Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


It's been a while since I last wrote about Singapore. Now that the old man is gone it's seldom on anybody's radar anymore. But that has changed recently. Singapore is in the news. First there's this article by Nick Land on Jacobite, where he quotes my coinage of Singapore Singapore as an IQ Shredder, and notes how we don't yet have a fix to perhaps the biggest problem we have.

But there's a pretty big piece of news going on in Singapore. Big enough that the Prime Minister, Harry Lee's son Lee Hsien Loong, is out on a charm offensive to defend his honor. Hear him speak.

Now, I intend no offense. But man, this guy is goofy. Compare him to his father's speeches. Man, Lee Kuan Yew had an iron fist and a steel tongue. He could talk a crowd like he was Sulla on horseback. But then look at his firstbon son. Who by all accounts has a genius IQ, is tall, athletic and a very fine specimen. But he's just goofy. Look at his inaugural smile, the lame bow with the head. And his English. How the hell does he speak worse English than his father? The accent is pretty standard Singaporean English, not that he's bad at it or anything. But English is this guy's first language. And he's lived for years in the US. And yet look at him. This shows again my personal theory that language ability and IQ aren't at all correlated. And that for people with low language ability, bilinguism is just too hard. And so you get people like the Second King of Singapore, Lee Hsien Long, who speaks goofy English and lousy Chinese.

Again, not dissing the guy. He's probably 2 sigma smarter than I am. A legit math progidy. Just a pity that he was born in a royal household, where he has to do things that aren't his strong suit. As the Chinese poem,

吾本西方一子 为何流落帝王家

But anyway, what's going on in Singapore right now? We are witnessing a crisis of the monarchy. Lee Kuan Yew had 3 children. The eldest, now king (prime minister), a daughter, Lee Wei Ling, and a younger son, Lee Hsien Yang.

The younger son is just a lame prince, spent some time in the military, then was an executive, now is Chairman of the Aviation Authority. Take a look at him. He's just your run of the mill , boring mediocre Chinese business cuck.


Things start to get interesting when you factor in his wife, Lee Suet Fern. As it often happens, if some big shot is just some mediocre boring cuck, odds are its his wife who wears the pants in the household. And the young daughter in law of Lee Kuan Yew is exactly what you'd think she would be.

There you go, a good looking, well dressed, heavily jeweled up lady. She also happens to be a big shot lawyer in Singapore. And she just looks like a scheming witch. As she should be; she didn't marry that boring lame ass beta prince for nothing. She wanted power, status. And big earrings.

Why does this matter? Well this matter because there is another very prominent woman in the Lee royal household. The wife of the Lee Hsien Loong. The Queen of Singapore, Ho Ching. Now, go back to the top of the page and take another look at our goofy king. How do you expect his queen to be?


Everyone in Singapore says she looks like his mother. Which is a bit unfair. She's 64 years old, she looks like an average 64 year old before feminism. She doesn't need to look like a scheming witch covered with diamonds. But basically because everybody knows she's the mother of all scheming witches. She was, before marrying into the royal household, already a high ranking bureaucrat. And she is the leader of Temasek, the Singaporean sovereign investment fund, managing over 300 billion dollars in assets. She has the money. The Queen controls the purse, the huge purse of the very small country of Singapore. Many say she's the actual ruler of the country. She certainly looks more like it than her goofy husband.

Here's a video of her in her professional capacity:


So well, right now you might imagine that this two households, the eldest and youngest sons of Lee Kuan Yew, just don't get along very well. Which they don't. But we'll get to that later. Now it's time to talk about the other child of LKY. His daughter. Daughter?


Let me put some more pictures of Lee Kuan Yew's dear daughter. I'll make them smaller as I don't want anybody to choke.

Screenshot 2017-06-20 17.37.00

There ya go. This is Lee Wei Ling, daughter of Lee Kuan Yew, royal princess of Singapore. She's 50 something. Unmarried, as you might have guessed. As it happens she's a talented neurosurgeon. Yes, she broke the glass ceiling into this traditionally male occupation. You might have figured out why.

Now, some might say I'm being nasty about her. Nothing wrong about being ugly. But no, sorry. I don't buy that. First of all because she needn't be this ugly. Not at all. She looked fairly pleasant while young.

And while some say she got this nasty disease or whatever, it's still no excuse. Being fat is, generally speaking, a choice. Looking bad is in the overwhelming majority of cases, a choice. She could just eat a bit more. She could let her hair grow a bit more. She could buy a decent pair of glasses. She could stop juicing on steroids to get thicker arms than 90% of Singaporean man. And more importantly, she could stop being a bitch and writing articles all over the state controlled media in Singapore saying that she's hot stuff. She's "eccentric", is glad of "looking like a boy", how she "chose" to be single, writes books about "being a woman" while doing everything she can to avoid looking like a woman. She just won't shut up about how much of a victim she is because people think she got it easy by being the King's daughter. Poor little thing. She's the perfect example of Steve Sailer's law of female journalism: everything a woman ever writes is advocating for social change so that come the revolution, the woman herself would be considered hotter. It just happens that she's, by far, the ugliest woman in Singapore; probably the ugliest woman in all East Asia. And yet she's the King's sister, so the state media better publish her crap. If she were in the US she would've been arguing for her own pronouns 20 years ago. Might have called herself zorg.

You'd think she at least would be thankful to his brother who lets her keep being the worst example possible of behavior by a royal princess? Oh no. She's been shitting on her brother publicly for years. And it all culminated last week when Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang, brother and sister of the Prime Minister, issued a joint letter accusing the PM of using the state apparatus to harass them, to use the inheritance of the late Lee Kuan Yew to prop up the dynastic hopes for their son; and just being so much of a corrupt asshole, he and especially his wife Ho Ching, that they will go into exile right away. Here's the letter.

The whole thing is just some lame family dispute about the house of the late LKY, which passed to his heir, but he was nagged into selling it to his brother, who wants it demolished but the government won't do it because they want to make a museum of it or whatever. It's pretty lame stuff. It gets pretty complicated because apparently there were 6 wills by LKY and the last one was quite different from the previous one. But you're probably bored out of your mind already. Who gives a crap? Well Singaporeans give a crap. This sort of mind-dumbing family disputes are the plot of 99% of SEA soap operas, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. These guys just eat up this stuff. It's pretty similar to South American soap operas; just without the hot chicks and the sex.

So anyway, this is perhaps the biggest scandal in Singapore in decades; all just a petty dispute by the very very petty characters in the royal household. For all those monarchists out there; that's what happened to traditional monarchies. Here we have the very son of Lee Kuan Yew playing Duke of Orleans, bringing down the monarchy out of spite. And most likely not even personal spite, but just spite between their wives.

As it also tends to happen, the people at large are quite sceptic of all the scandal, and majoritarily support the King against his evil brothers. So it may still happen that the Queen gets her way and the Lee Dynasty goes on for a 3rd generation. I gotta say the crown prince, Lee Hongyi, does look like a proper king, though he denies any interest.


Or maybe it happens like countless previous times; the elite uses this scandal to dump the king, and follow up with what formally is already a Republic. So you'd get party politics and dissolve state controls on the media, and the typical signaling spirals of all democracies. The end of Singapore.

I did say that history wouldn't be kind to Lee Kuan Yew's legacy. But I didn't think it would come down so fast. It is also no wonder that the old man looked so depressed in old age. What a bunch of useless brats. Especially his daughter, who lived with him until the end. He was pissed to no end at why she turned out like that. But I guess that, like so may men of action, he cared much more about his work than about his family. Reminds me of American Sniper, with Chris Kyle choosing Iraq over his family for many years. Why? Because he had a job to do. Domesticity was not for him. Well, we all reap what we sow.


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  • It's enough to make one wonder how European monarchy functioned so well for so long. I guess the royal family must have been impossibly stabilized as far as regression to the mean is concerned. After all, one can easily see the familial resemblance between, say, Prince Rupert of the Rhine, and Queen Elizabeth II. P.S. That's a man, baby.

    • Lack of alternatives. It lasted longer in China; because they had a habit of beheading princes who dared badmouth the emperor.

  • "And more importantly, she could stop being a bitch and writing articles all over the state controlled media in Singapore saying that she’s hot stuff. She’s “eccentric“, is glad of “looking like a boy“, how she “chose” to be single, writes books about “being a woman” while doing everything she can to avoid looking like a woman." Ha! Just like "All's Well End's Well" (sic) 2009, which I once saw on a plane.

    • I recommend starting with the Michel Thomas Chinese course. Don't even attempt to bother with characters at first, you WILL get bogged down and not actually learn the language. Then, wait for the Duolingo Chinese course to come out later this year. Duolingo is a very useful website where you learn by translating to and from the language you wish to learn. It is very effective, at least in my case.

    • "I was just a monk from the West, how did I end up in the imperial family?" Attributed to the 3rd emperor of the Qing dynasty, Shunzhi.

    • Don't. Be prepared for it to take five times as long as learning an Indo-European language. Here is the standard explanation why: (though reading 100% of things electronically nowadays obviates the nightmare of trying to use a Chinese paper dictionary).

  • "This shows again my personal theory that language ability and IQ aren’t at all correlated." What do you mean by this? I'm pretty sure most IQ tests have a part that focuses on language, and the whole point of IQ is that the scores on the various parts are correlated. Do you mean that the kind of linguistic intelligence that is measured on IQ tests, is completely uncorrelated with one's ability to actually speak a language fluently?

    • Say this guy. He probably has a huge vocabulary, and no problem with reading comprehension. But his accent is pretty bad, and he's not very articulate. Both of which are things which don't matter that much at a first language, but can kill you when you learn a foreign language.

  • Wickedly funny post Spandrell. What's your position on monarchy anyway? Do you support hereditary monarchy? Would you prefer a model along more corporate lines with a board that selects a successor?

    • I'm not against it on principle, but it's obviously not ideal. And you probably need Ottoman or Chinese levels of family cruelty to keep it stable. I mean, in any traditional monarchy this Lee Hsien Yang guy would have been hanged.

      • I gather that Ottomans and Chinese had all this family cruelty — fratricide, parricide, you name it — because they didn't have the social technology of primogeniture. European monarchies in very early Middle Ages used to be like that too (Kievan dukes, which I'm somewhat more familiar with than Europeans, weren't far behind Ottomans or Chinese), until primogeniture (Salic, semi-Salic, whatever) became a firmly established custom. Hence expressions like "n-th in line for the throne". So you need either a lot of family cruelty or clear, firmly established rules of succession. Singapore, being at most a nascent monarchy, has neither.

          • That's as good as not having any. Kievan dukes nominally had primogeniture too.

            • You can't quite blame them for wanting to avoid Charles II of Spain sort of problems. If you are serious about monarchy, killing rebellious princes is a small price to pay for having a solid throne. And it didn't happen that often. Even Wanli tried to give the throne to his little son and he couldn't get away with it. But then the Manchus came in...

              • Chinese (and Ottomans) had all these concubines in multiple ranks whose issue could potentially inherit. There was a definite overproduction of princes. Christian European nobility was rather more limited in this regard. Maybe that's why they could establish primogeniture — there were a lot fewer offended parties who were easier to placate and compromise with. But I agree that monarchy is not ideal. Humans being what they are, ideal is of course not attainable in practice, but even so it should be possible to do a little better.

        • I don't think this is a result of primogeniture but rather monogamy as a result of Christianity. The Ottomans had harems where even a child born of slave mother could be Sultan. The Chinese didn't go so far, but an Emperor would still have many consorts of aristocratic pedigree. This left them a lot of spare heirs and more critically "family" that didn't act like families because it constituted numerous half siblings that were raised separately by mothers who were court rivals and fathers who were less than attentive. There are a rare instances of monogamous or near monogamous Chinese emperors with few legitimate heirs and in those cases succession troubles were resolved peacefully. Generally the most unstable and fratricidal dynasties tended to be the ones with barbarian roots, where the only source of legitimacy tends to be raw power and ruthlessness. The late Yuan basically disintegrated in a civil war. The Northern Qi while founded by a Han likewise tore itself apart through a fratricidal civil war because of Xianbei ancestry on the maternal lineage.

          • Ming consorts were all from commoner families; which on hindsight was a hugely stabilizing factor. The Qing kept itself together pretty well all things considered; at least until Cixi.

          • I don’t think this is a result of primogeniture but rather monogamy as a result of Christianity. The Ottomans had harems where even a child born of slave mother could be Sultan. The Chinese didn’t go so far, but an Emperor would still have many consorts of aristocratic pedigree. This left them a lot of spare heirs and more critically “family” that didn’t act like families because it constituted numerous half siblings that were raised separately by mothers who were court rivals and fathers who were less than attentive. There are a rare instances of monogamous or near monogamous Chinese emperors with few legitimate heirs and in those cases succession troubles were resolved peacefully.
            Basically what I wrote above. The Church's insistence on monogamy did as much for Europe as its insistence on breaking down cousin marriage through enforcement of prohibited degrees. Henry I of France had to go as far as Kiev for a bride that would be neither morganatic nor so closely related as to need a papal dispensation.

  • 1. There were whispers about how the old man might have ruled the island with an iron fist but it was his wife who ruled his household and family with an iron fist. 2. The old man's son became a General in the army at the ripe old age of 30. 3. The old man's son had a first wife who was a Malaysian and died at the age of 31. The whispers had it that she was forced to commit suicide. 4. The whispers too mentioned about the old man's daughter wanting to marry an Indian but was disapproved of by the old man.

  • I agree--very New York. I would apologize, but I was thoroughly entertained and enlightened in the strangest way, and intend to reread it. (Don't want to end with this, since I don't believe in necessity of overly-polished blog posts, but is 'progidy' definitely the same as 'the hoi polloi'--or just 'hoi polloi'. There might be some confusion with the number of sigmas, unless that is something totally insider.) Loved the Scheming Witch, totally working the Diana Vreeland/Met Costume Institute Circuit--flat chest and all, but about 30 years too late for her not to look lesbian herself were it not for the juxtaposition to Lovely Princess (great job of overdoing that part, loved it.) The reptilian DV type is probably in all metropolitan high circles, John O'Hara had a 'Bobbie Brummell' lesbian like that who is the fictional prototype. I definitely have noticed that the very richest countries have by far the most short-haired women--the prettiest in Switzerland almost all do.

  • I have to wonder if there's some deeper power-play here. SIngapore has been keeping its distance from China's new strategic projects, and I've read Chinese op-eds saying fine, we don't need Singapore as a partner. This issue of Lee Kuan Yew's house may just be a pretext for a pro-Chinese faction to grab power.

    • There's rumors in that direction, but zorg has been openly against the Chinese government, so I don't see how this can be a Chinese conspiracy. I guess if little brother goes to exile in Shenzhen it may point in that direction.

    • 1. In his attempt to wield some kind of influence that his old man enjoyed in his prime, the elder Prince made comments that didn't really please the Chinese ("if you want some pork soup, you just turn on the tap", etc). 2. He made comments (while accepting a posthumous accolade for his late old man from a nation that is a rival (of sorts) to China; it was an award the old man politely declined when he was alive). The comments were made when there was tension among nations tussling for control of the South China Sea. They were a direct dig against China, after it lost in the international court of law. As Singapore was not a claimant, it can be deduced that there was no need for him to offer his comment. 3. Singapore is a known ally of the US, even during the old man's time but because of his statesmanship and influence, he managed to balance the island's delicate relationship between the two such that neither were ever antangonised by it. 4. There are also the (curious) case of the army vehicles being detained in Hong Kong and the increasingly warm relationship between China and Malaysia with tons of money pouring into infrastructure developments which are meant to take off the competitive edge off the island's economy. So, in my humble opinion, it wasn't so much of "fine, we don't need you as a partner" but more of "you pissed me off so much, I'll drop you off like a hot potato from our sphere of influence".

    • China hardly needs Singapore any longer. The "ecological niche" Singapore used to exist in was there only because mainland China had been badly misgoverned for 200 years, and now it's closing fast if it hasn't closed already. Singapore is small. If it doesn't keep its distance, it will be drawn into China's orbit and sucked out. So they keep away. Possibly this won't do them much good either, and even be objectively worse for their people, but they might prefer a death of their own choosing to assimilation and dissolution.

      • Singapore's niche isn't as a gateway to China. That was Hong Kong's role which has been rendered defunct. Singapore is, or I should say was, the bastion of the Chinese in Southeast Asia and where all the Chinese tycoons in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc as well as the government created Bumiputra tycoons kept their lucre. Deng may have admired Lee, but the average mainland Chinese most assuredly do not care for Singaporeans or care all that much about Singapore (cant say for certain what the Communist Party has planned though).

        • Singapore’s niche isn’t as a gateway to China.
          I didn't say it was, though I might say a part of its niche was being a gateway from China to the outside world. But above that, it seems to have been an orderly environment in which the Chinese could be productive. Now the Chinese can be productive in Shanghai or Shenzen, and competition from the teeming millions substitutes to some extent for what these latter environments might lack in rule of law &c. I know about Singapore's role as banker to SEA, but wasn't that true when the British were still there? Anyway, if memory serves, Lee wrote that he didn't get much use out of these Chinese family banks, because they had been used to investing in entrepot commerce and didn't want to invest in manufacturing.

          • Which is why the wealth is now in Temasek where his daughter in law invested in whatever he needed. Singapore is still a semi tax-haven and East Asia is short on those, so it's not going anywhere. But right now there's so much Chinese money in there that a change in policy up there can create a recession very easily; and that's never a good position to be in.

  • Should have had more kids. More kids, better chances one of them will actually be up to spec.

      • He did marry them strategically, and that was his mistake. Should have let them choose some hard 10 empty-headed bimbos.

        • I think Ho Ching was a splendid choice. But LHL had a previous wife, who died in mysterious circumstances, so the guy probably got traumatized for life.

  • Lee Kuan Yew was a deracinated comprador traitor and he made a fatal mistake in trying to make a "multicultural" (read multiracial) Singapore work by deracinating the rest of the Straits Chinese along with him. His policies set in motion the series of events that culminated in Singapore's present descent into the Abyss. His son shares a portion of the blame, having picked up the Baizuo mentality from his time at Harvard apparently and merely sped up it up along it's pre-ordained path. Here is a little something I wrote to others about Singapore's fate... It was not well received by most of the Anglophone Singaporean Chinese upper middle class, an endangered species that they are. Chinese racial nationalism is essential to the survival of our people both as a distinctive racial and culture unit. Everyone here who poo poos the Ah Tiongs forgets this at their own peril. When the chips are down, do you think the Indians, Malays, or Ang Mohs will help you? They will help their own and to hell with you. Do you even remember why Singapore was even born? It wasn't to promote "liberal international values" (aka US imperialist values) but to ensure the survival of the straits Chinese in the face of an overwhelmingly hostile Malayan Muslim population. Singapore's present prosperity, such as it still is, was built on the backs of the Chinese. This foundation is rapidly disappearing as Singapore succumbs to the Scylla and Charybdis of Liberal virtue signaling and nihilistic female hypergamy unleashed by feminism. The TFR of native Chinese Singaporean women is around 1 child per lifetime. Combine this with the near 20% ethnic miscegenation rate as of 2015 (compared to barely 5% in 1990) will result in the genetic and cultural annihilation of the Chinese community before the century is done. There is simply no escaping this without revolutionary change. Singapore's history of so-called "race-riots" disguise the truth of what they actually were. Anti-Chinese pogroms perpetrated by Muslim Malays envious of Chinese prosperity and fearful that political power could fall in their hands. Look at the fate of the remaining Chinese in Malaysia, a broken persecuted people who are forced to pay Jizya to the Muslims otherwise they will be murdered. A population that is rapidly dying out as everyone who can, leaves and the only ones left behind are the elderly and those too poor and incapable to get the fuck out. That is going to be the inevitable fate of Singapore as it proceeds along it's current course. Dysgenic fertility is already baked into the cake as the Chinese middle class is no longer reproducing. A significant portion of it's proletariat class is busy miscegenating with mail order Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese brides, creating a next generation of perpetual helot labor. Chinese females are busy cavorting with the AMDK or APNN elites or raising cats. The demographic profile of Singapore will change from one that was solidly majority Chinese with fixed racial boundaries and roles for the remaining Malays and Tamils to a dysfunctional stew of mystery meat races. Singapore will not be able to maintain is current prosperity when the Chinese are gone and all that are left are half breed proles, and self-serving APNN shylocks, and a horde of Malayan Muslims and other southeast Asian riff raff that will inevitably fill up a rapidly depopulating city. Singapore has no future without Chinese racial nationalism. That you stupid ingrates can't see and are busy pooh poohing Ah Tiongs to show how "developed", "cultured" and, "cosmopolitan" you are compared to them in front of the AMDK is only going to end up with your people extinct, your womenfolk taken by racial aliens, and your country overrun and lost. Just like what is happening to the AMDK homelands. Like Europe's failed experiments with settler colonies (sans the places where they killed the majority of the natives) all of the overseas Chinese communities are dying. If Singapore was once envisioned as a redoubt for them, then I'm afraid it's mission has utterly failed, having invited the barbarian hordes within and even worse suffering from the terminal inability to even offer token resistance. Even worse, everywhere I see the signs of entropy and racial decay. Taiwan last year elected a lesbian cat lady to the president whose only legislative claim to fame so far is to legalize homosexual marriage. Hong Kong is equally cucked. The Chinese Malaysians and Indonesians I suspect are going to be massacred by Muslims mobs within two decades as they follow their Islamic spiral to imitate Saudi Arabia. Only in the mainland are there glimmers of hope simply because actual communist rule seems to have vaccinated them somewhat against runaway leftism just as it has in Eastern Europe. Even then, there are dark storm clouds ahead and it is only thanks to the rightful paranoia of the Communist Party apparat that things are kept in check. Everywhere I see is darkness and despair. The modern world sucks.

      • I don't trust anyone that comes out of "elite" Western educational/seminary institutions. Cambridge mathematics may be tolerable, but Harvard Kenny School alumni are first in line for summary executions in my book. Even worse are all the stupid Chinese parents sending their precious children to other Western schools to soak up that precious status points. The only upside is that it seems the majority of returnees, especially the men at least seem to end up actually despising America and becoming more nationalistic and the elite ones (or formerly elite such as Bo Guagua) are going be locked out power from the higher echelons of the Communist Party by virtue of lacking the social networks built within China during those critical late adolescent and early adult years that form the bedrock of long lasting relationships. You are the expert on Japan, tell me how were the Japanese able to contain the status signaling spiral so that they aren't all sending their kids off to the US to be indoctrinated like what is happening in China and South Korea?

        • It's not like they elite doesn't like to send the kids abroad; both Abe and Aso studied in Stanford I think. But they don't brag much about it. Everybody knows they didn't learn shit, and their English sucks. Not that it would be of any use if they spoke well. The Japanese are envious little pricks who despise excellence. I don't really know the answer; I guess Japan never had this Imperial Examination cult of education, so there's never been a signaling spiral where the one with the biggest credential gets to rule. Japan is a bottom-up place, where conformity is everything.

          • The Japanese are envious little pricks who despise excellence.
            Japanese despise excellence

            • They do. When a kid in English class tries to pronounce properly he gets laughed down; good actors can't make a living because people would rather watch dumb idols on screen. If you point out to someone that they're doing a bad job, everyone else will come down at you shouting 「頑張ってるからいいじゃん!」. Surely you've heard people complain about how conformity and effort is more valued than excellence?

              • I have, but I don't think "despising excellence" is a good way to talk about it. They do have the 職人 etc. Hell, just one random photo I took through the window of a train of an older train driver training (heh) his apprentice is enough to argue to the contrary. Perhaps the Japanese instinctively know that excellence is difficult and not possible for everyone to achieve, so it's better to support effort rather than knock people down. Also, it's the master/teacher's duty and privilege to bawl out his apprentice for doing a bad job, a random person is out of order doing that. I think you had put it better in council: the Japanese are envious and constantly jealous of people trying to be better than them.

                • Let's say they despise excellent people around them. The 職人 has to be a slave for all his youth, and he does his job mostly alone, so he gets a pass out of this dynamic.

                  • Maybe that dynamic works within groups of a certain kind, like those traditional サラリーマン environments or certain classrooms, because an excellent peer makes everyone else look bad (although the Japanese certainly don't have copyright on that). They feel freer to admire an excellent worker if he is not a group peer but an outsider. That would jibe with my observations and also account for the 職人.

    • The good news is that there are still a billion-odd Han in China AFAIK, so the Chinese are unlikely to disappear. Would that the same could be said of the 45-million-odd English, and even more the few million Welsh, who are being overwhelmed by English refugees from diversity.

    • What you've described is a very interesting test case for techno-commercialism vs. Ethno-traditionalism/thedism. If the rules work and continue to work, techno-commercialism rules. If they collapse, then thedism for the win! Also, if there are shadows of what you're saying in SE Asia, then it might be good for China and India to cooperate to keep the last vestiges of the old religions and traditions alive in S.E. Asia. India has a wanna-be Saudi arabia (Pakistan) perched right on its shoulder and it's not a pleasant experience at all.

  • Have to be a father if you expect your family to be like a family. Don't have time to be a father, because while you're doing that, the jackals it pleases you to call your government will be stealing your lunch. Not to mention the Cathedral is always everywhere it hasn't been specifically expunged from. They're normally incompetent, it's always impossible to find good help. But it only takes one, and there's always more where that came from.

    • Alternatively, the character requirements for kingship are absolute, not relative. Assuming kingship requires 'nobility,' then you must be at least this noble to ride. Modern, democratic man cannot muster that level of nobility.

  • LKY said he married his wife for her intelligence and not her looks. Big mistake. They produced a litter of trolls.

    • Looking at all of them today, what stands out to me is not so much aesthetics (some uglies, no beauties), but they don't radiate physical energy, which also seems to happen in the very pampered places. I'm thinking about President Xi's wife, whose music and beauty didn't captivate me, but her fantastic energy was electric and irresistible. Even the 300bn wife looks so placid a cow. I think the Crown Prince looks gay.

  • Do we have a good example of LKY sounding like "Sulla on horseback"? In the videos I've seen, he sounded like any old mild-mannered Asian man. I can't seem to find a good one of young LKY.

  • WTH is that? Such a smug, egregiously anti-natural androgen SJWwould be guaranteed a job o@ BBC's FRUMPENIN.. I mean diversity policy. If you want a vusion of the future, imagine beingvtrapped in a duversity lectire, with the snarky sarcastic ratfavce of SP WHINING AT YOU forever.

  • There is another child that the family has who is high-functioning autistic. He's the one who is never in the public eye.

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