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Chinese media celebrate the success of the 2 Child Policy: 18.46 million births in 2016. 2 million more than 2015. Hurray. Long live the party and its core leader Xi Jinping. 萬歲萬歲萬萬歲.

Why the Chinese would want even more people escapes me. But given how modern economics (either through this Landian catallactic capitalist logic or whatever) hates demographics vacuums and tends to fill every empty spot with whatever human-like DNA it finds; well I don't blame them for wanting to take care of that. And who knows; the whole First World is depopulating, maybe there is a grand plan of colonizing the whole world once the Great Famine happens and all those "refugees" die of their own ineptitude.

At any rate, let's review the Baby production statistics worldwide:

China: 18.46 million Chinese babies (source)

Japan: 0.98 million babies (source)

US: 2 million white babies (source)

EU: 3 million white babies (source)

Greater Russia: 2 million white babies (source)

India: 27 freaking million babies (source)

Maybe some commenters can illustrate the breakdown between Hindu et al.

I'm guessing caste-based dysgenics must be quite serious.

Subsaharan Africa: 37 damn million black babies (source)


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  • you should multiply the # of babies by the odds of survival to 20 years or whatever to account for the much higher odds of a black child dying young than a white baby. but even if you do the multiplying, it's still grossly lopsided

      • Mortality gets accounted for in the TFR. One thing about Africans, though, is that the mean intergenerational length is much shorter. Where it might naturally be 30-ish for whites and yellows, it might be more like 20-ish for blacks. So, TFR, which is 5-8 in most SSAfrican regions, actually understates the enormity of the population expansion — hence your 37 million.

  • Muslims are 15% of India'S population and the average Muslim woman pops out one baby more than her Hindu counterpart. Basically 22% of those babies are Muslims. So out of 27 million births, I estimate Muslim babies at 6 million and Hindu everyone else at 21 million. Note that Hindus are trying to keep up with the Muslim rate and failing, while the Euros ain't trying at all.

    • Most of the births are coming from two major states (which also happen to be the most backward) , Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. And yeah, Muslim TFR is quite high too.

    • Why? The Party can do whatever it wants, and if it wants more babies, it will find a way — cough cough — to get more babies.

      • Because the Tiger moms cant afford to raise more than one. Han have the lowest fertility rates in the world in places like singapore and taiwan. Han fertility is significantly lower than non-han chinese.

        • I have a two-part plan for Chinese world domination. Really, this is all they have to do: 1. Make women property again. 2. Tamp down on meritocracy. Absolute meritocracy is absolute status-striving, and balls-to-the-wall striving is expensive. Plus, it's boring; there's no room for eccentricity. Fertility, solved.

          • China has been meritocratic for, at least, 1,000 years. It didn't affect their fertility. So point 1. is more than enough.

            • I'm using "meritocratic" here in a very specific way, and the manifestation of Chinese overcharged meritocracy (which was not "merely" social but also economic thanks to rice) did, in fact, manifest undesirable characteristics in the Chinese people. It's a big part of why they're so collectivist, conformist, and drone-like. And, hyper-competitive. You can't compete with a Chinaman in any activity even vaguely intersecting repetition because they're better grinders than anyone anywhere. Hell, their whole society and its entire history is about living closer to the knife's edge than anyone else. Who wants to deal with that? There's a definite trade-off between striving and creativity, hence the tremendous drop-off in original science. Had Darwin lived in the "publish or perish" bureaucrat's dream-world, he wouldn't have had 17 years to spend writing On the Origin of Species. It's a miracle that biology has survived as long as it has to produce CRISPR and hopefully — cross your fingers! — refine it sufficiently to save our freakin' civilization. What a last gasp.

  • It's nice to have kids around. If you're in a place that's devoid of kids you start feeling as though something's wrong, and then you figure out what it is. Part of what makes colleges so weird-feeling is that there are all of these young women around but no small children. Wherever there are lots of young women around there should be lots of kids around too. So maybe if there are too many people in a country it's best to shoot for 1.99 kids per couple, just to make sure that there are enough children around to keep things sane.

    • The physical space of a country is quite irrelevant. The important bit is the social space. The population of Wyoming doubled for the eclipse, and there are entire regions with nothing but cactuses and desert lizards, but there's no physical expansion into such places because most of the social space is clustered in a few coastal cities. And yes, "social space" is basically quality pussy.

      • Sure; I was just saying that human beings need to have some kids around, that's all.

        • I agree with you, and was just using your comment as a springboard. I would go even a step further, however, in saying that there's an entire pathological age separation problem; there should be grandparents around, too. It isn't just expensive to fund their "retirement", it's stupid — they should be pulling their weight, around their grandchildren. Schooling also needs to be revamped. And suburbia needs to be struck.

  • 18.46 million custom überbabies, soon

  • Looks like China really will rule the world. Indians are mostly dumb Austronesians (or hopelessly diluted with Austronesian). Two times advantage of Africa is nothing when comparing the military capability of a population of Chinese vs a population of Africans. Whites are gone.

    • Not so fast. Pizarro landed in Peru with 140 soldiers and the Inka empire was gone in two months and the Virgenes del Sol (the virgins of the sun, reserved for the Inka) were no more...virgins.

  • To quote Anatoly Karlin: demographics is power. (Although probably not in the case of the US where half the babies average IQ 85-90, then demographics is just giant millstone around your neck requesting handouts to make more of those babies starting right about age 15.)

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