paid. They don't care about the whole economy. They don't even care about the state-owned factories owned by different factions.

    • Germany exports a lot to China, particularly manufactured capital goods that are used in China to manufacture consumer goods that are then exported abroad.

      The problem for the other EU countries is that they can't compete in manufacturing with Germany at the high end and with China at the low end. But Germany dominates the EU and Europe's economy, so there's really nothing the other EU countries can do at this point. There'd have to be a breakup of the EU or something.

      • >they can’t compete in manufacturing with Germany at the high end and with China at the low end

        They don't want to. For a longest time now it has been a goal of many a European's life to become a welfare whore in one way, or another. They are happy to take German money to fund their bloated social democracies though. Take Greece as the most prominent example. It was bascially an entire country on welfare with no productive sector to speak of save for tourism, and there Turks have outdone them far and wide.

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