Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


And people ask me why I cheer for China being a great power who can stand against the US.

ETA: I see that the poster isn't translated in the fake news peace, so I'll do it here.


To be a good wife


A good mother


Is a women's most important skill


Why must you squeeze your brain


Work until you're so tired you cough up blood


Why must you compete for resources with men,


Take away their turf?

Well said. Why indeed? Who the hell enjoys working?

Not that China is putting all the weight of the state behind traditional marriage. Plenty of feminism out there, both in private and public areas. But it's getting better. And the more evil baizuo like John Pomfret signal their disapproval, the more China will want to stick it to whitey by going back to Confucian marriage.

Which remember, had *unlimited polygamy*. And women couldn't cut their hair. Way better than Islam, people. And they can drink and eat pork. If it only got some more traction.



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  • "And people ask me why I cheer for China being a great power who can stand against the US."

    Because the Chinese elites are normal people.

  • Progressives think they're the center of the universe: they are the fruit of the inevitable process of history working to solve itself. They are not the center of the universe, they are simply the center of white people. They will be in for quite the disappointment when they find out how little the world cares for their foolish baizuo nonsense.

  • What does it say on that poster below the translated sentence? I think I can read "compete for resources with men" but not the rest.

    • 抢地盘 = 搶地盤, literally "take away their turf". It's just a reinforcing pair, with the previous clause, 3 characters each, basically meaning "compete".

  • "Not that China is putting all the weight of the state behind traditional marriage. Plenty of feminism out there, both in private and public areas. But it’s getting better."

    Rarely do you ever hear that.

  • "Why must you compete for resources with men,"

    Because the women want to pursue a matriachial/cad mating pattern where they mate with the top 20% of males (in looks) who will refuse to provision for them (because they can't) so they must provision for themselves.

  • If I were part of a losing team (white males) I would be looking for a winning team as well

    You guys=OWNED

  • Well, that's interesting, looks like China has some common sense. But how much feminism is in China compared to America, among the young women? When I was in China, I never got the impression that women there were very political, and they seemed more conservative than your typical American college girl, hahaha

    • Jobs are a lot less fun in China, with sinecures such as HR positions being much less likely. As such, I imagine some of the central drivers of feminism as dampened because work isn't going to be as high status.

      That said, I often think that the disease will manifest later. I'm pretty pessimistic about humanity's chances.

      • Well, looking at the homomania of Taiwan, you could be right, although from what I've seen, Japan is less pozzed than Taiwan, despite being industrialized and exposed to the West for a longer time. But then again, we'll see....the future is hard to predict

        • Well, a lot of it has to do with a kind of national self-esteem. The "West" for better or worse, is pretty much heavily associated with liberalism and that's certainly the reality of the political groups which the West brings to them. You won't have the Organization of Better Understanding of Greek Classics with several million dollars there to get people to read Sophocles but you certainly will have pro-homosexuality/queer organizations there and three dozen feminist organizations. The modern West, ahem.

          In countries such as South Korea or Taiwan, its impossible to push back. For example, South Korea had a slight pushback against feminism and it is basically completely crushed - how dare you say anything against women? The local organizations, supplanted by foreign organizations,with billions of dollars will rapidly converge to smash you. Taiwan's a bit different - they're wandering off into oblivion and looking for something to grasp onto. In a way, cargo-culting the maladies of the West might get them more sympathy from the West and they desperately need that sympathy. In both cases, they don't seem to have much self-love anymore. Both seem incapable of really holding onto their own culture, whatever that is(this seems really cruel to S. Korea, but they always seemed to be subscribers of popular trends rather than native thought).

          Japan, from what I can tell, has managed to survive better - partly due to being consistently difficult to navigate in for the West and of course, having a great deal of cultural pride - certainly having their own media helps with the control of memes. Spandrell would know better than me, but they appear to have a combination of cliqueness, protectionism, and overall internal coordination that allows them to push back to some extent. In thought, they manage to isolate themselves from the West despite everything and it does seem like they have ways of undermining foreign NGOs or making them useless. There's an economic cost to this, though.

          • South Korea came about through the student revolution that unseated Chun Doo Hwan. Taiwan today has come out also through a first stage revolution by Lee Tenghui, and then the Green revolution by A-bian and Tsai English. All of which had substantial American help.

            Japan never had a revolution. The 1945 American occupation unseated the army, destroyed the capitalists, but let the bureaucracy otherwise intact. So they've been running things like they always wanted to since 1868. There's absolutely 0 chance for any group to grab power from the bureaucracy. Leftists groups grab what they can; the teacher's union, the lawyers association, but that's pretty much it. Academia is pozzed, but the bureaucracy controls its purse so for every feminist wacko there's 2 ex-bureaucrats who are there teaching as an old-age sinecure.

          • That's interesting. Do you think South Korea is more pozzed than Taiwan? I've been to both, met lots of students there, and Taiwan seemed more pozzed to me, haha.

            But yeah, you are right...a lot of East Asians worship the west, and are willing to follow them wherever they go, even if it is off a cliff. The mainland Chinese have more common sense, and seem to have resisted it more, like Japan, but we will see how long that lasts.

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