Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I wrote a long time ago that what unites the dissident right, the "glue" for lack of a better word, was opposition to feminism. The catholic reactionaries, the Moldbuggian neoreactionaries, the manosphere and all those other guys out there around 2013; we all had little in common. We thought most of the others were crazy or deluded. But we all shared a common idea that women don't belong to political society; and that women having equal or higher status than men was what was breaking the social fabric in the civilized world. It just breaks all incentives to mate and raise children, saps all motivation to pursue excellence and be contribute to society.

Now of course this reactionary sphere was quite small. And since Trump it has been completely overshadowed by the alt-right; if fortunately it hasn't died out. And it hasn't because the alt-right is basically feminist nazism. Essentialist Nationalism? Check. Down-with-the-plutocrats Socialist economics? Check. Gas all the Jews? Check. But hey, Ivanka is our Aryan princess! Laura Southern is so cool and smart! The French Front National is run by a woman. The German AfD is run by a woman. Having women commanding men just shows it to those evil mud Muslims.

You're doing it wrong. Aesthetics is important. It's an underrated motivation for men's actions. Yes, a 20 year old white woman with long hair can be a lovely thing, and it looks so much more worth defending than those ugly fat Muslim women in black bags. But that's not the point. The point is that Western men aren't actually doing anything to defend their civilization against an invasion by millions of foreign men. You might say it's because their governments won't allow them, and there's a point to that. But the vast majority of white men don't even show any will to resist. They still overwhelmingly support leftist politics.

Western men aren't actually doing anything to defend those cute white girls from being harassed by Africans or Muslims because they don't own them, and they have no prospect of ever owning them. So of course they don't fight. They just go on following the latest leftist fad, hoping for some mainstream status, so they can get some money and maybe some short-term sex relationship. Those who dislike leftism overwhelmingly choose to enjoy the decline poolside. Nobody is going to risk their skin in order to protect the right of their women go to Iran to take Instagram pictures larping on what used to be a most respectable male profession.

I've been writing a lot about rhetoric and why it's important. And yes, nationalism, even racism makes for better rhetoric, a better sale than The Patriarchy. But as important as rhetoric is in aiding coordination by synchronizing people's status signaling behavior; at a more basic level there are systemic incentives without which people just won't work. And men just won't work to defend feminsm. They may say they will. But they won't do it.


Trump is cool. Race is important. But sex is much, much more important.


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  • Christ, someone finally said it. Well, couched in the particular context you present, anyhow. Of course, this position is intractably unpopular, more so than issues of diversity, injustice, haves vs. have-nots, the environment, nationalism vs. globalism, etc. Ultimately, they're arguments about who the Bad Guys are. I fear that feminism and its manifestations are so entrenched that there's no going back, unless civilization as we know it unravels or implodes. When the political-commercial money gravy train starts to sputter and eventually grind to a halt, it'll be too late. I could be wrong.

  • About half a year ago, someone posted on /pol/ a video recording a conversation between high-school teachers, where they play "fuck, marry, kill" about their students. The responses on /pol/ were unanimous: this is atrocious conduct, unprofessional, and degenerate. Now, if you know something about teachers, you must know that, when they go home to their wives or husbands, they fantasize. Oh, how much they fantasize. To be sure, most will never act on those fantasies, but they are there. When I saw all of those responses on /pol/, denouncing the teachers as evil, immoral degenerates, I realized that the West truly is fucked. Because the moment you can't admit what is plainly obvious about human sexuality, you are bound to be conquered by someone less "out of touch" than you are. Feminist Nazis, you call it? Exactly so. And they will fail to save the West, not so much because of their Nazism, but because of their Feminism. Whites will not necessarily lose, but Islam -- the religion -- is going to win. You were right all along, Spandrell.

    • I'd like to see those /pol/ guys every day in the same room with dozens of 15 year old girls. Some degree of pressure for people to control their urges is of course a good thing; but the West of late has spiraled into denying the very existence of those urges. Encouraging people to have willpower is a good thing, but if willpower alone could accomplish anything, the Japanese would have won WW2. It seems obvious that the people on top have to both be authoritarian and moralistic, but also understand that it's all an inside joke and that humanity is what it is. That's how it's used to work until we had mass societies.

      • WTF first Jim and his little beta orbiters now you. enough with the chomo fantasizing in reaction. yeah some 15 yr olds are kinda hot, guess what its unseemly to notice. That doesnt make you a white knight a cuck or whatever nonsense. you dont notice because to notice is to invite trouble trouble we have as a civilization decided against. You dont like the line? guys like me will take all the women and stuff guys like you into you know the act of contrition look it up. as to this alt right critique I wish reaction were most interested in abolishing feminism but they seem more interested in abolishing racism particularly anti semitism. They see nazis everywhere. Thing is when i slum over to the alt right I dont see what you described I see them having standards for women and the women saying they will follow them happily i also see they have women havnt seen any women following reaction, every time we think theres one turns out to be a tranny or a guy sock puppet. Which is fine i agree women dont belong in politics generally but those guys are attempting to build a culture and women are good at social.

        • As a civilization we have decided against acknowledging that 15 year old girls are women? When? This is textbook cuckservatism. This is seeing the status quo two weeks ago, after 2 centuries of progressive agitation, and deciding we should conserve it. When we were a proper civilization girls didn't go to school, let alone high school. And they most certainly didn't go to school with boys and with male teachers. Guys like you would take all the girls but the girls won't go with you because they don't like cucks. If you are outsourcing your society's build up to women you aren't going to get very far. Amish women are social but the men call the shots.

          • I assure you i have had at least 50 mens share of women, Cucking would be letting punkass fags like you and the child molester jim claim rights to my children.You and I both know what made hajinals different was not early marriage so stop fronting alpha status. its also worth noting the life expectancy at those times, theres a lot smarter ways to argue for the authority of men over women without advocating rape and child molestiing, maybe it gets you clicks with the beta orbiters but they are never going to lift a weak wrist to retake western civilization it will be men like me who alrready have authority over our women

              • No, he's definitely interesting, and more on this blog than on Nick's filligreed one and Jim's crazed-idiot one. This blog is not perfect, but it's mainly pretty good. Colleen Viking is one of the ones who writes well about Trump amid Jim's unbelievable horseshit. Fuck, Trump has NOT even defeated the MSM, much less much of anything else except himself. He's a laughingstock, with Scaramucci as proof as of TODAY. Colleen is pretty crazy and lied once about Union Square niggers, but wouldn't apologize, and dropped it slyly. Of course, you can't read all his oeuvre or you'd never do anything else.

                • Yeah, Viking's awesome. Simultaneously lovable and frightening. You know he'd save your life while calling you "kike", and then want to discuss Spinoza with you. No doubt he gives his minions $20 bills while grumbling about "niggers". I like Jim. He seems like a decent guy to me. And I'm sure he's very kind to his girlfriends; no doubt they think it's cute when he pretends to be domineering. Actually, I suspect that his posts about Jewish stuff track his relationship with a single long-term Jewish girlfriend; when he's fairly happy with her he posts fairly Jewish-friendly stuff but always with a bit of compensatory alpha-gesturing contempt folded in toward the end, while when he's annoyed at her he's mainly contemptuous but with a sort of compensatory friendly smile briefly flickering toward the end.

                • Okay. I had never heard of C.P., but hardly anyone has heard of me, either. I have no idea what C.P. is talking about. Maybe someday I'll figure it out. Trump's first six weeks were good. Since then, Trump has been rather a disappointment, hasn't he? The god-emperor meme was fun while it lasted.

                • I think I said recently on jim's that trump did conquer media by being elected, his problem which hes not up to is the deep state/ permanent and elected appointed civil service, which takes strategy not name calling to defeat. yeah jims jumped the shark all right. For the record I never lied I dropped it because it's obviously not something I want to have a comment war over and so probably shouldn't have talked about.I did find it really odd you would take such a strong position on something you couldn't possibly more than speculate on, especially since it such a common occurrence. I remember both my ex wife and brother seemed more concerned i referred to the niggers as niggers as I have ever since. I was actually kind of shocked you were sort of going that route. But im older than all of you and having drank my way out of most attempts and domestication I havnt the jesses most of you. My daughter actually still thinks niggers are oppressed. You probably didnt grow up in NYC or you would know packs of niggers like to make forays into white areas to go "vick-ing" As I probably said I can only discuss this carefully even with myself.

                  • Super memory. That wasn't me in the original (a year ago maybe?) that said you were lying about it, I actually believed you before you didn't defend it much. So it was really true that the nigger got away with it? And the victim wouldn't press charges or decide it was even terrible? Yeah, idiotic that people would be more concerned over 'nigger' than what happened. I think you're right that that mainly was too personal to say anything about, and I can understand you'd want to quickly smooth it over without arguing. That was at Nick's blog, where I also never comment. Spandrell can come from out of nowhere, but does have really interesting things sometimes. He doesn't sound as though he lives on the net like some of the others do. I do live about 3 blocks from there, and it seemed a little unlikely, since that's gotten so gentrified, but def. not impossible. It seemed like I remember the victim not knowing to be upset enough about it either, that I find the worst now that you're saying it's really true, and I won't repeat what it was, since I see you don't want that. Bad stuff, man. Sorry it happened, but also good to know you weren't making it up. So I see why you didn't want to get into a heavy defense, but since you didn't, I guess I thought the other guy (don't even remember his net name) was right by default. I do know that area very well, and it's much different from the S. Klein days, as you know. I mostly did grow up here, lived here 45 years, and some of your NYC stuff is why you can't get into the stupid hallucinations of things anymore than some of the rest of us can. Enjoy your tales of Idaho too. Keep it up--Wagner likes your posts, that's a good sign. Naturally 'pajama boy' wouldn't... Trump did 'conquer media' by getting elected, but I do not agree that they have not completely recovered. They HAVE. Of course, Trump has made it easy for NYT and WaPo to REALLY make sense by doing absolutely nothing but blunders and stupid shit. He's unbelievably incompetent. Even that 'B.' person from the Israeli settlements has been proved right about Trump's Mafioso style as a result of that out-of-control freak straight out of Rao's.

              • No I work out in my own house. Garr you were mentioned recently did you see that? Nicks about a week or less ago. They say you are a double agent or something I always wanted to be a double agent congrats.Glad i didnt meet you as requested though i might have gotten an umbrella of plutonium huh lol

                • I'm just a middle-aged loser-adjunct who reads a lot, pursues various doomed creative projects, and spends a lot of time taking care of a son. If you see a 6'5" bespectacled, shabbily dressed guy with very long beard and hair walking around Park Slope or downtown Brooklyn, that's me, so say hi. (A couple of weeks ago I read Jack Vance's "The Last Castle" and found that there's an unlikable aristocrat named "O.Z. Garr" there: "he was a notable connoisseur of essences, and he dressed with absolute savoire ... combined insouciance and flair with dignity; his repartee corruscated with brilliant allusions and turns of phrase ...." Well, too late to change my commenter-name.)

        • "WTF first Jim and his little beta orbiters now you. enough with the chomo fantasizing in reaction. yeah some 15 yr olds are kinda hot, guess what its unseemly to notice." You're a degenerate. Everyone has always noticed, which is why for millennia courting was supervised by responsible adults, and young women and teenagers weren't left alone with men outside the family. The modern practice, which is to lecture everyone to be respectful, and then leave unprotected girls to their own devices, is spectacularly stupid. "Men" who can't or refuse to recognize this are as retarded as the *very* conservative South African Catholics I know who resist the possibility that cognitive differences between blacks and whites are biological. Obtuse ignorance isn't virtuous, it's evil.

      • "I’d like to see those /pol/ guys every day in the same room with dozens of 15 year old girls." I am regularly assaulted by Nicemen, Niceboys, and women of all shapes and kinds, for saying that, well, women younger than 17 years and 365 days can sometimes arouse a certain kind of interest in males. This marvelous device that a normal human brain, and a crowd collective brain is! The more they know X is true, the more ardour they put in denying X...

  • > But hey, Ivanka is our Aryan princess! Laura Southern is so cool and smart! The French Front National is run by a woman. The German AfD is run by a woman. Having women commanding men just shows it to those evil mud Muslims. You sound rather uninformed and you're confusing the alt-light with the alt-right. The alt-right is actively shitting on Ivanka, and no one on the alt-right has said anything like the rest unironically. You could have made your point without this claim. But I guess you're trying to argue for the imaginary superiority of neo-inactionaries.

    • In fact you should look up the "white sharia" meme to get a clue about the actual alt-right position.

      • White Sharia is edgy LARPing on the internet. Islamic Sharia is real, and it is real not only in the minds of certain people whose last name is "Anglin", but IRL-real. That makes the whole difference. As this post says: rhetoric and systemic incentives are two different things, and one is more basic than the other. Challenge: show me this "White Sharia" working out IRL.

        • Islamic Sharia was mocked as larping in the middle east until the 70's. (see ) Everything starts as edgy larping.

          • Everything starts as edgy larping. Really? Feminism, started as edgy larping? Yes, check. My marriage? Check. The institution of fiat money? Check. The French Revolution? Check. The Norman invasion of England? Probably, check. The assassination of Caesar? Check. The career of Caesar? Check. Romulus' and Remus' founding of Rome? Probably, check. The Trojan War? Check. The tower of Babel? Proverbially, check. Eve's partaking of the apple? Check. Dungeons & Dragons? Started as edgy rping. No check. The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Check. This also helped to give rise to Dungeons & Dragons, so we can revise the last line to check. You may be on to something.

            • Some say D&D started out as a kind of edgy fantasy wargaming LARP Also: White Sharia , in case anyone here is confused its not related ti Islam but memetic shorthand for "greatly restricting women's rights." Given this was the case a hundred years ago its perfectly plausible that it could happen again. I'd argue its going to happen anyway , probably indirectly when society erodes to the point its simply not safe for women to act as they are now. This has happened multiple times in most peoples lifetimes here in many countries. The system we are living in isn't stable anyway.

        • >noose >BDSM Really? If you KYS, you'll leave absolutely no genetic legacy behind; the same is not true of myself. Irony: "be ye fruitful and multiply" exhorts the barren-by-choice workaholic, after posting a softcore-pornography image on a political discussion blog, and before insinuating he's a "cad". Absolutely haram. If you want to go down the ad-hominem path, consider how you're still childless, not getting any younger, and cohencidentally advocating against early reproduction on Jim's. But at least that's consistent with your real self! That's as far as genetic legacy goes. As far as political-ideological influence goes, I've probably changed the course of world-history already, and my work is not done yet. (You haven't) As a matter of fact, I've just got another idea for a mini-project that's going to make the rounds, in all likelihood. Cya.

          • Hanging people is one of the least practical uses of the noose. I like it for wrists and ankles, in case that wasn't clear. In combination with the adjustable bend, which lets you make a length of rope adjustable to any length and capable of bearing tension, it's potent indeed. In addition, you can thread a length of noose through itself to attach to objects you wouldn't normally be able to attach to. If you consider that softcore porn, I have to wonder what you consider any beach in the world. It must terrible for you, catching a peek of an ankle. As for the rest, well... let's just say that you have no idea what you're talking about, and that mostly, I'm just mocking you. P.S. Tie a woman up sometime. It's fun.

            • >Hanging people is one of the least practical uses of the noose. I like it for wrists and ankles, in case that wasn’t clear. If you're going to post nooses on an alt-right-affiliated website, and particularly after calling someone "cuckboi", you should expect it to be interpreted as either "KYS" or "wait for the DOTR". That's generally how it works in these parts. Cuck --> noose --> KYS. >If you consider that softcore porn, I have to wonder what you consider any beach in the world. It must terrible for you, catching a peek of an ankle. The picture is (soft-) pornographic, and it would be pornographic even if the woman were fully clothed. The theme (BDSM), acting (sexy damsel in distress, on her knees), and background (a couch) all make it pornographic, not merely the woman's clothing (sexy lingerie) or lack thereof. I have no problem with the picture, to be perfectly clear, but that's what it is. Do you see the blue star in the lower-right corner? Can you read what it says? Go to "American damsels dot com", tell me just what kind of a website it is. (It's porn) >Tie a woman up sometime. It’s fun. In all seriousness, while femdom is 6,000,000 times worse than maledom, both are degenerate. Wives should submit to their husbands not in play, but in actuality; and because regular vaginal sex is superior to all else, normally that's what they should be submitting to. Also, while Western men are busy tying women up for the sake of "fun", Abdul is having his 5th or 6th child. Unless the white man is simply going to kill Abdul, which obviously he should, it follows that his descendants will be the servants of Abdul's. Thus, people unwilling to live like Abdul, are preparing to kill/banish him.

      • He's kind of arguing for it, but probably not strong enough : - -

  • An apt summary. This article should be required reading for the dissident right and the curious at the edges.

  • As for alt-right being misguided; reading this I noticed this quote from Moldbug on Twitter: "Until you recognize that the whole system has to go, you are a supporter of that system. Period. #NRx". Sometimes the guys running the simulation get a bit too cute...

  • I met a guy whose wife cheated on and divorced him while he was deployed in Iraq. A lot of vets get totally destroyed in divorce court, to the point of suicide. Why should any man fight for a country that treats men so badly? Now that women rule America, let them fight for it! Is there one example in all of human history where a wealthy, decadent society decided to reform itself, de-emancipate its women, and restore patriarchy? Most prefer to wallow in anomie until a barbarian army invades, kills all the men, and enslaves the women and children. Unprepared for the rigors of barbarian life, most of these slaves soon die.

        • There's this on the Arabs: On the Chinese there's the rise of Neoconfucianism, which is in quite stark contrast to the free independent women of the early Tang dynasty. A theory is that the Jurchen conquest of North China had something to do with that.

      • Awesome, I've never tasted cooked shit. Do you coat it in batter and fry it? Or stick it a bun and call it a turd-burger? Seriously though, having read the thread this far, you win my award for missing the point of the OP by the widest margin. You say women will let you 'do as you will with them'. Nice, have fun banging sluts, hope you don't catch something nasty. However, any man that decides he wants to marry a woman to raise a family is likely to be faced with a choice of the dregs that have happily had their fun in the hypergamy market for at least a decade. And that man knows that at any time, for no reason whatsoever, the woman can divorce-rape him, take the children, and ruin his life. And the state says 'yes, do it, I'm your daddy'. So, what exactly does your lifestyle do to save Western civilisation? Nothing at all, you're down in the mud like an animal. Your behaviour is literally that of a bunny rabbit, no wonder you are proud of yourself, it's quite a thing to be such a slave to your libido. Back to the OP, I think feminism isn't the root of the problem, in the same way that Eve wasn't the root of the problem in the Garden of Eden. The father of lies is rampant. All of the issues raised in the OP are issues where truth has been distorted by one big lie after another. None of it is accidental. It is not simply human nature. We have turned our backs on truth and on God. God will give us time to sort it out, but we are a weak species, so eventually He'll step in and reset the system with a full-blown ice-age (we're in the latter stages of the current warm period), or He'll unleash the return of His Son, as predicted in Revelations, and the world will be saved. I often find myself feeling I want to fight the evil I see (especially on the day Charlie Gard dies), but I will be fighting an enemy that only God can destroy. Maybe one day, when the enemy is in disarray, fighting will be an option. But in all likelihood the *real enemy* is hidden away in the background, and will step in to control whatever is re-built after (for example) a civil war. So, how does win? Consider that those who crucified Jesus are now the financiers and the marxists of this world, pushing lies for their father. Nothing ever changes. Save yourself.

    • While the Indo-Europeans appear to have more or less entirely exterminated the indigenous male population of Europe, I don't think genocide of the male population is the norm in historical times. In settled societies, conquered men are still valued as productive workers, and while some of their women are taken as concubines, the majority of women are still left to marry natives.

    • 1. Women don't rule America. 2. Men may have a fight-or-flight instinct, but for women it's flight-or-fuck.

  • Biologically, eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap. This is why, left to their own devices, men end up doing all what women want. So men and women following their basic instincts start reverting to a paleolitic matriarcal hunter-gatherer society. In the process, more patriarcal societies conquer the decadent society and the cycle starts again. The only way to stop that is having a patriarcal religion/tradition/strong taboo that forbids men from following their natural matriarcal instincts. But when a society is rich, people abandon religion or don't follow it strictly (churchianity). The West abandoned Christianity and committed suicide. We are dying and waiting for Islam to come and start the cycle again.

  • Wait. Wait. Look at the map. Sweden is doing something... actually right? WTF.

      • No, no. There is legit patriotic sentiment in Sweden. And the people I befriended there in university thought that the resident SJW was annoying and that I should avoid talking to her.

  • Feminists have a more masculine hormonal profile, also prenatally, digit rate. Essentially if they could opt out of being treated as women, we could re-establish patriarchy easier for the rest of the women who are less likely to resist. They and also gamma males could be treated socially as a third gender. Agender. Neutral. Eunuch. Career-obsessed eunuchs running a bureaucracy has good historic records albeit not in the West, but I suspect even in the Western Medieval period when the sons of nobles were too faggy to fight, they went for a church career or even monastic, and forced celibacy worked practically like a neutral gender. Saying there are only two genders is counter-productive to us. Let them be a third, neutral, agender, all the faggy white knights and the butch career women. Then re-establish patriarchy for normal men and normal women.

    • No. The dykes need to suffer, and be defeated in a humiliating manner. And then, after they suffer, and after they are defeated in a humiliating manner, they need to be genetically engineered out of the human gene pool - forever. Your entire post is cuckery in support of anti-social mutants. This is a *biological* struggle, Dividualist. You understand it perfectly well. And in this biological struggle, I want "normal men and women" to triumph 100%, rather than bend over backwards to accommodate genetic freaks. Need to remove the dykes.

    • You'll start calling those males Omega as the social-influence/power gap between their kind and you keeps growing, I bet. "Career-obsessed eunuchs running a bureaucracy has good historic records albeit not in the West" This is the part where your real cause for grievance is more visible. "we could re-establish patriarchy" :)) The only thing you (both singular and plural) are going to re-establish is, if you are lucky, contact with the flow of history and reality. You will establish nothing more for sure.

  • What's killing the west in the most general sense is a messed up incentive structure. Feminism is an egregious example, but there are many others. Monarchy worked (sort of) because kings and aristocrats own their countries and therefore they have a long term incentive. It is a bad idea to let women vote, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a bad idea to let anyone vote based upon his short term desires. The "end the FED" crowd always liked to blame the central bank for all of our economic problems, but the underlying problem was always people voting for free stuff. I hate to see conflict between the Alt Right and Neo-reactionaries. No enemies on the right! Is that so hard to understand considering what is at stake? Perhaps the Alt Right is mean to the Jews and engages in distasteful scapegoating. How are Jews as a group behaving in the west and why? What incentives are the Jews responding to? As a diaspora people many Jews do not act like aristocrats, or owners of the countries they live in. This was Moldbug's argument in a nutshell. "Dear open minded progressives, errr, my fellow Jews. I have been reading some old books and they are really cool. I've noticed that we Jews and progressives own most of everything these days, and yet places like Detroit exist. Maybe we should stop influencing and manipulating this democracy nonsense through media and act like owners instead." Of course most of Mr. Yarvin's fellow progressives don't really wish to be visibly accountable so they told him to shut up. Reaction needs to remain the intellectual core of the Alt Right. We are on the same side--just using different terminology.

    • " How are Jews as a group behaving in the west and why? What incentives are the Jews responding to?" Answer #1: They mind their short- and long-term interest. Answer #2: They mind their short- and long-term interest. I can add that, being the great psychologists they are, they see better than all others what the crowd needs, and how it is to be managed. They are good at not indulging pastist fantasies, also. One feature I notice in them is, they are always forward-minded, eager to get involved in the next challenge. I don't understand your grief towards Moldbug, there's no speck of Jewish supremacism in anything he's ever written. But I am not very smart, and my reading comprehension is average, so...

      • I have no grief toward Mr. Yarvin at all--in fact I think his assessment of things is spot on. I do have a beef with rentier elites who are willing to engage in short term asset inflationary policies for their own enrichment at the expense of the middle class, and the stability of the overall society. To get back on topic--Feminism is media driven. Feminism tells women what they wish to hear, and is a subset of the larger demotic wishful thinking problem.

    • It's tough because it's ignition requires the very incentive structure it is promising to establish: hence it always comes from the outside.

  • "But we all shared a common idea that women don’t belong to political society; and that women having equal or higher status than men was what was breaking the social fabric in the civilized world. It just breaks all incentives to mate and raise children, saps all motivation to pursue excellence and contribute to society." Yep. If one doesn't get this right, one cannot get anything right in political affairs. Nothing else matters if you fail to set the mother of all incentives right: reproduction.

    • ... woman is your wife in an indessolvable marriage or your daughter, how can they really count for something in your eyes, enough for you to be ready to give up your own life for them? Moral duty is strongest towrds someone with whom we have a moral bond. If that is not the case for men, well why defend people whom you can barely respect? Who are they to you? (Sorry for the split comment, pressed the wrong buttons while typing.)

      • I'm thinking about responding to your comment. I don't want to butt in or no reason. Might look at more of your comments and decide later. My best, Dag

  • If any determined resistance to feminism emerges among whites, it will require a crisis. What's the crisis? We all know it: civil war. Or perhaps even the early stages of a white genocide. If a nativist right-wing faction wins a civil war, in a Europe where feminism is already losing authority because the burgeoning nonwhite population is not required to practice it, then perhaps the remaining white population will be freed of it. You don't have to be conquered to adopt some ideas from an ascendant neighbor. But you do need a crisis to shake people up enough to consider the possibility of overthrowing the culture, of conducting a deep purge and deep reforms.

    • Feminism was made possible by expanding the ability of the state to govern everything, even down to micro-managing each and every family. That doomed patriarchy. To kill Feminism, must bring back Patriarchy. Restoring Patriarchy requires shortening the arms of the state. Maybe after civil war, but certainly requires dramatic change.

  • Jim's post misunderstanding the evolution of Stormer's stance on the WQ and Jim's cucking for Israel is far more pathetic than this smart post. Spandrell does misunderstand the ground level altright stance on women. More make fun of Lauren Southern and her thirsty omega patrons and mock Ivanka the liberal than support either of them. Spandrell also recognizes teenage girls are sexual creatures not 9 year olds like Jim. Very important distinction.

    • yes it is an important distinction though coming a day after jum spent a week posting child porn of 10 year olds and asking us to seriously deny we were not attracted followed by dozens of comments insisting that his "personal experience" of 10 and 12 year old girls assures him they are all horny little sluts. and of course he spent the past couple months explaining why you cant actually rape a woman because something something mind of ten year old slut and public property or some horseshit. reaction can do better and if they cant someone else will.we are not niggers and will not be turned into them by some anime betas crushed on some jew bloggers who have never had girlfriends let alone wives and daughters. in none of these adolescent conversations about what all you beta bitches are gonna do with MUH daughter has been a word about the point of the sex the children the grandchildren whos going to support these 15 year olds you think you can fuck, not a word about what return on my investment i should expect as a parent- hint little faggot blog commenter neckbeard cuk betas is not the son in law i expect for the investment i made nor the sires of my grandchildren i want. so put it back in your pants sonny your not getting any when my daughters are finished i will do much better than you

        • Maybe its semantics but I dont think thats quite the way to think about it. Yes women should be under their fathers authority until under their husbands.certainly they should not be allowed to vote and should be encouraged to marry and have children. But I dont think we ought to think of them as property. I do think we should think of them as a natural resource but we should recognize they contribute in an essential way to our culture civilization.This will be taken the wrong way but I think we should recognize their value not trade them like animals. we men will be better for it our civilization will be and we will be designing a culture that is closer to the reality. what we need to do is get back to recognizing their fundamental difference, that difference making it foolish to allow them to say vote but often its worth hearing what they might have to say. which is not to say following their advice. Another reason for this is injustice is where leftism infects. the nigger races can simply be sent home women are eternal. The flip side of this is how nigger races treat women as goats, i have no interest in child brides or goat brides, i want a woman. I have never has a problem subordinating my women to me no matter their education or wealth or any other modern signifier that might give her the idea she was my equal. but at the same time i dont beat or intimidate them into this, I suppose a lot of these commenters here and at jims demanding child brides and chattel status have had less ability to keep women in check, they imagine they need these things to get the secure marriage they want. it neednt be so extreme women are naturally docile though they do like to shit test a bit its playful. these beta men will get what they need when culture is restored to its natural white standards.In the type of nigger culture they imagine they require for family foundation men like them still dont get laid, only the strongmen do.

          • 'I suppose a lot of these commenters here and at jims demanding child brides and chattel status have had less ability to keep women in check' Your writing style reveals your low IQ. I suspect most of your women like a bit of dumb rough fun (for a while). You should read about the millions of men divorce-raped across the Western world. There is not a man on the planet can stop the state from interfering in his home, in his marriage, and with his children. Jim's arguments are entirely sound, yours are entirely incoherent. 'recognize their value' 'often worth hearing what they might have to say'. 'no matter their education or wealth' (Heh, you're just a bit of meat to them). 'Women are naturally docile'. Really, you are deluded. Look around the world, open your eyes. Naturally women are hyperamous whores, as you prove via your rent-a-dick lifestyle.

            • your comment is a lot of the nrx problem youre brought up in protected environments you mistake for the world. My writing skills are atrocious and the grade i actually passed was eighth, but not only do i have a 130 IQ and superb speaking skills which is good enough. but i had a strange upbringing that allowed me to walk in all worlds from slums to met gals as an insider in all of them. contra murray theres actually a lot of people who have high IQs and write worse, and even never read. they actually are the people who keep you alive in safe building fed and invent things. so actually i rarely date blu collar women though they are fun in their own for liking it rough Id say thats not novel for college girls so they fetishize it more not less. generally all women like being taken thats for sure. I know all about divorce, nothing I said supports feminism, in fact pretty clear no women vote, all women under men authority. what i argued against was nigger culture, and pointed out it wont even get you want you want. nigger culture gets strong men what they want, Im a strong man, and an alpha and have natural game so this isnt my fight except as a father brother husband and most importantly white man. Jim has spent the past few months saying its impossible to rape women because they are whore animals with the slutty minds of all the 10-12 year old sluts that are always hitting on him. Jim is obviously gone off the deep end and is finally outing himself as a childmolester., Any guy that thinks he require this is simply wrong or hes a child molester loser wanting revenge on women who turned him down in a free market. Now i am actually sympathetic to betas regarding free market sex, I am not sympathetic to acting like niggers. once white civilization is restored women will have to choose one sex partner, so you will end up with a sex partner but you will end up with one that approximates your current SMV, of course with my plan you can influence fathers to influence daughters its still a market value but while I want my grandkids to be like me 130 Qs and 6'3' viking good looks and alpha traits I might take a 165 IQ into consideration, or maybe having a high net worth. But Im also going to take my daughters happiness into consideration because - no not cause im a cuck because thats smart thats human that how we whites roll. so you and jim keep twisting hypergamy into some loser excuse to rape 10 year olds because your ex thought you a loser who would rape 10 year olds given half a chance

              • You will edit your comment to make it look properly, with paragraphs and capitalization and all that stuff. If you don't make it in 24 hours you will be banned. I don't care about your other talents, and what you say isn't particularly wrong or annoying, but writing standards exist for a reason. Reading your comments makes my head hurt.

  • "But the vast majority of white men don’t even show any will to resist. They still overwhelmingly support leftist politics." I'm increasingly convinced that the reason is to be found at the hormonal level. Dramatic drop in testosterone in men, endocrine disruptors: this is the disease plaguing the West

      • Niggers aren't. Apparently their hormone genetics are so divergent that they're virtually immune to the deluge of estrogenic industrial compounds. In this, I envy them.

        • I know youre into this ecology stuff Im a bit skeptical but not put too much nto the subject. that said im not surprised niggers are not losing testosterone but thats because i think the social environment is the cause id check rednecks that havnt been conquered say mountain west of course mountain water but think on it cause we know social environment can do this

    • I've seen the headlines on the recent study of testosterone levels. Has anyone dug a bit deeper into the data? Could part of the result simply be due to the aging of the population overall? I country full of 18 year old males would naturally have a much higher average T level compared to a country of 50 year olds.

  • Where did all the nutcases come from?? This was a good post, it deserved a much better comments thread.

  • For the record, I won't allow my comments section to become Jim's. A rule of thumb is that any comment without proper paragraphs will from now on be sent to the spam folder. 欽此。

  • OT - Dindus about to chimpout in Hackney, London. Cops stood up to some drug dealing gamgsta Rashid. Now Lindin is gonna go jungle!

  • " Nobody is going to risk their skin in order to protect the right of the [Finnish] women go to Iran to take Instagram pictures larping on what used to be a most respectable male profession." Now I take the look at the picture, and the Finland has 74% (waay abive the european average) saying they would defend their country. Id say you have chosen bad example to prove your point.

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