Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


The last video by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua wasn't widely appreciated by my Western audience. The common reaction is that Asians just are awfully bad at propaganda.

Yes, they are pretty bad. And that's an Asian thing; it's not a communist thing. Look at this video by the Japanese Foreign Ministry. This also ties with my other recent post on Japanese decline.


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    • If you didn't know, this is a retrofitting of a previous media phenomenon, "PPAP", a short nonsense "song" by a Japanese comedian that was briefly hyped as Japan's answer to "Gangnam Style", though I think it was truly popular only inside Japan. So here they have him singing about UN development goals. It was debuted at a UN event in Japan, in which the comedian performed on stage with a multiethnic group of children. So it might be inane and perplexing to someone who encounters it unprepared, but really this is just a Japanese version of the well-known phenomenon in which a celebrity takes a moment to promote public awareness of a United Nations program.

      • No, I'm aware. It's still a train-wreck. I appreciate the attempt at context, though.

  • Propaganda is hard to make for asians because the number of things asians care about is inherently very narrow. White people are generally more eager to start dancing and cheering to nursery rhymes, and that doesnt strike me as a good thing.

  • At the Brooklyn Museum there's a very beautiful, gracefully dynamic, interestingly weird blue-glazed 18th Century Japanese "lion-dog" in a stretched out, undulating stance -- superior to any of the Chinese source-material I've seen. Seeing it made me think that working with and improving on themes from the outside world might be essential to Japanese creativity. Maybe if everything coming from the outside world is pretty much crap then Japanese artists just don't have anything to work with and improve on and so won't produce impressive things.

    • Asians just dgaf as a whole, they just want to blow a load in a skinny girl, they will also accept porn and substitutes but pretense carries little persobal weight. Which makes it a less profitable enterprise on net for people with a liberal neurology to engage in it. Some of it could have to do with analyical vs holistic neurology, but all the research on that got shoah'd pretty quickly.

      • There was an Asian guy down in the adjunct-lounge about an hour ago -- if he's still there when I go back to use the microwave I'll ask him whether he "just wants to blow a load in a skinny girl." ("I wanna blow a load in her" isn't the first thing I think when I find a woman attractive -- is that abnormal?)

          • Run my hand along the curve of her side, trace the line of her cheekbone and jaw, hold her hand. Seriously, this is abnormal? I thought it might be. How come characters in Dickens and Dostoevsky never think "I wanna blow a load in her," though? I mean, you just never find that in psychologically penetrating fiction. You'd think that if it were the normal thing you'd find it in first-rate literature, at least just under the surface. But you don't.

            • Foreplay can be fun, sure, but after a while you start to want to blow a load inside of her, right? That is Gnon's command. If you don't feel like that, evolution did something wrong with you. At any rate if stereotypes have anything to them, an emphasis in foreplay I believe is indeed abnormal among men, but I'm no expert in other men.

              • In practice, engaging in serious foreplay with a woman is very often tantamount to "blowing your load in her", due to the instinct both sexes have to escalate until reaching a conclusion. If all you can think of is your desire to get to home plate, you probably won't have much luck getting to first. Then again, if you're content with first base, you'll miss some opportunities for doubles, triples, and homers. There's a balance there.

            • Dude, read Madame Bovary (1856), where Charles passes the time, when he rides round on his horse, thinking how great the sex was last night with his hot new wife - not like his first one who was all scrawny and had cold feet. Or the part where Emma has the first orgasm of her life with *her* hot new lover. It's all indirect (and in 1856 even indirect was enough to get Flaubert hauled up in court, but it's there). Incidentally, it's a fantastic book, completely stuffed with 'game'.

              • MADAME BOVARY bored and disgusted me (as did SENTIMENTAL EDUCATION), but I know that lots of smart people like it. Flaubert seemed to be bored and disgusted by everything. But I probably just didn't get it. I was in my 20s when I read those. That was a long, long time ago.

              • Madame Bovary would work as a counter-example if you found a passage in which Charles is described as seeing Emma BEFOREHAND as someone in whom he'd like to blow a load, as opposed to fondly remembering the load-blowing afterwards. The aristocrat who gives Emma the memorable coach-ride must be assumed to have seen her that way, but then he's just an A-hole whose sensibilities aren't to be taken seriously. Emma's own presumed thought, with regard to the aristocrat, of "Ooh, if only he would blow a load in me!" certainly doesn't count, because the thoughts of women aren't at issue here. Women are unquestionable obsessed with their own orgasms -- hence the vibrator-industry.

  • This video was so goddamn awful, my first reaction was that it must have been produced intentionally by the Cathedral rulers of Japan as a way to humiliate the benighted Japanese, just like Modern Art in America. Which leads me to think - how is it that literally zero Japanese exist who oppose the postwar Cathedral tyranny imposed on them, as far as I can see? There seems to be zero Japanese "right wingers" who even question feminism, labour laws, land reform, etc. It seems like the Japanese simply passively accept any system once established, even if it results in them being forced to work banker hours in a 40k job and being annihilated both economically and genetically in the long run. The fact that they are still a functional country is a miracle.

    • There's plenty of those. Way more than there are alt-right dissidents in the West. Not a majority, of course, but a lot. You find people on non-political internet forums openly saying the only cure for low fertility is stopping women from attending school.

      • Explain? Japan's TFR is even lower than the US and China (maybe not lower than US whites). If Japanese rightists existed and had any influence I doubt Japanese guys would be holding their hands up in subways to avoid charges of sexual harassment, which implies Swedish levels of tyranny.

        • More doesn't quite mean absurdly dominant. They do have more influence, but its all relative. To actually raise TFR, you would have to look at Afghanistan-level points of control as opposed to, "we have enough influence to keep us from having too many women CEOs." At least you don't quite have feminists in a commanding position as much and companies aren't signaling how queer they are on a daily basis. The Overton window there hasn't shifted quite as far to the left but modernity is still killing TFR as usual.

          • You do not need Afghan levels of control. Isreal today has a TFR that is above replacement with affirmative action for females (less than the west). 1971 HK had TFR at 3.5 with minimal AA (I assume). You have to be pretty feminist to get fertilty at modern western levels.

  • Didn't you say previously that Japan has no red pill or manosphere? Unless something major has changed since 2016. I mean serious arguments, not memes or jokes. By the way, what happened to your review of that book claiming neoconfucianism lead to acceptance of leftism? Saying the three bonds paved the way for leftism seems like a huge troll, but that would have been an interesting argument.

    • Yes, that review will happen. But if you're interested, the point is that Confucianism is, in what concerns politics, all about being rulers being "humane" and public-spirited, caring about the people. Well, the Western democracies got that done way better than China, so let's all become Western democrats then! This argument apparently started in Japan, whose intellectuals were quite well versed in Confucianism, and precisely because of that desperately wanted an argument to say China sucked. Later Chinese gentry went to study to Japan and brought the argument back home, where it mixed with anti-Manchu nationalism and next thing you know Marxism was all the rage.

      • Right. This is why I've always felt that Confucianism really isn't that much of a hedge against liberalism - it really has the seeds of its own destruction, much like Christianity.

        • You serious? How do you reconcile 刑不上大夫,礼不下庶人 with "liberalism" (leftism)? There were some problems with Confucianism but to get feminism or socialism out of it is basically impossible in my view given the inherent assumption of human inequality. If the Song had industrialized before YT pretty sure not binding your concubine's feet before selling her would be leftist. By the way Spandrell - what's the English name of the book (if any?) - I'd like to read a couple reviews first.

          • 刑不上大夫 is not about human inequality. It's about setting the proper incentives to achieve social harmony. You can very well get socialism from Confucianism, as Wang Anshi tried; and you can very well get feminism if you push for it hard enough. Note that post Song, the reigning ideology was Zhuxi-ism, not Confucianism per se. And Zhuxi was an ascetic virtue signaler fan of Mencius, who was another pacifist loony. Nobody gave Xunzi the time of day after Han Yu. There is much ruin in a state ideology.

            • Old China certainly had experiments with socialism, but there's a reason why Wang Mang and Wang Anshi ended up in the biographies of usurpers and devious ministers respectively. In order for socialism to exist for a long time in a high IQ society where there is some understanding of markets, you need to have this belief that every incompetent deserves to be on the state's teat regardless of how bad their choices are, which is what basically sincere Christians implicitly believe. Confucians clearly didn't have that belief and was perfectly fine with people starving to death if they kept making bad choices. As for feminism, can you list a single Chinese thinker that was even proto feminist before 1900? Neo-Confucianism sucked, but if it was anything it was anti-feminist: 饿死事小,失节事大

  • OTOH, and almost needless to say, Russian propaganda is very slick.

    • It's a McCann-Erickson* ad campaign, so definitely not an example of Asian PR. *Or rather, some alphanumeric gobbledygook they're inexplicably now calling themselves. Aren't they supposed to be branding geniuses?

    • Some Asian Advertising is really good. And they obviously know how to make movies. The issue here is political propaganda. It's just inept. It's not about visual skills or anything. It's the nature of their political hierarchy.

      • Russians do much better. Do you have any idea why ? Personally I think there's something deeply wrong with the Chinese understanding of art and other forms of expression. Even compared to their much smaller asian neighbours their culture had a lot less worldwide impact. Talking about art with Chinese people always left me the impression of talking about impressionism to the colour blind.

        • Yes, that's why rich people in Europe to these day pay zillions for old Chinese porcelain. Chinese people were starving in living memory. Give them a while.

        • On a somewhat related note: russian counter-propaganda >

  • Not PPAP! You're breaking my heart. How could such a genius sell his soul for filthy UN lucre?

  • I doubt Asians have any inborn talent for public relations. Look at the North Korean dictator's hair style. Or Japan's Abe. Or China's top secret policeman . They are very serious people, but they are unable to impress people as so. Some would say they look like clowns. No disrespect intended.

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