Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us



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  • That map is a propaganda failure. You're supposed to make the places you support look better than the other ones, but that color scheme is just uncomfortable on the eyes. Further, the map betrays the true fragility of the progressive claim to fixity on the issue of sodomy. You would think, from all the noise they make, that everywhere in the Commonwealth and all of (Western) Europe would be rainbows, but there Australia, Switzerland and Italy sit, being embarrassments to the narratives. And the more you look at it, the more you realize this is truly a Western European phenomenon; Eastern Europe is still all charcoal grey, which really jars with the presumption that European = progressive. Really, they should have kept this graphic under their hats. The fact that they didn't betrays either that they don't understand how perception management works (unlikely), or they're blinded by their own propaganda.

    • It will be legal in Australia soon. The current centre-right government has offered a national plebiscite on legalising it, but it is being blocked by the left and advocates despite popular support for the plebiscite and legalisation, they just want a parlimentary vote on it. This is due to the left and advocates not wanting to allow opponents the opportunity to recieve air time to campaign against it. I don't doubt many of the other Western countries who abstain will legalise it soon enough. I think you're wrong about what the map shows, it shows how totally they've been able to change the narrative and documents the progress they've made in less than twenty years. Remember there will be holdouts I'm tempted to bet on the Swiss, they only allowed female suffrage in 1971 and one of their cantons only legalised female suffrage in 1991.

      • "It will be legal in Australia soon." I know, which just strengthens my point. They shouldn't have pushed this graphic; they should have waited. "I think you’re wrong about what the map shows, it shows how totally they’ve been able to change the narrative and documents the progress they’ve made in less than twenty years." I'm not talking about reasoned conclusions; I'm talking about gut reactions. The map makes them look ugly.

  • They're undercounting countries who have legalised gay marriage, it is legal in Mexico and Colombia. It'll be legal in more countries soon.

    • How embarrassing it is to live in the rainbow zone that believes that gay 'marriage' were a real thing anywhere!

    • Heterosexual 'marriage' with easy divorce and no expectation of children -- perhaps even with intent not to have children -- also isn't actually a real thing anywhere.

  • Wanted to share this off-topic content (assuming it's off-topic) It would be nice to be able to ignore them. But unfortunately, it's not as simple as that. There is a phenomenon known as "stereotype threat", and what it means is that if you are reminded of a negative stereotype about your group, you'll be more likely to conform to it. So black people will do worse at a test if they are told that it's an intelligence test (see graph), because of the stereotype that black people are less intelligent; female chess players will do worse if they're told their opponent is male than if they aren't told anything, because of the stereotype that men are better than women at chess

    • Do they bow down to the stereotype that men are better than women at Go and Chinese Checkers, over there in Eastern Asia?

    • There is no such phenomenon as stereotype threat.

  • You're all wrong. What it really shows is that gay marriage is racist!

  • Malta only legalized divorce by referendum six years ago, and it was pretty narrow as these things go. Although the population claim to support gay marriage, it doesn't appear they'll get a referendum on this one. Funny how that works.

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